The Heritage Foundation’s Chris Jacobs took to the streets of New York—near our new Times Square billboard—to hear what Americans really think about Obamacare.

Their answers might surprise you. Watch the video below:

How do you think Obamacare will affect you?

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jerri - September 18, 2013

thank you for hitting the streets, we do have americans that are waking up to the truth! oh i might still have faith in my peers. a tiny bit more…now vote with a brain…..take a economics class for just plain fun.

James Pogue - September 18, 2013

The uninformed electorate has been and will continue to be the largest contributor to the demise of the American economy and the proliferation of the left extremists Progressive/Communist agenda.

karen - September 18, 2013

We are members of Samaritan Ministries, a health sharing ministry. For now, we are immune to the affects of Obamacare. God willing the politicians won’t get a hold on our ministry or others like it and realize we need to be taxed, too. As a member of the ministry we share the medical financial burden of other members on a monthly basis. It is not insurance, each month we send our monthly share ($355 for a family) directly to the assigned member to help them reduce their medical expenses. Sharing one another’s burdens. It’s biblical and it works!

Fred - September 18, 2013

I think it’s GREAT Heritage put that billboard up, ‘in conjunction’ with having him out there asking questions so people, more people really take a minute to look further into it.
GREAT JOB Heritage!!!

Geo Meredith - September 18, 2013

Defund 0bamaCare.
Starve the Beast.
Kill it.s

CJ Vernon - September 18, 2013

Right now it is helping me loose weight–sweating bullets that my employer doesn’t drop our coverage.

Donna Huycke - September 18, 2013

Love the billboard in Time’s Square. Pray to God we’re making some headway in defunding this monstrosity.
Thank you.

Elizabeth Clark - September 18, 2013

Hopefully NY is waking up

Suzanne - September 18, 2013

Our health insurance premiums have gone up 16% and we are getting less coverage.

Bruce J. Kolinski, P.E. - September 18, 2013

I’m surprised so many folks interviewed knew anything about Obamacare at all. Unfortunately, we’re going to get Obamacare; it will fail as it is designed to and in doing so will destroy the health insurance industry; finally leading to the single-payer government rationing the Globalist have wanted all along. The people foisting this on American citizens (Congress) should be forced to use this horrible system and they should be persecuted for failing to honor their Constitutional oath of office.
Bruce K.

Hubert Poetschke - September 18, 2013

Obamacare is a disastrous Law, which will ruin our economy and raise unemployment. It is a Socialistic Law and have nothing to do with healthcare but everything to do with controlling the lives of the American people. And, through the “death panels” eliminate as fast as possible people over age of 65 by curtailing their health benefits – a form of euthanasia.

Dan Pyles - September 18, 2013

Obamacare is and will continue to be a disaster. If it is not defunded right now, it will be harder to undo, just like Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid. The sad part is that so many politicians just how disastrous it is. They are just concerned about getting total control of our lives than they are about improving healthcare. It is planned failure on their part.

Connie - September 18, 2013

Obamacare is already greatly affecting hiring and the economy. Health care is not something the constitution allows the congress/federal government to do. To get health care, you should have some skin in the game. If you have an unhealthy life style, you should pay more.

Henry C. Reinhard, Jr. - September 18, 2013

No reason to involve the IRS in my health care delivery and financing. Obamacare is the greatest risk to the elderly since I was born 76 years ago!

Kay - September 18, 2013

Obummers intent is to destroy America and it is succeeding. IMPEACH THE SCUM!

JohnB - September 18, 2013

I love it ! Taking the fight to the people !
If we only knew how to get these people to become activists against Obamacare, we would really make some progress. I think many people feel helpless against what is going on because they don’t know how to react. The first step is to throw the bums out (the establishment Republicans and Democrats), and to vote in leaders who will contract NOT to torment the American people with schemes and manipulation. Leave us alone !

Deb Hall - September 18, 2013

Great job, Heritage Foundation! Thank you.

Susan McCullough - September 18, 2013

The video of New Yorkers re Obamacare kept kicking out after about 5 seconds. I tried it twice.

Author Katie Nielsen - September 19, 2013

Dear Ms. McCullough,

It may be easier to watch it from YouTube. Click here:

Thanks for letting me know!

