Heritage member Thomas Colbert poses with a portrait honoring his generosity.

Heritage member Thomas Colbert poses with a portrait honoring his generosity to the conservative cause.

It’s The Heritage Foundation’s commitment to free enterprise and limited government that motivated Thomas Colbert to make his first gift some 20 years ago.

“The more I found out about Heritage, the more impressed I became,” recalls Colbert, one of the biggest names in Mississippi finance.

He has since become a Heritage Legacy Society member and a major supporter of our work, especially our facility on Pennsylvania Avenue. “I decided to make the foundation one of my major beneficiaries,” he says, “and as I began making estate plans I set up a trust which includes The Heritage Foundation.”

Colbert’s irrevocable trust includes a significant $5 million commitment to Heritage. This is a secure gift that demonstrates his belief in Heritage. What’s more, he made the gift as soon as he heard Jim DeMint would succeed Heritage Founder Ed Feulner as president.

“Thomas Colbert understands that private capital, hard work, inspired risk taking, and great ideas are responsible for our prosperity and well-being, and that government is a taker, not a creator,” DeMint says. “We’re truly humbled by his generous expression of confidence in The Heritage Foundation.”

Colbert himself is a very humble person. When discussing how his gift should be recognized, he at first insisted a room in the Pennsylvania Avenue building should be named after Ed Feulner. It was only after some persuasion that he relented and allowed Heritage to immortalize his gift with a room named in his honor.

Colbert said he hopes the gift will enable the Heritage Foundation to educate members of Congress, Capitol Hill staffers and other policymakers. “We need to repair the damage and rebuild for the future.  No other type of infrastructure is more important to the preservation of freedom in our country.”

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Rachel Byrd - July 12, 2016

How would one go about meeting with Mr Colbert?

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