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According to a new Rasmussen report, 70 percent of Americans believe voter identification, such as a driver’s license, should be required in order to vote.

Nonetheless, Attorney General Eric Holder intends to examine new state laws that require photo ID before voting for potential racial bias.

Heritage Foundation legal scholar Hans Von Spakovsky explains there is no evidence to support claims of racial bias:

Election data in Georgia demonstrate that concern about a negative effect on the Democratic or minority vote is baseless. Turnout there increased more dramatically in 2008 — the first presidential election held after the state’s photo-ID law went into effect — than it did in states without photo ID. Georgia had a record turnout in 2008, the largest in its history — nearly 4 million voters. And Democratic turnout was up an astonishing 6.1 percentage points from the 2004 election, the fourth-largest increase of any state. The black share of the statewide vote increased from 25 percent in 2004 to 30 percent in 2008, according to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. According to Census Bureau surveys, 65 percent of the black voting-age population voted in the 2008 election, compared with only 54.4 percent in 2004, an increase of more than ten percentage points.

Read Heritage’s in-depth report on voter ID: “Without Proof: The Unpersuasive Case Against Voter Identification,” by von Spakovsky and Alex Ingram.

That report points to a study of 36,000 voters conducted by American University, which found that only “23 people in the entire sample—less than one-tenth of one percent of reported voters” were unable to vote because of an ID requirement.

It’s no wonder many Americans support voter ID laws given evidence that voter fraud continues to plague our elections. Von Spakovsky offers a few examples:

In August, three voters in Wake County, North Carolina, were charged with voting twice in the 2008 presidential election, apparently for President Barack Obama. In April, a member of the executive committee of the NAACP in Tunica County, Mississippi, was convicted on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots and sentenced to five years in prison. She voted in the names of six other voters, as well as in the names of four dead voters. There are pending indictments of city council members and an ongoing grand jury investigation of ballot fraud in Troy, New York, over a 2009 primary involving the Working Families Party.

What do you think? Should Americans be required to present a government-issued ID to vote?

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Charles Webb - December 24, 2011

I have no fear proving an ID in order to vote. The only people who should fear showing their ID is those who wish to commit fraud. What has happened to basic honesty?
C. Webb

Mutantone - December 24, 2011

Okay then a Social security card with your picture on it if you have that you can vote if you do not then no vote it could also include a microchip signature to identify who it is.
I know the number of the “Beast” sort of scare but then again to vote every one should have one for their own use as a means to collect your social security at a proper date and place.

Rick Hall - December 24, 2011

Eric Holder as with Obama do not want voter ID because they are the true racist in our Goverment, and of course they want to buy votes.

Bj - December 24, 2011

If voter ID would have been required in 2008 we could have a different President. As the Chicago mantra goes.
“Vote early and vote often.”
The only reason our AG is so concerned about voter ID is that it is the only way they can win re-election.

Earle Andrews - December 26, 2011

A proof of your right vote should be without question.

Orn Eagle - December 26, 2011

Just like the gun rights issue, those that are trying to obfiscate, go around, or break the law. “Ho Ho, Holder has to go!”

Lawrence Davis - December 26, 2011

I live in Georgia and feel confident in our election process due to photo identification requirements. Welcome to the 21st century…

peter rucci - December 27, 2011

It is incomprehensible that a, non political, voter ID law would not pass Judicial muster. How can you not have to prove you are who you say you are, when voting?

Mark Shockley - December 27, 2011

It’s all about the regime holding on to power; anything that might hinder that must be made illegal…

Michael A - January 4, 2012

I am proud to show my ID as an American citizen!!

Dale, El Paso, TEXAS - January 4, 2012

I have to show a drivers license [ID] to purchase something with a credit card; a check; to purchase a gun and…to get on an airplane!!! Why not show my ID to the voter registrar at the voting booth?!? I do not have a problem with this. Of course Eric Holder does because he knows, just as Obama does, that the votes for the liberal socialist will go down dramatically!

Dallas Dagenais - January 4, 2012

Proof of identity is needed to improve the accuracy of elections and eliminate fraud.

Allen Johnson - January 4, 2012

Eric Holder should be impeached for his pandering and obstruction of justice.

Linda Brick - January 4, 2012

VOTERS MUST furnish photo ID or PASSPORT to vote!

Patricia Mesker - January 4, 2012

Yes, we Must have Voter Identification to make certain of a persons legal status as a citizen and to keep someone from voting more than once or after a person is dead using their names. These are all things that the Democrats do not want us to stop them from doing, as they have always relied on deceitful means of trying to win elections in this country.

dryheat45 - January 4, 2012

You must show ID to get into an R rated movie, but you don’t need one to vote? We all know the real reason the Dems don’t want these laws to stand. Having lived in an area that became predominately Hispanic (mostly illegal), I have seen it firsthand. Of course, Government and reason aren’t even aquainted with one another.

ROBERT F GAGNE AMHC USN RET. - January 4, 2012


William W. Mason Jr - January 4, 2012

I understand that in some north central states names from graveyards found their way to cast a vote. Dems are seeking to insure themselves in elections.

gena - January 4, 2012

please hurry and get voter ID mandatory! most Americans know in their “gut” that the ones in power now are planning major voter fraud!!

Greg - January 4, 2012

Fraud at the voting booth is and has been a threat to our free society. We need a consistent way to verify the identity of any who come to vote.

Barbara Morrison - January 4, 2012

I believe only legal citizens should be allowed to vote in any election, especially for the President of the United States

irvin neargarqer - January 4, 2012

I strongly agree we should have a positive ID !!!

Alan Lasley - January 4, 2012

The lack of ID’s for voters only perpetuates the idea that the Democratic party wants to maintain an environment conducive to voter fraud. I would think they would be all for an id system in order to clear their “name”.

Neil Sasinowski - January 4, 2012

A solid voter registration card should be shown before voting. Here in Washington, we vote by mail. To register since we moved here from Calif. in 2010, we needed to show our passport and utility bill in our name. Drivers license nor social security cards do not require you to be a citizen. All one needs is a green card to work here and get a SS card. In fact, senior political refuges can qualify for SSI, with no work history in the great old USA.

Ralph & Mary Kay Duerden - January 4, 2012

Yes, voter ID should be used to prevent voter fraud!

Mary H. - January 4, 2012

I have had to present my driver’s license every single time I have voted in the past 40+something years. I can’t think of a legitimate reason why this is considered “racially bias”. Holder and his party just want to let illegals vote, along with the graveyard vote they are use to getting! It is s-o-o obvious.

Luis H. Valdes - January 4, 2012


EMD - January 4, 2012

Having worked in precincts during elections, I heartily agree we need to require ID’s to vote. Many of the voters voiced astonishment that ID’s were not needed. Voter fraud needs to be curbed, and this is the easiest, most logical means to do it. Between this statue and not issuing driver’s licenses to illegals, we should begin to make clear what people really vote for.

Ronald Bouwman - January 4, 2012

That the democrats could be so obvious in trying to protect election fraud is astounding. It only illustrates that they believe that victory trumps law and honor..

Charles McChesney - January 4, 2012

Voter ID should absolutely be required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NO exceptions,,,,,,especially, Troy NY, where I grew up.)

David Dempsey - January 4, 2012

I have no problem with Voter Identification laws, in fact, I welcome them. As a former election judge, I can tell you that the whole process moves faster when a person has an ID. The key benefit is that the name is spelled out in front of you for quick, easy look up in the registration book. Eliminates misheard, misunderstand or just missed guesses at how last names are spelled.


Diane - January 4, 2012

Here in Austin, it is seasonal allergy time. Every time I am required to show an id to purchase non-prescription Claritin-D via the pharmacy lock-up, I’m absolutely flummoxed. Are these laws then discriminatory to minorities? That they must suffer because they cannot show proof of id in order to find relief from nasal congestion and itchy eyes? Truly baffling and outrageous at the same time.

Ben Burnheimer - January 4, 2012

There is no logical reason when I must show a picture ID to enter a Federal building, by liquor or cigarettes, fly on an airplane, or drive a car that I should not be required to show such ID to exercise such an important procedure as voting!
As far as someone not being able to obtain a card, if you can get to the voting place, bring proof of your citizenship and have a picture ID generated at the polling place for no charge. These ID’s take only a few minuets to produce as evidenced when you pick up a new drivers license.

Fredrick Rehders - January 4, 2012

Without proper identification vote fraud will occur! I can not believe this is an issue! Everyone MUST prove who they are and that they are a citizen in order to cast a vote in elections. It is absolutely insane to allow ANYONE the privilege of voting otherwise!

Fred A. Picchioni - January 4, 2012

No “Valid” Photo ID, then NO VOTE

Norris Tingle - January 4, 2012

I absolutely agree that Voter ID must be shown to vote. In Baltimore County in 2008, more people voted than were registered to vote. Additionally, I have served as a book judge twice, and in our instructions were told specifically NOT to ask for ID. The dead vote in Baltimore City which is chock full of voter fraud.

harry blakeslee - January 4, 2012

using the ga stats in 2008 versus 2004 to explain no-impact by new voter id laws when this was the first time a black presidential candidate was on the ticket, is at best disingenuous.

i support voter id.

but your ga analogy is at best suspect, most likely flawed or as we say in mass., flarred

Joe - January 4, 2012

Should use pinger prints just as the highway patrol does with portables, if it is good enough for law enforcement it would stop fraud and illegals and false votes! I have no problems with it, The machine could give you a tape with voting for proof of your vote. I think most people have no problem with knowing everyone is a legal voter!!!

Lucy L Brown - January 4, 2012

YES, DEFINITELY!!! Drivers license or SS card!!!!

Barbara K Zierold - January 4, 2012

I can not see any reason not to show ID to vote. I recently moved here to Texas from NJ. In NJ they had my name in a book that I have to sign next to, ie signature check. I also had a voters registration card. Here in Texas, I am now a registered voter, and they asked for my drivers license. I also have a voters registration card here. No problem. All people have ID, or can obtain it very easily. I did.

Jack Tirrell - January 4, 2012


N. J. Wojciak - January 4, 2012

Do what is done in many foreign countries. Everyone who comes to the polls would have to put a finger into a bottle of indelible ink before voting ! Who or how could anyone be against this ?

Mark Bartosik - January 4, 2012

I live and vote in Virginia where we had had to show a photo ID for at least the last three elections. Turn out has not been affected with this rule. I strongly support ID required to vote for all 50 states or 57 if you are with our president’s side as he stated.

Rudolph K. Muzzarelli - January 4, 2012

I do not have a problem with an ID that verifies a person is eligible to vote. The advantage of a photo ID is that it verifies the person that is voting is indeed the person registered to vote. Where the problem may occur is when actually verifying the eligibility of anyone registering to vote.

Jim Dooley - January 4, 2012

Eric Holder is the true racist – this is just another example. No one should be surprised considering how he handled the New Black Panther case

Charlie Norton - January 4, 2012

Voter fraud will be endemic in 2012 as Democrats know they will lose if voter I.D. is required. Voter I.D. is the only way to secure honest elections.

Craig Chaput - January 4, 2012

Yes, ID should be required to vote. Proving your a local resident at the voting booth just makes sense. Those that are intent to commit fraud would be the only ones not in favor, the rest of America is in favor.

Gene Bahls - January 4, 2012

I’m proud to carry a USA ID. I’m tired of paying for illegal aliens and certainly don’t want to give them my power at the ballot box.

Mary Sonnefeldt - January 4, 2012

When I go to vote in Chicago, I am asked to show an ID, so are you telling me that’s illegal? This is just another ploy so that illegals can vote if it suits the purpose of the powers that be. It’s dishonest…. so what’s new?????

roy parrish - January 4, 2012

Where are the patriotic freedom loving real citizens of our great country. I understand that there are many illegal, (on the dole) people (that hate our country) that live here (that our cowardly legislature) allow, but we as legal citizens are not doing any thing about. If we truly love this country, we should demand at least voter I.D.
It is harder to get a library card, than to vote.

