Conservatives must offer clear alternatives to liberal solutions if we are to succeed, conservative commentator and political strategist Karl Rove said last week at a Heritage Foundation event in Palm Beach, Florida.

“We need to be bold and not timid as we face these battles,” he told the crowd of Heritage members. “The challenges we face as a country are too big and too important to just nibble around the edges.”

Watch the video:

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Leon Lundquist - December 24, 2011

Karl Rove gave a wonderful speech, thanks HF for this and other content. What would we do without Heritage Foundation? On the subject of being bold, Conservatism has become “extreme” and the Far Right has become invisible. Amazing that the Constitution has been considered Right Wing! Just amazing! It is as if the general public doesn’t understand what the word ‘constitution’ means! It can’t be extreme! And Conservatives have become “extreme” even too extreme to be elected! Now! Away out here on the Far Right, I want RICO Prosecutions for the Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy! The Rule Of Law would call for that, the Prosecution for Treason, Racketeering, Refraining Prosecution, Conspiracy. I want to see 10,000 Democrat DINOs (who are actually Socialist Infiltrators) prosecuted . I’d like to see 1,000 Democrats go to prison for their Anti American activities (the Kloward Piven crew of gangsters). I’d like to see six or seven Democrats hanged (after Treason trials). If we actually had the Rule of Law that is what would happen.

My point is the Far Right has become unthinkable, unmentionable and invisible, but that is why the Democrats have succeeded in smearing Conservatives as ‘extreme.’ Is there a strategy among Republicans to reclaim the Center? I would be happy to speak for the Far Right, say really hot and saucy things so the Middle is visible!

I recall that Newt was the first Conservative destroyed by false prosecution by the Democratic Lie Machine. That is the main reason I trust the man. If I am any indication, the Far Right will vote for any Republican over Obama. I would even vote for Ron Paul. But if Donald Trump runs a third party candidacy I would never vote for him (ever.) This election is too serious. Obama actually wants to destroy our nation. He is the Domestic Enemy, not the loyal opposition. Think, it would be unlawful for any American to fundamentally transform America, and criminal to try.

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