Next month, The Heritage Foundation will send our 2016 calendar to more than half a million Heritage members. This year’s calendar features photos from eight Heritage members who participated in our second-annual photo contest.

Two hundred and thirty-eight members sent 481 photos to be considered for this year’s contest. These photos tell the story of what we love about America, the things we do outside of government in the cities and towns and countryside where we live, the things that make us the people we are.

Keep an eye on your mailbox in November for your copy of the Heritage calendar!

Here are the photos selected:

Front cover: Lydia Williams–Dover, NH

Farm in Rollinsford, NH

A farm in Rollinsford, NH

February: Bonny Fisher–Windsor, CO

An old cabin in Mayflower Gulch, CO

An old cabin in Mayflower Gulch, CO

April: Lynn Yowell–Bentonville, AR

Indian Paintbrush in Texas

Indian Paintbrush in Texas

May: Vernon Gilliam–Liberty Township, OH

Vietnam Memorial, Washington, DC

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC

August: Roberta McKelvy–Roswell, NM

The Milky Way near Roswell, NM

The Milky Way rising over an oil field just east of Roswell, NM

September: Vincent Kranz–Newark, DE

September 11 memorial, New York, NY

The National 9/11 Memorial reflecting pools in New York, NY

October: Jim Call–Asheville, NC

Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC

Sunset after a storm cleared on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC.

November: Bryan & Janice Snyder–Huntsville, OH

Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, VA

The United States Marine Corps War Memorial at dawn, Arlington, VA

Comments (50)

Denise - October 30, 2015

Very nice

Brad Kehler - October 30, 2015

These folks nailed the beauty and the majesty of this great land of ours.

Cheryl Smith - October 30, 2015

Finally a calendar someone might actually want. No more boring pictures of Heritage Foundation staff at get togethers. But please don’t send the calendar and then harass members for not paying for it.

D A Strongin - October 30, 2015

Been to almost all of these locations and skied deep powder.

Breathtaking choices, most of them.

Thank You – DAS
The url photo was taken on the street where I lived…

Charles A. Hanshew - October 30, 2015

Military is in PP shape! Photos are very go0od

Jimmy Mahuron - October 30, 2015

Beautiful Photos!

Jack Herrema - October 30, 2015

The photos further state what a great country we live in.

Edward Yakubec - October 30, 2015

Your photos are just out of sight.
Thank you for letting me see them.
Thanks again and God bless all of you.
Edward Yakubec.

Jane Webb - October 30, 2015

Beautiful United States!!!

Orlo Paff - October 30, 2015

Beautiful, colorful, excellent selection of photos.

Barbara R Denton - October 30, 2015

Beautiful photos submitted from the members. How fortunate we are to live in this beautiful Coiuntry.

Bill Swearingen - October 30, 2015

Someone please clear the air about America’s future. FEMA Death Camps. Martial Law signs in Illinois. OBama;s private army. The behind the scenes things about deals made to take honest gun owners weapons. All the executive orders destroying the Constitution. No push back from congress. OBama has changed America—-he has successfully destroyed this onvr great country. Am I crazy? Is there any bases to what is one sees on the internet?

Susan Malone - October 30, 2015

Great analysis as always. Wish Heritage was conducting the next Republican presidential candidate debate. The calendar pictures are phenomenal!

Leonard A Francs - October 30, 2015

Beautiful photos of our country.

Very good articles on the way our country is heading. Very scary—Frightening concerning our country*s finances and the military situation. I pray for our country and it’s leaders.

Diane Parrilli - October 30, 2015

Spectacular photos!!!!

Sylvia Hartsoe - October 30, 2015

Fantastic photos.


Morla Baker - October 30, 2015

Thank you for making the report on the military. I appreciate your hard work and I all the things you do to bring important things to congress. I am praying for you.

Billy Mullins - October 30, 2015

Beautiful pictures

ca - October 30, 2015


ronald smith - October 30, 2015

How fortunate we are to live in this beautiful and inspiring country.

Lynne Nicholes - October 31, 2015

Beautiful pictures of our great nation!