LuluBelle - January 4, 2012

Identification that also proves CITIZENSHIP should be required.

Gerald Millerick - January 4, 2012

Showing aan I.D. should be a must, by law, with strict penalties for cheaters.

Raymond Cardinal - January 4, 2012

I suport the ID for voting.
There are to many people cheating.

Greg Price - January 4, 2012

True and honest elections are one of the foundation blocks of our republic. Voter fraud can not be tolerated and very measure available to prevent it must be employed; including proof of identity and prosecution of those who attempt to defraud the American people.

Billie Dickey - January 4, 2012

If one must show a credible ID in order to buy a beer, then surely the same requirement must stand in order to vote in elections that can determine the future safety of our nation.

walter benson - January 4, 2012

Yes, photo id should be required. It is required for most other important actions. We must also add that the election rolls should be reviewed every year for deaths, marriage name changes and moving into or our of an election area. It is now too big a job, it is necessary. We need to stop dead people from voting. We MUST stop voter fraud.

warren reynolds - January 4, 2012

id to vote MUST be madatory NATIONWIDE. For those that don’t want it are racist, they have something against contributers,,,,,,

William Hooper - January 4, 2012

In order to cast a vote in any election, the voter should be required to present first a photo I.D and then a proof of residence in that precinct. These fundamental requirements are only opposed by those that want voter fraud.

Bob Beatty - January 4, 2012

Absolutely, we’ve required voter ID in Louisiana for several year and haven’t had any backlash or problems. If they don’t have a photo ID, the elections commissioner on duty asks them 3 questions that they’ve previously answered that are in the voting register and if they answer them correctly, they can vote. Great system.

Marlene Knowles - January 4, 2012

My State,Tennessee, has a new voter ID law. I support this law in light of potential voting fraud.

William Chase - January 4, 2012

Is requiring a gov issue ID to vote causing everyone to have” Government Papers” and will we be asked for them at other times? Don’t get me wrong, I am in favor
of these laws. I guess the out is that the states are issuing the ID not the Feds.

Vangie De Luna - January 4, 2012

Several states issue drivers’ licenses to illigal immigrants and paper mills sell false documents, including social security cards. The number of illigal immigrants possessing drivers’ licenses in states that allow it could sway election results. Proof of citizenship should be required at the time one registers to vote. The voter registration card can bear the photo.

Bette Grenier - January 4, 2012

Identification should be required. Here in the state of Wa. Dino Rossi lost the Gov’s. race by 124 votes if I.D. was required I believe he would have won fair and square.

Dave Hejde - January 4, 2012

It really pisses me off that people play the race card regarding voter ID. It’s the basis for cheating. Can’t they win fairly?

Larry A. Fletcher - January 4, 2012

For 35 years I had to ‘wear’ a picture ID to work at my places of employment (including the federal government and private industry). My passport requires my picture. My driver’s license requires my picture. And on, and on. As a resident of the Peoples’ Republic of Maryland I am aware that ‘vote early, vote often’ is widely practiced as well as voting by residents of the cemeteries. When are we going to get this voting issue under control? PICTURE ID NOW!

Marge Thoele - January 4, 2012

Our Democrat governor Wouldn’t sign our bill for the voter ID law last fall when the overwhelming voters wanted it. Minnesota has many liberals running this state.

Anne Hohl - January 4, 2012

Yes I definitely think there should be a requirement to have and show a gov’t issued ID before voting.There were quite a few REPORTED instances of people voting several times-at different voting places in Md during the last election because no identification was required .

Tom McNichol - January 4, 2012

In the early days of our republic you were required to be a property owner in order to vote, you had to have “skin in the game” so to speak. Nowadays you can live in a cardboard box and show up to vote it seems. We MUST have voter ID laws in order to preserve the republic. One more term for Obama and it will be over for the U.S. as we know it.

Home of Democracy - January 4, 2012

Not only should a picture I.D. be required but there should also be a recorded entry into a state wide database to prevent any chance of duplicate voting or voting by deceased citizens. Furthermore I recommend an observer from both parties review the results from every precinct to guarantee fairness.

Ron Hudgins - January 4, 2012

Yes only voters with ID of some sort should be allowed to vote. There are so many illegals in this country that the Democrats are trying to get them into their voter base. So why should you be opposed ??? Unless you want to have people vote that are not legal and registered to vote. Voting is a privilege which shows your God given freedom to choose. So laws are needed to keep order ,so voter ID is needed to keep us all honest. People that do not like it, most are politicians that have cheating in mind. Honest people don’t mind because they are not trying to cheat. IS A GOOD THING. We talk about other countries cheating in their voting but we are the biggest cheaters in the good old USA. What about the black panters standing out side the voting station with billie sticks,clubs and guns in the 2008 elections???????

Marjorie Martin - January 4, 2012

Absolutely. This should be one election in which only American citizens, duly registered, can vote.
Also, the unions need to be kept out of the voting process; “fixing” the vote by their manipulation of the machine must not be condoned or allowed. This election, above all previous elections must be kept clean and honest. There’s too much felony and larceny issuing forth from the current administration. I think “treason” might be an appropriate word to describe the actions coming out of the Oval Office and those tied to it.

JOE HORVATH - January 4, 2012

voter id SHOULD be required by law

Barbara B Baxter - January 4, 2012

Yes, a government issued photo id should be required to vote.

LOU - January 4, 2012

Requiring voter ID is vital to protect the security and integrity of our election process. Americans show a photo ID to obtain a library card, renew auto tabs, buy acohol, use a credit card, cash a check, board an airplane, get a hotel room. So Obama\Holder using the race card to not require ID to vote makes no sense. Anyone who doesn’t want to protect the integrity of our election process is setting it up for fraud like what happened in 2008.

Jack - January 4, 2012

Voter identification should be mandated by law within all states. Voter fraud has been documented to occur in several states within the past two decades, and has increased significantly since the 2008 elections. The premise that voter id cards will disenfranchise the poor and minorities is BS. Unfortunately, voter id cards will not eliminate voter ignorance of the candidates and their records/positions. In addition, too many voters will cast their ballots based on race, religion, entitlement mentality, and what the MSM tells them “who to vote for”. Let’s face it, the entire voting process has been infected by: fraud, corruption, big money, lobbyists, deceitful/inaccurate reporting by the MSM, and what is most detrimental is our educational system that produces a population of illiterates incapable of individual thought.

Stan Bennett - January 4, 2012

I have to show ID to get on a plane, cash a check, drive, use a credit card, get a prescription filled, check in at my doctors office, when I filed for SS, when I use my debit card. Other cases of ID requirement are when buying cigarettes, alcohol. There are dozens of times you have to have a VALID photo ID, except when you have to make one of the most critical decisions in the direction of the country, they you just need to say, “Hi, I’m Elvis and I want to vote, again.”

Clarence - January 4, 2012

We have to carry a picture ID to drive a car, to board a plan, why not to vote? The problem is in some states no ID is required. So an over eager Democrat precinct captain sends in people to vote for those who haven’t voted. A challenge is absurd because it could take months.

Edward Killeen - January 4, 2012

I think it is imperative that ID be provided by any and all voters.

BV - January 4, 2012

Of course an ID should be required. The most important thing we do is vote, and no verification of who we are is required. Yet, it is required for every known license, to travel, get any type of financial account, to graduate, get a job., etc. It makes the government sound manipulative and deceitful for not requiring one to vote. What are their motives.

michael deck - January 4, 2012

Absolutely every voter should have a photo ID issued by an approved government agency. Lets stop this ridiculous nonsense.

Nicholas Pipitone - January 4, 2012

Not only be able to produce a government issued ID, but ALL ballots must be in English !

RON R. - January 4, 2012

Identification shown to vote Should have been Mandatory 20 some years ago!
It is Obviously the correct way to keep Voting
Honest in America!.
This will stop Corrupt Politicians from getting
illegal alien Invader Votes Instantly!

Bill Warren - January 4, 2012

No! the Feds should stay our of it! It is a State problem.

c. casperson - January 4, 2012

Of course we should have an ID to vote. We have to have an ID for almost everything these days.
I think the only motive to resist showing ID to vote is a “fraud motive”; nothing to do with racism.
People throw the word “racist” at anything that they don’t want .

Scott Goldman - January 4, 2012

Absolutely,some type of picture ID, to reduce or minimize voter fraud is so important. If Americans need to show a drivers license to purchase certain goods and services, surely, to vote. With the 2012 elections coming,most significant, it would be atrocious, if there is high voter fraud.

Dee Ivory - January 4, 2012

I live in Michigan and when I vote, I have to supply ID AND they scan the strip on my driver’s license.
I like the fact that they require ID, I do not like the fact that they scan my license. I REALLY DO NOT LIKE the idea that other people do not have to show ID.

Oscar Brown - January 4, 2012

I do. It builds confidence in the integrity of the system.
Only those who intend fraud should be against it.

Sharon Fariss - January 4, 2012

If you are a non-white voter, stand up and tell Democrats that you do not need them to oppose voter ID laws. You can present your ID to TSA, voter boards, or anybody else who requires it. Tell them you are an intelligent, capable adult and you do not need a nanny government to hold your hand when voting!

John F Hellrung - January 4, 2012

Voter registration card and picture ID should be required for every election in every state.

john geiger westbury ny - January 4, 2012

All voters should be required to show ID when voting.

Brian Smith - January 4, 2012

The lack of voter ID disenfranchises all legitimate voters.

Janet Carlson - January 4, 2012

As an American citizen, I will not hesitate to show my identification card to protect my right to vote. Once again, the administration is on the wrong side of the issue.

Gerald Street - January 4, 2012


Jacques Bakke - January 4, 2012

ID should be required.
Also, science tells us the human mind does not mature until the age of 25-26.. Therefore, the voting age should be increased to that age. Why should we have elected officials being elected by foreigners or by people whose minds are not mature?

Gail Daley - January 4, 2012

One must give proof of identification to use a credit card or any other number of services, therefore it only makes sense to protect our most valuable freedom…OUR VOTE!!!

Ron Wagner - January 4, 2012

Actually, I would go farther. All citizens and visa holders and tourists should have a high tech photo ID card, or a passport on their person whenever off their own property. The Supreme Court has already ruled that people must identify themselves to the police. Drivers licenses need to have photos on them. Crazily Illinois now allows Amish etc to have one without a photo. This was a new rule pushed by a Republican in an area with Amish in it. I believe that fingerprints should be on these cards also.

FJ - January 4, 2012

Support voter ID

Robert G. Brunton - January 4, 2012

It is evident that voter fraud occurs. Something must be done to stop it!!

Marti - January 4, 2012

Absolutely. Anyone wanting to exercise their right to vote should not be intimidated that they have to show an ID. I have to show an ID when I make a purchase on my credit card. What’s the big deal, unless one is trying to hide something. How can showing an ID be racist? Don’t all races drive or have some form of ID?

jim rauth - January 4, 2012

Yes …. There is NO reason why we should be required to present a photo ID when voting … This should eliminate dead people from voting !!!!!

Roberta Sherry-Scelza - January 4, 2012

Yes. A photo ID should be required. If necessary, these should be provided without charge. We are in great danger of voter-fraud I believe.

GARY - January 4, 2012


Ernie C. Johnson - January 4, 2012

Absolutely! All voters should have the proper ID to vote!

Roberta Sherry-Scelza - January 4, 2012

Yes, a photo ID should be required in order to vote. If necessary, this ID should be provided without charge. I believe we are in great danger of voter-fraud.

Jean Bender - January 4, 2012

They require picture ID to cash a check, to get Medical Treatment at the hospital and sometime at the Doctor’s office, and at the post office to get a passport, so why not to vote? The only reason the government doesn’t want to use picture ID is because the dead will not be allowed to vote for them.

Tony Rasavage - January 4, 2012

I have no problem in producing an ID in order for me to vote. I also believe that it would clean up the voting process and help eliminate the votes that are not valid. The only thing we have to deal with is voter cards that are invalid because they are counterfeit, but this could be stopped by checking for duplicate names and/or ID Numbers.