Katie Nielsen

John - September 18, 2013

Our premiums have gone up. We have friends who have had their work hours restricted to under 30 hours per week. They are looking for a second job to cover the loss of hours and their insurance premium increase. I don’t believe Obamacare will last. My concern is how messed up things are going to get and how will people be able to get back to private health insurance if they are forced off of it and have a preexisting condition that was previously covered but isn’t when attempting to return.

Ricardo Pijuan - September 18, 2013

I want Obamacare repealed or defunded. It was sneakily passed behind closed doors by democrats who now complain about it!!!

Mark Sheahan - September 18, 2013

Every school district in IL is thinking about using substitute teachers only 3 days a week. They will not use them all five, or they have to give them insurance. Crazy! So, if a teacher is pregnant and requires a substitute teacher, they will have Mrs. A 3 days a week, and Mr. B two days a week? Hey Liberals–is that good for kids?

Mark Sheahan - September 18, 2013

If anyone thought that you could add 30 million people to the health insurance rolls, not increase the number of doctors, nurses, or hospitals, and decrease pricing, he/she should enroll in an economics class. Let’s put it this way: your town haa a huge blizzard. You have the three remaining shovels. The stores are sold out. Do you lower the price of your shovels? Now, you say as a kind Liberal you would pass up a profit (chuckle–this is your money, not someone else’s): who gets the shovels? I imagine the Shovel panel will decide. Will you decide on how he/she votes? How will you decide?

Russ - September 19, 2013

Yes, our premiums have gone WAY up!!!

mark s. - September 19, 2013

i work for a major retailer and i am only allowed to work 29 hrs. a week. i dont need obamacare. i am lucky to be on my wifes insurance.these socialists in washington must be stopped. what has happened to our country? i am greatly disturbed. the people in this country think everything is for free. why cant everyone just mind their own business.

Tom Scheidler - September 19, 2013

I just recently purchased the “Obama Care Survival Guide”, but only took a brief look at it. I took a 5 week leave of absence from work so my wife and I could visit my youngest daughter, her husband, and first-born in Sydney Australia. We arrived just eight hours after Reid Thomas was born. Being our first and last trip to Australia (they are preparing to move to the USA within a year), I have not taken the time to delve into the book in any detail, as we just arrived home a couple hours ago. And, although age 73, I’m still working as an engineer, and face the challenge of tackling the backlog that has built up over my five weeks LOA – both at work and in personal life. So, I will have limited time to further digest the “book”, much less effectively fight for defunding the ACA.

I have seen a few “snip-its” and the like, here and there, which mentioned some of the pitfalls in the ACA, but have not seen any relatively comprehensive summary (e.g., in “bullet” form) of briefly stated sentences/phrases (in general, say one liners, but two lines at most) which might be used by us who are trying to convince others to further investigate the truths of the ACA. I would imagine for the major points there would be at least thirty of them, with several that need a “few” sub-points which are as important as some of the major bullet points.
Do you already have something close to this, or if not, can you generate such a list on a timely basis so we can fight more effectively? I know your organization is extremely busy now, but with the information in the form as I have requested, you can put an army together to wage the fight more effectively.

Thanks for all you do. Please respond to my request at your earliest convenience, at least giving an answer as to whether you can fulfill my request.

May God continue to bless your work.

Tom Scheidler

Author Katie Nielsen - September 19, 2013

Mr. Scheidler,

Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild! And thank you for contacting The Heritage Foundation.

For information on defunding Obamacare, click here for our bulleted fact sheet.

For a bulleted list of how Obamacare is unconstitutional, click here

And here is a new blog post about Obamacare’s coverage short-falls.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you,

Katie Nielsen

Thomas Matteo - September 19, 2013

(p)resident Obama has started his march to bring down the U.S.A., and Obamacare is one of the points to accomplish his goal. How stupid not to fix what was wrong with the health care system by dealing with law suits and the “30 million” not covered… Oh right there lawyers.

Jim - September 19, 2013

Where were all these people in 2012 when Obama was running for reelection?

Jason Gillman - September 19, 2013

My wife’s and my business has already seen a 70% increase in premiums since its signing. We are being encouraged to NOW re-enroll 6 months early at another 5% increase to avoid an additional 20% next May.

Now we are also paying for women’s reproductive services that none of our workers need, yet are mandated. Some “Keeping the policy we had”.

