Our country’s elected leaders are under a lot of pressure to broker a “grand bargain” on taxes and spending that both parties can agree on in order to avoid the “fiscal cliff.”

But historically, grandiose deals conceived through compromise between the White House and Congress have been losers for conservatives.

Heritage Foundation expert Patrick Knudsen explains:

Such agreements tend to produce higher taxes and higher spending with little or no deficit reduction. Congress and the President should dispel any visions of a “grand bargain” and focus on the task at hand: avoiding the fiscal cliff.

These deals, he adds, “have typically just yielded higher taxes, while the promised spending restraint (except in national defense) and deficit reduction have failed to materialize.”

The Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations all saw bipartisan deals that included tax increases and spending cuts in order to reduce the deficit. Ultimately these deals just led to larger government, as Knudsen cautions: “Even genuinely successful deficit reduction can lead to expanded government, allowing both parties to declare victory.”

Knudsen recommends that Congress should prioritize a genuine solution to the fiscal cliff over a compromise for its own sake. Our leaders should draw from history, which should “give pause to advocates of a grand budget deal between the President and Congress—especially those who are seeking to limit the size and scope of government.”

Here’s what Congress should do instead:

  • Preclude the huge tax hike known as Taxmageddon;
  • Prevent the reckless, automatic defense cuts, preferably by choosing alternative savings;
  • Renounce any other tax increases;
  • Resist the temptation to conjure further ad hoc budget schemes and grand bargains; and
  • Return as soon as possible to the regular practice of congressional budgeting.

Do you think Congressional conservatives should strike a deal at all costs?

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Dallas Bingley - December 11, 2012

No more compromise or deals, Moderate Republicans are only digging a deeper hole for themselves.

Willard Mann - December 11, 2012

Conservatives should wash their hands of the entire matter and withdraw from all discussions. The “LEFT” has no intention of dealing fairly on theses issues and will take every opportunity to blame the Conservatives.

They made the mess. They need to live and SINK with it!!

tim hutchison - December 11, 2012

Do you think Congressional conservatives should strike a deal at all costs?

Roger Evans Sr - December 11, 2012


Hal Smith - December 11, 2012

I completely agree with your points above to solve the problem.

hal metzger - December 11, 2012

NO DEAL whatsoever. Let Obama hang out there all alone with not one Republican signature in the offering. How many times do we need to get thrown under the bus before it hurts? Remember, Obama lies; so who can put any trust in what he says? His actions for the past four years clearly tell us that you do not listen to what he says, but watch out for what he does!

Pat Schattenberg - December 11, 2012

Don’t trust the President. Let’all hold hands and JUMP!

John Shelley - December 11, 2012

No I do not think Congress should strike a deal with the president especially if it includes tax increases of any kind. The only deal that should be struck is one that drastically begins to reduce spending in Washington and I’m not talking about reducing increases in spending. I don’t call that a cut. I’m talking about actual cuts to the budget and to spending. Additionally they need to do a budget which they have not for, if I’m not mistaken, at least four years.

Susan Byrnes - December 11, 2012

Congressional conservatives should not compromise the values that elected them to office. The Republicans compromised last summer & what was accomplished? It was a bad deal all the way around. STAND FIRM & let the chips fall where they may.

Dave Thompson - December 11, 2012

Conservatives should not “give in” to the liberals. They should pass a budget that reduces spending (not the increase in spending) and extend the current tax rates. They should also make it known to their constituents what they are doing instead of worrying whether the networks like them. Compromise is not a word President Obama understands.

Robert - December 11, 2012

Conservatives need to spend their time whipping the snot out of Democrats and stop spending so much time trashing rinos. Having said that the only thing Democrats see as a compromise is for Republicans to cave so I say no.


victor sparozic - December 11, 2012

congress should only agree to no tax increase and a big cut in spending.

ROBERT PETERSON - December 11, 2012


robert naidicz - December 11, 2012

The Republicans and conservatives should not make any deals with Obama, They should stick to thier principles. The president has done nothing for any of us.

Suann Prigmore - December 11, 2012

No. Congressional conservatives should not make a deal. Let this be a 100% Democrat deal. Don’t leave any “bi-partisan” finger prints on it that can later be used against the conservatives.

John H. Johnson - December 11, 2012

Extend all the Bush Tax cut. Then, cut the Federal Workforce by 3% and each Department by 7.5% across the board, except for Defense and cut that by 2.5%. Then defund Obamacare for fiscal year 2013 for $90B. This should be a start to improving the picture. We did not create this problem, Congress did. It is our money. So they have to cut spending just like we do in the private sector! We are becoming tired of the “class warfare dialog” from the left.

Jim Adrian - December 11, 2012

Put Obama’s budget up for a vote and see if any libs dare vote for it. Then put a real budget up for a vote and stand on principles – No deals!

Jeanne - December 11, 2012

Stop the Base Line increases across the board! That alone would save the country billions. Hiring freeze for Federal employees. Stop the “jobs Czar” from being created . We have a US Chamber of Commerce that is what it is for – JOBS!

