The sequestration cuts to the armed forces don’t really address the problem of wasteful Defense Department spending. In fact, The Heritage Foundation’s Baker Spring explains that the indiscriminate cuts “will result in the loss of military capabilities” while doing little to curb waste.

There is a lot of waste and inefficiency in the military, and Heritage recently outlined $70 billion in annual savings. But that’s not how the sequester or the Obama administration’s proposals work.

“Of the Obama Administration’s $259 billion in cuts in its five-year defense budget reduction proposal—which does not include sequestration—only $60 billion would come from eliminating waste and inefficiency,” Spring writes.

These cuts would limit our nation’s military capabilities, leaving the country vulnerable, while doing little to address genuine waste.

There is another way, Spring explains. The Heritage Foundation’s Saving the American Dream plan would balance the budget in ten years and

maintain[] sufficient funding levels for defense—well in excess of the existing Obama Administration proposal, let alone sequestration levels—in order to restore necessary U.S. military capabilities.

Saving the American Dream is the best way to maintain a strong defense and a strong nation. So the next time you are told that a strong defense is incompatible with fiscal responsibility, think again. The Heritage Foundation has a way to make it happen.

Do you agree that we can preserve a strong defense and still balance the budget? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Jack Bailey - March 13, 2013

What can anyone with a clear head find wrong with Ryan’s budget? Only someone who doesn’t want to reign in government and wants to flat break this countries economy.

Gary Richardson - March 13, 2013

Need to cut spending back to 2008 budget, don’t cut a percentage of yearly increase, this is not real cuts. The government is out of money. Sequestration was taking to much out of the military, but it was finally a little, tiny, weanie cut, not very much.Stop the Fed from killing the citizens savings and increase interest rates to non artificial standards and the banks will have real citizen’s money to lend and inflation will not kill our money supply.

Ray Hunt - March 13, 2013

Any first year accountant can prepare a budget which includes ridding the government’s waste. Each department is laden with waste. Get rid of the majority of the representatives and the senators and this will get rid of a huge waste deposit. Say, “Tenure.”
Ray Hunt

Peter Hefner - March 13, 2013

I see the problem as confusing the words “defense” and “military”. There’s no question that we spend way too much policing the world and building nations in our image; this is not defense of the U.S. So bring our forces home, especially from Germany and Korea. Bring them home from Afganistan immediately.

Hauptman - March 13, 2013

Can we reduce the waste in the defense industry, YES! However, the Government of the US is supposed to protect us from all enemies. We should be able to prosecute two Major wars and one minor war at the same time. Remember WWII and how long it took to arm and train the military to a proper level. We must keep our military strong. Today, wars are “come as you are”!

Laurence James McMahon - March 13, 2013

Of course we can maintain a strong defense and balance the budget, but government waste needs to be stopped everywhere, not just in defense spending.

Stephen G Hearn - March 13, 2013

CEO of several financial organizations over working career,
have a difficult time accepting ten year budget that balances based on a spending decrease from 6% to 3.75%
Lets get the real problem addressed and that is the 17t in current debt along with annual budgets.
Current budgets are bloated take spending back to no increase in annual spending and shrink the government

Juliette - March 13, 2013

This is a great idea! Let’s support Ryan’s budget!

marvin kramer - March 13, 2013

Strong defense YES being a big brother to the world NO

Dennis Passons - March 13, 2013

It’s a no-brainer! Just do what Dr. Ben Carson suggested…simple, quick, and effective. Dennis

Charles E Barr - March 13, 2013

I truly believe that we can maintain a strong military and still see significant saving with DOD. DOD, like most government programs, still wastes a termendous amount of dollars. The present cuts appear to me to maximize the effect on national security, with little common sense shown in the cuts.
I feel that any senior military member, be they officer or enlisted could offer many such cuts within the budget.

Bob Mason - March 13, 2013

We must maintain a strong Military and can srill balance the budget within ten years or sooner. Only the Government manages on a base line budget instead of a zero based budget that would question every line item and go a long way to the eliminate the tremendous waste of our tax dollars and place a focus on the departments that have no real value to our people or economy

Bonnie Smith - March 13, 2013

Absolutely. Ditto on Ray Hunt! Even we Mom’s can
Do it. Takes the common sense, desire, and ability to
Add and subtract and care enough to do the right thing!

Don Damme - March 13, 2013

There is of course plenty of waste in the military and many of millions of dollars can be cut properly but of course Obama and his ilk will not cut the waste but weaken or defense!

