In the 24 hours after the death of Osama bin Laden, Heritage Foundation experts appeared on local and national media outlets over 70 times explaining what this event meant for America’s national security.

One of these interviews was recently published by one of the top-selling publications in the country: People Magazine.

They called, we answered. On page 80 of the May 23 edition of People magazine, smack in the middle of a two-page spread on “Bin Laden’s Last Days: Life with a Terrorist,” is this paragraph:

With the kids studying downstairs—a whiteboard and Arabic books indicate a first-floor classroom—Bin Laden, 54, would have turned to work. “From what we know, Osama was very active,” says James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation.

This isn’t the first time People has turned to Heritage for their coverage of more serious topics. In 2004, they called Heritage’s Peter Brookes for insight on the capture of Saddam Hussein.

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