Dale Canady - December 11, 2012

What do your recommend to “Prevent the reckless, automatic defense cuts, preferably by choosing alternative savings;” The Democrats always kill us when we propose cutting anything because they claim it either reduces jobs or cuts benefits to the needy. So Democrats get the public on their side and we lose again. And when Republicans support cuts in the Military Establishment, Democrats paint us as War mongers. They propose no benefit cuts to anyone and are therefore immune from criticism by anyone who receives or is dependent on government payments or tax benefits.(Seniors, Military, government workers in unions, welfare recipients, doctors, small businessmen, …….. The only ones who are not affected are the clergy.

Elizabeth - December 11, 2012

Paul Ryan put forth an excellent plan to balance the budget without this “dance” of posturing for political gain. will no one care about the nation of America any more? we have had four years of overthrowing proper governance by means of respecting the three separate branches of government in favor of power grabs. That health care bill needs to be destroyed by fire if possible; as does that light bulb bill that Bush signed before he left office. Margaret Thatcher paid off England’s debt in two years. Course it probably was not as large as the US debt. but someone needs to start paying this off, not dragging it onward so the next generations have no choice but to live in the mud pitts like the Israelites did for 400 years. No deals. No NEW TAXES. NO INCREASE IN OLD TAXES either. Cut the spending. the president can pay for his wife’s dresses and he can pay for the trips they take too.

Frederick N. Evans - December 11, 2012

NO DEAL. And, what part of NO DEAL don’t you understand? President Obama is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Dan Sanders - December 11, 2012

Any deal should include immediate reforms to entitlements before any taxes are raised. I think there are enough politicians, on both sides of the aisle, who don’t want the blood of the “fiscal cliff” on their hands, who will somehow come to some sort of agreement to prevent that from happening.

PaulE - December 11, 2012

If the Republicans were smart, they would pass a one year extension of all the Bush tax cuts in the House along with Paul Ryan’s recommendations for spending cuts. The year extension would be used for real tax reform (lower the rates and broaden the base), not the nonsense Obama is advocating to hike rates AND eliminate deductions. Then let Harry Reid and Obama refuse to sign it, if they really want to create a recession. This current Republican strategy of hoping Obama will agree to talks about spending cuts after he gets everything he wants is a non-starter.

Sharon - December 11, 2012

NO- FIRE Boehner

Robert - December 11, 2012

1. Ok so I’m a conservative and so are 80 to 95% of the people receiving this information. I understand the problem and I support conservative principals. The things we must do is to go to the blue states and
Teach the liberal / socialists / aka; democrats that they need to become productive citizens not slaves of the government. How do we do this? Maybe as a TV commercial teaching the constitution (similar to a 60s TV commercial with Speedy singing the Alka-Seltzer song. Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is!) Brought to you by ( XYZ Business) You have to get into their heads and teach with out hitting them over the head.
I know it’s hard to tell them Santa doesn’t have any more freebies for them but I’m sure we have some very smart conservatives that can instill pride in the blue states.
2. We need to get the media to report all the news as fox news says, fair and balanced. If the media is just another outlet for the democrats then we need to have a nationwide boycott. We cannot be timid about this. Business spends a lot of money supporting these news outlets. Business and the conservative public can stop supporting these networks until they change or go out of business. It isn’t the blue states that support the media outlets as they are broke, it’s the rest of us red states supporting the blue states.
3. And finally we have to stop compromising and stand our ground. Congress has the purse strings period.
STOP FUNDING OBAMACARE, the EPA and other agencies that should be eliminated.

Thanks for asking, but do you really care???
The silence is deafening.

Bob in Arizona

Lee Burns - December 11, 2012

The Republicans are going to be blamed whether they let the taxes go up by default or cave in and vote for rate increases. The president and Mr. Reid and their colleagues have absolutely no intention of introducing or supporting any meaningful cuts to the annual deficits or to reducing the debt. No more failed promises, no more smoke and mirror savings (end of war, etc.). Their desire to take this country to its knees and curry the favor of middle eastern countries has to stop. Initially, effectively cutting the size of government will result in higher unemployment (big loss of jobs in the public sector) but that’s where the bloat is and it must be done.
When the dust settles, the private sector, as it has always done, will slowly begin to recover and become the engine of economic progress. Probably most everyone will feel some pain, but it’s a pain that should have begun three years ago. It’s time to bite the bullet, cut out the rot and begin the healing.

Carl S - December 11, 2012

There should be no deal with Obama. He is about the biggest liar out there. Increasing the taxes on the job creators will not raise any significant amount of additional revenue, maybe enough to run the government for a few days, but will probably reduce revenue when it forces the small business to downsize and reduce employment.

Bill Murrin - December 11, 2012

The conservatives in Congress should stand their ground and demand there be no tax increases of any sort – including elimination of deductions (they should be pushing for tax cuts, but then surrender this as a compromise); demand a dramatic reduction in spending in all departments, including a small token one for defense (defense policy makers will cut unnecessary baggage before cutting important requirements); push for a balanced budget amendment (this can be a card to surrender as a compromise); and demand for a freeze in hiring of new federal employees. We need to remember how Clinton got all the credit for a great economy in the 90s, but it was due to the Republican House lead by Newt! I say let us go off the “fiscal cliff” and let Obama get the credit/blame for it. I have no doubt he will be shocked by how he will end up with the blame when it all shakes out – his arrogance knows no boundaries and his ego is far too large for his abilities. He will then scamper to the negotiating table to work out a deal. This is exactly what Newt did with Clinton! Guaranteed it will work! Besides, we have no choice if we wish to save this nation from a complete collapse at some point in the not too distant future.