Diane Sellers - October 31, 2015


Gary Leddick - October 31, 2015

Absolutely beautiful

Nancy Fox - October 31, 2015

I am a 3rd grade teacher adding American history to my curriculum in every way that I can find. I use your calendars whenever they work out to best show history or monuments etc. Next years calendar will be wonderful when I teach about the twin towers. The use of the Washington monument will be fantastic! What a combination! Thanks so much!

MRS. CAROL L. HILL - October 31, 2015


Lauretta - October 31, 2015

Oh, my gosh! These are most beautiful. I can not wait! I will have to decoupage’ another small table, and frame others. Thank you so much for being a touch of beauty in my world… It has been most needed in these times. Love, Lauretta

Bruce W. Cannon - October 31, 2015

wonderful pictures. I do so appreciate the diligent efforts The Heritage Foundation exerts in an attempt to help/direct America to become a great nation again. Sometimes, I, as a single citizen, am helpless to “fix” anything. You are critical. B

Lydia Lynne Fuller - October 31, 2015

These photos are magnificent–Praise the LORD!!!

William Gibson - October 31, 2015

These are wonderful photographs which capture America perfectly. I have been getting National Geographic calendars for years, and these are comparable in quality.

John P Lewis - October 31, 2015

These pictures depict the beauty of our great country! I hope we can preserve it!

PAUL QUINTILIAN - October 31, 2015

beautiful shots of our homeland. Please GOD continue to bless the U S A

Melissa Buckley - October 31, 2015

Very moving photos. The 9/11 memorial always looks to me (in pictures, I haven’t seen the real thing) like water flowing down a drain. I’m glad the new, tall buildings are there to offset that downward plunge.

Avery Evinger - October 31, 2015

I thought we the [ Rep. ] had a majority in both houses. In the last 10 Mo. we have been defeated at every turn. How long do we have left to do anything meaningful ?

David L Jones - October 31, 2015

Selection committee did an excellent job. It was probably extremely difficult to choose from the many photos submitted. The selections makes a person feel proud to be an American

Carol Dixon Klein - October 31, 2015

Spectacular! What a blessing God has given America; we must be constantly striving to be worthy of that. Being thankful, we want to work to make each person in our great country feel those benefits, to purify the government processes that we may all live in the peace of Christ.

Charles H. Single - October 31, 2015

I look forward to your calendar.

Richard DeVincentis - October 31, 2015

Another outstanding job by Heritage!!!

David Kurowski - October 31, 2015

America, America, God shed his grace on thee!!

John Burhoe - October 31, 2015

Captures the essence of what the real America is!

Milan Hart - October 31, 2015

If the day/date pages of the calendar were printed on non-glossy pages that can more easily be written on, the calendar would be more useful for recording information!

Eric Applewhite - October 31, 2015

The pictures shown are all creative and beautiful. They show that America truly is the most beautiful country in the world.

wayne swetnam - October 31, 2015

Forget my Calendar. Surely you can spend your money more wisely than having calendars printed and sent all over the country.

Robert L. Mitchell Sr. - October 31, 2015

We need to spend to rebuild our defense capabilities. We need to restructure social security and taxes. Please stop spending so much money on mailings. Use the internet.

Rev. Robert Miskimen - October 31, 2015

We need a change of corporate tax down to 15%. Forty years ago I read protests that “we are not manufacturing anything in this country anymore” and it hasn’t gotten any better since with high corp tax.

steve smith - November 1, 2015


Arthur E.Angove, D.O., Gen. Surg. Ret. - November 1, 2015

America the beautiful, the America worth fighting for! The land of the brave and home of the free! Thanks for sharing these photos.

Thomas Lutz - November 1, 2015

Photos ‘Farm’, ‘Cabin’, ‘Paintbrush’, & ‘Paintbrush’ would make great Christmas cards; the pleasant ones. The others are too sad & the ‘Oil’ leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

Karen Laffredi - November 1, 2015


James V. Burnette - November 2, 2015

The photos above represent two things, nature’s absolute beauty that exist within our borders and the sacrifices that have been made to keep us free to live out our dreams. Since 96% of our people live in urban areas, our views of nature and our heritage come only with advertisements and commercials.

Bob Tracy - November 12, 2015

Thank you Heritage for sharing the beautiful photos of our country, I applaud each person on their photo.

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