Now that the Trump administration is pursuing a new Space Force, Heritage has some of best minds in place to promote a conservative outcome that improves the overall readiness of our armed forces.

The new military branch ought to combine functions from across the armed forces, Heritage expert Dean Cheng said on Heritage Explains with Michelle Cordero. He pointed out that the Army, Navy, and Air Force already have resources in place to maintain the space-based portions of their weapons systems, such as satellites, and that their interests must be served by the new military branch.

There are 66 smaller programs within the Pentagon that need to be brought into the fold, J.V. Venable said on Fox News. In other words, this is an opportunity to eliminate duplication within the Department of Defense.

The creation of the Space Force is a great chance to steer the federal government toward streamlining existing programs, rather than adding more inefficiency with another layer of bureaucracy. Without your generous support, we could not inform the process of making government more focused and accountable. Thank you for standing with us.

What do you think the Trump administration should keep in mind as they plan the new Space Force?

To show us a side of Judge Brett Kavanaugh that few others have seen, Heritage invited four of his former law clerks to a special panel discussion. These are the ones who would know him best: clerks from his time on the federal bench.

Kavanaugh’s clerks discussed the character of the man himself, and the cases that show it; you might be surprised at what they have to say. Thank you for making this discussion possible.

Watch the discussion here:

Did the Heritage panel answer any questions you had about Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

President Reagan warned us that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” and we are seeing that come true in Venezuela. Venezuela elected Hugo Chavez in 1999, and has plummeted from a model the far left praised—to a nightmare they want you to ignore.

In 1995, Venezuela scored a 59.8 on Heritage’s 100-point Index of Economic Freedom, more than two points above the world average.  But, according to Heritage Young Leaders Program member Julia Howe, “Under Chavez and Maduro, economic freedom has evaporated, and Venezuela is now one of the most economically repressed countries in the world, second only to North Korea.”

Socialists, including those who adopt the polite-sounding label “democratic socialist,” always make excuses, but it took less than two decades for Venezuela to spiral into complete ruin after choosing the socialist path. The Heritage Foundation is committed to cultivating young leaders to push back against these failed ideas.

Heritage is preparing young leaders like Julia Howe, and hundreds more each year, to fight for the principles that made America great: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. Thank you so much for investing in the future of the conservative movement.

What advice do you have for young people to talk them out of supporting socialism?

Every year, summer interns from The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program challenge interns at the libertarian Cato Institute to a debate. This friendly battle of ideas sharpens young minds and prepares them the tough arguments to come on their college campuses.

This year, they debated Ronald Reagan’s claim that “the heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” Does that mean that conservatism is just the practical application of libertarian principles, or does that mean that conservatism doesn’t maximize liberty, and draws from libertarianism to do that? Should liberty be ordered, or unlimited?

The two sides cover a broad range of issues, such as immigration, drug enforcement, and even the government’s role in life and death. Thank you for supporting the mentorship of the next generation of thinkers!

Watch the intern debate here:

Who do you think won this year’s debate?

When Jim Carafano works with his Heritage team to develop a policy solution, he asks his analysts three questions: “Does it keep America free? Does it keep America safe? And does it allow America to prosper?” If anyone on his team says no to any of these questions, then it’s the wrong policy.

A leading expert in national defense, Carafano appears regularly on television broadcasts, is quoted frequently in major news publications, and often testifies before Congress. He is the vice president of Heritage’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, and also our E.W. Richardson Fellow. “I’m honored to carry the title of one of the greatest generation, a decorated WW II veteran and POW,” Carafano says of the Richardson fellowship.

Long before Carafano found a home at Heritage, he was a student at West Point. He studied a diverse curriculum there, which would later set a solid foundation for his conservative values. From the classes he took, Carafano developed a sincere appreciation for the Constitution. He spent the rest of his career defending those values.

Carafano served in the Army for 25 years before joining The Heritage Foundation as a Senior Fellow for Strategic Defense in 2003. He advised Donald Trump on foreign and defense policies in 2016 and, after the election, led the transition team to staff President Trump’s State and Homeland Security departments. He and his team at Heritage continue to shape the administration’s defense and diplomatic strategies.

Despite all his accomplishments, for which he seldom takes credit, Carafano says that some of his proudest moments at Heritage arise from seeing the young colleagues he has mentored become tremendously successful. “Olivia Enos, who is not even 30 years old, is already a world-recognized expert on human trafficking and human rights,” he says proudly. “Michaela Dodge,” he continues, “started out as an intern at Heritage and now she’s a top nuclear analyst.”

Carafano loves how Heritage has successfully empowered exceptional, hardworking people to keep America free, safe, and prosperous. Heritage, he says, is “fighting for you to make a better America.” To him, Heritage members “are family.”

He thanks you for giving him and his colleagues the opportunity to fight for U.S. interests and improve the state of our nation.

So thank you again for being a part of the Heritage family and supporting those who pursue what is good and true for the United States.

Do you have any questions that you want to ask James Carafano and his team?

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