Congress should not raise the minimum wage, Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore argued yesterday in a debate with liberal activist Ralph Nader on CNN’s Crossfire.

Most workers earning minimum wage get a raise within six month, Moore reminded Nader. And he pointed out that most minimum wage earners are teens or young adults.

Read Heritage’s fact sheet on the minimum wage.

Watch the video above and tell us in the comments: should we raise the minimum wage?

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Fred Bergamo - February 27, 2014

Your observations and ideas are so encouraging to us who are in the fold, so to say, but who hears it “out there”. The guy on the street has no idea about this all because no outlet he pays attention to informs him. We in the “choir” know all this already. Where in the media do we ever read about what Heritage has to say…except among the folks at Fox….which the entitlement crowd has been told is out to get them and keep them poor. Your in-house info is enlightening, but it would be nice to see it on some highway billboard so the drive-by Joe would have his curiosity jarred. He has no idea what this administration is leading him into. FB

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