Dean Hobson - January 4, 2012

Of course, ID should be required in order to vote. But, we, in Washington State, have another issue – we vote entirely by mail, which opens the door for increased voter fraud.

Marvin Booth - January 4, 2012

This is just plain BULL. The poor whom they claim will hurt already have an ID card to get the services they get for nothing!

Sunny - January 4, 2012

The only reason to insist that voters should NOT have to produce a picture ID is to allow fraud. Period.

Marvin Booth - January 4, 2012

I think voter should by all means be required to show ID. The ID should be a very secure ID like with even a finger print or some other positive proof of who you are.

Carol Taylor - January 4, 2012


JeanneZ - January 4, 2012

I found very strange in the past few years at the polls that here were some officials there that I did not know. In the past it was always people I knew manning the polls year after year, who lived in the community or neighborhood and knew everyone or who they were. Now I find out that people who work at the polls are switched around to other polling places, doesn’t matter where you live in the county. So, that is one reason alone, ID should be necessary and put in place. Discrimination/ racialism has absolutely nothing to do with it. Eric Holder is an idiot and has Obama’s agenda in his scope, pure and simple., Anyway why is he still around? Shouldn’t he be in jail.

Ronald Edington - January 4, 2012

ID required:
Cash check
Open accounts
Receive loans
and more.
ID must be required of those who vote to elect those who establish laws.

Robert L Hull - January 4, 2012

I am in complete favor of the requirement to show a valid picture ID in order to vote. Most eligible voters have a driver’s license which provides picture, address, etc. If a person does not have a need for a driver’s license, he/she can obtain an ID card from the same DMV location.

Bruce Niehm - January 4, 2012

Yes, anyone who wants to vote in the United States must present a picture ID like a drivers license.

Don Kirchoff - January 4, 2012

I was an alternate election judge in a nearly 100% minority neighborhood in the last two elections. There seemed to be a highly positive attitude toward presenting photo ID’s in the next election (the first where it will be required). In fact many voters offered a picture ID in this election. Holder demeans the competency of minorities when he suggests they may have difficulty getting photo ID’s.

Sandie Crook - January 4, 2012

Without a doubt, we should present a picture ID to vote.

Dan - January 4, 2012

I have to show a govt-issued ID to get on a plane, buy Sudafed, or buy a MARTA ticket in Atlanta with a Credit Card… it should be no problem for anyone in the U.S. to show ID (if they’re here legally) to vote!!!

Tolbert Newman - January 4, 2012

Should have been required in every election in every state since voting for anything commenced. Cannot understand good people being against this in any way.

tony c. williams - January 4, 2012

I believe all should show some sort of Id. when voting. All who are voting should already have some sort of identification. Only those who do not have a ID would have to worry.

Chip McCoy - January 4, 2012

Voter photo I.D’s.might prevent dead people in Chicago from voting.(see 1960 Presidential election) This coming election (IMO) will be fraught gross voter fraud and make 1960 look like a minor oversight. Afterall, this justice department fights voter photo ID and releases guilty Black Panthers with billy clubs. Anyone see something wrong with this picture?

frank marks - January 4, 2012

yes photo id to vote is a necessity and shouold be issued at the state level.. not at the federallevel.. and each state should have an option to not participate..

ROBERT MCCARTHY - January 4, 2012


Kathy Fischer - January 4, 2012

Yes, I think this is a very good idea. Since decency and honesty is “out the window”, let’s prove that we are citizens and registered voters.

sally Fama - January 4, 2012

There’s absolutely no reason why citizens should reject ID verification to vote. It doesn’t cost anything and it insures a fair and legal vote. Those who do not have an ID, which is hard to believe, can easily obtain an ID for free.
I can only think of one reason why Eric Holder is fighting ID verification, and we all know what that reason is.

Ruth Atkinson - January 4, 2012

I cannot believe the lengths this admininstration has gone to in order to force its will upon the American people. Providing an ID in order to vote in an election is a minimum of protection for the country against illegals who try to vote but should not. Voter fraud has been a factor in almost every election in recent history. Photo ID would fo a long way toward eliminating the instance of voter fraud. I am sick of the race card being played by this administration and Mr. Holder. I am for any measure to tighten up the election fraud occurring in our country and lessening the vote-buying that we all know is prevalent.

Donna White - January 4, 2012

They need to stop all the fuss, I mean they have 11 months to get an ID. If they need to get a birth certificate to get and ID or any other information, they have plenty of time to do so. If money is an issue I’m sure there is a way around that too. Maybe Eric Holder needs to find a way for people that need help to get an ID, get that help. As many have already said, it’s very obvious that there are many out there in this honest (ha) government that want to keep it as easy as possible to cheat!!! Well there are more truley honest people in this country that want a honest vote, with some type of ID, and a way to make sure we get a fair vote, than there are those that want to cheat. When are we the majority going to take charge and make sure the RIGHT thing is done, and STOP the cheaters that continuously get there way just because they have a big mouth and absolutly no conscience. If people are to dumb and/or to lazy to get a proper ID, then they should not be allowed to vote anyway. What about all the illegals. No ID just opens to door for them to vote too. Next thing you know we’ll have a non citizen as our president!! Hummm seems I heard that before!!!

Christy Mizell - January 4, 2012

It is the LEAST we ought to have to do in order to vote.
The way they say everyone can be tracked now days, there ought to be ways to have on the computers anyone and everyone in the district that has moved or died so that kind of fraud can be stopped.
Dems are afraid they can’t win an election honestly is why they are playing the “race card”. They know it and we know it so let’s do something about it.

Maxine Clarke - January 4, 2012

Great comments-have nothing to add!

GEG - January 4, 2012

By all means. No ID, No vote.

Barbara Howarth - January 4, 2012

Yes every one should show their I.D. to vote. You show an I.D. to in a bank .to buy car Ins. and ect. Thank you…

Lois Sell - January 4, 2012

Voter ID’s are an excellent way to cut down on voter fraud. In 2008, I heard several individuals brag about how they voted 2 and 3 times, some even more times than that! I can just imagine how that type of behavior skewed the voting results, If people can manage to get to the casino to gamble and get a high rollers’ card, surely they can take a little time to go to the DMV and get a photo ID. You don’t need to have a vehicle either. My mother didn’t drive and she got a phote ID at the DMV so she could use her bus pass. Just how much do people value the privilege of voting? And there are plenty of programs in place for the underprivileged to provide a ride to the DMZ for the ID.

I really can’t think of a solid reason why you wouldn’t want to require a photo ID so you could vote. Democrats have got to stop making everyone a victim. This is not racially motivated. It’s just common sense.

Mike Sheahen - January 4, 2012

To have to show photo ID of yourself to cross the U.S. border at Niagra, in either direction; to have to show photo ID of yourself to transact at banks; to have to show a photo ID of yourself in transactions with any arm or agency of and/or associated with any level of government; to have to show photo ID of yourself to buy or pay for anything else, from food to adult beverages, to you name it, any or all of that is acceptable, especially when the protection and integrity of people, public and private institutions, and interactions with them are cited, but not when it comes when it comes to the protection and integrity of both the legally elligible individual citizen’s right to private vote and the voting process?

That’s like saying it’s ok to require the same thing for almost everything, except when it comes to the protection and integrity of the legally elligible (and living) individual’s right to vote and the voting process, which is not only contradictory but so also leads to ruin by the corrupt.

Judith Weiss - January 4, 2012

We must have Voter ID. and stop Holder and Obama.

Judith Weiss

Bruce Glass - January 4, 2012

There has always been a saying in Chicago that goes like this…”Vote early…Vote Often”.
This push will upset Rahm.

Pat Earnest - January 4, 2012

I’ve voted in GA for 50 years and I believe I’ve had to show ID every time. I have to show a picture ID to use my credit card, or get a loan, or be admitted to the hospital. It’s not a matter of identity; it’s a matter of allowing only legal citizens to vote. People fought & died for us to have this right. I resent this administration making it a divisive issue. I would be in favor of a simple literacy test also.

Donald R. beaver - January 4, 2012

I am all for enacting a requirement for strict voter
ID laws . We know from recent attempts to stuff ballot boxes and the Federal Government dropping the case
We must have them.

Dee - January 4, 2012

All the hype about requiring people to show an ID will cause some to not vote…well they have to have an ID to get welfare, don’t they? And they have to have an ID to drive, don’t they? I would venture to say 99.9 percent of the adult people who would vote will have an ID…unless they are illegals (and they should not vote) OR there is intended fraud in the mix. I VOTE TO SHOW AN ID BEFORE CASTING A BALLOT.

Cloyd Rexrode, Jr. - January 4, 2012

Why is it that Holder, who has no right to mess with individual state laws, is aloud to pick and choose the issues he can go after? And why does it seem that those things that he chooses to pursue are mostly things that can end up being an advantage to his boss? I refuse to life in a socialist society! What do we have to do to send some of these people back were they came from? Why should anyone fear showing an ID to prove who they are, that they are an American citizen and that they have the right to vote and determine who should lead this country? The only one that I can think of is someone who has something to hide. Holder is so concerned about voter ID because if he can’t get rid of it, WE THE PEOPLE, will be getting rid of him and his boss!

e costa - January 4, 2012

YES, absolutely legal IDs need to be presented for voting. This is our only protection for a non-corrupt voting process.

Gary Terashita - January 4, 2012

Resistance to voter ID laws can only be rationally explained by the motive of perpetuating fraud.

Tom Wood, Hickory Hills, IL. - January 4, 2012

I think some sort of picture ID should be required. There’s too much fraud & corruption. According to Indiana’s Ayy. Gen., because of fraud Obama may not of had the signatures in the first place.

James Elliston - January 4, 2012

This should be law in every local, state, and federal election. The only reason Holder and Co., are fighting this is because they want illegals able to vote. They know, thru fraud, that this is one sure fire way to get Obama re-elected. God forbid that happens.

Rick / Michelle – California - January 4, 2012

Absolutely one should have to show ID to vote! What a travesty that we no longer have faith and trust that our vote counts, let alone they continue to have those that have no rights as us – BORN AND RAISED IN THE USA!! Used to think I was born in the USA NOT USSA!!!!! Chicago THUG politics and the cronies have to GO——-We as born citizens cannot allow this! Tell me what country I can go to that I could vote, get government subsidies, and own property????? NONE – so why do we allow this. I AM COMPLETELY OUTRAGED. Also, Eric H. has to go – should we mention the Black Panther intimidation from 2008????? This whole country is bass acKwards!!! ALL THOSE THAT DO NOT WANT TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION, OR OR RIGHTS CAN GO FIND ANOTHER COUNTRY TO LIVE IN – PLEASE LEAVE, AND LET US GET ON WITH LIFE!! SICK AND TIRED OF THE GOVERNMENT, POLITICIANS AND THE LOT!!!

Dave Langdon - January 4, 2012

Everyone in this country should have a picture ID if they want to vote. We have ssn’x and dirvers licenses and ID for banks and library cards. If the police can not identify you from the bad guys how can they do their jobs. They need to stop calling it voter ID as it a life ID and we should know that our neighbors are as legal as we areHow stupid would it be for no ID for sexual preditors? The Dems want to steal another election because they have done such a poor jobs they can not get the votes. Same old story

Donald McKeighen - January 4, 2012

Not just yes, but HELL YES! And not only should you have I.D., you should also pass a civics exam before being registered, more than half the people in this country who voted for the current administration did so to be a part of history without so much as passing knowledge of their own countrys history, if you don’t know who your state, local and federal representatives are or what your basic Constitutional rights are you have no business voting until you do.

john uhrhammer - January 4, 2012

YES on voter ID’s! Illegal aliens are just that “illegal”. Felons are not eligible to vote, that’s good. I was in a state where an incumbent senator said “vote early and often”. Where has integrity gone? I you are trying to hide “under the radar” why do we want to know your vote?
Fire Eric Holter!

Bruce Bregman - January 4, 2012

There should be no objections to having a govt. issued ID to vote. The vote is the most precious right (and obligation) of citizenship. Objectors are primarily those who denigrate and wish to devalue citizenship a la the motor voter laws.

