Heritage Foundation scholar Ernest Istook hosted several leading political commentators and Heritage experts on his program this week:

  • Town Hall’s Marita Noon discussed the sad truths of President Obama’s green energy jobs
  • Heritage’s Amy Payne spoke about the recent October jobs report and unemployment
  • Heritage’s Diane Katz explained how the current administration is ignoring laws and delaying announcing new regulations

Other guests included Heritage’s Jim Carafano and Heritage Action’s Dan Holler.

Be sure to tune in 9:00 a.m. to noon Eastern Monday through Friday. Find out more about the show, browse show archives, and listen live on istook.com

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Jeffrey Forcum - February 20, 2013

I heard you on the On Point radio program today. The arguments that you used to justify diminishing the powers of the CFPB were ridiculously weak and had no merit beyond the political agenda of the Heritage Foundation. Informed American consumers realize that the Heritage Foundation is much friendlier to business interests than it is to consumer interests and your positions on this subject make that all the more obvious.

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