Last Tuesday, President Trump announced that America would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal ahead of May 12’s deadline, and reimpose economic sanctions on the country. Much of his speech echoed policy recommendations that Heritage has made for some time. While the mainstream media immediately leapt into panic mode, Heritage experts provided much-needed rational insight into why the deal needed to end, and what should happen next.

Immediately after Trump announced the end of the deal, Heritage expert Jim Phillips published an article on The Daily Signal showing why this was the right decision for Trump to make. He goes step-by-step through the important points that Trump made in his speech, pointing out how the President correctly highlighted the issues that needed to be addressed, such as condemning the deal’s flaws, encouraging Iran to end its nuclear programs, and distinguishing between the oppressive regime and the oppressed Iranian people. Phillips notes that this puts the right amount of pressure on the Iranian government to seek diplomacy with America instead of nuclear blackmail.

Heritage has laid the groundwork for a move away from the Iran deal since it began. On the same day that the deal was announced in 2015, Phillips outlined the major flaws it had in a commentary piece. More recently, he explained the details of the Iran deal in the Heritage Explains podcast, and why it would be a dead end no matter what America did. Phillips also hosted several leading voices on conservative policy for a public event on the same topic last week: Senior Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council Ilan Berman, Senior Advisor for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Richard Goldberg, and Resident Scholar at The American Enterprise Institute Dr. Michael Rubin. During the event, the panel discussed the problems of the deal and what should be done to fix them.  You can watch the video of the event here >>

Since the story broke, many news sources have gone to Heritage experts for their analysis of the situation. USA TODAY interviewed Heritage expert Bruce Klingner in one article, to get his opinion on how the end of the Iran deal might impact an agreement with North Korea. VOA News published Heritage expert James Carafano’s remarks in their write-up. He also defended Trump’s decision to end the deal.

Looking forward, Heritage experts will continue to monitor and publish recommendations on how America should move forward with Iran.

What do you think about the end of the nuclear deal?


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Judith Trees Conger - May 11, 2018

Love it!!!

Jerome and Harriet Jackson - May 11, 2018

It is about time we quit sending them money that finances their war against us!

Sharalee Wilson - May 11, 2018


Harold A. Chamberlain - May 11, 2018

A bad deal bites you 3 times, i.e., when you make it, during its execution and when
you want end it. The bad elements of a deal always surface to block or interfere with your initial objective for making the deal. You usually have to pay unwanted
costs in each of these phases.

Laura Van Overschelde - May 11, 2018

Ending the faux deal which should have been legislated as an international treaty was the appropriate move as it was a deal with the most evil regime save Russia. Making a deal with the devil will proliferate more evil with the ultimate diminishing of the U.S. stature in the world.

Judith Trees Conger - May 11, 2018

The deal was corrupted before placed, on
paper and never signed. The illusion it created only benefited Iran and Obama’s
ego. It has handicapped America in many
ways. Suffice it to say, “Thank God it is gone.”

Terry and Barb Branham - May 11, 2018

Very pleased our Leader did the right thing. Too much appeasement going on to radical Islamic practices and terrorism in the middle east and around the world

David - May 11, 2018

It was the right thing to do. It should nave never been done in the first place. Too bad we can’t get back the large amount of money given to Iran.

Scott - May 11, 2018

Never should have been agreed to in the first place. One of many apologetic errors by the Obama administration. Our countries standing on the world stage took a terrible beating during those eight years. And now Iranian forces are in Syria lobbing rockets into Israel. If Iran gains true nuclear capabilities the world we be a much more dangerous place. Religious zealotry and nuclear WMD’s are a lethal combination.

Debra Martin - May 11, 2018

Let’s not forget, it was never signed. No signature, no deal.And Israel has caught them violating a pretense of an agreement. What drama !!!The democrats are juveniles misrepresenting the supposed biggest world power. Let’s hope no one catches on or we are doomed. Time for the changing of the guard

Jerry Metcalf - May 11, 2018

Great keep it up.

Glynnda White - May 11, 2018

Time to pop the cork on a good bottle of champaigne. Time to investigate the transfer of cash from Obama’s pen and phone to the plane and ending in Iran….he is no longer the president and can be indicted…..he should be

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - May 11, 2018


John W. Marson - May 11, 2018

I agree with Heritage!

Richard Wattles - May 11, 2018

I thank the president, Heritage, Israel, and its Arab allies for helping this to happen. It is still very hard to believe that this nuclear blackmail payment was ever made by the former administration to such a lying, evil regime.