Dennis Reicks - January 4, 2012

A photo ID must be required in order to vote in any American election. Democrat voter fraud is too rampant to let a “no ID” requirement to continue.
A photo ID should also be required to register to vote or to sign petitions. How else does Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck vote and sign petitions?

bob williams - January 4, 2012

Absolutely and unequivocally yes ! I think it is a shame that we don’t have more severe laws on the books to deal with anyone caught using fraudulent practices either registering voters or in the process of actually voting. After all, if we can’t count on the veracity of our electoral process, it becomes a slippery slope to a dictatorial regime.
HOWEVER, whats wrong with it being a state I.D. , I’m not in favor of national biometric cards or any other such animal. How about just a valid state drivers license?

Kathleen M. Tafur - January 4, 2012

I am in agreement with the need to provide a photo ID in order to vote. I believe voting is one of our most important privileges and responsibilities as Americans and this process deserves the highest form of integrity.

Jan Sutton - January 4, 2012

Of course photo ID should be shown. It’s ridiculous that there are greater restraints to cash a check than to vote. Although a silly issue on a superficial level, on a deeper level it is unsettling to see such a concerted effort to block perfectly reasonable requirements. Without photo ID, there is no accountability. Which looks like an effort to undermine free voting in the United States. Which is too incredible to be true.

Karen - January 4, 2012

Everywhere I do business I am required or requested to prove my identity, except when I go to place my vote. To me, that is absurd! I remember the first time I went to the polls and I was not asked for an ID, I made the clerk look at it anyway. I told her it was her responsibility to make sure I was who I said I was. She kindly looked at my ID and then looked up my information. I still show it everytime I go to the polls. It’s easier than saying my name that is always misunderstood and then me spelling my name. It’s right there on my ID in plain ENGLISH. The poll workers have no choice with me. They get to see my ID regardless. :o) Also, I don’t agree with voting by mail. To me, there is too much that can happen between the time you drop your ballot in the mail and election day, Including VOTER FRAUD! And, I certainly don’t like the voting computers, I usually ask for a paper ballot. With out a print out, there is no guarantee that the computer accepted my vote.

Olivia - January 4, 2012

I think that the only people that have a problem with Voter ID are those that would love to committ voter fraud… and I think that some liberals have already been involved in doing this on a massive scale. I believe that liberals are scared about making it harder to cheat a person into office…
During the last election I remember reading a news story about a bus with lots of people on it arriving to the voting booths (in a state without voter ID) that no one in the community recogized… and it was suspected that they had been brought in over state lines and voted illegally. I would not put it past Obama or other liberals to figure out a way to do somthing like that… to them the end justifies the means and they will do whatever it takes to get their way, even if it means breaking the rules.

O. H. Mittelberg - January 4, 2012

Yes, yes, by all means. It is a no brainer and would cut fraud and make elections more pure.

Ellis W. Moses - January 4, 2012

Absolutely agree with photo Id laws.

Samuel Sanna - January 4, 2012

No ID,no VOTE !!

Roger H. Hammer - January 4, 2012

I think it makes good sense to have voter ID as a requirement to vote in all states and DC. People have to show ID at nearly any place, business, government office, to police, etc., etc. It is absolutely “normal” thesse days to show ID. In no way does it imply or evidence discrimination of any sort.
Roger H.Hammer

Don Malchow - January 4, 2012


Jamie - January 4, 2012

Who is it exactly who is of voting age, yet is without some form of state-recognized ID? How much additional fraud would be revealed if these oherwise stalwart pillars of society were suddenly forced to vallidate their identities? I do not support a “national ID” but I insist on valid ID in order to vote. It is nobody’s particular interest to know for whom one is voting, but everyone’s broad interest to know that their leadership is installed by a valid electorate.

Ernest Thurston - January 4, 2012

The only reason to oppose positive ID for voters is for the purpose of committing fraud. I have to provide ID to enter most buildings in DC as a courier. I have to have ID to drive. I have to show an ID to check out a library book. If providing ID to vote is discriminatory than I guess all forms of ID are discriminatory. Of course this is totally illogical.

Kathy - January 4, 2012

I am an election judge in a small community. We make every effort to see that voters can identify themselves multiple ways. In large cities, many dead voters’ names are used to vote fraudulently. At the same time some of our military members serving overseas do not get counted. YES! Government-issued voter ID is a great practice and should be used. The current AG and corrupt Secretaries of State in many states only want to be able to funnel fraudulent votes to their chosen candidates.

Bilberry - January 4, 2012

Why was the Voting Rights Act of 1965 needed? It was so that all Americans, regardlees of race, could vote – without prerequisites and without intimidation. If voter ID is required, which was instituted by some precincts in this country in the past, then only non white Americans will have to have identification.

Richard Esplin - January 4, 2012

Valid ID should be required of all voters. That should be no problem for any honest citizen.

Steve & Steph Briscombe - January 4, 2012

I can see no reason why we all should not be required to show an I.D. We have to do so to go to a Dr., why not when we vote?

Larry Frazier - January 4, 2012

What is Eric Holder tryin to hide that warrants such feeble excuse to cast a shadow over a picture ID to vote unless those shadows that lurk amoug us whould like to sway the election their way, just like they do in Russia!

Robert Adams - January 4, 2012

I show my ID many times a month with out my consent. I would feel it a pleasure and priviledge to do so to vote. Voting is a priviledge afforded by citizenship which I do not take lightly.

Ron Waksmunski - January 4, 2012

After the 2008 election, having voter ID is a no brainer. We should not tolerate voter fraud in the voting booth!!

Robert Lebischak - January 4, 2012

The vote is the most important thing a citizen can do for their Country.Their vote change the course of a Nation, their vote could create a Nation. Everyone should be willing to show their ID to vote, to prove who they are.

Shirley Schmidt - January 4, 2012

Proof of our identity should be done without question. It is a safeguard against identity theft as well as proving the right to vote. And it is a RIGHT that our forefathers fought for.

Dave Matz - January 4, 2012

Yes definately In my county they have a record book with your name and address which you must sign and show a drivers license that matches before you can vote. I think this is a great plan and should be implemented nationwide.

Paatrick M. Schott - January 4, 2012

Here in LA we have had a voter ID law for over 15 years with no problems or objections, Holder is an idiot.

Cliff - January 4, 2012

I have copies of my requesting FEC to make registration rules the same for all states such as must be registered to vote in your assigned precinct 30 days before elections so the precincts have time to prepare a list of voters and check them off as they come in to vote or check off from absentee ballots received.

Skip Litz - January 4, 2012

Absolutely, you should be required to show your photo ID before you are allowed to vote. You have to show it if you want to cash a check, don’t you? Well, your vote is far more valuable. Just as you don’t want someone else cashing your check, you don’t want someone else stealing your vote.

James Marshall - January 4, 2012

If no ID is required, then anyone can vote, often as many times as they want. It is a “no brainer” to require identification for voting. Our elections should be determined by those who are legitimate voters, not those who are either illegal residents; or those using the name of a deceased person. Look at how many elections are decided by just a few votes. Those “few” illegitimate voters can sway an election, defrauding the legitimate voters of a valid result.
D. Marshall, 4JAN2012

Var St. Jeor - January 4, 2012

Voting should be restricted to citizenship. One votes in the country in which they hold citizenship. Having a photo ID of government origin is the most logical method available to assure citizenship, and that no one is voting fraudulently. This, of course presumes an honest government. * However, empowering government in this way could, in theory, allow government to control who gets a photo ID regardless of citizenship. Despot governments of the past have denied “citizens” the official paperwork to prove their citizenship. If our government degrades any more than it has, I would not be surprised if this sort of thing developed in the US. Being pro gun, or pro life, or some other criteria could be the president a Despot government uses to initiate such a program. V. St. Jeor, Minnesota.

Ben Roth - January 4, 2012

Yes ID should be required

Ruth Pharis - January 4, 2012

An ID is required in so many instances that it would be unusual for a person not to have one. Eric Holder is trying to create a problem when there isn’t one. Voter fraud is a problem and an ID is the best way to stop it.

merold - January 4, 2012

The only problem is who will issue the ID card and how. I don’t trust anybody anymore. If the democrats can commit so much voter fraud in so many places why not control the issuance of voter cards and provide fraudulent cards??

Barry Champagne - January 4, 2012

President Obama himself that we needed to have some skin in the game. Having a photo ID to me is having some skin in the game. If one isn’t willing to go to the trouble of getting a photo ID then they don’t deserve the privilege of voting. The lack of a photo ID is inviting fraud , period.

Jeff Yetter - January 4, 2012

Gosh– let’s examine this. In order to exercise one’s duly held constitutional right to to purchase a firearm one must present a MINIMUM of one form of I.D.(besides being shaken down by the Feds). To fly on a private sector owned aircraft one must show an acccepted, specific form of I.D. So,would it be untoward to be expected to provide I.D. for that most basic form of democratic exercise? If it reduces the number of frauds voting for Obama in the next election, I’M ALL FOR IT!

Patricia Moore - January 4, 2012

I have no problem with showing my ID! You must show an ID when cashing, a check, getting on an Airplane, plus when you charge something on a credit card. So showing an ID when going to vote is fine! It is also good to show a police officer an ID when stopped for a violation! Proof of your right to vote should be a no-brainer! But then, Obama & his cronies could not buy their votes & therefore but the election!

James E. Snowberger - January 4, 2012

Absolutely, voters should be who they say they are. We are sick and tired of voter fraud, our government using race to get their way, and generally buying votes with their continued use of race as an excuse.

Alan W. - January 4, 2012

This is a no-brainer. But it is also interesting that Holder wants to look into this supposed problem, but not into the voter intimidation cases. His hypocricy contiues unfettered.

[email protected] - January 4, 2012

i believe it is imperative to have positive identification at a polling place. folks have to have ID to collect checks, cash checks, get benefits, etc, etc…why not to exercise their most important task as a citizen — just to ensure they are actually getting the chance to vote themselves instead of being defrauded.

Tim Dressel - January 4, 2012

This is a real no-brainer: No voter ID = election fraud! If only we could get a national voter ID law on the books BEFORE Nov. 6. With it, we could send Obama & his cronies packing. Without it, there will always be doubt as to whether any US election is free of corruption.

Mack - January 4, 2012

YES you must present a vaild, pictured ID to vote. I have to; you have to so THEY have to… For check cashing, deposits, insurance, air travel, police stops, liquor, tobacco, lottery winning… Hey, you can’t provide one, you are FOREVER BAN FROM COLLECTING ANY “HELP” FUNDING,STAMPS/VOUCHERS and SSI/Social Security. GET OVER IT; get an ID!!

Jim Casper - January 4, 2012

I have to show an ID to fly, to cash a check, to use my credit card, to pick up registered mail; I think the least we should do is make a voter prove who they are. This further protects our most basic prinicpal in this great Republic.

Judith Averett - January 4, 2012

A person has to show ID for any number of other things or places a person goes and does. I really can’t understand why there is any argument about it. To me it is an obvious ploy to claim “racism”.

Harold O’Hayre - January 4, 2012

Yes – Americans should be required to present a government-issued ID to vote.

A.J. Newmanh - January 4, 2012

This question is so absolutely ridiculous that I’m suprized you or anyone even ask it. How can we keep multiple votes by one person from occurring without it?

Riz in AZ - January 4, 2012

Voting is a sacred civic obligation and privilege that must be reserved for LEGAL citizens of the state or nation. This is so blatantly obvious that I question the motives of anyone objecting to a policy that will ensure the integrity of the system. So what is Mr. Holder’s real motive?

Chris - January 4, 2012

Sorry, for not elevating the conversation…

Randy Ridlen - January 4, 2012

This type of “common sense” mandate is long overdue!

Alan Bartley - January 4, 2012

I’m a member of the Heritage Foundation and you say after i spent all of that time posting a comment that i was posting my comment too fast. I also was respectfull, just told the truth. That seems to not be sheik now days.

