This week House Republicans released their health care bill to replace Obamacare. It’s terrible.

Heritage health care expert, Ed Haislmaier, explains why the proposed bill does not fix the failings of Obamacare.

The key problem with the draft House health care bill is that it fails to correct the features of Obamacare that drove up health insurance costs. Instead, it mainly tweaks Obamacare’s financing and subsidy structure.

Basically, the bill focuses on protecting those who gained subsidized coverage through the law’s exchange subsidies and Medicaid expansion, while failing to correct Obamacare’s misguided insurance regulations that drove up premiums for Americans buying coverage without government subsidies.

That is both a policy problem and a political problem.

Read Ed’s full explanation to find out why this bill fails to address Obamacare’s issues.

Why do you think House leadership proposed a bill like this?

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Mike Desmond - March 10, 2017

The House Republicans proposed a weak bill to revise ACA because those members are exempt from the provisions of ACA such that they do not feel the pain and understand how ACA is harming health plans.

Bill Sutton - March 10, 2017

Very disappointing that the Rhino party has again stood in the way of Free market health care! The conservatives in congress continue be ignored! Block grant the states to fund those who can not afford to by insurance! Let Health Care companies set the standards and menu. Pre exciting plans blow a hole in manage cost. States Need to support the difference! Catastrophic care need to be funded by individual states similar to FEMA flood insurance!

galen walley - March 10, 2017

trying to hurry through–so to take a break in April; they should stay the cource and work out a better plan for replacing ‘Obama Care’–say look at Rand Pauls plan !?

Glenn H. Gage - March 10, 2017

Much has been made of the refundable tax credits including in the current version of the Obamacare “Replacement” bill. Generally I am against subsidies, credits or whatever such as this. I wish to put that aside for a minute.
The argument for the credit is to “equalize” the treatment of insurance individuals might purchase as individuals with what others receive from their employers. I do not understand this argument. So I need your help.
Yes on average employers who provide insurance to their employees cover say 60% to 80% (plus of minus) of the cost of the coverage. Larger employees cover this cost via self-insurance and small employees via insurance. The difference between the two is all about risk management. The important point is both groups of employers are able to deduct from their tax bills whatever they pay to cover the employees.
An individual purchasing coverage directly would pay 100% of the cost.
So back to the argument. What is the difference causing the need for the Government to provide a tax credit to those purchasing in the open market vs obtaining from their employer? To cover the cost of the coverage that the employer pays.

If I have this right then this proposal will encourage employers to drop coverage (especially if the makeup of their workforce is lower income folks) so that the employee can go to the private market and get the tax credit. The unintended consequences will be for employers to drop coverage and push the employee to the individual market.

What am I missing?

James Dress - March 10, 2017

Republicans clearly missed the mark on Obamacare after making it one of their main issues the past 7 years!

Julie W - March 10, 2017

The Republican leadership are RINOS and have always been afraid of their own shadows. They have not done the right thing for the American people in years, caring only about their political futures. There are very few true statesmen left. Republicans were given a gift in November: control of both the legislative and executive branches of government. It has taken them less than 2 months to squander it. If they mess this up, just call us the Whig Party, and we all know how that turned out!

Richard Swarthe - March 10, 2017

I believe that the GOP leadership has, perhaps without realizing it, bought into many of the underlying left wing beliefs.
Perhaps they also do not have the confidence that Conservative ideas win elections.

Keith Best - March 10, 2017

According to Speaker Ryan, this is only the 1st of 3 phases. Maybe you should mention that FACT!!!

Jack Mullen - March 10, 2017

Finding a way to protect an insured who has already been insured, but who is moving to a new plan due to change of employment, discovered to have a pre existing condition covered by the previous plan makes some sense. That individual had the sense or luck to be insured and is only continuing to be insured. Perhaps some reasonable method could be devised for a previously insured party to be able to continue coverage when a circumstance like changing employment or an employer ceasing to provide coverage occurs. Letting an uninsured person purchase insurance after a condition is discovered makes no sense a all.