Frank Velzen - September 19, 2013


Lloyd Scallan - September 19, 2013

Instead of wasting our time, show this video to the gutless Republicans in Congress. They will still do nothing but at lease it better than preaching to those of us that know the true Obama and want to stop him.

Adam Beres - September 19, 2013

I work for a neuro-genetics lab and in the last year we have seen entire states decide they will not cover genetic testing for kids with epilepsy, mitochondrial disorders, and other problems because of the added costs of the “Affordable Healthcare Act”. Costs have risen for families and, sadly, we have had to discontinue testing for a sick child because of families inability to pay for the testing themselves due to a lack of coverage under the new changes in Obamacare. This will only continue to get worse as the laws come into full effect.

Vince - September 19, 2013

Universal health care “OBAMACARE”: The health care bill has very little to do with health care. It has everything to do with unionizing millions of hospital and health care workers, as well as adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will join government employee unions). Obama does not care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans will add trillions to the national debt. What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of those 30 million voters to Democrats and big government. Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill in the middle of a depression?
Obama is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos — thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within.

Angel Barron - September 19, 2013

This is what ObamaCare is really about: (a) it unleashes hundreds of taxpayer funded political operatives called “navigators,” who are really acting as “community organizers” to enroll anybody, regardless of income, into ObamaCare and (b) these “navigators” collect enough personal data to steal your identify and then feed that data to the IRS to monitor your political activities so as to ascertain that if you are old AND conservative–you go to the front of the “death panels.”
Sounds conspiratorial and Orwellian? Really? No, not really.

DAY - September 19, 2013

Are they waking up in New York??? bet they will still vote democrat….

Jeanene - September 19, 2013

Obamacare has already negatively affected us. We contacted 5 doctors to find a primary care doctor and none were taking new Medicare patients. They have a quota that they have in order to stay profitable and will open up once they fall below their quota of Medicare patients. We also called 3 surgeons for a hernia surgery and they were not taking new Medicare patients. Obamacare has and will continue to negatively affect us. The Tampa Tribune printed my frustrated letter. What else can I do?????

Barbara B Baxter - September 19, 2013

Please keep informing everyone about the truth.

Dan - September 19, 2013

POTUS said it best when he recently said (and I paraphrase), “(Obamacare) isn’t about me. I already have great health insurance.”

I wonder what would happen if the law required the three branches of government to participate in the same program they’re shoving down on us. Instead, Obama and congress keep giving themselves exemptions. I would love to have the same health care program that the POTUS likes to flaunt!

J.C. Benson - September 19, 2013

My employer provided insurance for my family has already gone up as well. It went up 11% last year with a 100% increase in our prescription drug plan. I have seen a $400 per year increase along with the payroll tax increase hike. My family will have lost about $2300 income in 2013. I am trying to keep the wife home with my small child and living in California, its a great challenge. Obamacare will be a disaster in the end.

LittleMoose - September 19, 2013

You should change your billboard to read, “ObamaCare may be hazardous to you health and pocket book”. It seems that more people are concerned with the cost.

Jean Smusz - September 19, 2013

I agree totally with the comment of James Pogue of 9/18/13. The uninformed electorate and the deliberate poor showing of the Republican candidate in the past election have contributed to what we have to deal with now. Poor Samaritan Ministries – they will find themselves being taxed for their good works. The rich get richer and to hell with the rest of us — and we have just let it happen. What Heritage has done is to attempt to educate and make US aware!!

Lawrence S. Lasecki - September 19, 2013

EXCELLENT! Thank You. Let us hope the congress gets rid of it very soon.

Willard Ferch - September 23, 2013

Ocare will affect me not at all, other than what it will do to the nation. It is one more step toward socialism, albeit a giant step; just another step leading to the demise of the American Dream: Freedom & Liberty. Fiddlin

K. Hunter - September 24, 2013

Nice try Heritage but voters will always cast more votes for Santa than for reality.

Nath - September 26, 2013

Awareness is a good thing. Unfortunately finding the hole in the boat doesn’t stop it from sinking. Perhaps if folks use their voices and their leverage (votes) there is hope.

Bruce Hardenberg - October 3, 2013

Good effort. It definately will be hazardous to our health and the nations economy.

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