David Van Tassell - January 4, 2012

Photo ID for voters should have been a law many, many, many years ago. Maybe there would be fewer dead people voting and a lot less Mickey Mouse voting.

Annabelle Kelson - January 4, 2012

I vote in every election, and I have to prove who I am. What could make it racial profiling? With proven fraud as has been pointed out, it is more important than ever to have ID. One vote for each person!

Elly Ross - January 4, 2012

We have to show ID for everything else, why not for voting??? Racism has nothing to do with it. Only those that are “legal” in this country (regardless of race) should have the privilege to vote and that means, rich, middle class, AND THE POOR. If you’re LEGAL, what’s your problem??? This administration is against the showing of ID because they derive a great percentage of their their votes from people who CANNOT show ID (like illegals). If the REAL issue was about being biased against those who could not afford to pay for ID the government should provide them with free ID so they can have the privilege of voting as long as they are US Citizens. Who would have a problem with that????

Mark Kappler - January 4, 2012

Yes — definitely.

Gary Cave - January 4, 2012

I fully support the picture ID concept (drivers licence, etc.) of voter identification. It is needed to weed out fraud and corruption at the polling place! It is being used successfully here in Indiana for about 6 years with NO problems! It should be passed on a state by state basis, or else pass a special Constitutional amendment. If Florida had it in 2000, Gore’s people never would be able to rig the election.

cathy sheffert - January 4, 2012

Our state provides a printout of registered voters that you have to sign to vote. Validation of registered voter should be done! Once signed, one vote. Simple. I suggest all states do this!

Joseph L Jonas - January 4, 2012

You should definitely have to present some sort of picrure I. D. to vote.

Mike Budnicki - January 4, 2012

Absolutely we should insist on voter ID Laws. Esecialy given the to say the least suspicous actions of the current administration and the fierce push back from Democrats is completly unreasonable and un-called for in the interest of legitimate elections, after all, why would anyone object to insuring as best to our ability legitimate elections esecially given past incidents and groups which oddly enough turn to originate with Democratic organizations to begin with.

Dick Julian - January 4, 2012

Yes, voter ID should be required. My early days were spent in Chicago, where voter fraud was rampant. I’d like to see fraud of any kind reduced drastically. A voter ID requirement would be a huge assist. The arguments in favor are overwhelming and those against are specious.

Kristi Lambrecht - January 4, 2012

I D’s should be required … and … can also be counterfeited!

Terri - January 4, 2012

I firmly believe that we definitely need voters to show some type of government issued photo ID whether it be at the polls or receiving and submitting an absentee ballot.

If the goverment can require us to show valid photo ID before we board a plane and even require us to take off our shoes to combat terrorism, showing a valid photo ID is the only way that we have available to protect our elections from becoming corrupt like elections held in third world countries.

Sadly, this attorney general selectively enforces the law as he chooses. Airline passengers are also subjected to random body searches, yet the AG won’t enforce our border laws. Rather, he prosecutes state, federal and local law enforcement officials who are enforcing our border protection laws and protecting the property and safety of individuals who are legally in this country.

Jack Leishear - January 4, 2012

Absolutley Yes!! I would go a step further and require that to vote one needed to prove that income taxes were paid in the preceeding year.

Sylvia Berggren - January 4, 2012

I have always felt you need to prove who you are to vote. I have been voting for over 50 years and have had to show my ID on different times. The only reason to object to an ID is because you want to cheat & we know Holder & Obama want to. I live in Vegas and I believe thats how Reid got elected again.

James H. - January 4, 2012

Yes, picture ID. It’s about time! End the fraud propagated by ACORN and others.

Dale R - January 4, 2012

With the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, it is unbelievable to me that this should be a question!!!

If you are so stupid, that you can’t provide some form of ID, you shouldn’t be voting.


david clasen - January 4, 2012

We definitely should have some sort of proof of identity to vote. Photo ID should be a part of this ID. We have got to get a handle on this voter situation. This is a right, not a privilege but with proper laws under our Constitution.
By the way, why is Holder still holding office after the “Fast and Furious” debacle hearings? Are we still going after the facts and ‘people’ involved. It has become quiet like so many investigations into the Obama administration. Why don’t we persue these Chicago Gangstas.

Donald Thrailkill - January 4, 2012

Absolutely, potential voters should have to show voter IDs before they are eligible to vote.

Faith Bierbaum - January 4, 2012

Yes, you need ID at the doctor’s office, to get a car registered, to purchase beer, etc. The dems don’t want voter ID because the dead would be unable to vote. Let’s keep elections honest. Let’s keep SOMETHING honest in this country. I’m proud of who I am . . . a voting, ID producing (I even have a birth certificate) American citizen.

BRYAN NORMAN - January 4, 2012

It is insane to think you should be able to vote without some sort of ID to validate who you are and that you are a legal citizen. Insane!

Linda Pyter - January 4, 2012

There is not one good reason why a voter should’t produce a voter ID. Photo ID is requird for check cashing, driver’s license, entry to an airplane and multiple other daily functions. I have to have a photo security pass to get into my place of employment. Anyone opposing photo ID for voting must be up to no good, maybe the Chicago way, vote and vote often.

Bonita - January 4, 2012

With everyone on this blog agreeing that Americans need to adopt the premise that a voter’s photographic I.D. is a good idea, then WHY are so many states allowing voters to vote without it???

Aren’t we voters? Are we NOT voting on local government proposals and for those who we elect to represent us?

Then why are you not telling them:

“You’re NOT going to take this anymore!!!????”

Brenda Miller - January 4, 2012

I absolutely believe we should show an ID in order to vote. We have to do it when we go to a new doctor! Why not to vote? In VA we do not have to show it yet, but I showed mine anyway at the last election in November just to start the trend. It needs to happen.

Robert & Carla Trutt - January 4, 2012

VOTERS MUST furnish photo ID or PASSPORT to vote!
Yes, a photo ID should be required in order to vote.
This ID should be provided without charge.
I believe we are in great danger of voter-fraud.

Mary Martin - January 4, 2012

Several unimportant activities require a picture ID. Something as important as voting for an individual to represent one even in a local election, should require a picture ID. Easy to obtain and very important for the integrity of our vote.

William Bell - January 4, 2012


R. K. Smith - January 4, 2012

Voter I D scares the left beyond measure, they know it will be a detriment to their candidate no matter who it may be.

Len. Roche - January 4, 2012

There is nothing wrong with requiring a person to prove his or her legality to vote in an American election

LaVerne Backes - January 4, 2012

What is there to fear about providing proper identification? Even at that, there will be those who commit fraud with phony identification resources. At least we can make it harder for them.

Jonathan Dyckman - January 4, 2012

The law should include 3 things:
(1) Voter registration should require the full social security number (current registration forms only require the last 4 digits) and these numbers should be verified with the social security office (the IRS does this);
(2) Voters should present photo ID when they show up to vote; and
(3) Boards of Elections should be required to periodically check with County Clerk’s offices to find out who died and remove deceased individuals from voter rolls.
Such a law would bring to a grinding halt the voter fraud being perpetrated by ACORN and other left-wing organizations.

Marje Danielson - January 4, 2012

Photo ID would prevent fraud at the voting booth.

Thomas Spiers - January 4, 2012

Having an ID to vote puts more honesty in the person that is voting. (Not everyone would try to get a fake ID) After all, you have to have this type of ID to board an airplane. The only reason Holder wants to bypass an ID is that he may want to make it easier for some to vote more than once.

Robert - January 4, 2012

Require an official ID, not necessarily federally issued. E.G. Drivers License. Anything that proves one to be a true, authentic or Naturalized American, period. No two ways about it. We need Holder and his goon squad members out of here – along with their leader who put them in office. And that is just for starters.No more “Micky Mouse and Donald Duck” voting and contributing as in the last election (that was suppose to be investigated by the FBI and swept under the rug). “America for Americans” throw the bums out of office ASAP! The horrendous price paid to maintain our freedom to vote ought to be respected with the highest regard and never forgotten. We must do what can be done to protect that investment. To do otherwise is to shirk out handed-down duty. God Bless America! (Whew. Thanks for this opportunity.)

Gerry Braasch - January 4, 2012

I cannot understand why anyone would be against showing proper photo ID at the voting polls. Look at all of the other activities that we, as citizens, are required to show proper ID to transact functions everyday of our lives. The only reason for not agreeing would be to purposely commit voter fraud, and I’m sure we have a lot of that going on.

k coleman - January 4, 2012

of course everyone should show ID!!! how else would the vote center know if your registered and eligble to vote legally. i had to show more ID to get my son signed into little league than it takes to run for an be elected to president of the U>S>A>

Gene Engelbrecht - January 4, 2012

YES,YES,YES without a doubt all voters should have a positive I.D. However in states that have mailin voting there may be a problem, but I’m sure someone can figure that one out.

J. K. Johnston - January 4, 2012

The only way to STOP voter fraud is to require proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. That creates the “rolls.” Then when voting, a photo ID must be shown to the recorders at the polling place that matches the name and address on the rolls. No registration–no vote. No photo ID matching the rolls–no vote. That means that you must go to the polling place and voting by mail must be abolished. If we are not willing to implement these requirements to vote then votor fruad will continue. Simple as that! Voting is a privledge and duty of all citizens.

Charles Greer - January 4, 2012

ABSOLUTELY! You have to show ID for most
everything. Impeach HOLDER!

Don - January 4, 2012

If voter IDs are required then the Government should be responsible and required to make sure all citizens received an ID. People should not be charged for the privilege to vote. In fact the constitution that we are so proud of looks dimly on that subject. So if we have IDs, then lets go all over the country and make sure people get those IDs. Since there is little voter fraud it looks like there are those that wish to stuff the ballot box by making this move. All Americans should resist that. I do like the idea of showing your social security card as an ID.

C.S. Morris - January 4, 2012

Of course a picture ID should be required! And it should state that the person is a citizen, not just a resident [legal or not].

amazedamerican - January 4, 2012

Of course we should show ID. I live in FL and we have had to show our ID for yeas. They areal so strict about the absentee ballots. What a crybaby e holder is. A crybaby racist.

Barbara - January 4, 2012

Those who do not have a drivers licence can get a picture ID from their state government. I believe it is available throught he DMV but not positive.

James S Allen - January 4, 2012

A Photo ID should be required, it makes sense. If we don’t require it we will continue to have wide spread voter fraud.

f Dial - January 4, 2012

Yes, there is no excuse for not requiring ID to vote. We don’t need Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler voting in our elections (as in Wisconsin’s recent recall “signatures.”)

dee - January 4, 2012

if you look at the requirements to pick up a welfare check, or a social security check., or Chip or any other government benefit….or to cash a check or to use a credit card…one must show ID….GIVE ME A is a priveledge earned by honest following the laws to become a citizen

Joann Aldridge - January 4, 2012

I definitely think voters should be required to show a picture ID, to prevent fraud. It is not racist to require it. We need to show a picture ID when we go for a mammogram!!
This should not be a “hardship” for anyone–we need a picture ID for many things today.

LaVerne Merrill - January 4, 2012

I feel we should incorporate voter ID. It has become apparent in the last elections that there is great fraud taking place, which has changed the results for many candidates. This is not acceptable in a country that has always had Christian principles and freedom.

Paul Edward K. - January 4, 2012

Only true legal American citizens should be aloud to vote for national elections. The federal government should insure that there is no voter fraud, It seems that it would be in the best interest of American values and interests to protect against fraud. The latest modern systems should be employed to guarantee this. If this means photo ID’s then so be it but this ID should not necessary to carry around as in a police state.

Lorena Steffen - January 4, 2012

Absolutely! Acorn showed us last election how important it is to show identification when you vote!

Ken Rodgers - January 4, 2012

ID requirement is a no-brainer. No ID=FRAUD! I need an ID for beer and voting is much more important (to most of us) than beer.

Buggs Bunny - January 4, 2012

Voter fraud is rampant in California where there is no requirement to show your identification. The DMV is run by Mexicans that give CA license to anyone and everyone. The very meaning and value of US citizenship is at stake. Democrats will lie cheat and steal to win elections!