Greg Weinman - March 10, 2017

Budget reconciliation doe NOT allow amendment of the ACA “Basic Plan” with it’s “10 Essential Benefits” NO bill conforming to the Byrd Rule may contain non financial items. In addition those bills must pay for themselves after 10 years of contain a sunset. The House has NO choice if it wants to remove financial burdens the ACA levied upon the US Econlmy.

Frank Shull - March 10, 2017

I believe that the bill was proposed in this manner to follow a step process to protect those most susceptible to need, prepare the way to final repeal / replacement and get a fair representation in a constitutional process, as intended by the framers.

PK brown - March 10, 2017

The republicans never planned on repealing obamacare and they won’t now unless they are pressured into sending a clean bill for president Trump to sign. We gave them the house but they said they also need the senate so we gave it to them, then President Obama wouldn’t sign the bills, so we gave them all 3 branches of government now they have no excuse. Instead of sending up what they just did how about sending one of the bills that were done for a signature. I am tired of the old guard they have to go.

JAMES ALTERS - March 10, 2017


J B - March 10, 2017

Just follow the money trail. The insurance and healthcare lobbies have donated millions to congressional leaders to keep the money flowing into the top crony businesses (monopolies.) Members of congress don’t feel the pain since they are on their own separate deluxe coverage.

Bob Ash - March 10, 2017

RHINO GOP’s ( Democrats moderate, Republicans, traitors) cut a deal with insurance companies to short the American people and keep their market a monopoly, for forcing less coverage for high premiums. In return for campaign funding or high paying positions in insurance after they “retire” They put their ambition before the welfare of the country. Repeal it now, let the market fix it with intra-state competition, flex plan savings, keep under 26 on parent policy till say 2025,( let the economy start jobs so they can get their own) no subsidies, no pre-existing conditions

Susan Kirkpatrick - March 10, 2017

They are not true conservatives!

They do not have a back bone!

Jon Crook - March 10, 2017

Can we trust Speaker Ryan to follow through on the remaining steps?

John Z - March 10, 2017

Because the establishment is happy playing both sides and is still in control. Ryan is NOT a conservative, and is trying to protect himself and his party rather than serve the President.

Howard Wemple - March 10, 2017

Congress – both Republican and Democrat!
All we hear are complaints! How about coming up with some real solutions? FIX THE PROBLEM!

David Bromberg - March 10, 2017

I think republicans want to be elected and appease their electorate. When submitting any bill they have to choose between what is right for country and what gets them elected. I am afraid the majority choose what get them elected.

Jeff Miller - March 10, 2017

We haven’t done a good job selling the concept of HSA’s, with which we pay for routine, predictable health care costs directly to providers without claims processing. This reduces the cost of “most” health care by about 40%. The only thing that should be “insured” is catastrophic and unpredictable costs of major health issues like cancer, heart attacks and by pass surgeries. HSA’s should be the only option for anything under $10,000 per year.

Sherri Ricketts - March 10, 2017

Once upon a time there was HMO. NOT SURE what it was short for but it cost employs a moderate amount and employer paid a bigger portion. The main thing was put pf pocket cost for my family. $30 co pay for doctor visit. No out of pocket cost for all lab work and any type of exray. Small co pay for cat scan… I want this kind of insurance back.

Deanne Davis - March 10, 2017

Why don’t you address the reasons why this needs to be done in ‘phases’ or steps…. as explained by Speaker Ryan ? It’s easy to criticize any plan; however, no one is explaining what’s wrong with the logic of doing it in phases?

Paula Dent - March 10, 2017

I think the establishment Republicans do not really believe in the free market, individual liberty, and limited government. I think they have an immense capacity for corrupting the meaning of the promises that they made during the election cycle. I am really upset and I resent that they are not repealing Obamacare! 2015 Repeal! Let’s not kid ourselves with trying to control this monstrosity through future Phases. The more it gets imbedded into society and people’s lives, the more impossible it will be to change. Furthermore, there is no knowing what circumstances will work against future phases. Don’t kick the can down the road. Republicans passed 2015 Repeal when it didn’t count, they should pass it now when it actually counts.

