Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner joined his successor, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), for several television appearances yesterday, including on Fox News and CNN. DeMint takes over from Feulner in April.

Watch a video compilation of Thursday’s media appearances:

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Bruce - December 7, 2012

I think that Mr DeMint was more valuable to our
Conservative cause as a Senator! His resignation further weakens
our cause and will facilitate Obama’s Socialist agenda.

jimmy thomas - December 7, 2012

Heritage has done a good job of idea creation but has been
absent in finding ways to communicate those ideas effectively. That
should Job 1 going forward.

Rafael Fabre - December 7, 2012

God Bless you Jim! It’s a wonder and a testament that
you’ve been able to maintain and fight for our core conservative
principals in that cesspool of power hungry piranhas in D.C. I love
you brother! You’ve been paroled and let out of the swamp for
exceptionally good behavior. Thanks for fighting the good fight!
Rafael Fabre Cuban Immigrant, Staunch Conservative &
American Patriot.

Patti Robertson - December 7, 2012

Jim DeMint is a truly great American! I am very sorry to
see him leave the U.S. Senate because there are so few like him
that will fight for true consevative ideals in the Senate. However,
if he thinks he can be more of an influence through the Heritage
Foundation then I say Hallelujah! I pray we can get through to the
American people that the conservative way is the only way to get
this country moving again and back to a flourishing economy with
international respect. Thank you, Jim DeMint .

Paul Irish - December 7, 2012

Welcome, Jim DeMint to the Heritage Foundation. I think you
made a very wise decision and as a member I am glad to see you
onboard. Hor-rah!

Emily Trotter - December 8, 2012

If Sen. DeMint feels he can be more useful to the
Conservative Movement by joining the Heritage Foundation, I am
happy that he is doing so. However, we so need him in the Senate.
Too bad, we do not have 100 Jim DeMints. I am a member of the
Heritage Foundation and look forward to following him. I just hope
Gov. Haley will make a very wise decision in choosing a senator to
fill Sen. DeMint’s place in the Senate.

John Hadley - December 8, 2012

Jim DeMint’s taking the reigns at the Heritage Foundation
has generated a lot of publicity. People who had never heard of
Heritage now know about it. Next, the marketing plan must be

john haugh - December 8, 2012

Its very exciting to have Jim as the new president…its
really time to get the message out to the schools and other young
peaple…time to stop the liberal endoctrination of the youth and
get conservative values out…I hope we start now with the
education of our youth so we will be ready with a more conservative
base in the next election.. Its our only way to save the country
from this crazy liberal govt.

Gary Callaghan - December 8, 2012

GREAT NEWS!!!! Sen, Demint is a great american patriot. We
need to grow millions of conservatives. I am totally fed up with
the Republicans. Too many RINO’s is washington. We need not only
defeat dems but also establishment republicans. Those bad-mouthing
real conservatives and relegating them as second class legislators
in the Congress. I am fed up with the Boehners. mccains and
mcconnells. We can do much better and need to real fast. I hope to
see a 3rd party soon. A constitutional conservative party made up
of evangelicals, libertarians and tea partiers. i believe the
co-alition would be broad enough to win major elections from the
liberal dems and republicans. I see clearly at least 40-45% of the
poulace voting for such a party. I hope mr. demint and heritage see
the same. If we do not start now. then when?

Gary Callaghan - December 8, 2012

I believe socialism is only for the people and not the
socialists. I am optimistic that the masses will rise up and demand
personal liberty over tyrany. Obama is winning battles but he will
not win the war. I believe as true patriots we can not give up our
freedom or that of our children and grandchildren. This is why we
need to start today for a better tomorrow. We need a third party.
The dems and repubs both are destroying this country. There is very
little conservatism in washington and it will not change unless we
change it. I want to see a constitutional/conservative party, which
stands for our principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. A party which stands by the judeo/christian principles
on which we were founded. stands for traditional marriage with a
clear conscience. The time it takes to return to our roots is not
as important as getting started. I love this country and I cry out
for our brothers and sisters to wake up!

George Perkins - December 9, 2012

George – Dec. 9, 2012

This is indeed great news for the American people, Sen Demint, conservatives in particular, I greatly respect both heritage and Jim Demint. In my opinion he is one of the truly GOOD men in Washington. In regard to Bruce’s comment about his value in the Senate, all the Repub. establishment ever did was kick him around anyway. He will recruit more conservatives in his new job.

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