Tim Roberts - January 4, 2012

Why would anyone be afraid to show one’s ID to vote? With so many illegal aliens inside the US’s borders potentially able to cast bogus votes, the answer is Yes, of course ID should be required.

PKW - January 4, 2012

Absolutely we should present our government issued ID. It is a requirement to drive and most stores request your ID to verify a credit card purchase.

Joseph maco - January 4, 2012

The right to vote should not be taken lightly, nor should it be abused by individuals or political operatives. The protection that a vote is cast legally is the basis for our entire democratic process. What better way to protect this right than to require identification? The political machines have already figured out ways to scam the system. Motor Voter registration is one way that non citizens have infiltrated the voting rolls. Students voting by absentee ballots in their home states, and then again where they are going to school is all to common. Polling place officials are forced to let everyone vote, and only hope that someone can later verify the fraudulent or multiple votes.

Theresa Schmalshof - January 4, 2012

I have no problem having to produce an I.D.
What’s the big deal? We have to give out our social security number all the time. It would be harder to commit fraud.
Eric Holder is only protecting his cronies. Eric Holder and Obama has to go!!

Marilyn Barker - January 5, 2012

Unfortunately, this needs to be done. There’s too many dead people’s and children’s ssn’s being stolen and used just for this purpose among other things. Obama and his “gang” do not want this to be required. How else could they win? I will say there is NO NEED for an ID chip to be used. I don’t believe we need to go that far.

Peter A. Lowry - January 5, 2012

It only makes sense that positive government issued identification of a voter be required. Banks require it for transactions at their windows to protect its legitimate customers from theft or fraud. The same is true for voting. Of course organizations like ACORN encourage voter fraud. Positive ID would help to prevent this.

Nick Di Benedetto - January 5, 2012

Eric Holder is just another of the many reasons why all Americans should vote Mr. Obama out. With the possible exceptions of Lous Farrakhan, Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Mr. Obama himself, I can’t thnik of another person worse for America as Attorney General.

Tim Lamb - January 5, 2012

The nicest thing that I can say about Holder and Obama is that, in my opinion, they are both crooks!! And yes, it IS there plan to steal the election! Why not,we have let them get away with all the other crooked deals so far!!!

Rick - January 5, 2012

I have no problem showing my photo ID when voting. Mr. Holder is just doing what any good wing-man would do. Sometime in the future, many new jobs will hopefully be created when all the orange suits needed for these outstanding government officials are required to meet their lodging needs .

Rebecca Morris - January 5, 2012

Absolutely!! Americans should present ID to vote!!

Charlene Baker - January 5, 2012

Yes, Americans should be required to have govt. issued identification in order to vote.

Al Clarke - January 5, 2012

Of course. No brainer.

Janice Dempsey - January 5, 2012

It’s absolutely insane to think that one should be able to vote without presenting a valid ID. Voting is a privilege and comes with at a small degree of responsibility. I’m so tired of the current administration playing the race card. Do they think it wasn’t racist to vote for the current president because he’s black?

Kathleen A Muench - January 5, 2012

Yes, I believe that voter ID is a good idea.

Larry O’Connell - January 5, 2012

Voting is one of the important things we can do as American’s. If a person does not place enough importance on voting as to not get ID, they should not be able to vote. Purchasing anything by check requires a photo ID, and that can be for an item as little as a few dollars.

Voter fraud is real, I don’t want my vote cancelled by fraud.

H Ronald Harris - January 5, 2012

You have to show you identification if you get stopped by the police, cash a check, open an account or just about anything else you can think of. We need to prove who we are to vote, otherwise our elected officials will be voted into office by our enemies, if he hasn’t already been!

Patti - January 5, 2012

An absolutely resounding “YES.” I reiterate what Bj has written. I grew up and continue to live in Chicago. This is the only way for them to win re-election… by voting often and having dead people vote!

ORVAL MOSBY - January 5, 2012

Absolutely, We need to use our IDs to vote. We have to have an ID to varify many of our purchases using a credit card, to stay at places of lodging, to cash checks with tellers in banks, etc. Varifying that we are who we state we are when voting is ever bit as important if not more than what I have listed above.

Jeff Sachs - January 5, 2012

I am in full support of voter id verification
Also voters MUST be US citizens!! This is basic and it is amazing we have slipped to the point we even think of allowing non Citizen and no ID. There is so much voter fraud we must do this and this has NOTHING to do with discrimination even if it did it is too bad we need to verify!

diane munkirs - January 5, 2012

I can’t believe this is a questiion……we need id to board a plane…this civic duty and prevlige should be more important than boarding a plane.

Joel Marlowe - January 5, 2012

I absolutely believe voters should show government issued ID before being allowed to vote in any election held in the United States of America.

ElizabethThomas - January 5, 2012

yes, we should have to show a valid I D in order to vote.

Hilary Atkin - January 5, 2012

I would LIKE to show ID when voting, it would slow down the fraud. It is such an important act that requires no proof of who is voting, I want to be sure my vote IS from me not someone using my name. I would support the law. I would suggest Social Security cards need a fingerprint ID since that is such a deep fraud hole.

Doug Nicholson - January 5, 2012

Recently, counties in 26 states were chastised by the federal government and ordered to provide voting aids and ballots in languages other than English. The taxpayers should not have to shell out their hard earned tax dollars to provide either instruction in English or government printed materials in other languages. A question: Who is allowed to vote in the United States? If one was born here, the chances that one could reach voting age without being able to speak and read English are practically nil. If one is a naturalized citizen, he or she must, as part of the naturalization exam, demonstrate that they can both read and write English. This begs the question; for whom are these voting aids and ballots being printed, hmmmmm?

Justine - January 5, 2012

If one is in the US legitimately and has permission to vote then he/she should not have a problem showing proper ID. A lawabiding taxpaying, voting citizen would expect and want that for their security and country. One needs photo ID when doing just about any legit business. How should voting in our elections be a lesser act, not requiring proper ID? What have they got to hide??

Sandra Driscoll - January 5, 2012

Voter fraud is real, and it should be required that all voters show their photo IDs. NOT A BIG DEAL! But it is a big deal for those who are not citizens to vote. And unfortunately it is also a big deal for those who try to get out the vote by enabling non-citizens to vote. Ballot stuffing has been a problem which has not been resolved in many areas of our country. It is Government’s responsibility to ensure that all voters are legal and that all votes are counted.

G Gillespie - January 5, 2012

Of course. A Photo ID and The Finger in the INK Well as well. Here in Philly people brag all the time about voting more than once and the Dems love it.

Gary R Benca - January 5, 2012

Of course voters should be required to show identification before being allowed to vote. It is evident that you only invite manipulation at the polls when I.D’s are not required. We show identification for almost any tranaction imaginable, from cashing a check to entering a 24 hour fitness facility. Elections have already been plagued with fraudulent ballots that have tipped the scales of an election. i. D,’ s would be at least be deterent in the manipulation of elections.
Gary R Benca

Mark Warner - January 5, 2012

Is it possible that those who oppose new voter ID laws fear not that lawful voters without ID’s will be disenfranchised but that unlawful voters and fraudulent votes that they depend on for support will be lost?

Richard L. Peabody - January 5, 2012

I carry three photo ID’s in my wallet, banks, some stores, and to be sure officers at traffic stops reguire photo ID’s, so why not when voting. Those that fight for no photo ID’s have their heads in the sand. In RI try to buy a beer without a phote ID showing your DOB. The open door policy of the USA for people should stop.

Joseph McKennan - January 5, 2012

I have wondered since 1971 why I was not required to provide proof that I am what I claim to be. That is when I became a registered voter. A drivers license should be REQUIRED. Voting is not just a right it is a civic responsibility. I do not believe a non-resident should have a vote

Joyce Swanson - January 5, 2012

Yes, voters must be identified. Otherwise the ballot box can be stuffed with dead people, duplicate people, or just plain made up people. One person, one vote. Especially today when people don’t even know their neighbors! I am a poll worker and need to know that the person voting is who he says he is.

Lucinda Daly - January 5, 2012

We have to show ID for almost every other thing we do…why not show ID to vote.

Tonie - January 5, 2012

If you cannot prove who you are then you cannot qualify for free social programs, who are the Dems trying to fool – certainly not a conservative.
The only people who cannot show legal ID are people who want/not need to cheat the system.

Thank you for the sounding board,


Lee Sucharda - January 5, 2012

The right to vote doesn’t mean anyone. You must be of age and a citizen. Felons can’t vote and illegal immigrants don’t qualify. Seems like voter ID is a pretty easy solution.

vernon - January 5, 2012

With one or two words voter ID nonsense could be greatly reduced.
Drivers licenses, student ID’s, any government ID just add the words “resident” or Non-resident”.
Those (over 12 years of age) refusing to carry any ID in today’s environment are very suspect in my mind.

Irvin Vaughn - January 5, 2012

I Louisiana we have to show a photo ID, so what’s the big deal? Since voting is the single most important a US Citizen has, yes a Valid ID must be required!

R&JK - January 5, 2012


Pearl Martindale - January 5, 2012

All voters should have a picture identification. If you drive, your picture is on your drivers license and if you don’t drive an identification card is available for many purposes through the revenue department which issues driver licenses. As a worker at polls and as a voting citizen I have never had a problem proving my identification to the poll workers.

Stan Lakey - January 5, 2012

State ID cards are offered by most states in lieu of drivers licenses. Any citizen can get one. No big deal if you really want to vote. Are racist policies preventing people from obtaining ID-or do the people not care enough about voting to go to the trouble. Illegal aliens are not a “race”; they are a group of people from various countries who choose to violate our laws.

It would seem the AG wants to insure that illegals get to vote.

Kathy H - January 5, 2012

Everyone has to show ID to vote in Switzerland. Sometimes I am greeted by name by the polling officials as I walk into the polling place, but they still ask me to stop & show the required ID. The U.S. will have to work to make sure the VERY small minority of voters get the appropriate ID but the risk of voter fraud OVERWHELMS every honest voter.

Robert F Johnson - January 5, 2012

Only citizens have a right to vote. We have no problem showing our ID.

K. Robert Seaberg - January 5, 2012

Voter ID absolutely should be required. Proof of identity is required for many transactions in this country and it is ridiculous not to be required to prove who you are when exercising your right to vote.

Tim Nye - January 5, 2012

I believe that only US citizens of legal age should have the right to vote requiring a legit ID to prove it.

Dave Anderson - January 5, 2012

I have always been a believer and promoter of COMMON SENSE. The common sense involved here
leads sensible people to conclude that, when a population — large or small — is voting, each individual should be qualified to vote. Unqualified voters cancel the votes of qualified voters. Mulitiple-voting voters do even more damage. The common sense answer is that a requiring an ID to vote better insures the best result for our elections.

Charles Dewald - January 5, 2012

I agree with a number of respondents who say that requiring voter identification would severely limit democratic victories which rely on the votes of dead people and their pets to win elections.

Rick Mac Donald - January 5, 2012

I believe in a valid picture ID. I believe they should be state issued & controlled, not Federal.

Last Presidential election was analyzed by George Mason University, Department of Public & Internal Affairs. The result was that the elegable voter turnout of 56.3%. Further analysis proved a “wopping 8.6% votes were later proved to be from non-citizens. Enough to swing the tally in favor of the Republican candidate.

Further analysis shows that President Obama actually recieved 30.1% of the total eligable voters vote (McCain 26.7%). We should not lose sight that only 30% of Americans voted for Obama/Democratic, not a vast majority of Americans!

Judy Gitchel - January 5, 2012

The words “government issued” worry me a little. However, in Wisconsin a photo ID card is not that difficult to obtain. I do believe that something with one’s photograph and current address should be presented before a ballot is issued or a computer is unlocked.
I do miss the experience of living where one of the poll workers always knew you so fraud was impossible.

[email protected] - January 5, 2012

Requiring a voter ID is in not discriminatory. It is sane, sound and fair.

William A. Herrick - January 5, 2012

Voters should show ID to vote to insure only individuals with the right to vote can vote a vote only once per election.