Bob - March 10, 2017

I put little stock in people who make it their work to sit on the sidelines and criticize those actually doing the work. In a perfect world we could all have the exact plan we want and all of us could be happy. Unfortunately we can’t have 325 million different plans. Compromises will have to be made. Heritage has become so full of themselves that they think anyone who isn’t lockstep with them is some how less than Heritage. It is a damn site harder to actually be in the trenches doing the heavy lifting than to sit securely on the sidelines and criticize those doing the hard work. If you don’t believe me ask Jim DeMint.

John W Laverty - March 10, 2017

Incompetent and Political! Not understanding free market and free enterprise in place of Governmental give away’s. They had several years to discuss and plan for this moment in time…they couldn’t believe that Trump won and expected him to lose the election!

John Ranalli - March 10, 2017

I agree the health care bill missed the mark
What can be done help the heritage fund work with republicans in congress and the senate to enact a “true” health care reform bill?

Dean & Kathryn S. Helfer - March 10, 2017

Is it true that the bill would be thrown out unless it was written the way it is ?
And that there are 3 steps & that each step addresses each of our concerns
& that there will be changes as we progress ?
Some one is not telling the truth & it is undermining the party —I can’t stay committed to a party that can’t get their act together — who is to beleived?
Kathryn Helfer

Byron Welliver - March 10, 2017

As usual Congress is trying to deal with too many issues in on piece of legislation. Bill one repeal Obamacare. Bill two fix Medicare. Bill three open insurance to national markets.

Craig Kinsman - March 10, 2017

I agree Obamacare is a disaster. But I think the current Republican approach is doomed because it adds to the perception that conservatives want to cut out people. Entitlements have a bad connotation but honestly I think everyone in this country is entitled to adequate health care. Question is best way to achieve this. And key is Republican communicating this objective. They have not, to date, and momentum is already against the plan. It may already be DOA

James Hall - March 10, 2017

I would caution The Heritage Foundation about trying to sink this bill. It’s okay to lobby for some changes, but when the legislative process is over, all Republicans/Conservatives need to stick together and vote for this bill. The reality is the votes don’t exist for a compete overhaul consistent with Heritage’s position. If certain blocks of Republicans hold out for “perfect”, we will surely get nothing as there will be no Democratic support for anything the Republicans put forward. Better to get half a loaf this year and then come back each following year for additional changes. This is what the Democrats have done for decades in advancing the welfare state … always sticking together and taking what victories are available, always moving the football down the field in their preferred direction. Obamacare can’t be undone in one fell swoop. Also, not passing anything would be a disaster for the next mid-term elections.

Pete Kingston - March 10, 2017

Paul Ryan, ego Rino !

To get an appropriate plan takes:Time and could use more medical involvement. How about intelligent insurance peoples ideas.
Trumps big voice on REPLACING the Affordable Care Act! Keep your Promise!

Jack Bass - March 10, 2017

I believe that the congress and senate are still afraid of their own shadows. they are trying to as usual be all things to all people. obviously this isn’t what is best for our country.

Bob Smith - March 10, 2017

With history as our guide we know that promises of future legislation rarely, if ever, happen. After 7 yrs. of criticizing Obamacare why didn’t we have a solid bill ready to go? I believe that the Rep. congress are basically cowards afraid of losing there cherished seat or they’re just plain lazy.

Linda Shirey - March 10, 2017

Republicans said they heard people’s complaints and rejection of Obamacare. They said they could, if elected, sweep through and rescind a very unpopular bill. Now, surrounded by conservatives in top positions who are ready to act, the House and Senate leaders are still stalling and trying to please all people at all times. I’d say it’s a clear case of pre-Churchillian appeaser mentality; they’ve been whining about their opposers for so long, as the reason why they can’t get anything done, they’ve forgotten how to fight. They don’t think they can win, even when they have won, because they’re afraid of open-air conflict and press screamers that try to make them look bad. I am disgusted by Republicans leaders’ lack of consistency and definite lack of guts.

Ken Bryant - March 10, 2017

What happened to the bills from few years ago that Obama would not sign but were passed by republicans? Why startover?

