The Supreme Court this week handed down decisions on two important cases relating to the definition of marriage.

The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson’s provides conservative analysis of the decisions on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Alice - June 28, 2013

I feel as if my vote does not count for anything at all and if it can be overthrown as it was, what is the use of voting

Craig Gunderson - June 28, 2013

Great assessment and encouragement as well. Well said!

Virginia McCarthy - June 28, 2013

I am deeply troubled and saddened that the Supreme Court of the land is joining the ranks of the “liberals” by no longer respecting the Christian-Judeo principals layed out in the Bible. Our country is in deep trouble and I fear there is no turning back from the evilness of obama’s tenure in the White House. God bless America.

Macdonald Cory - June 28, 2013

Big whoop! Californians voted for traditional marriage. Now our spoil brat governor is going to start gay marriages again because he wants it; it doesn’t matter what the majority wants. He wants it because he is wiser than God and nature. As an adult, he could have sucked it up and did his duty as governor and former attorney general and made a good effort to defend the law. But, no he and the liberals of California are above the law; any law that they don’t like doesn’t have to be enforced or defended. Jerry Brown has no honor. And, democracy is dead in California. The whims of the minority win over the majority.

steve - June 28, 2013

I am sick and tired of my vote being denied by the 9th circuit court in my home state of ca. They are supposed to judge according to the majority of the will of the people. I am talking about prop 8. “DOMA”. Who are they in their black robes of superiority to dictate over the majority that they know better than us! The agenda driven leftist in power must be stopped for the future of our country. As the saying goes….the way Calif. goes so goes the country. I know you know the words better than I. Winston Churchill said..” Never ever, ever, ever, ever give up”. Because that is what the far left wants us to do. Because it seems they are winning over every aspect of decency, and morals and principles that has made our country great!! When is enough for the sake of God enough??! You Californians keep on voting in every election possible for what you know is right in the sight of God or just what you know is right as written in the constitution as one may not be discerned from the other in what you may believe. Righteousness as God sees marriage between man and a women or what the founding fathers believed in our constitution as what is moralistic for a God fearing people. Any way you look at it you cannot have a country without God as it’s foundation for survival . Really we must choose between an anti God leftist or a conservative pro constitutionalist that has respect for the founding fathers and their belief that God has America in the palm in his hand and will bless US as we will bless Him without Him we will have no country. Our country is in His Hands…Vote accordingly as our children and children’s children need us to “Never ever, ever ,ever, give up .

GM Hixson - June 28, 2013

Thanks—keep up the good work

Louis Rostand - June 28, 2013

Ryan Anderson’s words are great for conveying to others a short but essential description of what happened. Please provide the text so I can share with others.

Dewayne Cargill - June 28, 2013

We the people of California spoke and we said that marriage is between one man and one women period. Neither the State courts nor the Federal courts can overturn what the people established, who are sovereign in our form of governance. We the people established the courts, and therefore the court cannot overturn what the people established in referenda? The court therefore is acting without authority.

Robert James Burkholder - June 29, 2013

When the State(the supreme Court majorities included)makes law contrary to the laws dictated by God,Himself its laws are invalid.And the lover of law/the Christian is duty bound to obey God rather than man(Acts5:29)Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman in the Holy Estate of Matrimony.anything else harms children and society and is NOT “marriage” The demigods on the US supreme Court have NO power beyond despotic intimidation to change the definition of “marriage” No Right to ignore the “right of conscience.”
“If they mean to have a war–let it begin here.” I recall from American History.Lest we forget that sermon <as well, preached in 1776 by Samuel West" On the Right to Rebel" I will honor it.

Bill Blaauboer - June 29, 2013

The progressive liberals have taken complete control of this country. All conservatives who want to remain conservative and keep the freedoms that God and our founders gave us should find another country to live in.

Sodom and Gomorrah is just around the corner.

