This morning Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump, visited Heritage and shared how she uses Heritage’s resources.

Listen to what she has to say below:

As a Heritage member, you make it possible for influential leaders like Kellyanne Conway to get the research, facts and figures, and policy solutions they need to make life better for all Americans.

You can watch her full interview and find out why she was at Heritage today here >>

In these days of Islamic terrorism, domestic unrest, and increasing security threats the importance of safety and security for an organization like Heritage cannot be overstated –especially due to the location on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Director of Workplace Solutions at Heritage Jeremy Gilbert, and his team, are responsible for providing security for Heritage’s three D.C. office locations that house approximately 300 staff.

The work they do to ensure that the proper security precautions and protocols are in place keep Heritage running smoothly in these turbulent times.

Recently, Jeremy Gilbert was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for actions taken while he was in Afghanistan serving in our nations’ military.

We are grateful to Jeremy for his service to our country and to Heritage.

This week, Heritage’s own Kathleen Reynolds sat down with Jeremy to get the inside story behind the event that led to him receiving the Bronze Star Medal, his path getting to Heritage, and his work since.

You can read his answers below:

Kathleen: Do you mind sharing the story behind the award you recently received?

Jeremy:about 3.5 hours into the mission we started taking automatic machine gun fire from across the soccer fields…2 machine gun teams had set up in a compound and they were shooting out across the soccer field towards us. Everyone started to scatter, all my soldiers got behind cover and tried to assess the situation; I looked over and in the middle of the field there was a little girl that was lying in a small ditch. She was on the ground screaming and crying. I didn’t think, I just went. I ran out, grabbed her, and brought her back to the safety of my vehicles. I was in the middle of an open field so luckily my guys kept me alive, covering me the entire way. So you know in my mind, there were people in my unit that did far more valorous things than that…

Kathleen: Why are you a conservative?

Jeremy: A lot of it has to do with my upbringing. I was raised by a single mom who was a full time nurse anesthetist. She raised three kids and we also owned a horse farm. She’s just a really hard worker and she really instilled traditional American values in me and it stuck with me my whole life. She never, ever gave me anything – she made me work hard for everything that I have. And that’s one of the key things about conservative values – not being given, but working hard, being a contributing member of society to get where you are. I believe strongly in people being able to work hard and to provide for their families, and the idea of having a large percentage of someone’s money taken away from them and given to people who don’t have that mentality, well honestly, I don’t agree with that. I am very much a fiscal conservative.

Kathleen: What do you enjoy most about working for Heritage?

Jeremy:  I love that every single day that I come in here it’s something new and exciting. And I think it’s a product of the fact that I work in the operations role. I don’t get stuck in a ‘this is my 9-5 mentality’ and ‘I do the same thing every day,’ because every day is different — and that’s awesome. So I think it makes the days go by and it makes the job extremely interesting.

The second reason is being able to interact with the people that are actually here … all rowing towards the same issue whether it’s the employees, the guests that come into the building, the interns that work here…everybody has the same mentality and that is furthering the conservative movement.

And outside the military I don’t think you find many organizations where everybody comes to work and has the same end goal…a lot of people come to organizations and they all want to make money for example, but they could all go about it in different ways. They could be completely different people, some being conservative, some being liberal, some not caring about anything…and here we all have the ultimate endgame in mind, and we all know exactly which way we want the organization to go. I think that has a lot to do with our shared values – the fact that we’re independent thinkers and that we speak with one voice, and that’s really cool. You see it in places like the military or police organizations and places like The Heritage Foundation.


Please join us in thanking Jeremy for his service to our country and to Heritage.

In order to strengthen international relations and spread conservative principles globally, Heritage experts continue to build strong relationships with foreign leaders.

Wednesday, President Peter Poroshenko of Ukraine visited Heritage for a private breakfast and briefing with Heritage leadership and top policy experts. Heritage was the only think tank that President Poroshenko visited during his trip to Washington DC.  His visit comes after a successful trip by a delegation of Heritage experts to Ukraine last week. 

During his visit President Poroshenko praised the work of Heritage in these four main areas:

  • Heritage’s advocacy for providing Ukraine with defensive weapons.
  • Heritage’s advocacy for continuing and expanding economic sanctions against Russia over its illegal occupation of Crimea.
  • Heritage’s advocacy for a creation of a NATO Center of Excellence for Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine.
  • And the important role Heritage’s news organization, the Daily Signal, is playing to get the real story out about what is happening in Ukraine, what Russia’s aggression is really like, and what young Ukrainians are fighting and dying for.

Heritage has been very vocal in calling for a meeting between President Trump and President Poroshenko. According to a Heritage report released last Friday, such a meeting would be crucial to demonstrate the U.S.’s support of Ukraine.

Russia and many of America’s European allies will be watching President Poroshenko’s visit very closely. A meeting between President Trump and President Poroshenko would send a clear message of strength and U.S. commitment to Ukraine. While Ukraine’s future rests primarily on the shoulders of the Ukrainians themselves, U.S. leadership is vital to counteracting Russian aggression and supporting reform in the country.

At the last minute, President Poroshenko was able to attend a meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office during his visit to the United States.

Why is it important to build strong relationships with foreign leaders?

Heritage experts Norbert Michel and David Burton have been busy working to ensure your financial privacy is secured from foreign countries through their work exposing the current abuse of financial privacy in the United States.

Their work was recently highlighted in a piece by the Washington Times which stated:

In an excellent report, “Financial Privacy in a Free Society,” Heritage Foundation scholars Norbert Michel and David Burton detail the ongoing abuses of the basic right of financial privacy in the United States and elsewhere.

Mr. Michel and Mr. Burton provide extensive data demonstrating that the attack on financial privacy by governments is largely a waste of money — many billions spent to obtain few and very costly convictions.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has been pushing for an information exchange agreement, whereby the U.S. would, as Mr. Michel and Mr. Burton note: “automatically, and in bulk, ship private financial and tax information — including Social Security and tax identification numbers — to nearly 70 countries,” many of which are hostile to the U.S.

According to their report Financial Privacy in a Free Society, Michel and Burton explain that private citizens are at risk of harm due to the collection and dissemination of their private financial information by the U.S. government–including seizure of personal assets without conviction.

This systematized trespassing upon basic privacy rights is largely due to stringent money laundering laws that are meant to stop criminals. These laws are largely ineffective and exorbitantly expensive. Enacting these laws cost around $7 million per conviction for a total of $4.8 – $8 billion annually, according to Michel and Burton’s work. More often than not these laws harm innocent citizens rather than hurt the criminals at whom they are directed.

Michel and Burton’s report details not only the importance of financial privacy rights and the magnitude of threats to these rights, but also suggested policy reform to deal with the identified issues.

Read their full report>>

Do you believe the United States should be sharing the private financial information of their citizens with foreign countries? Why or why not?

Implementing conservative solutions on tax reform is key to creating a stronger economy in America.

Last Friday, at Heritage’s Washington DC headquarters, four members of the House Freedom Caucus participated in a panel discussion to work towards tax reform.

The panel highlighted the conservative perspective on the border adjustment tax, welfare reform, and other tax policies. Conversations like this serve to spark ideas and spread the discussion of sound, conservative policies while also serving as a catalyst to unify the conservative movement.

Watch the full discussion below:

We were honored to host our conservative allies from the House and are thankful for their work on tax reform.

What do you think about the conservative solution to tax reform?

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