A new Heritage Foundation video calls attention to the billions of dollars in earmarks and special-interest giveaways in the costly Hurricane Sandy aid legislation.

“The Senate’s version of the bill,” Heritage’s Ericka Andersen reports, “included notorious pork projects such as $100 million for Head Start, $150 million for fisheries in Alaska, $2 million to fix a Smithsonian roof, and $28 billion for future disaster-mitigation projects, among other things.”

Fortunately, conservatives in the House of Representatives have cut the bill down from $60 billion to $17 billion that includes only relief money. And they are proposing to cut $17 billion in other spending to pay for this emergency relief. If this proposal is enacted, Heritage budget expert Patrick Knudsen writes, it would, “refreshingly enough, prevent the legislation from increasing net spending, despite its ‘disaster’ and ’emergency’ labels.”

Should Congress pass a relief bill without earmarks?

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Lyle Hensley - January 16, 2013

The relief bill should not have earmarks, such as the notorious pork listed above.

John R. Ashburn, Jr. - January 19, 2013

For an earmark request to be included as a rider to any bill rather than being considered as a separate bill on its merits, a sum of equal value should be reduced from other appropriations due to the recipient State.

Lawrette McCann - January 21, 2013

Why is there no uproar about the illegalities in the last election? Vote fraud, voter id (Obama won every precinct where voter ID was not required and Romney won the ones where it was required).

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