A new article in Politico explains the extraordinary impact The Heritage Foundation and Heritage members are having on Donald Trump’s transition team:

[T]he Heritage Foundation has emerged as one of the most influential forces shaping President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, embedding the veteran Washington group into the operation of a candidate who ran loudly against the Beltway.

Part gate-keeper, part brain trust and part boots on the ground, Heritage is both a major presence on the transition team itself, and a crucial conduit between Trump’s orbit and the once-skeptical conservative leaders who ultimately helped get him elected.

Heritage is “absolutely the fulcrum, and essential to staffing the administration with people who reflect Trump’s commitments across the board,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the head of the prominent Susan B. Anthony List group…

Heritage experts spent much of the past year preparing Mandate for Leadership, a series of reports outlining specific policies the new administration should enact. Heritage also helped craft a list of potential conservative Supreme Court appointees–and as Politico notes, “it’s hard to overstate the importance of that list.”

The Politico writeup also explains that Heritage helped build a “shadow transition team” by identifying conservatives who could serve in the administration:

Three sources from different conservative groups said that Heritage employees have been soliciting, stockpiling and vetting resumes for months with an eye on stacking Trump’s administration with conservative appointees across the government. One source described the efforts as a “shadow transition team,” and “an effort to have the right kind of people in there.”

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Donald Trump’s transition team has named several Heritage experts to serve on “landing teams,” groups of experts who enter departments and agencies now to pave the way for the January transition of power.

Here are the Heritage staff involved with landing teams so far:

  • James Carafano, national security expert–Department of Homeland Security (source)
  • Curtis Dubay, tax and economic policy expert–Department of the Treasury (source)
  • Steven Groves, foreign policy expert–State Department (source)
  • Justin Johnson, defense policy expert–Department of Defense (source)
  • Nina Owcharenko Schaefer, health policy expert–Department of Health and Human Services (source)
  • Russ Vought, Heritage Action for America–Office of Management and Budget (source)
  • William Walton, trustee–Department of the Treasury (source)
  • Dakota Wood, defense policy expert–Department of Defense (source)

Through our Mandate for Leadership project, Heritage has assembled a comprehensive series of recommendations for the new administration to enact immediately once in office.

We will update this post as more landing teams are announced.

In an interview on Fox News, Heritage expert Dakota Wood says our military is unprepared for the threats that we face.

His analysis comes from Heritage’s new 2017 Index of Military Strength, a publication that assesses our military readiness and security threats.

The depth of analysis is truly astounding, and even the Trump campaign cited the 2016 edition of the Index on the campaign trail. Heritage recommendations to strengthen the military served as the basis for several of the President-elect’s proposals.

You can download the entire report or just read the summary analysis of where our military stands.

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As a member of Heritage you have created waves in the media after the election.

“It seems that just about every major news organization—print, radio, and television—has something to say about Heritage’s influence on the incoming Trump administration,” Heritage’s Michelle Cordero writes.

Many news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post have focused on Heritage’s impact on Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

“Trump has said his nominee will come from the list compiled with the help of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, and the legal group, the Federalist Society,” writes the Washington Post.

Some have focused on Heritage’s impact on defense issues. “What we do know is that Trump has been drawing many of his defense proposals from the National Defense Panel and the Heritage Foundation,“ writes Forbes.

Other reporters have made note of Heritage experts who are part of Trump’s transition team.

“The Heritage Foundation has not only produced its Blueprint for Reform to which the Trump camp appears closely attached, but has also seen its former president, Ed Feulner, appointed several months ago to chair the Trump Transition Team—the group developing policy options and possible appointees to cabinet and other governmental positions,” writes the Wire.

Journalists have also noted Heritage’s position in Washington after a turbulent election.

“The Heritage Foundation might be the biggest winner of 2016. The conservative think tank bet big on Donald Trump by biting their tongue and overlooking many of his conservative heresies. While others turned their nose up at Trump, they were the ones reading the electorate,” writes the Washington Examiner.

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Appointing a conservative justice to the Supreme Court will be a key priority for the Trump administration. This video explains what’s required to nominate and confirm a justice.

Watch the whole thing:

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