David LaVergne - May 11, 2018

It should never have happened in the 1st place!!! That’s what happens when you don’t place it in front of Congress. Trump says what he wants and follows through with it. YEA PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Lanners - May 11, 2018

Obama truly hated the Country. Everything he did was designed to weaken our institutions, and strengthen our enemies. President Trump of course did the right thing, he puts the United States of America first. A novel and absurd idea for the left.

Carol Hendricks - May 11, 2018

This’s deal must started over new ideas and hard talk and more action ,

So be it - May 12, 2018

I think it’s great to have a President that does what he said he would do when he became President. I really hope we get out of the UN. Also the Chancellor of Germany is an relative to Hltler of WW2 check it out.

Mary - May 12, 2018

Why any president would ever trust Iran to comply with any nuclear deal is beyond my comprehension. Obama was a danger to this country and his policies need to be undone. Thank goodness for Trump who came along at the right time. He is totally unconventional and a-political – just what we need at this time in our history.

Val McClure - May 12, 2018

We never had a deal! Iran had not signed the agreement and Congress had not ratified it. You can bet Iran has been hard at work getting a bomb ready.

Bret - May 12, 2018

I appreciate your offer to read my comment to this thread but I’m going to shift to a more related and broader subject; that is overall foreign policy development today. Do you want to chat?

Vincenzo Carafone - May 12, 2018

President Trump did the right thing and in the interest of the US.
The agreement with Iran on nuclear power was impossible to verify in its application, so much so that Iran, according to the latest evidence appeared (see statement by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu) has quietly continued its nuclear armament program.

With tens of billions of dollars donated since 2015 (we are talking about 150 billion dollars), Iran has been allowed:
– to strengthen its military apparatus (see the increase of its military budgets in the last years)
– to expand its position and in fluency in the Middle East (see Syria, Yemen etc)
– to continue to finance terrorist organizations (see hezbollah etc)

President Trump does not let himself be influenced, bound or blackmailed by the countries of the European Union (eg France, Germany, Italy) and / or England WHO LOOKS ARE COUNTRIES THAT, through their “private” enterprises, MAKE BUSINESS IRAN and, (like a hoax), INDIRECTLY BENEFIT THE GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION DONE BY THE US TO IRAN.

President Trump never forgets that, unfortunately, the European Union is becoming more and more unreliable, penetrated by the finance of the Arab countries, by Islamism (eg Germany, France and Italy) and by a wave of illegal immigration that has no equal in history WITHOUT THAT THE EUROPEAN UNION AND ITS CONPONENTS DO NOTHING ABOUT AND THAT VELATELY, ENCOURAGING

RUSSELL LYONS - May 12, 2018

Iran should NEVER be allowed to get WMDs it is critical to the safety of Americans & Europe.

Timothy R. Buttner - May 12, 2018

Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Iran never actually signed the “deal” themselves, according to a State Department release in 2015…
So what’s all the Proggie angst about?

Timothy R. Buttner - May 12, 2018

If Iran couldn’t be bothered to sign the deal, and Mr. Obama never put the deal to the Senate for confirmation, what’s the problem with Mr. Trump’s thumbs-down on the deal?

Cheryl Grosser - May 12, 2018

There shouldn’t have been a deal. This goes against what America stands for. Aiding and abetting the enemy is totally against our standards. Anyone in doing so is committing treason.

Mitch Arkin - May 12, 2018

I was shocked America entered this agreement in the first place and was extremely upset that Congress and the president violated the constitution in changing the approval process for treaties. We needed to start over and th it s is an excellent way to do so.

Renee Hicks - May 12, 2018

A sigh of relief at our house! Conservative America knew it was bad but it was pushed on us by a President who thought he was sovereign. Way to go, Pres. Trump!

John Bauman - May 12, 2018

Good riddance to bad rubbish. It was never truly in effect to begin with. Iran never signed off on it. It was nothing more than Obama crumpling the Constitution in both hands and saying like Daffy Duck “It’s mine, it’s mine, IT’S ALL MINE!

Susan Rodriguez - May 12, 2018

I agree that it was the logical choice and never should have been set in motion!

Jim Shaffer - May 13, 2018

The deal never should have been made. No verification anytime anywhere = no deal. A welcome start on corralling the religious zealots of Iran.

Robert - May 14, 2018

Very relieved we pulled out of that disaster. It is so hard to believe our country’s leaders would give cash to a known sponsor of terror. Thankful the President did the right thing.

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