Danielle McDonald - December 11, 2012

No compromises. there are too many hidden agendas.

Dwight M. Broadstone - December 11, 2012

No Deals Boehner should have held a party wide debate instead of this seriptitious nonsense!

Chuck Bortell - December 11, 2012

A “Fiscal Cliff” deal would be the worst possible outcome. First, fresh with their vociferously touted “electoral mandate”, there will be either scant or nil reduction in Spending. The Tax components will definitely be there, but would NOT accomplish any positive benefit, due to teh 2% re-arranging their personal financial affairs. Thus, the best outcome is to slide over the “Fiscal Cliff” with the Debt Ceiling leverage in tact. Then, when the “…wailing and knashing of teeth…” commence, there will be countless legislative opportunities to begin the Jimmy Carter concept of “ZERO BASED” budgeting. There is no other way to derive the “cuts”, especially from Defense without the “cover” of the massive cuts; recall the “Military base closure commissions”. Furthermore, the Republican Party will not survive in its historical space, if a lousy “deal” is wrought by them. Their ONLY prudent course is the “…slide…”

Newt Burkhalter - December 11, 2012

If the Republicans cave now, I will probably end a lifetime membership in the Party. I am sick and tired of everyone in Congress doing what’s best for them and not serving America. Especially the blathering fools in the White House.

Paula Kotzen - December 11, 2012

Congressional Conservatives are being thrown off of committees by their Rino brothers Shame ! It is the House’s responsibility to curb the outlandish spending … No deal until spending cuts and tax reforms are in place !

Kathleen Hall - December 11, 2012

Hang tough! No new taxes, real cuts. They will blame us anyway ; may as well do what’s right and what the American people sent you to do.

Bill Buhl - December 11, 2012

No compromises. Obama is a master at not playing it straight. The “deals” last summer are what put us at this at this cliff. STAND FIRM.

Jim Moore - December 11, 2012

The conservatives should stay away from this. They can’t stop it and if they touch it Obama will blame them.Let Obama own this so when bad things start to happen next year his will be the only signature.

Harold & Tommie Samuels - December 11, 2012

We agree with points made in this article. Unfortunately, Republicans will get blamed by Dem’s and “main stream media” regardless of path taken.

JAMES BENSON - December 11, 2012

We MUST not allow ANY tax increases. In addition to the usual obvious fiscal reasons, Obama cannot, and should not be trusted. He will be emboldened to take this country down sooner than even he planned.

Deanna Dyksterhuis - December 11, 2012

No! Republicans should only be presenting Obama with a list of SPENDING CUTS. We do not have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem which is way out of control. Let Obama own the mess his last administration made. The Democrats deserve the credit for spending and running up ;the deficit.

Ken Johnson - December 11, 2012

Make no deals. Stop negotiations and let the “cliff” come. The left will continue to lie to get anything they can. GOP should turn their back and walk away.

Harry C Halleck - December 11, 2012

Republicans will supprise everyone! They will bow to the Democrats now and always, then if they get power they will go on their own spending spree!!

David Campbell - December 11, 2012

The Republicans should do what they have rarely done in the past; fight for conservative principals. How? Use “the power of the purse strings” granted the House of representatives in the constitution and defund Obamacare as well as as many other things necessary to bring the budget under control and without gutting the military. Then sit back and let the left (and the administration) (and the press) howl. If they don’t have the guts for this (and they don’t) try defunding some small but very visible program and see what kind of response they get from the public and then do the rest after they see how this would gain huge support for them.

Ellen Martin - December 11, 2012

The Republicans should not give in to this President. He is so used to getting his way. It’s time Republicans stood up to him. Stand up for The Principles of the Republican Party. If Boehner can’t do it then elect another speaker. No Deal!!!!!!!

Mary Spero - December 11, 2012

The ONLY thing we conservatives have left is our HONOR **AND** THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! Play ball with the dems and we will MOST CERTAINLY be bloodied! WHEN will we learn? NO DEALS! STAND STRONG and lets go over the cliff. The dems can’t throw boulders at us from on high – IF THEY, too are at the bottom of the cliff! The dems, i.e. the BO administration, Nancy and Harry will HAVE to dance to our drums, IF we stand strong! The House holds the purse strings. DON’T GIVE IT UP! WE *ARE* the only hope of REDUCED SPENDING – and it needs to be reduced in HUMONGOUS AMOUNTS!

Me ke aloha, Mary

Kathryn Thilman - December 11, 2012

NO DEALS. We did not vote for that!
Reduce spending now. Our future is hanging
in the balance.