Richard Core - March 10, 2017

Not why I voted republican and Trump!
Do the 3 big promises:
Repeal Obama Care (not fix)
Stop illegal immigration
Appoint conservative SCOTUS member

Harley Hunter - March 10, 2017

Because republican leadership will not listen to the people & love to spend our money. It is disgusting! They have the best most informed individuals & organizations telling them exactly what to do & they won’t do it. Get these professional bureaucrats cowards out & put in people who will do what us voters who elected Trump want done!!

Reginald Tobias - March 10, 2017

Because basically politicians want to control people not free them.

Michael Eugene Thornton - March 10, 2017

Paul just wanted to put SOMETHING out to show us that he is working out on the promises made over 7 years ago. It is a damned shame that this is the best they have to offer after all this time. The rinos better join the rest of the party in voting to rid us of’ bamacare and come up with a viable and acceptable alternative.

Fred Reitman - March 10, 2017

This lousy bill is completely unnecessary. The GOP has had six years to write a solid, patient- oriented and market-oriented health care bill to replace Obamacare. Why didn’t they? Their own incompetence left them stuck scrambling to quickly draft their replacement bill, which is nothing but a tweaked Obamacare.

Ted Beatty - March 10, 2017

My take one the bill is that it was all that could be done with reconciliation. I got that from the OMB director in an interview.

MJ. Burgess - March 10, 2017

Don’t know who to believe anymore. I’m willing to give Rep another chance but I’m tired of their double talk. If they don’t get all three steps done this year, I will be extremely disappointed. Health care ins is not supposed to be the business of the federal government….only enough regulation that companies don’t take advantage of people.

Harold - March 10, 2017

I believe that if everyone that was exempt from Obama Care was put into the plan like the rest of the country you would see a change.

Mike Abrahamson - March 10, 2017

Repeal will take courage….something that is in short supply with many Republican politicians. They need to stop letting the Democrats define the solutions and then try to minimize the harm.

Davis sebold - March 10, 2017

Why isn’t the entire ACA repealed as promised immediately? All current recipients would stay covered through 2018, Then new plan with no free ride takes over.
Medicare part A could stay for all to satisfy ilibs but B and D paid for out of pocket depending what coverage you choose.

James Brubaker - March 10, 2017

Majority Leader Ryan and President Trump must have a better plan to achieve market based medical care than I do. Let’s follow their lead and give it a chance. Failure will derail conservative progress and reenergize the liberals. “Divided we fall”.

Michael Tjoelker - March 10, 2017

I agree with many of these other comments. I am skeptical of Heritage’s skepticism about the House bill, particularly as it has been explained by Paul Ryan and others that this is the first of three steps, and no more than this can be accomplished in the first step because of Senate filibuster rules. Heritage is a “think tank”, for heaven’s sake. If Heritage wants to make the point that this plan is bad, it should explain why in great and clear detail, and carefully rebut the Ryan explanation, not just slam it. There is also a time element involved in this. I would much rather pass a plan that fixed part of the problem now, with more potential improvements to come, than wait three months or six months or forever for all Republicans to agree on the “perfect” plan. Let’s get it done, consider it as step one, and go from there. This country needs saving right now, not later

Joel Brind - March 10, 2017

From what I can glean of the Ryan-Price-Trump plan, there is an ideological problem as follows: You say that the tax credits amount to subsidies to buy health insurance, while Ryan claims they finally give equal tax treatment to those whose employers provide health insurance and those whose employers do not. As far as I can tell, you are both right. The trouble is, the very fact that–for some 70 years!–employer-provided health care plans have been tax exempt–amounts to a huge subsidy for those whose employers provide health insurance! So what would make you happy: make all such premiums taxable? Terrific! Then we would have a level playing field, but removal of a huge tax subsidy is the same thing as a huge tax increase! Hence, if you just repeal Obamacare and bring the healthcare system back to the way it was just prior, you reinstate a huge tax inequity which the Ryan plan seeks to end. So it seems to me that Ryan is looking both historically beyond the period immediately before Obamacare and forward beyond this “Phase I” bill. Ryan has clearly explained how “Phase II” would be when Dr. Price, acting under the huge discretionary powers granted his office under Obamacare, could roll back the onerous Obamacare regulations. The final steps requiring legislation (“Phase III”) would accomplished via regular order.

