Heritage Foundation President-Elect Jim DeMint appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday to discuss President Obama’s liberal vision for America and how conservatives must counter his radical agenda.

As he did during a Saturday speech to the National Review Institute, DeMint called on conservatives to do a better job of explaining how their ideas solve problems and lead to more prosperity.

“One of the reasons I left Congress is that I don’t believe the politicians are going to solve our problems unless the American people force them to,” DeMint told host David Gregory.

The roundtable discussion included NAACP president and CEO Ben Jealous, The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell and NBC News’ Ted Koppel. The video runs about 13 minutes.

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Robert Theobald - January 30, 2013

Jim DeMint is going to make an outstanding head of the Heritage Foundation. He twice refused to answer David Gregory’s narrow, got-ya questions and instead addressed the topics in a much broader, more reasoned fashion. It’s gonna be good! Congratulations!

William Coates - January 30, 2013

Please forward to Jim DeMint. I saw his appearance on Real News on Tuesday 1/29. There is a blog which seems to fit in with his advocacy of state action. Its postings contain an agenda which you might want to pass along to Heritage members. It seems consistent with the ideas and actions which were in the Heritage ad that I heard on Rush Limbaugh.

Check out the blog at http://renew1787.tumblr.com/ — see what you think of the ideas there. The GOP is dead, Washington is broken, and the states must fix it. The Constitution was designed to contain the federal beast that it created. The beast has broken the fence and now tramples the countryside and threatens the citizens, and the states must drive it back and restore the fence. Not by another gathering of politicians to make up more rules, but by states refusing to allow the brainless insanity of Washington to be enforced.

bobmac - January 30, 2013

Jim walked into a situation where it was five against one and didn’t allow them to frame the debate.Nicely done.

Melissa Shaw - January 30, 2013

I hope Jim DeMint continues the fine work the Heritage folks do. You cannot legislate integrity. It comes from the values of your people.

Talmadge Steele - January 30, 2013

While Jim De Mint tried to get his point across, it is very difficult to be heard when you are ensconced among a gang of four ultra liberals, moderated by one of the most leftist opinion show hosts in the country. Gregory would have you believe he is striving for a balanced take on the issues of the day, but what he really presents is a slanted view point driven by his choice of leftist friendly questions and statements. All this while sitting with a holier than thou, snide, smug look on his face. I can no longer watch Meet the Press, for I was used to a fair program, run by the most balanced liberal of my time Tim Russert. That is not the case today and we are intellectually poorer for it.

Ruthie - January 30, 2013

I do not believe Obama has any intention of compromise. He desires to so totally overwhelm our country with debt that we will become Spain or Greece. Entitlements need to be reformed but the left is so against it that I don’t see how it will ever be done. Reform is a total anathema. Its like reform will be worse than what exists now. And that is what the left sells to the public. Jim DeMint makes some very excellent points. I just hope it didn’t fall on deaf ears.

Rene Janakova - January 31, 2013

Jim DeMint: You not only held your ground in a 4 on 1 debate, you also managed to win the argument. You did not let the Chicago/Detroit comparison get swept under the rug despite the shaking heads and the inability of the liberals at the table to counter your argument. You repeated what had been said about blacks and minorities being worse off than they were when Obama took office and it boomeranged back on the left. Congratulations and please keep it up — continue to speak for the People and challenge the Left on the public stage. We need a lot more of this to cut through the ideological garbage the media disseminates in shotgun fashion around the country.

Rene Janakova - January 31, 2013

What if Heritage researched and distributed an easy-to-consume report that looks at the failing cities (Chicago, Detroit, LA) and the booming cities (starting with Washington D.C.!) in the U.S. and the reasons behind their demise or success. But rather than just distributing data and summary analysis, hire a photographer (a well known one if you can afford it) to take photos in these cities of the empty stores, the homeless, the schools… juxtaposed with the Washington elite wining and dining in D.C, the mansions, the fancy cars… The title could be “Let them eat cake.” A picture tells a thousand words.

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