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How important is it to have alternative sources to the mainstream media?



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Mary Heale - November 3, 2017

It’s amazing to me how controlled the main stream media is. If the liberal agenda is not furthered by whatever is news, those who tune in only to msm do not even know of its existence, calling any alternative “fake news.” It’s truly frightening how the media controls the public.

Paul Wolf - November 3, 2017

How important? Personally, I rely on nothing but alternatives to mainstream media. I, therefore, think that it’s extremely important.

Berry Swantner - November 3, 2017

Right now is a perfect example of the
need for alternative media. Former DNC
chairman Donna Brazil has written a
bombshell book showing Hillary Clinton
campaign was rigged and laundering
money and not a word from MS media.
Can you imagine the headlines if this
was a conservative?

ROBERT MCWAIN - November 3, 2017

I cancelled my newspaper.

stephen palmer - November 4, 2017

How important indeed !!! The mainstream media as we all know haven’t put out a real factual account of anything for years now. There is no integrity, morals and facts being reported by the mainstream media.. I am old enough to remember when media spoke the truth and had integrity, but no more, it has turned into a liberal/communist , biased way to put down twisted stories that so many people believe. There are some real information organizations where the truth is being told (like heritage, hillsdale college) just to name two. So scrap those liberal dem assholes and tune them out.

Elliot Timms - November 4, 2017

It seems that mainstream media over the last several decades has become more and more biased; one sided, and not really news as much as it is talk shows and opinion pieces. If it weren’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be able to find anything credible or impartial to make an informed decision on anything. It’s unfortunate that I have to find accurate news reporting on my own and that it’s so easy for anyone to get falsified information so readily available on TV. That’s why I don’t watch TV anymore….since I was a teenager. It’s also very alarming that social media and the internet are being censored by Google and YouTube, Facebook & Twitter. Especially when it comes to conservative points of view or anything that doesn’t reflect liberalism. They block comments or censor speakers for being “inappropriate” and not “meeting guidelines” to “harmful speech.” That’s why mainstream media is losing so many viewers because people are rejecting it; but, if social media gets controlled like the media, then it will be near impossible to project and transmit other points of view.

Jerry Metcalf - November 4, 2017

Yes, Very important.

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