There are two other considerations that it is critical to keep in mind re: the legislative landscape. First, it is clear that we can count on no Democrat support. That leaves us with a very slim 52-48 GOP majority, all of whom would not vote for “going nuclear”, to suspend the filibuster rule. Hence, the “repeal and replace” legislation must be very carefully crafted to pass under Senate reconciliation rules. Second, everything must be done while all the rules of Obamacare are still in force, since that is the law of the land, even as the filibuster is the rule of the Senate.
I believe Mr. Ryan has orchestrated this gargantuan legislative task honestly and carefully. He has also been explaining and defending his bill cogently, while the Conservative opposition has been bombarding us with talking points. We need to give the Trump-Ryan-Price legislation a chance.

Jay Groenke - March 10, 2017

Too many in the establishment of both parties are interested in federal control as opposed to true quality affordable health care. The federal government has no right to mandate that I have to pay for ‘minimum’ benefits which I don’t need. That drives up costs and this bill apparently fails to correct it. I just got a letter raising my insurance premium ANOTHER $200/month.

Dean & Kathryn S. Helfer - March 10, 2017

As I reread my comment —-my last statement is why one should not post before one rereads !! We are committed —
And we pray all goes well for our administration –& our country.

F Spucci - March 10, 2017

The GOP “professional politicians” lack the backbone to do what they promise. We’ve given them everything they asked to secure REPEAL of Obamacare. If they fail, they will be displaced.

Bradley Weliver - March 10, 2017

It’s the obvious. POLITICS. In the beginning was just repeal. Now replace. Get the govt out of it period. If not; Republicans could and should lose the house next year.

Don Glass - March 10, 2017

The Liberal-GOP couldn’t care less about we the people. They, like the Marxist-Democrats, benefit from big government. Only a few true Conservatives have their hearts in the right place. I hope one day Trump will clean the GOP swamp along with others. It will be long overdue. How about Liberty and Capitalism for a change.

Douglas B Clark - March 10, 2017

As an elder on Medicare, this bill appears to increase my cost without making accessibility better. What disturbs me more is the lack of attention to working Americans who had no subsidy but saw their premium increase even with a deductible of $5,000. Such is the case of my two daughters who work full time, have small children who spend time in daycare and are exposed to all sorts of germs. Trips to the pediatrician are paid out of pocket because of the high deductible. While those on Medicaid benefited, it came at a very high cost to those who earn a salary and pay federal income taxes. We were promised complete repeal. Period. Was this a political Barac Obama lie? What happened to free market capitalism? Healthcare is not a right provided for in the Constitution. The tea party principles will have to be resurrected and applied. Please, please, please continue to voice conservative philosophy to President Trump. Maybe he will listen to you and The Freedom Caucus. I used to respect Paul Ryan but big government fever has infected his brain. Also if the Ryan plan which he worked on for 20 years, is so great the “Forgotten Man” should demand Congress be covered. No exceptions, no exemptions.

Phil McConathy - March 10, 2017

I honestly believe the GOP are afraid of the screaming and crying the Democrats will utilize to say they took millions of people off government provided health care. My comment is that now that the GOP has been sent a very clear message in November 2016 that they had better wake up and REPEAL Obamacare NOW. Why not pass the bills they sent up numerous times over the past 5 years. They know President Trump would sign it. I am madder now than any time since this horrible law was passed in 2010. Spineless GOP leadership as usual. Just don’t know how to be leaders.

N. A. Mutch - March 10, 2017

This is all so confusing – which usually means something is not well conceived. If it is well conceived it can and should be explained simply. Are seniors like myself really going to be penalized and ask to pay more with money they don’t have? And is Congress still going to be exempt!

