Heritage’s Joseph Story Distinguished Lecture is named for Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, considered a father of the notion of judicial restraint. Previous lecturers have included Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Anthony Kennedy, and Judge Robert Bork. Last year, then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh delivered the lecture.

This year, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, gave a lecture on the state of the judicial confirmation process in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings. He details how America reached the state of politicization and obstruction that plagues today’s nomination process. The divide between the conservative and the liberal approach to nominations has caused friction between the two sides, and Sen. Hatch gives his take on what the future of the process will look like.

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What changes should be made to avoid the liberal tricks that occurred during the Kavanaugh hearings?

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Greg Brewer - November 2, 2018

Why have this process? Just vote.

Karen - November 2, 2018

Do not allow the circus into the hearing building. Just have reviews of what the record of potential judges are, and do not allow nasty people in to just torture or chase away a good person or no one will run again.

Sara Barnett - November 3, 2018

Thank you Herritage for all that you do.. I see our country on the verge of being lost, not understanding why people aren’t more interested in what is going on,and getting involved. I watch the Kavanaugh hearings almost in its entirety. thank God, he was appointed. I don’t understand the liberals.

Phyllis - November 3, 2018

Confirmation hearings should be closed to protesters, as should all the halls of Congress, when they are in session and trying to do their Constitutional duties. Committee members should be courteous, dignified and respectful as they interview and challenge nominees, even with those they oppose.

Alan Feuerwerker - November 3, 2018

Those who made false testimony should be put in jail. Those who leaked information illegally should be put in jail. No passes!! Those who set up the above knowingly should be put in jail. And those who vote for the above kind of people have “blood on their hands”.

L J Bevans - November 3, 2018

The Senators should be held accountable for the people they “invite” into the hearing room galley. Who exactly gave passes to all those protestors? Publish their names. Fine them, and have them pay the costs for the police. The demonstrations were staged and pre-planned. Someone authorized for these disruptors to be there.

Michael Zonfrillo - November 3, 2018

Senator Hatch made the point that it has been 30 years of conservative bashing when it comes to Constitutionalist, conservative justice nominations. Many have indicated that it is because the Democrat Party cannot pass laws that the American People approve. The only way we’re going to stop this kind of behavior by the Democrats is to find out what, when and who was behind this outrageous smear tactic. There must be some law or laws that were broken if only perjury so that the American people will know that this was a total sham that attempted to destroy an innocent person. I do not imply that this is vengeance but a search for the truth so that it would deter future use of these kinds of tactics. Also, we need to rain in the news media who are obviously complicit in this effort along with the deep state that has corrupted the DOJ and FBI, and other departments within the federal government.

James Bratten - November 3, 2018

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are not allowed to filibuster a nominee… no statements or grand-standing; if you do not have a question for the nominee, stay silent. This isn’t about YOU or your political party.
False testimony or false accusations should be prosecuted under the law.

Billie Jo Amato - November 4, 2018

There should be charges filed and costs incurred for obstruction of legal proceedings and charges of slander with punishment for those who knowingly lie and bring accusations that cannot be proven. Where there is a cost, the behavior will change.

Cap - November 7, 2018

I agree with Michael. The Democrats can’t get their laws passed through Congress because the American people wouldn’t approve. So their only avenue is thru the courts with judges who have the same ideology. I don’t see how things can get better. How can you be agreeable with someone who is disagreeable.

Carrlyn L. Ward - November 7, 2018

Have we dropped the ball? All the work to catch the bad guys. But, No justice for the FBI, Adam Shift, the fake investigation, the dossier, Mueller, Obama, Spying and on and on? And, now, the Dems have already said they are going after Trump! More gridlock! Resist not Assist Trump to keep making America Great! Drain the Swamp-But, we don’t. All this will just be swept under the rug again. They win!

Daniel Madden - November 10, 2018

Prosecute perjurers and those who suborned purgery as example for the future. Blasey-Ford and her ex-FBI helper should both be given detailed polygraph tests to show that the six week delay was spent planning false testimony.

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