Juan Guaidó, the country’s rightful leader, was informed on Tuesday, April 30 that he would be arrested on Wednesday, May 1 by the regime of socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro. He called for demonstrations of protest, dubbed Operación Libertad, which initiated a series of uprising that was brutally suppressed by the Maduro government.

Guaidó and the protestors received words of support from President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Advisor John Bolton, who have long supported Guaidó and opposed the Maduro regime. A coalition of partner nations, including Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and more than 50 other countries, also support Guaidó. However, Maduro has yet to be ousted from power.

Heritage in the News:

Ana Quintana, a Heritage senior policy analyst focused on Latin America, spoke to the BBC about Russia’s outsized role in Madura’s regime. Watch

Senior Fellow Mike Gonzalez: “The Venezuelan people are taking the right steps to liberate themselves.” Watch

E.W. Richardson Fellow James Carafano on Venezuela: “Putin sticking a thumb in the U.S.’ eye.” Watch

Read The Daily Signal’s coverage of the Trump administration’s plan for a post-Maduro Venezuela here.

How should U.S. leaders react to the situation in Venezuela if Maduro continues to cling to power?

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Bill Conley - May 3, 2019

Keep pushing to get Madura out by working with Putin to convince them not to give him aid. Reassure them Russian private owners will keep their businesses.

matthew groff - May 3, 2019


Skip Borgerson - May 3, 2019

If Maturo arrests or kills the newly elected leader of the country, the US should respond with military force and him.

Kathleen Parr - May 3, 2019

My Heart goes out to the People of Venezuela and all the Children that are starving…at one time it was a strong country, the Hungarians would take a ship or fly to Venezuela and then go to Mexico and find their way to America…but…when you get Dreadful Leadership that is what happens …the people should have never given up their Guns…Maduro is a Weak Leader…I Rebuked him and left a Hail Mary Comment…I left a Hail Mary Mother of God the Lord is with thee for several reasons…I knew the People Would Understand and I hoped someone would read my comment and they did…I knew instantly My Prayer was heard…That’s what Cuba needs…Hail Mary over the Loud Speaker…the people of Venezuela love their country and culture…I wish the Cyclone would lift up the Military and Madura and take them sailing… My thought is the Children getting raped from scum…clearly that is what he is …silencing the People …
I have friends there you cant connect…but they are survivors …if I remember correctly Venezuela has squatters rights …if so they really need help…Portugal Pelosi makes me sick…
I Stand With My President Trump!

Mark Duncan - May 3, 2019

I stand with President Trump and the other nations that are against Maduro. Additional pressure is needed from the US and other nations against the regime. We all need to gather in prayer for the deliverance of the people of Venezuela. All means are needed.

Mickey D Watson - May 3, 2019

Kay, you wanted to hear some comments … Well, here it goes!!!

The Venezuelans have been treated like SUB-HUMANS for decades. The time has come for the Free Nations of the world to stand and fight for them. The UN is nothing but a rotten tool of the Middle Eastern nations and the rest of the Communist countries of the world.

The UN truly NEEDS to be disbanded and I don’t believe there is the need for any organization that needs to “guarantee peace” within our world!!! We have tried for 100 years and both organizations have been complete failure. The League of Nations did NOT stop World War II, did it???!!! The worst war that ever happened. 12 million killed by the Nazis with 6 million of them being Jews. Wrong on ALL levels of sanity.

History has shown that the League of Nations was corrupt and useless, and the UN is even more corrupt and useless than it’s predecessor. The US has paid money annually since the UN inception and all of this MUST STOP NOW!!!

I am a strong supporter of Israel and the way that the UN treats Israel is completely horrid and unfair. All the Israelis want to do is to live in peace and their neighbors will simply not allow that. The PA, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Iran and other countries want all of the Jews dead and Israel gone forever.

Israel has offered land repeatedly and the PA has refused every offer. Now, is the time for Israel to take all of the land that they captured in 1967 and claim it as their own. Jerusalem does NOT need to be divided … The city must be whole and run by one government, the Israeli government.

Too many people believe that there must be a 2-State Solution to solve all of the battling in Israel. Well, I say … Israel has been a 2-State Solution since 1948 and there has been NO PEACE and the 2-State Solution simply has NOT worked and never will.

We don’t know what Trump’s Peace Plan is for Israel. I honestly do NOT care what happens with Lebanon or Syria or Jordan or Gaza or Iran or the PA or Hamas or Hezbollah or ISIS or any other country in the Middle East or especially any of the TERRORIST groups in the Middle East … I only care about Israel the nation and their people.

