You read that right. Raul Castro pardoned us. Over the weekend, the Cuban dictator granted the United States of America a pardon for the embargo we enacted on Cuba.

And President Obama shook the dictator’s hand:

Photo: NPR

This thaw in relations does nothing for the Cuban people or America’s interests, but rather serves to bolster Obama’s personal legacy.

“Barack Obama is simply in a rush to create a legacy for himself,” Heritage Foundation expert Mike Gonzalez told “He found time to meet with Mr. Castro, but he didn’t have time to meet with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

And how has President Obama affected the dictator’s future plans for Cuba? Gonzalez warns that it will be much of the same: “Raul Castro is a family man, like ‘Don Corleone’ – he is now setting up his pieces and Obama has given him an assist in how to perpetrate that.”

What kind of foreign policy legacy do you think President Obama will have?

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Jerry Metcalf - April 17, 2015

none I hope.

David Jones - April 17, 2015

At our current borrowing rate it is anticipated we will be at 20 T and maxed out on meeting our debt service.

I can not imagine in any way obama would have a legacy other than destroying our nation.

Marvin Dean Cox - April 17, 2015

President Obama’s legacy will exceed only Jimmy Carter’s legacy, in both foreign policy (444 days as a hostage of Iran for Carter vs letting Iran get nuclear weapons for Obama) and domestic economic policy (Obama’s true inflation rivals Carter’s and his unemployment rate rivals Hoover’s).

Patriot9090 - April 17, 2015

Spreading Socialism and Communism and enabling those who should be regarded as detrimental and enemies of the United States and our system of government.

Wayne Lentz - April 17, 2015

I believe history will show Oboma the worst president yet. You can already see his policy making things much worst in the Middle East . All the American lives and treasures waisted by this man. A national disgrace. How he got in twice as president shows what uninformed voters can do to a nation!

Truman Trekell - April 17, 2015

Sadly, the empty suit occupying the oval office will likely have his foreign policy deemed “The weakest and worst foreign policy since Teddy Roosevelt

Andrew Goodman - April 17, 2015

You’re right. They shouldn’t be pardoning us, we should be pardoning them for everything they have done that is bad. Rather, maybe we should be seeking a pardon from the native peoples of North America, who’s land we stole, and people we murdered?

Karen - April 17, 2015

He has done more harm to America
than any other president in my lifetime.

Bill Nations - April 17, 2015

I expect Mr. Obama will be remembered as a little socialist man, advised by marxists
and anarchists, who had several real chances to improve mankind–and
missed all of them.

loretta jeglinski - April 17, 2015

How anyone can have praise for Obama is beyond me. He does not seem to have any approval for our Country and all these democrats who support him should be voted out of office.

Jake Bender - April 17, 2015

The Middle East is on fire. Russia is rebuilding it’s empire of darkness. China is militarizing the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The press acts as if these are misfortunes that happened to befall the Obama administration. Legacy, indeedl History will get it right.

Dave - April 17, 2015

Obama’s legacy resembles Canine offal and will be remembered the same. I never thought that anyone would make Carter look good by comparison!

Jerome Lorenz - April 17, 2015

The triumph of “Leading from Behind” will challenge Neville Chamberlain for dangerous ineptitude………

mike hayek - April 17, 2015

It seems the Obama legacy will be worse than Carter’s legacy only because Obama is doing more. The more he does, the worse his legacy. The question is, will we every be the same and can we survive everything that is being done?

Richard - April 17, 2015

It’s pretty hard to have a foreign policy legacy when you don’t have a cohesive, clearly articulated foreign policy! It seems to me like he is representing the interests of foreign nations (some of which are our enemies) much better than he is the interests of the American people. Whether intentional or clueless, it’s diminished the reputation of America as a world power. I never thought I would live long enough to see a President who knew less about foreign policy than one Jimmy Carter; unfortunately, I was wrong. The man currently occupying the WH is detrimental to both our national interests and the security and safety of our nation.

Robert Roark - April 17, 2015

It will be the worst legacy in American history, in concept, rationality, and execution.

Robert Hammons - April 17, 2015

What foreign policy? I didn’t realize golf was a policy.

Richard Carroll - April 17, 2015

President Obama’s foreign policy legacy will be an embarrassment to the United States. He negotiates a nuclear deal with Iran without Congressional consent, seems to ignore or offend nations with whom we’ve been allies since the end of World War II, and seeks to appease forces that threaten democracy.

Jim Sawyer - April 18, 2015

President Obama’s legacy should include a trial for treason after he leaves the /White House.. We might not get a conviction, but if we sell tickets the net cost to the taxpayer might be minimal.

Diana Jones - April 18, 2015

Diana Jones
Obama’s interests are me, myself, and I – he cares nothing about the USA or its citizens unless he can buy their votes. His policy seems to be “who can I bow down to today”.

Helen F Murphy - April 18, 2015

Obama will be remembered as the worst president ever in my opinion. He has done his best to rule against the US’s best interests. He shows a total lack of judgement and pure stupidity in foreign policies.

Earle Pomeroy - April 18, 2015

What legacy. Just a great going away party.

Lewis Harper - April 18, 2015

His foreign policy (if a unified theme or position exits) will likely be mismatched historical glyphs created to promote his personal view of his own image. His legacy will be his inability to create one of positive substance – he will not leave this country in a better place.

Don Volz - April 18, 2015

Obama’s REAL legacy will be one of utter, absolute failure. The left-wing media and other progressive apologists will work hard to spin it otherwise, but it will be clear to any objective observer that the Obama will leave the USA and its allies far more vulnerable, and the world far less stable, than before he took over.

Gail Carpenter - April 18, 2015

Everything Obama has his hands on turns into a disaster. Never in my lifetime have I ever questioned any presidents love of country until now.
Even race relations in this country have suffered under him when in reality they should have been improving greatly. Our once mighty nation has plummeted and the world is now a much more dangerous place, thanks to Obama. This is his legacy.

mark kimball - April 19, 2015

He has no other interest other than destroying this country! The really sad part is the republican’s are sitting around doing nothing! The day will come when we have to fight for our freedom again. Will see how well the liberal’s fair in that.

Otto E. Behunin - April 19, 2015


Ann Maran - April 20, 2015

If his legacy is left to the liberal media, I am sure he will come out smelling like a rose but I hope organizations like yours will be able to tell the truth about what a disaster he has been, not only for our country, but for the world!

James T Young - April 23, 2015

I do not understand why every senator and
congressman is not standing up and
demanding that obama leave office right
now because he is destroying our country
and everything that our country stands for.
I am not the only one that feels this way.

Bill Rachford - April 27, 2015

None that will be an good. What a waste of eight years!!!

Loretta Bates - April 27, 2015

It is a shame that we have presidents past and present who really do not have a legacy to leave. How many of our younger generations who may feel they would like to be president some day would want to pattern their lives after such as Obama, Carter and/or Clinton?

Lawrence J Wanner - August 15, 2015

None! I hope! No teals!

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