Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), who was named today as The Heritage Foundation’s next president, spoke in October about Heritage’s importance to America and to him personally.

DeMint will assume Heritage’s presidency in April.

During his first campaign for Congress in 1998, he “ran on a platform I developed reading Heritage papers,” he said at Heritage’s President’s Club meeting in Washington.

Once he arrived in Washington, he explained, Heritage gave him and other lawmakers ammunition to advance conservative ideas on issues like health care and entitlement reform.

Going forward, DeMint said, Heritage has a role in promoting conservative ideas not only at the federal level but at the state level as well.

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Richard Ahern - December 6, 2012

Jim Demint
I believe Goverment has a role to play-Limited

Quote:John Marshall-Power to tax is the power to destroy. We must return to our Constitutional principles, and the rule of law

Since when did government create wealth-
By the way Heritage Foundation is on our Website, and other organizations with same ideas

California has become the nanny state, and is out of control in the area of spending. Meny companies are living California and meny more to follow

Charles Clemens - December 7, 2012

Right On!!

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