Suzanne - March 10, 2017

I think someone powerful is doing all he (they) can to keep Obamacare. Possibly, he (they) directed Paul Ryan to write the bill to protect Obamacare. It is very disappointing that the people’s wishes/demands are ignored in favor persons who seem to have power over top Republican lawmakers.

Paul Ryan and others promised to REPEAL and REPLACE Obamacare. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Unfortunately, Republicans want, more than anything else, to keep their jobs and pensions for life. Evidently they have to answer to powerful people — not we the people — in order to do this.

Robert Purbeck - March 10, 2017

Typical Establishment Rhinos.
The answer is to set a date for full repeal, giving time for the Insurance Industry to come up with their plans, free of the Obamacare requirements. The states will have to deal with their Medicaid issues.
H.M.O’s will reappear. Until the cancer is removed a cure is not feasible.

John - March 10, 2017

Still not sure why it is so hard to just re-vote the 2015 bill that passed both houses easily?

Sandra Rife - March 10, 2017

Still allowing political correctness to get in the way! Time to do what was promised to us over and over again…get RID of obamacare! Kit and kaboodle. No phases that you won’t get around to doing…WILL someone PLEASE explain it to us? Don’t know what to believe!

Alex Majthenyi - March 10, 2017

We can simply cancel Obamacare BUT we could have problems passing a replacement and could be stuck in-between.

John. M. Perry - March 10, 2017

The choice was get rid of Obamacare or don’t. They chose to get rid of it. Hopefully corrections can be made after the old law is gone. If it is not repealed now it may never get repealed. The longer nothing is done the more time the opposition can build up the idea that replacement is detrimental to the public well being. I don’t like the compromises but I believe we better move or lose the chance.

Stephen Whitney - March 10, 2017

Speaker Ryan may be missing or ignoring what many Americans have said was a top reason to support Donald Trump. That is “Repeal Obama care” and replace it with a Bill that lowers the cost, allows for more market driven plans, removes The Government and entitlements, and assures health for all Americans, not illegals . Perhaps more time is needed, than 41 days , to rebuild a health care system that Obama care has ruined.Perhaps Cotton, Lee, Cruz, and Heritage can garner the support needed and conserve America’s Healthcare. Let’s hope so.

rk swaim - March 10, 2017

The House leadership or as POTUS calls it “the establishment” is using the Senate rules as a crutch. They are not conservative, they are CRINO’s. This attempt at reform of our healthcare should easily prove the above is true. I believe the establishment LIKE big gov. for the same reasons the left does, POWER!
I do not trust that there will ever be a phase II or phase III of this proposal or if there is that it will move us further away from Big Gov. control of healthcare. There are only a few in the house that I trust & fewer in the Senate. Most of both houses should be challenged by Real Conservatives in 2018.
We somehow HAVE to reform back to a more constitutional framework of congress beginning in the Senate.
The only way this will happen in my view is to get Heritage in our classrooms.

Serena Rappa - March 10, 2017

Congress in the past has failed to follow through on its promises to abolish Obamacare so why should we trust them on there word to pass no. 2 and 3 into law? I don’t trust Paul Ryan he claims he ran on getting rid of Obamacare. I haven’t know that to be true.

J Honeycutt - March 10, 2017

Ryan & Rinos are afraid. Ryan sounded like the Dems. when he said that things could be fixed later,which was never done. Please explain.

Bob - March 10, 2017

Health care is not a right. We are treating new health care bill as if gov’t must assure that all people who happen to be in the US must be covered- even if the taxpayer pays the bill. This is not constitutional.
People who are destitute and cannot work ANY job need to have basic coverage so people do not drop dead sick in the street. Others who are able to work any job must acquire insurance.

HOWARD N ROBIN - March 10, 2017

Healthcare is a very complex issue, and therefore must NOT be treated quickly & lightly. Obamacare was passed without looking at all of it closely & we know what that did. How about getting the major insurance companies input too. You people in congress are highly paid – Earn your pay & Fix This Problem. Thank you.

Dale Petersen - March 10, 2017

It costs about $10,000 per year for health care for everyone. So the problem is who pays and how? This sounds Canadian but maybe we should add a gas tax to help pay for it.