Lawrence C Nelson - December 11, 2012

Conservatives should with draw from discussions until th left shows signs of coming to their senses and stop the reckless spending and tax increases that are not really going to solve the problem. Congress must return to practicing Congressional Budgeting.

Eugene Cazedessus lll - December 11, 2012

We must fight any tax increase that is not offset by a tax decrease that benefits small business.

Joan Jackson - December 11, 2012

The National disgrace is that adults are spending their children’s money.

John Taylor - December 11, 2012

In answer to the above question, emphatically No! The totally ineffective Republican leadership should be replaced. Let conservative Republicans demonstrate proper, effective leadership. Congress controls the nation’s checkbook. Treat it as a checkbook, not a credit card!!
Do the right thing!

Jeff Troiano - December 11, 2012

The Republicans put their foot in it at the outset, by suggesting reducing deductions instead of raising rates. They have the data to support no need for additional revenues, i.e., revenues are already above those of 2008 by more than the rate of inflation, so the problem is clearly spending. This should be their mantra!

Robert Hattemer - December 11, 2012

I do think we should strike any deal with Obama which does not start with spending reduction. I have to live within my income and the government should do the same.

Patricia Topping - December 11, 2012

Six hundred sixty two U.S. military bases in 38 countries but we do not need to cut military spending? Hwo about all those schools and hospitals we have built in the Middle East. Defense is a big money maker for Republicans and I am getting tired of all the spending. If Republicans cannot find any cut for Defense….I think I need to vote Libertarian next time.

Bob Mason - December 11, 2012

No deal unless at 3 to 1 spending/revenue signed at the same time. No tax increase with promise of spending cuts later

Martha Webber - December 11, 2012

Don’t compromise! It’s time to let President Obama hold the bag regarding the Fiscal cliff.

Bill Schirmer - December 11, 2012

No I do not believe in striking a deal. Our President has his mind set on changing this country into something of unimaginable proportion…..achieving conservation goals will only happen after a major disaster economically and strategically.

Jim De Lapp - December 11, 2012

Gridlock is the current realty between the parties. The Republicans will be blamed whatever the outcome, so we’re better off letting the Democratic Party be the leading lemming as we go over the cliff.

Herman Velarde - December 11, 2012

Call barocks bluff. Sign for taxes after we get the massive cuts created by the lefties overspending, like Obamas left wing administration. NO DEAL, LET’S GO OVER THE CLIFF. DO THE CUTS FIRST, AND THEN LET’S TALK. GO FORTH WITHOUT FEAR.

Jimmy Gulley - December 11, 2012

Get back to the constitution. They are not the red cross. I will give to charity as i please Idont need congress for that. Thanks

Steven Polgar - December 11, 2012

Under no circumstances should any Republican who espouses to be a conservative ever vote for any tax increase of any sort, rate, loophole or a tax by any other name. If the Socialists who have taken over the Democrat Party will not accept spending cuts, we, the people, are better off facing the horrible consequences. The defense cuts will so endanger the country’s security that maybe the complacent, ignorant electorate, which voted for a Socialist president, one who wants to destroy American capitalism and freedom, will finally be unmasked as the greatest danger that this country has faced in its 236 year history.

It is time for all patriots to declare our revolution against Socialism and the totalitarian system of which it is the precursor. If we make any compromise with these leaders, we will end up exactly where all the stupid non-Socialists ended in Eastern Europe: slaves in a state-controlled, totalitarian system. Once they achieve total victory, our only recourse will be a much bloodier revolution.

Jude Richardson - December 11, 2012

No deal! We are going to lose either way. Better to lose standing tall rather than bent over with our heads up our a—-. Then try to figure how we can take our country back.

Richard Brogger - December 11, 2012

I think that Congressional conservatives should be trying to get spending reduced by eliminating any spending not authorized by the Constitution. One reason why the finances as the mess they are is that some on the right have tried to strike deals with socialists in the past.

Edward J Steel - December 11, 2012

The men who once stood their ground on that bridge in Concord knew they were not fighting a grand battle, but were only lighting the kindling in the hearts of the Americans who believed there was a better way. If the men we elected to hold the line in Washington do not believe in their hearts that they need to stand their ground, then others will show their courage in a different venue because we know there is a better way for America.

Howard Talley, III - December 12, 2012

Republicans, including conservative ones need to ‘take back the language’ and label the ‘cliff’ as Obama’s tax hike NOT expiration of the Bush tax-cuts! As Orwell made plain (socialist that he was), if you control the language, you control the thoughts. Republicans in the House need to pass a rational budget bill addressing both spending cuts and ‘entitlement’ reform and keep sending that bill to the Senate over and over. Let the chips fall where they may but TAKE BACK THE LANGUAGE!

Jerry White - December 12, 2012

NO DEAL unless there are immediate cuts. NO TAX increase! Use the power of the funding through the House to defund government agencies if the Democrats won’t make cuts.

Leon - December 12, 2012

No Deals PERIOD. NO Tax increases. They only option is for congress to cut spending and wasting tax payer money on foolish projects and foreign aid to countries not friendly to the U.S.

Mike Pauls - December 12, 2012

Kimberley Strassel’s recent WSJ article painted a doable scenario if the GOP gets out of the weeds on the near term.