Michael Baker - May 3, 2019

Russia and China both want to influence and gain total control of Venezuela for it’s oil and natural wealth. Maduro is a thug dictator. He is clinging to power illegitimately. The people can’t continue this way. We should remove him by whatever means necessary….all options on the table.

spence webster - May 3, 2019

A–take the trator down ASAP

John Ziemer - May 3, 2019

I hope Trump not only takes a stand, but is firm about countries not crossing that line.

Joe O’Neill - May 3, 2019

All current measures being used.
No ground troops.
If it can be done legally, we should arm and support the citizens of Venezuela.

Francis Grant - May 3, 2019

Use the Treasury dept and all its powerful financial weapons to target all the INDIVIDUALS in the wicked Maduro regime. Go after their wealth and squeese until they scream. Don’t hold back. The US has very much power in that arm of government and no one can do any thing about it.

James L Justice - May 3, 2019

Supply arms and ammo to the citizens and let them earn their freedom just like we Americans did. Freedom is not free. It will cost them the blood of their patriots. Then it will be their freedom and they will fight to the death if anyone tries to take it from them in the future.

Timothy David Douglas - May 3, 2019

Our leaders should show irrefutable proof of the Russians and Cubans meddling in this to the American people then increase sanctions against both countries due to their influence in this while keeping the military option always on the table and praying that we don’t need to use it. Also pressure surrounding nations to intervene.

Cameron Bryant Ashe - May 3, 2019

Why did the US send rockets into Syria ? The situation is just as bad right here in our backdoor. Tell the man to step down & get out ( a time frame , maybe 2 days ) then destroy couple of his headquarter facilities and being ready to go farther( seriously, not lip service ). The world has seen the situation with the citizens.

Maurice Liebman - May 3, 2019

The US should more aggressively and deliberately jab Putin’s eye by providing reciprocal aid and assistance to citizens of states in Putin’s back yard (i.e. Ukraine, Crimea, et al) who seek to restore or acquire liberty, Democratic rule and independence from Mother Russia. Assistance should be followed, of course, by strong denial for such interference. Quid pro quo. The US has the means. Does it have the will?.

Michele Bedard - May 3, 2019

Look to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In Matthew 19:26 it says: “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” God and only God can provide for removal of the evil in Venezuela by ways we can’t imagine. God has the power. “Jesus replied, “Your mistake is that you don’t know the Scriptures, and you don’t know the power of God.”” Matthew 22:29

Pete - May 3, 2019

Are there any economic changes that
we could cause the might threaten the existing leadership?

Dennis Bonfiglio - May 3, 2019

Send in the military don’t make the mistake Obama made with Seria.

Connie Navarette - May 3, 2019

My heart aches for the people of Venezuela, especially the children. I have been praying the rosary and Divine Mercy for the people of Venezuela. If America can legally help these people then we must do it. I pray God gives wisdom to the people and help them with everything they need to free them self of this horrible tyrant.

Ed Carr - May 3, 2019

Protect Guaido and help make Madura a casualty by turning his military against him.
The military leaders have to know there will be life after Madura and be concerned about their position.
Navel blockade?
Recall the dangerous Rep from Minnesota.

Robert J Petersen - May 3, 2019

Today May 3 Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin talked for an hour. I suspect they are making a deal so that Russia just might get some or all of their money back with a new regime. Certainly they won’t with the current government. Their is an incredible amount of oil in Venezuela. It wouldn’t be hard to do.

Gerald Stroffolino - May 3, 2019

I am constantly deluged with asks for more and more monetary contributions to help fight the massive war chest of the Democrats. Can you please get this message to the RNC and President Trump ?Ask all voters, “Are you better off today than you were when Trump took office ?
Simple, well stated and inexpensive !

Peter Palecek - May 4, 2019

Intensify and multiply the power of radio broadcasting to Venezuelan citizens . VOA and RFE played key roles in terminating communist regime in Czechoslovakia

Yaya Fanusie, PhD - May 4, 2019

US Leaders should stay out of the Venezuela political struggles. the Venezuela army will not get rid of the Dictator. Why do you all think things will be different for Libya-Syria-Iraq and Afghanistan.

Joseph Grickis - May 4, 2019

Before we get involved here, we should immediately go to the aid of thousands Christians being slaughtered!

Burnadeen ademiluyi - May 4, 2019

My prayers are with the people of Venezuela, but the United States should not militarily get involved in this civil war. Give them supplies to defend themselves. Continue to send food medical supplies and continue sanctions. This was making of the people on choices for leadership. Now they will have to fight for the government they want as a people.