Gerhard H. Priese - June 29, 2013

Yes, marriage should be between a man and a women!—one nation under GOD—you guys at the heritage foundation are doing a great job! G.H.P.

BACCEGA - June 29, 2013


BillK - June 29, 2013

What was said was correct about this ruling, but by nullifying the will of the people on Prop 8 means we are now ruled by a group of 9 elite people who decide what is right for the people. This is very scary!!!

Al Eads - June 29, 2013

The response is on target. However, the Liberal Press and the foes of Christianity are not and will not give up their unending fight against Biblical principles. If we do not soon take back America, we will not be able to recognize the land in which we live.

bill Lutes - June 29, 2013

The Republican dominated House of Representatives
has to stop funding the President’s whims, including
his obamacare fiasco and all of the extra thousands of IRS moneyblood leeches needed to bankrupt the
hardworking citizenry of this great country!

Nancy Farolina - June 29, 2013

Thank you! No Comment right now.

gordon thorn - June 29, 2013

thanks for clearing this matter up for me so i can counter misinformation from others.

Lynn Cardi - June 29, 2013

I do not agree with the Heritage Foundation or any religious right group saying Marriage has to be between a Man and a Women. Marriage is about fidelity and family. It is the heterosexuals that have made a fraud of marriage.

As I understand separation of Church and State, you cannot base laws against others because of your religious views. I think we should make it harder for two people to get married and harder to divorce.

We have no values any more in our society and I would look to the women of this country who have destroyed the threads of common decency. Women really need a wake up call in this country. I would say Hugh Hefner won and Gloria Steinhem lost.

Diane Blakeway - June 29, 2013

My speakers are at full volume, but I can’t hear the video. I’ll try Youtube.

Alicia Boland - June 29, 2013

A good clarification…..

Janice Starkey - June 29, 2013

As our nation becomes more corrupt and the people keep electing more agnostic and atheist leaders God’s definition of marriage and the life of the unborn will continue to be distorted. But even if we become the minority, we must be true to God’s plan for not only the mortal but also the eternal happiness of all his children. Most of those who are angry and confused are those who have been hurt or even molested as children and we must represent God as he is the One who loves us all with the most perfect love we must support traditional marriage and be sure that others who are misguided or corrupt do not change the laws we have.

Michelle Auger - June 29, 2013

The video on unpack the SCOTUS’ decision woud not open on my iPad.

Sr. Jane M. Abeln smic - June 30, 2013

Clear & excellent explanation of the two court cases, of what the Supreme Court did, what was right and wrong, and what we can do. Blessings.

Richard Hoeth - June 30, 2013

As of these decisions, along with their pathetic ruling on Obamacare, the Supreme Court has demonstrated that they are no longer a separate branch of government and the counter balance between the executive and legislative branches. Instead they have become political in their orientation, which means the American public can no longer depend upon SCOTUS to render balanced and logical interpretations of the law, OR to follow the Constitution and protect the interests of the majority. This is yet another indicator of the moral and ethical decline of our government, which today seems more interested in representing either special interest groups or protecting their own long-term positions vs. truly representing the constituents who elected them!

Richard E. Hartle - June 30, 2013

Again, the Supreme Court is manufacturing concepts that are not in the constitution, and using a portion of the constitution tangentually to support them.

Joseph A. Scaturro - June 30, 2013

Marriage is between a Man and a Woman, Male and Female and not between a wanna be Female Husband and a wanna be Male Wife.

Garry price - July 8, 2013

If our leader do not turn this government around our children will never know what we use to have. Our freedom of speech is being put under the microscope
And our right to bare arms plus our freedom of religion.
This President needs to be impeached or I fear that this
Nation is gone to hell in a hand basket. If we do not turn
Back to the bible basics which we were founded on our
Independence was founded on it’s principals.

M. F. Serrano - July 12, 2013

Thanks for the assessment. I fear that the Supreme Court’s decision will empower more governors and attorney generals to refuse to defend the will of the majority of the people in their state regarding traditional marriage.

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