With its nuclear weapons test this week, North Korea has shown once again that it rejects any form of international cooperation.

“North Korea has again defied the U.N. Security Council as well as recent efforts by China to prevent its troublesome neighbor from ratcheting up tension on the Korean Peninsula,” The Heritage Foundation’s Bruce Klingner explains.

How can the United States stop this continued belligerence? The solution starts with taking North Korea seriously, Klingner says:

Washington should insist that the next U.N. resolution include Chapter VII, Article 42 of the U.N Charter, which allows for enforcement by military means. This would enable naval ships to intercept and board North Korean ships suspected of transporting precluded nuclear, missile, and conventional arms, components, or technology.

The United States cannot act alone. We must get other nations to side with our efforts and point out that North Korea’s nuclear weapons threaten not just America but the world.

Do you think President Obama should push for this U.N. Charter or enforce harder sanctions? Tell us below in the comments.

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Patrick Lucovich - February 16, 2013

Military action with international naval action by searching North Korean vessels for arms and contraband outlined by international agreement can be a step to take. Financial action such as denying money to flow out of North Korea with tough reaction such.as denying them access to foreign banks could be another way also .

James Derba - February 21, 2013

As a 20 Year Heritage member who recently read in a Heritage release, “Isreal America’s strongest allay.”
Explain how this alliance benifited the U.S.

James M Carroll - December 20, 2014

Stop ridiculing foreign nations/leaders! Capitalism at it’s worst.

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