Sarah Milligan - May 4, 2019

Well, my first response is PRAY, because
it is a mess and the radicals in the senate
are not helping. Either we can help them to gain their nation back or we will have the
whole country at our doorstep. Also, very
important, I wish the media would talk about where our country is headed, if we continue with the radical democrats and their plans. There will be a civil war in this country, if it comes to the government taking away all guns, as happened in Venezuela and now you can see they have no way to fight back.
God Save America

Jaime L. Manzano - May 4, 2019

The U.S. should go heavy on economic and personal sanctions not only against the Maduro government, but also extend them to the Cuban government that plays a commanding position in Maduro’s security and police apparatus. Russia and China may be the financiers supporting the Maduro government. They should be made to pay, perhaps by the U.S. supporting dissident elements in their countries, e.g. the Muslim Uighur in China, and separatist elements within the states loosely tied to Russian hegemony.

Richard - May 4, 2019

Previously Fox cut short the image of the truck jumping the curb and running over people to protect our tender sensibilities. Thanks for showing it this time for what we need to see. This is what Democrats want for us.

Ken Langford - May 4, 2019

We need to continue our support, along with other free nations, for the people of Venezuela using any means necessary to free them from the oppressive dictatorship of Maduro.

Martin A. Welt, PhD - May 4, 2019

The Trump Administration should invoke the Monroe Doctrine which was designed to keep the Western Hemisphere free of European encroachment. Diplomatic steps can be taken, including a meeting of all regional nations to support the Doctrine. Sanctions against the “invaders” with military force as a last resort.

John Coussoule - May 4, 2019

Obviously the US has to be proactive in trying to bring about a regime change. We also cannot further encourage a migration of the residents to the US. Sending aid in almost any form is a good thing but we must be sure that it gets to the people. How to accomplish this is like walking a tight rope but we expect the wizards of smart that we elect and those they appoint to high level positions get paid to figure these things out and make them happen. President Trump appears to be able to make the right calls at the right times. We support his efforts and do not try to second guess him. We pray for his administration and ask Almighty God to show him the way. In the final analysis, HE is in charge.

Pat Ellis - May 4, 2019

Support and diplomacy but NO American troops!!!!!!

LeAnne Tillar - May 4, 2019

Perhaps a show of our U.S. Navy just offshore around Venzuela would frighten Russia and Cuba off. Perhaps even a few well-placed rockets that would destroy a Cuban encampment would help Cuba decide to withdraw. Perhaps a reminder about the Monroe Doctrine would also help.

Bill Beck - May 4, 2019

Latin and So. American have always been under, for the most, dictator (military) leadership.I’m sure that many legislators in congress have benefited from these regimes regardless of politics. It’s time to put a stop to financially supporting these corrup organizations. Because in most cases the peasant populations are still suffering from lack of economic and social reform.

david Fong - May 4, 2019

Threaten a massive Military/humanitarian invasion based on the Monroe doctrine if non-American democratic nations i.e. Cubans and Russians

John H. Field - May 4, 2019

US should impose a “Quarantine” on any military assistance of Maduro regime in Venezuela, a la precedent of Kennedy quarantine on Krushev support of Cuban militarization by Russia. This “red line in the sand” would likely be tested which would require US be prepared to take action to prevent. This would likely also trigger Russian retaliation on US assistance to Ukraine, which would also have its reaction clearly defined.

Jon Stout - May 4, 2019

Re. The humanitarian crisis on such a large and cruel scale in Venezuela, this would be highly deserved time for our President to contact the countries politically and otherwise involved in its political interests, and find an immediate solution. The ruthless tactics and forced starvation-essentially the Dictatorial means to almost destroy its population are enough to cause a great world leader to speak out and, with resolve, tell the world what has to happen. With all nations on alert and brought up to speed, political biases must be absolutely put aside and the World Consciousness must be awakened! This has to be done quickly and with the greatest of Worldly and Churchillian authority(as Ronald Reagan used and personified) President Trump can and should do this. The tactics and action plan should be clear, swift, and enough to reflect the World Thoughts and Conscience. Those Nations who differ at this time should be singled out as against the World beliefs. Humanitarian with a major show of military backing and world resolve should quickly follow. Jon Stout

Homer Crothers - May 4, 2019

If the CIA has not gotten involved yet, they should. My opinion is that as long as the people of Venezuela are denied a free democracy, they need help with stopping the tyranny. Other countries in South and Central America are in danger.

Ronald Reuse - May 4, 2019

My wife and I have been praying for weeks for a peaceful transition but the Cuban government doesn’t want it
Madoro was on a plane ready to leave!
He should have left
We will continue to pray

attilio contini - May 4, 2019

We should not send troops
we should help the duely elesctd President
the best way we can.