Lloyd Scallan - January 5, 2012

Only one reason Dems oppose photo ID to vote. The Dems need fraud to win.

Walter Raffel - January 5, 2012

Voter ID is the logical way to assure a fair and honest election.

Ruby Nissley - January 5, 2012


joseph - January 5, 2012

A person in the USA must provide a form of identification (i.e. usually a driver’s license) to cash a check, board a plane, pick up a package from the post office, but somehow the democratic party has convinced America that providing a driver’s license to vote is somehow racist. There are even some states that currently still provide a driver’s license to people who are in the country illegally and those individuals must provide some picture identification to obtain the license. But somehow, providing a driver’s license is racist? If we do not value our republic by protecting it from fraud, the American People can assure their children that America will be a 3rd world country in the future.

Mike Fields - January 5, 2012

Since we have the Motor Voter law and Absentee balloting I do not believe I.D. cards would prevent most voter fraud . That said I don’t think it is a bad idea , just a red herring since most voter fraud is through Absentee ballots anyway .

James Baker - January 5, 2012

The only people who should fear providing a valid ID are those who are not authorized to vote (Noncitizens). Maybe the administration should reevaluate their motives, are they trying to buy votes?

Carol Copeland - January 5, 2012

We all have to show ID for banking, credit card use, etc. Why not to vote? I think it is a great idea!

Nancy Radke - January 5, 2012

I live in Washington State. When our Democrat (NOT spelled or pronounced Democratic!) governor did not beat the Republican nominee, she had the votes recounted three times until they had “found” enough for her to win. So now they’ve switched to mail-in ballots. If you live in a heavily Republican area, you do wise to take your ballot to a Democrat area’s drop box. Otherwise, they manage to lose the mail-in ballots from an entire area, like they did to Issaquah during the 2008 elections. We have more ballots cast than people registered. For mail-in ballots, I would recommend a fingerprint square, where you have to ink your finger and put it on the signed form. They separate the ballot from the signature, but at least people might think twice before voting for the dead. I HATE mail-in ballots. It makes it too easy to commit fraud. Also, extra ballots are printed up, to be marked for the losing Democrat, so we see astonishing late surges here in this state. Do the Republicans need to learn how to do voter fraud? We couldn’t beat the Democrats at it — they’ve got it down to an art. But learning how, maybe we could stop some of their shenanigans.

Patricia Montenegro - January 5, 2012

Everyone should be required to present an ID when voting. I’m old enough so that I remember being required to show my driver’s license when going to vote. I don’t know when that stopped, but it never should have. It only makes sense. As far as racial prejudice, that’s ridiculous. EVERYONE, whether black, brown, red, green, purple, or whatever color would be required to show an ID, so there is no prejudice, but equal responsibility. We HAVE to do what’s necessary to make sure that the people voting are who they way they are, and that they only vote once!

P. Montenegro

JW - January 5, 2012

The only reason why Holder/Obama don’t want voter ID is so they can win re-election. That’s the only way they can win and it’s the way they won the first time around! If a person doesn’t want to show ID in order to vote, they don’t deserve the privilege of voting!

Clarence Johnson - January 5, 2012

Requiring a picture ID is one of the best ways to prevent voting fraud – no more voting by Mickey Mouse or the dead.

JAS - January 5, 2012

Yes, I believe a picture ID is absolutely necessary to ensure that there is no possibility of fraud.

Mary Long - January 5, 2012

Yes. Voter I.D. should be required. I.D.’s are required for everything else. My mother just went to the court house to get a copy of my brother’s birth certificate and 2 i.d.s were requested. In Illinois if you have no driver’s license, you can get a state issued i.d.

JAS - January 5, 2012

Yes, I believe that a picture ID is absolutely necessary to insure that there will be no possibility of fraud.

J. Manning - January 5, 2012

Everyone who votes should have to show ID.You have to show ID when you get on an airplane , cash a check and I recently had to show it when I picked up merchandise at Best Buy.Eric Holder needs a new job.

Karen Daniel - January 5, 2012

It’s harder to cheat when a voter ID is required. We are from Chicago and live the Chicago way of doing politics on a daily basis. Honest people have no problem producing necessary documents. We need voter ID now more than ever. The coming election is going to be the ugliest in history. We have only one more shot to save this country and we know Obama will do anything and everything he can to get re-elected. Voter fraud is right up his alley.

Mike McDonald - January 5, 2012

Yes to voter ID – it makes sense…………

Dona O’Gorman - January 5, 2012

There is no reason why we shouldn’t show I.D. to vote. We are having a problem with voter fraud and it’s far more prevalent than we would like to admit. This is the simplest way to correct the problem. People who don’t want this are the very people who are advocating the fraud.

Barbara Rogus - January 5, 2012

There are many forms of ID required for various reasons.
Drivers license, Social Security, to enter buildings, i.e.,
White House, news buildings, communications sites,
so why not the voting booth. After all the voting citizen is as important, if not more, than those who carrying
an employment specific ID.

of these other locations.

Gail Turner - January 5, 2012

People who have nothing to hide have
no problem producing proof of their identity. I am 100% for showing proper ID for voting. We are required to do it for many other things!
G. Turner

Carl Bowhay - January 5, 2012

Why do you think Obama is still funding the renamed “ACORN” group? Who needs voter fraud? Of course if some RINOS were not afraid also, we would have had an investigation by now and there would not be a question if an ID would be necessary to vote.

Roger Jack Young - January 5, 2012

When I was looking for work during the 80’s and 90’s as an R & D Electronic Technician in the Silicon Valley of California I had to prove that I was a citizen of the U.S.
I have no problem with proving my citizenship to vote. I have not found one argument against Voter ID that makes any sense at all!

Nancy - January 5, 2012

I think it needs to go one step further, photo ID and CITIZENSHIP.

J.D.Morgan - January 5, 2012

The highest honor we have as American citizens is the privilege to vote! We need a photo ID to drive, to get on an airplane, to withdraw money from your own bank account, etc. etc. etc. Therefore, we must insist on having a national photo ID to vote or Marxist cronies Holder and Obama will be able to perpetuate more voter fraud. And I live in one of the states where big time voter fraud was prevalent in 2008!

Margaret B. - January 5, 2012

Having an ID to vote is just common sense. I’m proud to be a voting American!

John Knollenberg - January 5, 2012

You must show a photo ID to cash a check and for a multitude of purchases at a wide variety of stores and businesses throughout this country and elsewhere in this world. The Obama Admin is against this requirement as they are well aware they can only be re=elected by illegal voters.

Brian - January 5, 2012

I recently joined the new public library in Boise, ID and guess what Holder/ I had to show a photo ID. Is the library being racist? This AG must go, he is a total racist and ignores the law that he was appointed to enforce.

Paul Hoff - January 5, 2012


David R. Smith - January 5, 2012

Yes, voters should absolutely be required to prove their identity before being able to vote!

bob xyz - January 5, 2012

Yes, voter ID should be the law. Those who object are the ones involved in voter fraud.

John Bellotte - January 5, 2012

I strongly believe that voter ID with photo should be required to vote. It would cut out a lot of voter fraud. There also needs to be a way to verify absentee ballots and mail in ballots to make sure these people aren’t voting twice and are valid voters.

Dale Morrison - January 5, 2012


Ken LeForge - January 5, 2012

Voter ID is a must and no more racially motivated than applying for a passport. I grew up in Chicago and I know why Holder objects. He has armies of dead people and paid stooges very willing to break the law and vote early and often. It’s the Chicago way–and it works! Always has and always will.

Jean Martin - January 5, 2012

Every American who a legal resident has to present proof of identity to register. Showing a photo ID should be required to register and to vote. Only those who wish to defraud the voting process have a reason to object.

Race or ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

Russell Sutherland, mariposa, CA - January 5, 2012

a citizen without a photo ID card is a rarity these days and not one who is apt to be well informed. This opposition is strictly a politcal stunt of the Chicago political class.

George A. Gaun - January 5, 2012

voter ID makes sense. No exceptions.

Joe Snyder - January 5, 2012

All states should require legal citizens to be registered to vote and show that registration when intending to vote.
Every person must show proof of citizenship when registering. Lets stop fiddling around.

martha erwin - January 5, 2012


Keith Lauderbach - January 5, 2012

If you want to vote in our technological world, you need a certified US ID.

ellen clarke - January 5, 2012

I absolutely agree that every voter should show a picture ID. You need an ID to get health care, to purchase something with a credit card, to drive a car, to get a library card, to enroll in college, to get a gun permit. It is unthinkable that in order to vote as American citizens we do not have to show a government issued ID.Attorney General Holder,s reasoning is totally flawed and purely political.

Ross Magrane - January 5, 2012

In light of Acorn, voter ID should be Law and if the so called poor can collect welfare they should have no problem getting a valid ID. Unless there is fraud there also.

Mac Garrison - January 5, 2012

For years the Democrat Party in NC has utilized voter fraud to elect their candidates. No honest individual should object to proper voter picture ID.

paul m willouer - January 5, 2012

A proper I.D. is certainly in order for voting privledges.

Jim Lovell - January 5, 2012

Where are the adults in the room, of course a valid ID should be required, and to call a requirement for an ID as racist is deplorabe and dispicable. Unfortunately, we have an Attorney General who appears to be the most vocal racist in an administration where the race card seems to be a tool to attack anyone who disagrees with their policies. The administration, especially in this matter have acted in a dispicable manner, with our AG the most despicable player in the game.

Roger W. Sheaffer - January 5, 2012

Requiring an ID in order to vote should be mandatory.

Betse Lanier - January 5, 2012

All voters should be required to show photo identification! It is used to buy alcohol. fly on airplanes and get food stamps. The only reason to deny a photo identification law is to enable voter fraud–not just illegals but voter fraud!

Curt Nylander - January 5, 2012

YES. Of course. Not only should a government issued photo ID be required to vote, but one which clearly states that the person is a CITIZEN.

As others have said, this is a “no-brainer”, which pretty much says it all for this administration.

John R. Nagelkirk - January 5, 2012

Yes, absolutely. Every voter should have a picture ID to vote, and every picture ID should indicate whether a person is a US citizen.

Dennis Shimp - January 5, 2012

The AG indcates it is intimidating to certain voters to require proof of ID and uses this opinion to try to circumvent the process, thereby guaranteeing voter fraud! How does this fear of intimidation correlate to the actions of the New Black Panther Party during the not-so -distant election, with their baton-wielding presence? It appears a fair, legitimate process is not his objective, but to try to influence the outcome surely seem clear!

John Jelinski - January 5, 2012

In the days of the founding of the country, only men owning property could vote. The intent to limit the voters to knowledgeable individuals is obvious. Today we are more broader minded, but consider the previous fact in light of a saying that is accredited to Benjamin Franklin; “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

No only must we require voter ID, we must limit the vote to the people who will pay for the consequences of the election. No income taxed paid = No right to vote.

james s. carlyle - January 5, 2012

An ID should be mandatory for voting in any election in the USA

Stan K - January 5, 2012

Where is the AG or ACLU when you need them? All the poor people out there that can’t purchase a decongestant with the letter D after it without a photo ID…there must be many disenfranchised allergy sufferers out there!

Henry M. Duvall - January 5, 2012

Democrat elites know they have absolutely no convincing argument against Voter ID Laws. They, with help from Holder, are just trying hard to find votes from “illegals”, “unidentifieds”, and all those who don’t want their warrents and parole officers to find them. I would really love much broader exposure of this truth this critical campaign year. Wisdom, substance, and character left the White House 3 years ago and we need to find them again and bring them home.

Darwin Tennant - January 5, 2012

There should be no doubt that proper identification be provided in every election. The only ones that object are the ones that want to defraud the election process, possibly by an illegal alien.

larry jackson - January 6, 2012

It’s time these greddy politians start listening to the people who voted them in . And Hell yes you should have to have a I.D. and and a legal I.D. to vote.

William Grey - January 6, 2012

I have worked in polling precincts and have seen first hand people coiming into the precinct to vote using the name of a person who had not voted yet. Voter ID’s should be mandatory. Only people with something to hide or trying to defraud the system are against this requirement.

