Tom Clancy. Photo: Wikimedia/Gary Wayne Gilbert

Tom Clancy. Photo: Wikimedia/Gary Wayne Gilbert

Only two men could make the American public really care about a strong national defense, Heritage Foundation vice president James Carafano writes on One was President Reagan, and the other was Tom Clancy.

So conservatives lost an ally when Clancy, author of bestsellers like The Hunt for Red October, passed away this week in Baltimore at the age of 66.

Carafano explains Clancy’s gift:

Clancy helped millions understand the transformation of American security challenges from the Great Power confrontations of the Cold War to the new world disorder full of terrorists, narco-traffickers, and failed states . . . He also tried to tell us something true and important about the men and women who protect us and the threats they face.

Did Clancy’s writing influence your views on national defense? Tell us in the comments.


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