A tactical loss (this all about war, you know) can position the GOP for a strategic victory. The Dems won’t even see it coming because they will be so busy celebrating their victory.
Sun Tzu said “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles…”

To date the GOP’s worst enemy has been their lack of stamina, conviction and resolution.

The GOP has won the leverage game, even if the tax rates increase.

There is no need to to strike a deal at all costs.

Gene Bahls - December 12, 2012

No compromises. Either we believe what we preach or we don’t. I feel Senator Paul has the right idea as he expressed it on Hannidy tonight. “Resend our plan from the House to the Senate. When it is rejected, both houses of Republicans vote “present” on the Democratic Bill that will follow.”

Ken Davis - December 12, 2012

Congress should only agree to a big cuts in spending, focusing on excessive entitlements yet being careful to preserve military strength. Any concession on tax increases should be limited to individuals making over $500,000/year.

Jan Emerson - December 12, 2012

How many times have we agreed to tax increases, and then the spending cuts never happened? I would love to offer an increase in the top 2% and tie it to a tax on the 47% (who should be paying taxes anyway!) In this case it is not the small increase in revenue that matters, it is to make sure the 47% pay attention to the financial disaster in Washington that puts their checks in jeopardy. Since the Senate will turn down any offer we make, the automatic tax increases will come from the left — and we should make sure everyone knows it.

art hageman - December 12, 2012

They should get rid of obama when the Electoral College meets on the 17th. Deni the Electorals a quorum vote. The electoral College can’t function..
The election will be thrown into the house.

John Smith - December 12, 2012

It has never worked before, so why do it again? The Democrats are never known for holding to their word and this obvious ‘snake oil’ deal should be ignored.

Here’s an idea; force the liberals to provide a budget with a LOT of spending cuts FIRST and make them do it BEFORE striking a ‘deal’ (as in the trillions $$$ ‘lot’). Of course, they will refuse, so there is no deal.

Lana - December 12, 2012

Conservatives should have NO part in any deal. When will they ever learn – the more money we give the more they will spend? If I have to live within my means, so should the government. Let the left own the the tax increases, we need to keep offering sanity – a realistic budget. There is so much frivolous spending – our representatives need to get busy working and Mr Obama needs to get off the campaign/holiday trail and do the work they were hired to do.

Terry Lyon - December 12, 2012

It is almost inevitable that there will be higher taxes and increased spending. I think the Republicans should keep their fingers and fingerprints entirely off this pig in a poke. Let the Democrats own this disaster all by themselves.

Linda Orf - December 12, 2012

I agree – conservatives should NEVER compromise on principal. Take our finger prints off of all this. If it comes to a vote with tax increases and no significant cuts to the budget (and 100 billion a year (or 1 trillion over 10 years) is NOT significant) VOTE PRESENT and refrain from agreeing with the liberal machine

Donna - December 12, 2012

Sadly, too few of those in Congress really care what we think, but if a miracle should occur–ABSOLUTELY NO DEALS!!!

Sonie - December 12, 2012

Your article is correct in saying during the Reagan years taxes went up. Social Security taxes rose for all Americans no matter of their income level.
If everyone would get really serious and reform the tax code to the Fair Tax, which is less likely to continue with loopholes and taxes spending, we would be on a better path. The Fair Tax, if implemented, would drop the cost of goods and many taxes, making life better for all Americans. Please go to fairtax.org and encourage everyone to support this reform to the tax code!

Alan Green - December 12, 2012

I agree!

Failure to produce a realistic budget that addresses the deficit problems directly and long term will only be a fool’s errand. This is the 1st time, after almost 25 years of watching this mess unfold, that the idiots have won out, and the republican party is finished.

The legacy of Bush 2 ‘s congress has killed any credibility for the existing republicans to deal effectively w/ this issue. Unless, a credible plan is put forth and communicated aggressively to the public to gain support then all will be lost. The house speaker has lost credibility w/ all my brothers I am 60 and grew up in a family of 5 boys all are college educated! We believe the RP is the party that can not shoot straight.

Rick Mac Donald - December 12, 2012

Focus should be on requiring a budget.
Proposal for dealing with sequestering when we cross the “fiscal cliff” should be delt with. Why not let the tax cuts expire. We were ok before the tax cuts, what’s the big deal?
This country needs to get back to strong moral values and “let go (of partisanship) and let God.”

PMW8 - December 12, 2012

In light of the mainstream GOP admonishing the conservative Republicans; and the statement made by Newt that no Republican could ever beat Hiliary (which I agree would be the case) is it not time for a 3rd party? Not called the Tea Party; but rather a Constitutionalist or Conservative Party?

Helen Ross - December 12, 2012

Since Obama is not negotiating in good faith and, in fact, is not even negotiating, I believe the Republicans should herewith withdraw all prior proposals and challenge Obama to come up with a comprehensive plan. They are letting Obama dictate the subject and the terms at present. It is time to get out of a losing game and start over.

