Iran is the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism. And the deal with Iran only makes the prospects for war more likely.

There is a better way:

Do you think the Iran deal should be passed?

Alexis de Tocqueville, the Frenchman who visited America for nine months and chronicled his journey in “Democracy in America,” understood our nation with more clarity and depth than we understand ourselves today.

Tocqueville predicted that tyranny of the majority would someday pose a real threat to Americans’ freedom. Heritage expert Arthur Milikh explains why Tocqueville’s prediction is true to our modern world:

Despots of the past tyrannized through blood and iron. But the new breed of democratic despotism “does not proceed in this way; it leaves the body and goes straight for the soul.”

That is, the majority reaches into citizens’ minds and hearts. It breaks citizens’ will to resist, to question its authority, and to think for themselves. The majority’s moral power makes individuals internally ashamed to contradict it, which in effect silences them, and this silencing culminates in a cessation of thinking. We see this happen almost daily: to stand against the majority is to ruin yourself.

We need to take Tocqueville’s warnings seriously. America requires statesmanship and intelligent guidance to fight off any threat that diminishes our freedom.

Do you think individuals’ voices have been weakened and isolated by despotic majorities?

President Obama, who favors increasing both defense and non-defense spending, has said he plans to veto the National Defense Authorization Act, which increases only defense spending.

Heritage expert Justin Johnson explains why his veto would cause a partial shutdown of the Department of Defense and compromise the livelihoods of those who serve in our military.

If President Obama vetoes the defense appropriations bill, there is a very real chance that service members could miss a paycheck. Any service members who worked during a shutdown would be entitled to back pay, but they wouldn’t receive that pay until the president signed a new defense appropriations bill.

The bottom line? A veto of either defense bill would put the paychecks of service members at risk. If the president wants to ensure that our men and women in uniform can pay their bills on time, he should not threaten to veto bills that ensure they get paid on time. The defense budget should not be used as political leverage to increase non-defense spending.

Do you think President Obama has compromised our military?

The Obama administration’s foreign policy will be known for propping up Iran and Cuba, two of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

Heritage expert Mike Gonzalez explains how deals with these countries allow state-sponsored terrorism and violence to continue:

The [Iranian] regime may soon reap $300 billion to $400 billion in sanctions relief from the Vienna nuclear deal which is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Tehran will likely use much of that money to support such proxy groups as Hezbollah, Hamas and a Syrian regime that has massacred over 320,000 of its own people in four years. Cuba’s human rights violations get even less attention.

Do you think America’s foreign policy is on the right track?

Medicaid was created 50 years ago to provide health care for low-income Americans. Today, the program has expanded to the point where it may not even be able to take care of the people it was designed to help. Under Obamacare, a program that was only meant to be a safety net has become a catchall program that covers able-bodied adults.

Heritage expert Nina Owcharenko explains how Medicaid can be reformed to help instead of hurt vulnerable individuals:

Medicaid reform should not be another excuse to create a lifetime of dependence, but to support independence. Reform should assist those who are able to shift to a competitive private health insurance market, where coverage is more affordable and thus the need for assistance diminishes. For the disabled and elderly, reform should be more accountable to the patients by giving them greater choice and allowing for more patient-centered options.

Medicaid should be reformed not only to protect taxpayers from runaway spending, but to ensure it does not drift further from its core mission of helping the neediest Americans.

Do you think that the government needs to reform Medicaid?

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