BILL KOHRMAN - January 6, 2012

To Obama, Holder, Reid, et al: Me thinks thou dost protest too much.
To those who suggest using Social Security cards: NO – too many agencies are using it now and Federal law says this isn’t to be – but who cares about laws these days.

VIVIAN RICE - January 6, 2012


Charlie - January 6, 2012

The fact that a voter needs an ID to cast a vote has absolutely nothing to do with profiling or discrimination. With the fed govt completely failing to control illegal immigration, an ID card is essential for many reasons. The fact that police check for valid identification at a traffic pull-over is a good thing. If a person is a citizen, that person should have proper identification to prove it at all times. My mid-20’s grandson must show a picture ID even when he simply buys a glass of beer. I am glad someone is checking to weed out illegal aliens in our country—they should not be here, period. I always have two picture ID’s on my person,. It is no big deal to show them. The Obama administration is a bane to our nation’s sovereignty. Arizona and Alabama have the correct approach. Salute!

Charlie, (retired Navy, Virginia)

Pat - January 6, 2012

Definitely voters should show a valid ID before voting. Citizens have to show an ID to cash a check, to drive a car, to get a job, to go into the hospital, to buy liquor or cigarettes. It’s time we are made to show valid ID for the most important act of all: TO VOTE!.

Kathleen Hamilton - January 6, 2012

Unfortunately we have come to a point in this country where it is necessary to require proof of voter eligibility in order to know that the true “voice of the people” is being heard.

Kenneth Bittle - January 6, 2012

Yes it should be requried too vote as an American, you should produce an ID or not be alowed to vote. Hussian has no proof of even being an American. He is not even legal too be president, or to vote himself.

Pamela Caviness - January 6, 2012

PC – Yes, provide an photo voter ID; however, we are seeing counterfeited Drivers Licenses by the tens of thousands in the mid south city where I work. Proof of right to vote will not erase the problem here.

robert smolinsky - January 6, 2012

Voting is a privlege that should be only extended to citizens of our country. It has become a major task to prove who you are to get a drivers license replaced or renewed and equally or more difficult to aquire a gun permit, yet voting locations have signs stating “not voter will be turned away”. Disregarding the integrity of the voting process is as dangerous as the lack of monitoring drivers licenses and gun permits.

Glenn Davis - January 6, 2012

Every state should institute the photo ID law. We can only hope that many more states will before the presidential election.

Darlene Brian - January 6, 2012

That is a good idea and I believe it will help to stop fraud voting.

Jim Foster - January 6, 2012

We pass laws and have rules but the liberal govt’ does not follow up and enforce. If you make a rule you must follow up with enforcement, otherwise don’t waste time making the rule and you have complete chaos.

Ruth Regen - January 6, 2012

We have to show photo ID for many circumstances why not for the greatest privalege we have? The Vote

T. Brown - January 6, 2012

Of course we should! ID is required for welfare benefits, to cash a check and sometimes to use a credit card or debit card. Most states will provide free or low cost “State ID cards” with pictures to those who don’t drive. With the rights go RESPONSIBILITIES!!

D. Miller - January 6, 2012

If ever there was a no brainer, this should be it! Of course, those who are LEGAL and LIVING American Citizens should have a Picture ID, legally produced by a legal institution to be able to vote. Any such person would have no problem with that. The only problem it presents is to those who would commit fraud and steal elections. Undoubtedly, this is what happened in the 2008 Presidential Election. We cannot allow that to happen for 2012. We must produce a picture ID for almost every other kind of important transaction. What is more important than stopping voter fraud for the election of the person to the hightest office in our Land.
God bless America! God save America!

Donna L. Rott - January 6, 2012

I believe we should have to have a positive ID (typically a picture ID) when we vote. We live in a rural community and therefore all the election judges know us when we vote, but those in higher population areas are more than likely to be unknown to any of the election judges. Therefore it’s essential to have a positive ID.

Frank Paolini - January 6, 2012

Only citizens have the right to vote; they should prove their American citizenship.

Sally Galias - January 6, 2012

I am 68 years old. When I turned 21 in 1964, I had to go to the Supervisor of Elections office and furnish my birth certificate and marriage certificate in order to register to vote. I still have my original (maiden name), voter registration card, and my present card..
This is how it should be. Legal documents showing you are a U. S. citizen must be required.

Anne M Lepre - January 7, 2012

Yes, everyone needs to show proof of who they are to vote.Why is it such a hardship to provide ID? I’m asked for it on a regular basis, for many situations. But if you want to commit voter fraud, I can see why you would be against showing ID.

Juliana Leach - January 7, 2012

There can be no valid, trustworthy reason against the requirement of voter ID. Politicians should be ashamed of the devious methods they use to get votes.

Teresa Jackson - January 7, 2012

Yes, a government issued identification is at least one tool to prevent voter fraud. With the forged signatures in Indiana for Obama to be on the ballot, maybe the whole process needs to be reviewed. I am especially concerned about illegals voting.

Leonard Vitel - January 7, 2012

When I was growing up I took it for granted that elections were honest. Sadly, I have become greatly disillusioned. What price we pay for the lack of good sense? I thought the right ideas would always win out.

Dee - January 7, 2012

Yes, proving that you are a U.S. citizen should be proved to be able to vote. There is nothing wrong with proving who you are.When you write a check or stopped by the police for whatever reason. That is just the way it is.Only people with something to hide are the ones that complain.No one should be allowed to vote unless they are a citizen and registered.Of course when the top man is illegal, what else can you expect?

Sharon Abraham - January 7, 2012

They do in my state of Ohio. I think its a good idea. Otherwise how do they know you are who you say you are? If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can get a state ID card.

Carol Wolpert - January 7, 2012

The only way to stop voter fraud is to require voter ID.

Dana Ray - January 7, 2012

I have to present ID for far less important things than voting so I see no problem with presenting my ID when voting. If I had no drivers license I’d have a regular ID card that I could easily get at the courthouse. There is no motivation other then the libs wanting the illegals to vote for them and getting other votes that are fraudulant. The libs are out of control.

Dana Ray - January 7, 2012

You have to register to vote, why would you not have to show ID when you go to the polls?

J E Houser - January 8, 2012

Re: ID Card:


Anthony Curcio - January 8, 2012

Why is this even an issue? People have to show id’s everyday for all kinds of transactions. Proving who you are at the polling place so they can match you up with your voters information should be a requirement.

Dan Castleberry - January 8, 2012

Is it really so hard to figure out that the citizen-enemies are against the positive identification and they are aided by a very weak congress. There no no polite words to carry the weight of disappointment in the congressional failure to put the ID requirement in place. SO, GROW UP!

Carmen Rioux - January 8, 2012

Absolutely! NO photo ID … NO voting allowed! I also believe that the SS card not be accepted as it is not a photo ID.

Kathleen Hill - January 8, 2012

We have to present a valid photo ID before we can board an airline…We have to present the same for obtaining just about anything in this country, so it should go without question that yes WE should provide proof that we have the right to vote for our representatives. It is absurd for Eric Holder or anyone to suggest otherwise!

Laura Potter - January 8, 2012

We absolutly need voter ID. Soon!

Kistine Cornelius - January 8, 2012

I am for Americans to be required to presemnt a goverment isued ID in order to vote.

Linda - January 9, 2012

YES!!!!!!!! You need an I.D. for everything else.

Michael J Stare - January 9, 2012

In order to safeguard the most sacred obligation of a United States citizen the requirement to produce a valid photo ID at the polling place should be without question.

Dale Huebner - January 9, 2012

Yes, yes, yes and h— yes!!

Robert R. Kelly - January 9, 2012

YES, every American should be proud to identify himself as an eligable voter with a verifiable government certificate. It’s required for most other important activities!!!!

Allen B - January 10, 2012

YES! To me it’s just common sense to get more integrity into the process of voting. Even then, someone will try to cheat on the system.

JW Estes - January 10, 2012

This is the law in most states as it should be in all states. It makes me wonder about the true agenda of the folks railing against such a common sense requirement. I bet they have no problem finding an ID to collect welfare to buy booze and cigarettes.

Jackson TX - January 10, 2012

Should Americans be required to present a government-issued ID to vote?
I will keep my answer clear and concise with no apology or explanation: “YES”

Chris Little - January 11, 2012

Everyone should be required to provide a government issued identification card. This is the same card you would have to potentially provide to buy a pack of cig. or beer at any 7-11. I see nothing racist about this.

Mary Kinser - January 11, 2012

This is a no-brainer…of course voter ID’s should be required. Actually having an ID should expedite the process particularly if SocSec cards are used w/a chip that could be read; another opportunity for electronic record keeping sure beats turning pages plus a chance to better check on who has what number[s]

Rebecca Fahlin - January 12, 2012

Eric Holder and the Obama Administration race baiting on this issue is so bogus!!! If you are a legal U.S. citizen to obtain either a drivers licsense or if you are a non-driver a state id card is no big deal. All you do is fill out the form, pay the fee, take the eye exam if you are getting a drivers liscense, and have your picture taken. I haven’t heard how doing that is a burden to any particular race. Has anyone? Duh!!!! So if you are not out to commit voter fraud, why should you baulk at showing your id?

rUaCHRISTaphobe - January 12, 2012

Funny you should ask. On January 4th the Daily Commercial from Leesburg, Florida reported that Department of Homeland Security and Federal Protective Service officers armed with semiautomatic weapons set up unannounced ID checkpoints at the Social Security Office in Leesburg, Florida.. Why is it ok for DHS to check IDs randomly and any tom dick and harry can show up at voting places and expect not showing their IDs?

marie davis - January 12, 2012

i would oppose any kind of national identification system. that said i beleive a state ID to vote is common sense. i have not yet been able to figure out the discussion since i have had to show state ID to vote for years now (ohio). also i can not deposit or cash a check without ID, even in accounts ive had for 20+ yrs. i cant get a job without an ID. SO I am not sure how one could do much of anything. if we are talking poor–working poor??how did you get a job without an ID. if we are talking welfare??? how is it the govt is doling out money to folks it cant identify?? woulding ID be the first thing we give???

David Heiner - January 12, 2012

If a person has no id how can they expect to get prescription drugs, wellfare if needed, or social security and medicare. Can’t believe theres that many folks out there without id. The libs just want to be able to cheat as usual because thats what they do.

Robert Seklemian - January 13, 2012

Voter ID should be required to vote. Whether bias exists locally in the issuance of the ID is another issue.

Loretta Casavan - January 13, 2012

I totally agree that a government issued voter identification card should be required and shown at the voter location before being allowed to vole. It is the only way to make sure that legal citizens who are registered legally to vote are the people who are voting. Since the Obama administration wants to grant amnesty to all the illegal immigrants who were allowed over the border, guess who will win the next presidential election if they are allowed to stay in the USA?! All illegal immigrants should be forced to return the country they came from and apply for USA citizenship through the normal legal channels available to all applicants for citizenship in the USA. That is the only logical and legal way to handle immigration into our wonderful country.

Don Walker - January 14, 2012

Picture ID is a must whereI vote already and I think it’s a must for EVERY voter!

Sidney Dubin - January 16, 2012

Of course one should have to ID oneself in order to vote. The only reason it is an issue is so that illegals who are stealing from the taxpayers can vote for the thieves who take from the productive to give to” the needy deserving ” law breakers.

Beverly Jones - January 20, 2012

Vter registration card and a picture ID should be required for every election in every state. PERIOD-

Heidi - April 21, 2012

I absolutely beiieve there should be photo ID for any person who wishes to vote. I also believe there should be a report run on all names registered to vote against a list of felons who are inelligible to vote prior to election day to make sure there is a decrease in the voter fraud prevailent in the prior elections.

Marvin Israel - March 27, 2014

Holder is just using the same old ,worn, dog-eared page out of the Democrap/liberal playbook of accusing your opponent of doing what they have been doing all along.

Donald Pace - December 20, 2015

Voter ID rallies are needed

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