Hugh Perry - December 12, 2012

Absolutely no tax rate increase for anyone! Cut spending across the board by defunding and eliminating federal departments. Defunding the ERA would be a fine start. GOP should quit negotiating with themselves and pass a bill in the House with no rate increase and big spending cuts. Make the Senate and Obama be on the defensive.

David Barrow - December 12, 2012

No compromises or deals. It is time Republicans take a stand. Taking the “moderate” position advocated by so-called experts resulted in defeat of Republican national candidates during the 2008 and 2012 elections. The Republicans need to become the party of conservatism in order to steer the country away from more dangers than just the fiscal cliff. If not now then when?

David Schiewetz - December 12, 2012

No deals! They will end up hurting the ‘middle class’ once again.

Mary Seitz - December 12, 2012

Conservatives need to grow a spine! No deals. Keep sending bills to be voted on. Maybe we should take Rand Paul’s advice and give them what they want. Let them OWN IT! Can’t we ever beat them at their own game. We are supposed to be the smart ones.

don johnson - December 12, 2012

They should do what Rand Paul suggests–let the Democrats propose whatever they want and all Republicans should vote present. That way the Dems own the inevitable blow to the economy that will follow.

Bob Allen - December 12, 2012

No deal! The House members should go home for the rest of the year and let Obama swing in the wind. The entire budget process is a joke. How about zero based budgeting?

Dexter Christianson - December 12, 2012

Conservatives should not compromise on their stand for significant reductions in Federal spending….and, Mr. Boehner has already offered too much in taxes. Conservatives must do much more in getting their messages out to the public. That is not an easy task, given the media’s clear bias and it’s left – wing agenda, but we must find ways to accomplish the task.

Sandra Fosselman - December 12, 2012

John Boehner should be removed from his House leadership position by the conservatives. He has demonstrated to be a gutless leader with no vision and a great willingness to sell out conservative principles for Obama’s non-specific offer to reduce spending. Boehner fails to accept that Obama is a chronic liar. He has allowed Obama to hold the offensive position. Conservatives need to say “NO” and put the onus back on Obama and the Dems to present a plausible spending reduction plan, drop this suicidal tax increase plan, and get serious about longterm solutions to the problem. If we go over the fiscal cliff, so be it. The disaster should make both parties address the problem realistically and intelligently and stop this absurd and dangerous game playing.

Roy C. Lee - December 12, 2012

It is amazingly ill-logical for the Congressional Republicans to cave-in against what they know what is needed and best for our nations welfare (real spending cuts, repealing of bad regulations and law). Obama and most media claim he won a mandate to raise taxes, continue with excessive regulations, by pass Congress and do as he pleases. But, REMMEBER, Obama did not get a mandate in the House elections. The House has the power and responsibiltiy for enacting, authorizing government spending. The House Republicans should budget bills with spending cuts and pass them to the Senate. Of course they will not pass the Senate. Never-the-less, they should not compromise, but just keep on sending bills to the Senate. Do not pass a continuing resolution and DO NOT PASS an increase in the debt limit. This is the most direct way of cutting spending. Of course, the press will go bliztic. No matter what the Republicans do, the press will be critical of them.

Are the Republicans afraid if they do this they will not win another election? Perhaps, that might happen if they stand up and hold firm. But, be assured if they cave, the Republican party will be split. Hello third party. How many have elections have Republicans won with a significant third party in the mix. None in my life time.

Joe - December 12, 2012

It is time to stop the compromising on the Republicans part, rather more efficient programs should be put in effect.
It all takes time but we have reached the point where there is no MORE TIME to compromise.

Pat Konechne - December 12, 2012

A bill should be passed in the House that has clear reductions in spending, which is the real problem. Do not increase taxes, there will be plenty of that as Obama care is implemented. Then and most importantly go to the American people with what they did and why they did it. Sell this to the American people . This should be done by an articulate member of Congress, and beat Oboma at his own game.

Rowena Blauvelt - December 12, 2012

NO deals. It’s not like Obama wants to make one anyway. I find the leadership of the Republican party, whether they call themselves ‘moderate’ or ‘conservative, very disappointing.’

art - December 12, 2012

Why doesn’t anyone talk about cutting programs that don’t work? Wasteful spending is our biggest problem. Why do we need to send money to other countries we don’t have? Both parties are to blame on all counts and should be ashamed. That’s why I will only vote for Tea Party candidates. I have had it with both parties in control.

Robert Brown - December 12, 2012

Why do you continue to state that budgets were balanced when the income equals the outgo only when Social Security funds have been counted? In 2012 over $160 Billion were borrowed to pay Social Security benefits. The system is currently BANKRUPT!! Article 1 Section 7 of the US Constitution states:”All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…” If Congress does NOT authorize spending, it does NOT exist!!! The Fiscal Cliff can be addressed by the House by passing a (several?) bill(s) funding only those agencies deemed worthy!!!

