Heritage is working on a new plan to topple one of the worst programs the last administration saddled America with: Obamacare.

Last week, The Hill released an article that highlighted the work that Heritage is doing alongside The Galen Institute and Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa) to come up with a new Obamacare replacement plan, set to be released later this month. Heritage expert Marie Fishpaw explained the rationale behind their new plan, and why it matters that we develop a plan now.

In January, members of the group that are crafting this plan published an open letter to President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan on Heritage’s website, where they urged the leaders to prioritize healthcare reform. And last month Heritage expert Marie Fishpaw and Galen Institute president Grace-Marie Turner released a commentary on the issue, outlining the problems with the current system and the need for any reforms to recognize how health care systems have different needs state to state and region to region. 

With leading conservative voices allied behind a better alternative to Obamacare, the framework is set for conservative change in America’s health system. Whether or not congress puts reforms to a vote this year, Heritage’s recommendations will shape the conversation on healthcare reform moving forward. 

What do you think healthcare reform should look like?

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Dolores Gadevsky, dma - May 11, 2018

I only know that government, especially federal government, should not participate in anyone’s healthcare decisions.
Also, as one of the people who experience serious side-effects from prescription drugs, I would appreciate equal acknowledgement and support, whatever that may be, for compounded medications and alternative healthcare.

Robert Weaver - May 11, 2018

Perhaps President Trump should consider an executive order that bans the allowance of producing drugs in countries that will not allow their citizens to pay for research and development costs. For too long, American citizens have paid the entire cost of R&D while foreign governments have passed laws that they would pay for production costs only. That makes prescription drugs far too expensive in this country, while foreign citizens pay a much lower cost. The cost of R&D for cell phones, aircraft, automobiles, electronics, etc., are amortized to anyone who buys those products; why are medications treated any differently? Fairness is fairness.

William Coates - May 11, 2018

Anything that involves ‘federal money’ being sent to the states will be corrupted by K-street lobbying. The state governments have mostly become beggars and are giving federal bureaucrats the power to dictate priorities while writing complex rules that require states to hire ever more paper-pushers, and require medical providers to hire more clerical staff and fewer actual medical staff. The percentage of money spent in administration is too high, the percentage spent on actual services is too low. The same sort of situation exists in education. Reporting requirements must be simplified so that time and money go for services.

Mais - May 11, 2018

Fed govt out of medical care.
Allow insurance co’s to sell across state lines.
Allow us folks to get the cost of treatments
From medical facility, or Dr. We choose.
Set up groups to buy insurance at group rates.

Jerry Metcalf - May 11, 2018

Market driven.

Anne Berryman - May 11, 2018

Insurance companies should not have subsidies, and they should be able to cross state lines to provide competition to keep costs down.

Glynnda White - May 11, 2018

every CITIZEN born in the US should have an HSA account opened at the time they receive their SSN card as infants. That account should be funded annually by the government at the fed and state levels with parents also being responsible to put in an amount monthly. The money is to be used for healthcare for the child as well as catastrophic insurance should an accident happen. The government is responsible to fund their portion of the account for the life of the citizen. The parents are responsible for funding each child’s account until the child reaches the age of 25…..at that point it can be assumed that the child has finished his/her education and can transition into adulthood, finding a job and begin funding their own account. The government does not pay for health care anymore. They fund accounts and it is the responsibility of the citizen to make their own healthcare choices. The only involvement by the government is to fund their portion of the account and ensure that the money is being spent on medical, dental and other health related expenses for the citizen. There will no longer be health care available for anyone who is not a citizen……legal immigrants must be able to pay for the own health expenses and those of their families or it should be handled by a private sponsor……government healthcare facilities should be shut down completely…….within one year

Bette - May 11, 2018

Every American should have a catostrophic insurance policy covering serious accidents or illnesses. It should kick in at a reasonable price.

Prices would be lower if small stuff were paid for by the user, so savings accounts for families and individuals are necessary to take care of those expenses.

If people need a supplemental plant,they should be able to buy one.

Richard Sentz - May 11, 2018

Heath care needs to removed from government control/oversight/funding/discussion and placed with the doctor and the patient. We just experienced in the UK socialized medicine at is worse. I would like to health insurance companies compete for customers across state lines in a wide open market in the private sector with health savings accounts, etc. I would also like to see health insurance run as non-profits.

