Heritage experts filled the media channels again this week educating the public on conservative solutions to the nation’s most pressing problems. From issues of national security and North Korea to confronting culture wars to free trade and the new da

Watch and read the highlights below:

Bruce Klingner Talks North Korea News With PBS NewsHour:

Ryan Anderson Talks “When Harry Became Sally” With Fox News:

Nile Gardiner Analyzes the Trump Tariffs With Fox Business

Bruce Klingner Talks North Korea’s “Charm Offensive” on CNN

And here are some of the top print pieces that quoted Heritage experts:

Why Trump’s new North Korea sanctions matter >>

The administration’s focus on shipping and trading companies is a proper response to recent evidence of North Korean ships transferring goods at sea in order to evade detection,” Bruce Klingner, a North Korea expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, wrote on Friday.

“But the strategy seems misplaced, since it is a reactive game of maritime whack-a-mole rather than actively targeting the more readily identifiable financial backers. Trump must turn up the heat on Beijing by going after complicit Chinese banks.

Election Security: What can Governments do now? >>

To understand other conservative positions on elections, The Heritage Foundation offers this website on election integrity, which highlights why dissolving the election fraud commission was a true loss for the nation.

New defensive missile is ‘like hitting a bullet with a bullet’ >>

It’s a very advanced technology, very complicated rocket science. It’s like hitting a bullet with a bullet,” said Michaela Dodge, a missile defense specialist for the Heritage Foundation. “But we can do it and it’s great news for us.

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How important is it for conservative message to be reported on in the media?

Russ Vought, former Heritage Action Vice President, was just confirmed by the Senate to serve as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

In an email to members, Heritage Action’s CEO stated:

This week, Heritage Action’s Russ Vought was confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Russ is one of the most talented, principled, and compassionate conservative leaders I know in Washington.

He and I have worked together since Heritage Action’s inception in 2010. In his role as Vice President at Heritage Action, he oversaw the building and management of our leading grassroots activist army that keeps Congress accountable to the American people. That army has grown to nearly 20,000 today and we are extremely thankful for Russ’s leadership in that endeavor.

The Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget plays a critical role in the federal budget process and in overseeing the performance of federal agencies. Russ is a courageous leader for conservatism and I look forward to seeing his impact in this role in President Trump’s administration.

You may remember from my email last summer, that Russ’s confirmation was held up because of attacks by Senator Bernie Sanders for his religious faith and other parochial issues. It has been a long journey and I know Russ will make all of us at Heritage Action proud.

Please join me in thanking him for the strong stance he is taking for conservative principles.


Michael A. Needham

Please join us in congratulating Vought on his confirmation.


The threats that America’s military face are numerous.

As a Heritage member, you enable one of the most talented groups of national security experts to research and address the critical issues facing our nation today.

Politico recently quoted Heritage’s Director of National Defense, General Tom Spoehr, in an article on how America’s growing obesity will have a direct impact on our military strength.

General Spoehr points out that chronic obesity is greatly diminishing the ability for people to join the military–even if they wanted to.

In the article, General Spoehr states:

“We all have this image in our mind of this hearty American citizen, scrappy, that can do anything,” said retired Army Lt. Gen. Tom Spoehr, co-author of a new Heritage Foundation paper on the military recruiting challenge titled The Looming National Security Crisis. “That image we keep in our heads is no longer accurate.”

“Obesity and the percentage of people overweight in the country has just skyrocketed in the last 10 to 15 years,” he added in an interview. “Asthma is going up. High school graduation rates are still just barely acceptable and in some big cities they are miserable. Criminality is also not going away. We have to face the reality that these things in some cases are getting worse, not better.”

Read why this growing obesity crisis is such a threat to our national security >>

Heritage also hosted an event last year titled, A looming national security crisis: young Americans unable to join the military, where current and former military officers discussed the impact obesity will have on our nation’s military.

You can watch the event below:

Do you agree with General Spoehr’s analysis? What do you think should be done about the obesity crisis? 

This week, Heritage’s former General Counsel John Mitnick, started his new job as General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security.


Mitnick has served at Heritage since 2014 and was selected by President Trump last year to serve in the Department of Homeland Security.



As Heritage founder Ed Feulner said in a statement:

President Trump has made another excellent personnel decision in selecting John Mitnick to serve as General Counsel to the Department of Homeland Security. John has all the necessary experience and skills needed to excel in this vital post, having previously served as Deputy Counsel to President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Council and as an Associate General Counsel for Science and Technology at DHS. I look forward to his swift confirmation.

Along with the other Heritage Foundation Trustees, I will miss John’s wry smile, wit and sage advice in the board room. But we are pleased to know that the talented attorneys working at DHS will have an experienced, effective leader to help them keep our homeland safe.


Please join me in congratulating Mitnick on his new position.


The Census Bureau recently announced that it would not be making changes to the 2020 U.S. census recommended by former President Barack Obama’s administration.

“The Census Bureau will not use a combined question format for collecting race and ethnicity; or a separate ‘Middle Eastern or North African’ category on the census form,” the announcement noted.

Mike Gonzales, a senior fellow in Heritage’s Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, argues that these changes would negatively affect the country because it would further divide the country on ethnic lines.

He states that:

The proposals would affect the country adversely in at least three ways: (1) adding one more ethnic group would further divide America along ethnic lines, (2) creating a Hispanic “race” would deepen these fractures, and (3) dangling further economic benefits, including affirmative action and new congressional districts, would help perpetuate divisions within the country because it gives people an incentive to identify themselves with minority groups.

Instead, the 2018 End-to-End Census Test and 2020 census will continue to use two separate questions for collecting data on race and ethnicity, a move Heritage has advocated for.

Heritage continues to push against measures that would needlessly divide the Union.

Because of your support Heritage is able to push back against the scourge of identity politics that needlessly divides the country.

How do you feel about the current Census rules?

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