Mark Hickerson - December 12, 2012

ABSOLUTELY NO DEALS! Republicans and Conservatives need to remember why they were voted in and represent the people who voted them in! No tax increases and a BIG cut in spending!

dsmithuva75 - December 12, 2012

Forget any “deal” on tax cuts — let them all rise until The President and Senate join us in passing meaningful budget cuts!!! The problem is not, and never has been, not enough tax revenue. Forget the Republicans — the COUNTRY will not be better off until we get spending under control.

dsmithuva75 - December 12, 2012

Let all the tax cuts expire and do NOTHING until The President and Senate join us in meaningful and IMMEDIATE budget cuts!!! The problem has never been too little tax revenues . . . it has ALWAYS been too much spending!!! And forget whether this helps Republicans — THE COUNTRY NEEDS IT!!!

John Rough - December 12, 2012

When will “Conservative” members of Congress start voting with the Constitution and get out of supporting nearly a majority of the Citizens? No deal unless dramatic cost deductions are made , less for defence , and in the 10 to 15% minimum of the total budget not for the automatic increases built in by fraud.

Mike Carr - December 12, 2012

Congress should not strike a deal at all costs. It’s time for Congress to rein in the spending to match revenue. A good start would be to drop all matters not strictly approved by the U.S. Constitution and let the States and Counties pick up what makes sense to them.

John Marcus - December 12, 2012

Come on now folks. Both parties have participated in giving the mess we now have. Yes – that is both conservatives and progressives. Quit trying to stake forbidden ground and do what is necessary for our country.

Marti - December 12, 2012

I think the Republicans need to put the whole mess in the laps of Dems and the Pres. Congress could pass another(I believe) bill that states they will not raise taxes on anyone. The problem is: How do you get that info out to the sheeple? It’s my understanding that the sheeple who only watch the main stream, CNN, MSNBC, etc. have no idea that the discussion is anything other than raising taxes on the “rich”. They are unaware that the Dems are suppossed to be offering spending cuts and are not. I thought everything was supposed to be done “fairly” under this Pres. How will they ever know? It’s frustrating.

Howard Woods - December 12, 2012

Sell the failed, bankrupt state of California back to Mexico for 10 trillion. Sell the failed, needy state of New York to George Soros for another 10 trillion. No more debt, problem solved. And no more welfare for Californicators and New Jerkers since they would no longer be US citizens. What? is this plan too radical for those among us who think Democrats are reasonable and want to compromise with us? Get a clue: they want to kill us, murder us in our sleep, cut our throats with a rusty knife! We cannot compromise with an enemy whose only wish is to bury our children and grandchildren in a tomb of endless DEBT. Liberals are a cancer that needs to be excised. Never, ever trust what Obama, Reid or Pelosi propose. Save our kids! NO MORE DEBT CEILING INCREASES!

Robert Ulrich - December 12, 2012

No deals or compromises. Let the Democrats take ownership of this. They haven’t for anything the past four years.

Tim Hayes - December 12, 2012

Do you think Congressional conservatives should strike a deal at all costs? Absolutely NOT!

We need a substantive reduction in expenses tied to any by-partisan deal. My opinion is “It will not happen.” Why?

The Republican spaeaker of the House, “Mr. B” had developed a pattern with the president in which he “always caves-in”! Throws his hands up & asks for mercy from the voters.Mr. B has a mandate that comes with securing the “House” in a republican majority. The goal is NOT to give the president (1) a mandate to raising the debt ceiling without any republican approval…In essence, if there are not matched spending reductions in 2013 equql to or grater than raising the debt ceiling. The answer is NO to raising the debt ceiling. (2) The fiscal cliff is a no vote is the president will not identify substantive spending cuts in specific items that will reduce spending…recommended addressing raising the “SS age” for benefitsand mecdicare/medicade line items (3) If Mr. B should not approve any individual tax loop hole reductions and votes “present” on any tax hikes fotr the top 2 %. What this does is make the President otally responsible for the rise in taxes and expenditures for the Fiscal cliff!

Mark Holmes - December 12, 2012

Folks, as I read some of these comments posted on this subject, you’ve got to remember that the biggest problem we have in Washington is the politicians themselves. The biggest majority of these people are lawyers (have you ever been in divorce court?) that’s all you have is compromise. They act like they’re going after each others throats and then you see them out in public and they’re best of bud’s. Meanwhile, the losers are the people they represent, whether it be the parent who is stuck with alimony payments, child support, or even worse, the kids are in the middle. They never try to talk to the clients (about reconciliation, if possible). All they think about is the money they’ve made, the power they have over other people etc. They could care less if a wrong is righted or people are done right.
What we need in Washington is to wipe the slate clean and start over!! For too long we have endured these politicians who will lie, cheat, steal, make a mockery of the office of President, Congress, and even we the people of the United States. What we need is ordinary folk who have pulled themselves up with their own boot straps, tried and tested and want other folks to succeed and not some community organizer who has never worked a hard days labor all his life. I’m talking about honor, principles, right convictions etc. Washington has become a cesspool of corruption, dog eat dog mentality. What this president has done and continue to do will take decades to make right!! We’re still paying for Lyndon Johnson’s sins, (welfare) it was suppose to be a good thing but as usual, the politicians screwed this up to!! Getting back to the question of compromise, NO!! The evil-doers in Washington will just come back wanting more, six months down the road. Remember, Mr. Obama just said he would like it if they’re wasn’t a debt ceiling at all, is that proof enough?

