Liberals reacted with horror when they learned that Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring from the Supreme Court. Justice Kennedy, you’ll recall, was only nominated to the Court because the late Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., successfully ginned up fake outrage against the previous nominee, Robert Bork.

Heritage expert Thomas Jipping is not about to let Judge Kavanaugh suffer the same fate as Judge Bork. Jipping spends his time dismantling the fake arguments of the leftists who seek to “Bork” Judge Kavanaugh.

In Jipping’s most recent piece, he explains the antics of the liberals on the judiciary committee, and why they are less than sincere. In another commentary published last week, he took down the argument that Kavanaugh legislates from the bench by giving clear examples of Kavanaugh interpreting the law as he reads it, not how he wants it to be. Jipping shows time after time that Kavanaugh will do what the law requires.

With experts like Jipping, we can see how Kavanaugh really works. Thanks to the steadfast support of Heritage members, we have the best people in place to stop fake liberal arguments before they can harm conservatives like Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Why do you think the left is so desperate to stop Kavanaugh?

Tucker Carlson wanted to know why the term “socialism” was catching on, when its failures and brutalism have been so evident over the last century. So he asked Heritage expert David Azerrad.

Azerrad, who directs Heritage’s Simon Center for Principles and Politics, had good news/bad news answer. The good news: the new “socialists” aren’t looking to copy the Soviet Union. The bad news: today’s socialism is a bolder, more aggressive version of the same liberalism that has already failed in America.

Heritage is able to attract some of the best minds in the conservative movement, thanks to our generous members. Please watch for yourself and see why even Tucker Carlson marveled at the clear way in which Azerrad explained an otherwise complicated subject. Thank you for making that possible.

Do you think the people who are calling for socialism just want big government, or something even more radical?

Tom Condon works at Jamison Doors in Hagerstown, Maryland. On a recent segment of “Underreported”, the Daily Signal’s video documentary series, he told Heritage’s Kelsey Harkness that politicians like Nancy Pelosi are generally out of touch with people like him and his family. He doesn’t believe, as Pelosi says, that the tax cuts were merely “crumbs.”

John Williams, CEO of Jamison Doors, told Harkness that the economy improved nearly overnight after the election of President Trump. He attested to the new equipment and employee bonuses that he could invest in because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Bonuses were all too rare before the law was passed, and now, according to Condon and Williams, they don’t have to be.

Condon has two adult children with disabilities. Thanks to the bonus he received, he’s now able to remodel his home to accommodate their needs.

Meanwhile, Williams is expanding the company, using the money the government isn’t taking from it to open a new, larger facility.. These are some of the real stories behind America’s comeback economy, and we are proud to tell them.

Thanks to members of The Heritage Foundation, skilled storytellers like Kelsey Harkness can showcase the good that conservative solutions do for people and businesses on Main Streets throughout America. Their real life experiences dismantle the liberal lie that only rich people benefit from tax cuts.

Do you think the tax cuts are helping working families?

Heritage expert Emilie Kao a real problem: the foster care process is under assault by liberal jurisdictions. In California, the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts, she says, liberals have excluded faith-based groups from participating in their traditional role of recruiting foster parents.

That’s a huge problem, because the drug crisis is creating a record need for foster parents, who won’t be matched to foster kids if liberal states keep interfering with a process that works. Kansas and Oklahoma passed special laws to protect these faith-based groups. Liberal groups like the ACLU are fighting these laws in Michigan and Texas. Congress is considering the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act, which would enshrine these protections at the federal level.

Thank you for standing with us as we stand up for foster kids left waiting because of liberal grandstanding against faith-based groups. Without your steadfast support, their story may go untold, and their problems unsolved.

Do you think that faith-based groups need federal protection from state and local government?

Meet Adonis Watt, the blind football player who overcomes his disability.

A 12 News exclusive: Meet Adonis Watt, the Brophy College Preparatory freshman football player who is completely BLIND. I've never met anyone like Adonis, he is as tough as they come on the field. He's not scared, loves tackling people, and just loves everything about the game.God is working on something special with him because he is going to inspire and help A LOT of people. I'm just the platform to help share his story. Adonis will inspire & challenge you. Here is the full link in case you missed it. :)Thank you to Adonis and his family for welcoming me and allowing me the priviledge. I hope this moves you as much as it moved me!#12Sports

Posted by Tresa Tudrick 12 News on Monday, August 13, 2018

Lindsey Burke, director of Heritage’s Center for Education Policy, tells the inspirational story of Adonis Watt, a freshman at Brophy College Prep who plays on the school football team with his classmates.

Adonis is a blind student with a lot going for him. And one of the things going for him is the fact that he lives in Arizona,  . These accounts, based on an idea promoted by Heritage experts, allow his parents to take 90 percent of what the government would spend on Adonis at a public school — and spend it at a school like Brophy, which has more to offer to kids like Adonis.

His parents can also use their accounts to pay for private tutors, online learning, special education services, therapies, textbooks, and individual courses. They can even roll over unused funds from year-to-year, or save unused funds for college expenses.

Do you think that education savings accounts should be adopted in your state?

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