The African-American family is breaking down. According to The Heritage Foundation’s, less than 40 percent of African-American children in the United States live in a two-parent household.

Worse, nihilism is setting in. When the predominant voices in culture denigrate and reject those building blocks of civil society, individuals can be left with little guidance or expectation for the future.

Speaking last week at Heritage, Carl Ellis argued that family breakdown, a decrease in the church’s influence, and historical migration trends among the black community has led to a crisis of identity and direction in that community.

Even though many African-Americans value the promises of family, personal achievement and self-reliance, argues Ellis, a professor of practical theology at Redeemer Seminary, hopeless nihilism dominates much of today’s black culture.

Ellis’ solution? Rejecting this discordant strain and restoring confidence in African-American mainstream values.

Watch his remarks after the jump.

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cliff williams - March 29, 2011

I watched and enjoyed this entire lecture. Carl Ellis has the makings of a very connective and likeable speaker, (even though he was somewhat gimped with a sinus problem). His insight and descriptive metaphors, along with a well balanced dose of charts-n-graphs, hit the proverbial target of the problem(s) facing the African or (Black) American family and overall culture as well. I learned many new terms and takes that clearly do apply to these troubling issues and many productive ideas that should be considered by parents, educators, policy developers, and the like.

He did fall a bit short by not more clearly covering the dependency state that Big Government has inflicted on the American Black family. From the mega programs of the likes of The New Deal, The War on Poverty, The Great Society, Food Stamps, Welfare, and so on. More of this may be upcoming in the book he is in the process of writing. Please keep us updated !?!!!

Thank you sooo much Heritage for this and ALL the great productive work you provide our nation and its citizens that are VERY CONCERNED with the state of our nation and what can be done to IMPROVE upon it !!

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