Bernard Hughes - December 13, 2012

Best idea I’ve heard is Sen Rand Paul’s. The President has the cards right now. Bring his plan to the floor and have Republicans vote present. Let the Democrats own it!

ann smilnak - December 13, 2012

I suggest that the republicans hold steady on their current proposal and bend but not break if there are no reduction in spending. Alot of members of my family and people that I talk do are saying the same thing. If you ask the common working man you will get alot of support. There are so many people that would wrather sit on their butts and collect goverment goodies it is getting rediculious. No wonder they were for Obama.

scott durham - December 13, 2012

Cut spending first then talk about tax cuts for the middle class lowest 3 brackets. Spending must be cut FIRST and any tax increase must be doubled by spending cuts equally by percent of the tax increase. ie: 3 percent increase in tax = 6 percent spending cut across the board excluding the military.. Sounds easy enough!

Sigrid Gordon - December 13, 2012

No compromise. We’ve tried this before. It’s the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. But the biggest reason is that if we do compromise it will completely obliterate ANY differences between the Dems & the GOP. What exactly do we stand for if not fiscal conservatism?? Where are our principles? Or do we even have any anymore???

One of “We the People” - December 13, 2012

Our elected officials (including the President) should stop acting like children and remember that they are responsible for spending OUR money – yes, that’s right, the money WE THE PEOPLE.give to them. Just as each citizen has to manage to a budget, they should do so as well. Stop spending !!! They should pass a budget that reduces spending (not just increases in spending) and extend the current tax rates so that we the people can manage our finances. Please, just grow up and get the job done.

Bill Kemper - December 13, 2012

No deals! Massive cuts first! Stop the extensions of unemployment, shrink food stamp rolls, stop the duplication of government services, repeal or defund Obamacare, end foreign aid to hostile governments & many more wasteful programs! Leave the military alone!

:Les Thompson - December 13, 2012

No deals. I wish just for once the Republicans would stand for something. They are creampuffs. It seems like there are no statesmen in our congress today. If we go over the cliff let it be on the Presidents shoulders.

Louise Strauss - December 14, 2012

The House should keep sending, to the Senate, numerous copies, everyday, of the bills they have passed to cut spending and balance the budget. Make sure it is well publicized. Then it’s in the Dems. hand and their responsibility. Let them and Obama answer to the people.

Michael Barbuck - December 15, 2012

Absolutely not. I do not trust congress. Look what The Speaker of The House did to fiscal conservatives.

Holly Chapo - December 15, 2012

NO DEAL!! Unfortunately, we have a feckless, cowardly
“leadership” who do not listen to the American people. Boehner and
his cronies are more concerned with their own preservation which,
for some twisted reason, he assumes will earn him some points or
whatever. He has no vision, no creativity, no backbone. If he makes
a deal with the devil, he will be harming the American people most
of all but also the party. Ultimately, in 2014, we could lose seats
and Boehner will be out of a job. Then what?

Ed - December 15, 2012

We go over the fiscal cliff or we don’t. Either way the
Rpublicans will look bad. Given that premise then we should not
give in to Obama, going over the cliff will give Obama exactly what
he wants, a tax increase on the wealthy (but will affect everybody)
He doesn’t have to do anything to get what he wants and it will be
ALL his way. The tax disaster that will befall all Americans in
2013 will hopefully wake up those enamored with Obama and will
bring them to reality, We cannot afford the Obama

Mary Jane Casablanca - December 17, 2012

No deal! Conservatives should not sacrifice principle for expediency, which is the trap the liberals alsways push them into. Let the Left own this mess. It will initially be painful, and Conservatives will be blamed, but we are always blamed, so it makes no difference. The merry-go-round has to stop, the sooner the better.

Carol V - December 17, 2012

So our “leaders” should ” prioritize a genuine solution…” and “…draw from history”. WHAT! Those same so called leaders haven’t been able to do any of this thus far. Why would anyone think they could at this fiscal cliff thing. Amazing, Sorry Ms Nelson but those in positions of power have no ability to think clearly, plan for the obvious future, solve simple problems, or lead for the betterment of all the American people. To blithely say they should be intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable, conservative, adult is just silly.

K.Hunter - December 18, 2012


No such compromise has ever reduced federal spending in real current terms. Taxes go up immediately while planned future spending increases are reduced by the current congress and increased by subsequent ones which then point to the opposition’s unwillingness to raise taxes as the cause of increasing deficits. The pattern is part and parcel of the two party system. Republican conservatives, what few there are, must stand firm and refuse to continue the folly if they hope to be re-elected and acheive some actual success in turning our nation toward fiscal responsibility.

The idea that Republicans ought to vote ‘present’ in order to allow passage of rate increases because they will then “own” the result is silly when we realize that the Republican’s 2012 presidential campaign was based on Obama “owning” the results of his first term a strategy that failed miserably. Conservatives must fight the growth of government at every opportunity, even when we are the recipients of it’s largess, if we are to spare the United States the ignominy of becoming just another failed liberal socialist democracy, throttled by unions and selfserving poltical parties.

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