Mark - March 14, 2013

To win support all Republicans, Libertarian and conservative voters all Republican Congressmen and Senators need to go on the road to their constituents and that of the Democratic constituencies campaigning and promoting this budget as if it was for their political career. Actually their career is at stake..In addition specifics on all the waste need to be hammered over and over until even the low-information voters finally get it…Maybe another filibuster might be helpful…Filibuster each stupid expenditure until America rises up in disgust for the waste of their (our) hard earned money…

robert wahl - March 14, 2013

addressing the waste, inefficiencies and fraud across the whole of our federal expenditures would go along way to address the sequestor dollar requirements and allow the real necessities to continue with a strong society. It would seem an easier task for our elected officials to agree on the waste, ineffieciencies and fraud than to disagree which programs fit their individual wants.

Adolph Jacobson, J.D. - March 14, 2013

My observation, partially including my tour in Viet Nam as a fighter pilot, and further built from my two U.S. Embassy assignments, is that we have now boldly entered into and then, job unfinished, weakly exited from at least 5 wars, being 1) Korea, 2) Viet Nam, 3) Gulf War 1 [causing Iraq], 4) Iraq [leaving turmoil and Iraq movement toward Iran], 5) Afghanistan [leaving now, unfinished, for it to be returned as a training ground for unnamed U. S. enemies, mostly Middle Eastern). All of this poor performance by our national government(s) in looking to make other cultures look like us, whether the people there are interested or not, and while the press complains about Pakistan getting a couple billion dollars yearly, but not recognizing that our Afghanistan forces can only be fully supplied with logistics with access through the Port of Karachi and overland by the one & only true highway fdrom Karachi that goes through the Khyber Pass.

Mary Headley - March 14, 2013

There is sooooo much waste in the Federal Government, we can absolutely reduce spending without adversly affecting the military or increasing taxes. Additionally, we need to get rid of Obamacare and the Department of Education, got to a fair tax and eliminate a large part of the IRS. Reducing the Federal Government and the unions for government workers is a must.

Janice Shay - March 14, 2013

I do believe that we could find many instances of repetitive wasteful spending in this budget that could and should be cut. There is no need to sacrifice our Military–that is only what this president wishes to do and he will and is doing so, unless we stand up to him. We need a strong American military presence in this world to keep evil at bay; China is increasing theirs. And I say, cut spending back to 1994 levels! Thank you Heritage, may your support increase!

Brenda Rupp - March 14, 2013

Rep. Ryan’s budget doesn’t CUT spending. It starts @ this year’s spending level and has a smaller increase. This is a joke! Gary Richardson has it right. CUT spending back to 2008 level, or even 2007’s level. Do away with base line budgeting. No wonder they can’t get rid of any waste; prior year’s spending is guaranteed. It’s not their money, it’s ours!!!

Alfred J. D’Amario - March 14, 2013

The American public doesn’t understand the difference between defense spending and things like welfare and unemployment compensation. Defense spending results in jobs and the production of things. In my 23+ years of militry service, I never wore a uniform, fired a gun, flew an airplane, worked in a building, landed on an airbase that was made by the Air Force. All of those things and more were made by civilian workers who were paid for their labors and products.
For every person in uniform, there are approx. 10 civilians whose jobs provide the food, clothing, shelter, facilities, weapons, equipment, etc. used by that service man. For example, cutting the military by 100,000 people would result in the loss of those jobs plus an additional 1,000,000 civilian jobs, and you end up paying unemployment compensation to 1,100,000 people for doing nothing.
Even the salaries paid to the military personnel ends up right back in the civilian economy. I went in with nothing and came out with nothing. I (we) spent it all on clothing, food, cars, boats, ski equipment, etc., etc., etc. So, defense spending ends up costing nothing. All of the money spent eventually comes back to the treasury through income taxes. The government paid it to me. I paid it to other people who paid it to still other people, and we all paid income tax.

harvey Keiser - March 14, 2013

I do agree that we can maintain a strong defense and still balance the budget. It takes brave people making tough choices. I thing Paul Ryan has a budget plan similar to Heritage and both are brave and doable.

Jane Sheets - March 14, 2013

I support the Ryan budget plan & defense spending completely. Unfortunately, my senator is Bill Nelson & he only supports the Obama-Democrat viewpoint.

Holly Chapo - March 16, 2013

Yes we can preserve a strong defense and still balance the budget. Protecting the Americn people is the first responsibility of the president and we do that with a strong defense system. Unfortunately, this president has diametrically opposite ideas.

Jerry Walters - March 19, 2013

Of course we can. Did it for over 200 years.

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