All too many politicians are willing to use the power of big government to strengthen the position of corporate interests, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham explain in The Weekly Standard.

There’s a big difference between being pro-business in this sense and being pro-free enterprise. Free enterprise gets government out of the way and doesn’t reward the politically well-connected.

Conservatives, DeMint and Needham argue, should take a stand against cronyism and come down solidly on the side of free enterprise.

“Whether it’s ending Ex-Im, killing subsidies, or preventing further bailouts, conservatives have a sterling opportunity at this moment of uncertainty to reintroduce themselves to their countrymen as their legitimate advocates in Washington,” DeMint and Needham write. “They can hold the feet of faux-populist progressives to the fire, exposing them as the real shills for corporate interests.”

Read the whole piece here.

Do you think conservatives should favor big business or free enterprise?

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Bill Sandelin - June 20, 2014

Government must get out of the way and stand up for
Free Enterprise, this was the foundation of our Country
till lately. Were Big Brother ( GOVERNMENT) is taking

Zoli Althea Browne - June 20, 2014

The key word here is ” free”… enterprise requires the allowance of freedom of creative thought, freedom to pursue goals and the freedom to choose . We do need appropriate laws for a decent society, but these days we are overrun with nosy busybody politicians leaking their own personal boundaries into our homes and businesses.

Fred Wilson - June 20, 2014

Conservatives should favor and support free enterprise with one restriction. We can not have the law of the jungle where the large are free to devour the weak so we should support government ensuring that the playing field is level and everyone is following the same set of rules that do not favor any one or group of players.

Jim Wilson - June 20, 2014

I have been in business for myself most of my life. I feel that if we are to truly a free country, government should stay out of business. Most public officals have no idea what it takes to run a business. They creat laws and paperwork on business, depending on the size of business, this makes for most times pay for at least 1 more employee, this means more cost for the company, the product or service cost has to go up, in order to pay this new employee. They are producing nothing, just taking care of the government ru;es and paperwork. I could go on for hours, just one example.

Robert Fanning - June 20, 2014

Pro-Business policies other than tax exemption preference benefit both labor and business. Particular business preference policies must be examined with care as they may become political ploys to benefit a particular political party. Anyone who believes that political parties do not use ALL possible practices to maximize monetary donations has not examined political party actions.

Ellen Elmore - June 20, 2014

Conservatives should absolutely favor free enterprise rather than big business. Once the politician accepts money from big business to get elected they are forced to vote for policies that favor them rather than small businesses and free enterprise.

Bill Gross - June 20, 2014

Free enterprise only benefits consumers when there exists competition. When government rules/regs favor one supplier over another, you have effectively trumped free market mechanics with political favoritism. This is bad no matter who promotes it.

For far too long the FTC has sat on it’s hands, allowing one merger after another, most of which represented one competitor buying out another. Net result was higher prices and reduced services to consumers, along with creating “Too big to fail” corporations.

Leroy Hayden - June 20, 2014

I agree with Heritage on this issue. However, money talks loud in DC–and most places.

Jim Keller - June 20, 2014

Freedom in America was established by our founders expressed in the U.S Constitution. Yes we need to get rid of Obama and other Liberals getting back to our Constitution Government for all of us to enjoy America.

Don - June 21, 2014

Free enterprise of course. Otherwise business decisions and cusumer choice ultimately end up in the hands of a few unelected bureaucrats and competition is virtually eliminated. So much for quality, usefulness and efficiency. Politicians should not be allowed to delegate to bureaucrats the power to write regulations; regulations have the same effect as law, and that is the responsibility of our elected representatives.

Wayne Peterkin - June 21, 2014

Being “pro-business” does not necessarily mean being pro-crony capitalism or pro-big business handouts. I favor all businesses of every size, simply because they provide every single meaningful job in America. Toward that end, I do not favor giving taxpayer handouts to subsidize specific enterprises, but I do favor minimal taxation for all businesses in order to help them grow, prosper, and provide more and better jobs. That’s why I favor the Fair Tax. It would be the greatest economic stimulus in history while costing government nothing and saving businesses and taxpayers by fairly distributing taxes across the spectrum. A side benefit is the complete elimination of the IRS!

Holly Chapo - June 22, 2014

FREE ENTERPRISE – absolutely, unequivocally!!

LORRAINE - June 24, 2014

Government, at all levels, have been allowed to grow out of control for 30+ years and we are seeing the demise of the free market system. The main reason for it’s demise, is because the rest of the world cannot compete with it so the easy thing to do is destroy it by over taxing and regulating that pushes companies to consolidate making it easier for governments to control them. Under the guise of globalization, there is momentum to overtake free markets and collapsing these systems once and for all. Middle eastern countries, Jordan and Israel may see their markets collapse with the invasion of another system not compatible and what we have here at home is bad leadership that will diddle and not take responsibility when they fall. The challenge for our country is to elect those who want to keep the free enterprise system rather than collapsing it and folding us into the European system. There is nothing more rewarding than growing up and working the free market system so let’s try to keep it and fight for it.

Sharon Meredith - June 26, 2014

I would like to know exactly what the Heritage Foundation’s position is on what we have going on at our Southern border. Are they supporting closing our borders? Do they think we need more immigration, etc?

I would appreciate a full explanation of where their support lies.

Thanks for your quick response,

Sharon Meredith

Bruce Webb - June 30, 2014

Support free enterprise, not big business.

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