Paul Hyland - May 11, 2018

A FULL Obamacare Repeal is the ONLY option to restore some degree of patient centered market oriented medical services. And with Medicare and Medicaid, covering nearly 1/2 of U.S. residents, remaining under federal government control there will still be huge obstacles to the competitive market for medical services. Obamacare by any other name, Trumpcare or other, will have all of the faults of Obamacare which are inherent in collectivist government operations.
It is very unfortunate that Heritage is participating in such a plan to ensconce Obamacare in the federal government.

Eugenia Ramsey - May 11, 2018

pharms can amortize R & D new medications. Cut the involvement of pharms in the approval of new medications by FDA. Cut adm. cost by simplifying the reporting requirements to Federal Gov . Allow Ins. Co. to sell across state lines.
Patient doctor health decisions are not controlled by management Care Ins. Co. or a board. The free market decides the price. Regulations must be examined to remove those that are not improving the patients experience. Persons can decide if they want Health Ins. or not. If lack of money is the factor they can be placed into Medicaid. Hospitals E R. cannot be the place to go if do not want to pay for healthcare and sick.. Social workers can be engaged to find the best way to resolve mentally ill patients if there is no family to consult. Have Health clinics run as not for profit to care for the sick and pay what they can.

David Douglas - May 11, 2018

Leave Obamacare as it is for the Dems who still think it’s great. However, do away with all state and federal benefit mandates for health insurance policies sold outside the federal websites. Allow the insurers to write policies that people actually want to buy, based on their needs and budget.

George Gomez - May 12, 2018

What ever it looks like it should include the politicians having to use it themselves. Why are we supporting them living outside the standards they’ve given us.

Timothy R. Buttner - May 12, 2018

I believe the entire ACA ought o be repealed. period.

John Hayes - May 12, 2018

We need to delete Obamacare and NOT seek another Federal medical care replacement. We need the Federal government out of the medical business. (period).

Key drivers to lowering cost and increasing access are: reduce regulations and taxes; inspire competition and support company employee insurance programs.

Sharon McCreight - May 12, 2018

The federal government should not be in the health care business. Left to themselves, the American people always create workable solutions to existing problems. Take away government regulations and watch the market work.

treece willits - May 12, 2018

Government has absolutely no business in Health care.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - May 12, 2018

Health care and insurance should be the business of the patient, the free market insurer, and the physician of the patient’s choice. No Washington bureaucrats should have a say.

William Collins - May 12, 2018

Excellent ideas…especially Glynnda’s. How about requiring doctors to publish their prices for services. Every time I ask what a service will cost they laugh at me. Also make the price individuals pay the same as insurance companies. I was told it was illegal for my dentist to allow me to pay the same price as my insurance company. The price I had to pay was almost triple.

Cheryl Grosser - May 12, 2018

When our country was established, neighbors and community helped people in need. Now when our country expanded more people being needy.The liberals wanted government control on all aspects of our lives. The professional doctors should be allowed to care for their patients to the best they can do without regulations and laws preventing this optimal care through no no professional lawmakers and regulators.

Cheryl Grosser - May 12, 2018

When our country was established, neighbors and community helped people in need. Now when our country expanded more people being needy.The liberals wanted government control on all aspects of our lives. The professional doctors should be allowed to care for their patients to the best they can do without regulations and laws preventing this optimal care through non- professional lawmakers and regulators.

Robert Engelbretson - May 12, 2018

I consider all staff at Heritage to be the experts for all Americans. In my opinion, whatever you purpose will be doable and good for all, from poor to rich.

M Masters - May 12, 2018

Get the government out of it, and let the insurance companies offer nationwide plans to drive down the cost for everyone. Also, because I take personal responsibility for my own health, and very rarely have to see a doctor, let insurance companies offer a plan that returns some of my premiums, or reduces my premiums for having a healthy lifestyle. In other words, reward people for taking care of themselves, instead of making us pay high premiums to take care of those that don’t care about their own health.

Cheryl - May 13, 2018

The government shouldn’t be involved in health care. I remember when insurance wasn’t involved in health care. We were responsible for taking care of ourselves, and the need for the doctor was kept to a minimum.

We would do well to have the ability to put in place savings accounts for health, and use them as needed. When we reach our elder years, the funds in the account that have not been used up could transfer to things needed in elder care.

John Wier - May 14, 2018

Open health saving across the nation.
No boarders on insurances.
No more demanding ER treatment for colds.

Stephanie R - May 16, 2018

Direct primary care is the answer.

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