Alex - May 4, 2019

Melt the Russians and Chinese army there atell them not to come anymore

gary burnett - May 4, 2019

Supply a large number of selected people with guns and ammo

Roland LaChance - May 4, 2019

furnish them with what they need, to fight the enemy of the people regardless what equipment they, lets make it an even fight.

Denice Gerber - May 4, 2019

I believe prayer is the most important weapon God’s people have.
We are not against flesh and blood.

Jane DeGrafft - May 4, 2019

Can the US and the other 50+ nations go to Venezuelan congress & Putin to demand Maduro accept his term is over & deportation, if necessary. Do not lift sanctions until there is compliance. Also, US food & medical supplies be allowed into the country.

Joe - May 4, 2019

End the sanctions so the people can get food and supplies. The people voted for Maduro and communism. The elections were monitored and uncontested. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Communism always collapses under it’s own weight. I had hoped President Trump would be better than the previous war mongers.

James Morgan - May 5, 2019

We should tell Russia and Cuba to stay out of this situation for their own good. Then Maduro won’t have anywhere to turn and this could speed up his demise.

Kathlyn Houde - May 5, 2019

Translate words into action! An embargo against Cuba where Pres.Obama ignored the anguish of its people? Those countries within proximity of Venezuela should unify &, aggressively, as is Russia on Maduro’s behalf, depose Maduro & eradicate his foreign support. If Iran & Cuba are also backing Maduro, why shouldn’t these terrorist oppressors of human rights be eradicated? We should not tolerate it here. The Monroe Doctrine might justify our involvement, but think Venezuela would not meet the standard for proximity. America’s role should be supportive not active in defending freedom for its’ Venezuelan neighbors suffering with complicity from Russia, Cuba, Iran. America can support these efforts non-militarily yet provide its military arsenal to support other countries active effort. But immediate action is needed!

John Gaines - May 5, 2019

Sure it is good to see state of the state in Venezuela being tested, but our country cannot afford to be handing over $$$$$$ into this country that has no constitution like ours. Our country is the only one in the world with laws, a constitution to live by, and a continuing God to bless us if we do his duty to rid our country of the LGBTQ crowd!!!

Michael Franks - May 6, 2019

The US and the 50 nations that support a relatively free Venezuela must get the word out – why do they support Guaido, and what’s going on there. Twitter works for President Trump. Someone close to me actually informed me that Venezuelans were doing a “coup attempt” on Maduro. It surprised me because this person is generally alert to disinformation by the MSM.

Linda Owensby in Colorado. - May 6, 2019

Helping the citizens fight this regime to restore democracy will only come about if we intervene with Russia, Cube, China and those who are keeping the peoples of Venezuela at bay. How can they compete with the armies of dictatorship if they only have rocks to throw at them? We the U.S. should stop this and do it anyway possible.

cathy simicich - May 6, 2019

Patience is a virtue wait a little bit longer and the military will get tired and see how their people will be treated they live there also

Tom Haskin - May 6, 2019

Personally, I think the people of Venezuela has suffered more than should be allowed. When a dog gets hungry enough, they will bite any dog that has food and not share at all …. We have talked to a lot of ‘Maduro’s’ advisors that are helping him in more ways that are not exposed . After being “beaten” down ,so long, can began to give up . Hopefully, our Government can organize and help these people. Work with the many other Countries that support the evacuation of Maduro as a leader of Venezuela. With our help, President Trump will get it done !

Al White - May 6, 2019

Rearm the Venezuelan people. The Hugo Chavez act of disarmament in 2012 has come full circle. Now the rightful leaders of Venezuela must go it alone unarmed; a horrible situation.

Give the people the arms necessary to get the tyrannous dictator out of power.

This is exactly the reason our USA founding fathers drafted the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Kyunghee Moon - May 6, 2019

Coup attemp? Not people’s protest for liberty and food?
What the hell interest made them say it was a coup. I wish I had enough information about this, of course I’ll try to know more.

Janet Hardy - May 7, 2019

We should not use military force because of Russia’s involvement and the negative way our news media would report what the Trump administration does.

Robin Rosenblatt - May 10, 2019


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Eddie Vaughn - May 23, 2019

No military action.
People of Venezuela must decide.
Tighten sanctions!

Randy Hagood - June 7, 2019

I truly honor and am in debt to these heroes. I am a Viet Nam vet and if not for their bravery and sacrifice, this country would be more mucked up than it is now. My hat is off to all of you!!!! My respect and thanks to their remaining families.

Randy Hagood - June 7, 2019

This Is Randy Hagood. My remarks are in reference to our WWII vets, not south America and their issues.

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