Trudy Slater, PhD - March 10, 2017

Ryan’s cadre is stuck in the past. There are options for full repeal and replace and we expect President Trump to press ahead with these. The RNC has poor leadership with both Speaker Ryan and his sidekick McConnel. We did NOT elect them!

Ann - March 10, 2017

I knew when they had a majority they would do nothing! It is called Big Government and they want more control! Special interests have alot to do with their decisions!!!

philip tribuzio - March 10, 2017

Health care is a service industry
The patient user pays after service is provided by a IRS “credit card”. available to every responsible citizen without discrimination. The compassionate and humanitarian IRS is the lender and collects through tax form Uncollected debt is covered by we the people government.
As I have written to my rep’s.

Carole Mansfield - March 10, 2017

Don’t forget: Phase 1- reconciliation-51 votes to pass. Phase 3- Amendments-60 votes to pass- How many Democrats will vote for Republican amendments? I say not enough to change the bad parts. Maybe changing the reconciliation rules is the easiest way. We all know politicians like easy, considering the amount of time they spend at their jobs! Plus, Paul Ryan has always help Obama get want he wanted. Nothing less than a complete repeal is acceptable.

Gerald Adamson - March 10, 2017

When are we going to stop more entitlements. People have to be heald accountable for there own lives government should have to raise them.. keep up your good work. Jerry

Roger E Pilie - March 10, 2017

Ryan’s plan is designed to meet the requirements of the Big Donors, not the American people. Ryan is a Big Government Globalist Progressive and always has been. Republicans railed for six years against individual Mandates and what do they do — keep the Mandate and increase the Penalties!

Jane C. Dewberry - March 10, 2017

The GOP AHCA bill does exactly what Obamacare did–discriminate against older citizens while protecting the young and more able citizens. To allow insurance companies to increase the premiums for older citizens by up to 5 times the amount they formerly paid, while Obamacare only allowed increases of up to 3 times the former amount, is, to say the least, unfair and financially burdensome for those that are older and less able to pay for huge increases. This bill shows a distinct lack of concern and respect for our older fellow Americans.

Ronald Stokes - March 10, 2017

I am surprise since they have had 6 or so years to work on a complete non-government bill that would restore insurance to the people and companies and form co-ops for non-provided folks. Get the government totally out of control like it use to be. They do need cross state line, pre-existing conditions, and controlled drug pricing. No tax credits and let the free market grow again to compete for companies and individual business. What about seniors we can hardly make it on limited retirement and SS to put funds into an HSA account and the medicare supplements keep going up. Will there be help for those of us on supplements?

Gerald Adamson - March 10, 2017

We’re is the GOP coming from. More entitlements is not the answer. Hold people responsible for their own lives. Thanks for your good work

Cheryl Ulrich - March 10, 2017

Paul Ryan is not a conservative and does not care about conservative input (contrary to what he claims). The republican leadership has demonstrated ad nauseum that they are spineless cowards when it comes to standing up to the dems (or standing up for anything for that matter). If they would have used the power of the purse to defund the UNaffordable Care Act from the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this mess. They knew full well once an entitlement is ensconced in government, it never goes away. I don’t believe Ryan’s lame excuses for not keeping his promise for a full repeal. They also had 8 years to offer an alternative. Conservatives were not asking for a replacement, they were asking that health insurance be released to the free market without government involvement.This plan of his isn’t any more sustainable in the long-run than the one they are replacing. I believe Rhino’s like Ryan are not only cowards, but are arrogant. They always think they know better and look where it got us? Congress also devised an illegal sweetheart waiver that exempted them from having to be under obamacare themselves hence no incentive to fight it. I’m glad the Freedom Caucus is standing their ground so far but not confident they will continue. For instance, they buckled when they voted for Ryan as speaker in the face of incontrovertible evidence that he was a Boehner water boy. I hope they have the conviction to withstand the full court press on this. The next maneuver they should implement is a no confidence vote on Ryan and get a true courageous conservative to replace him.

Linda - March 10, 2017

They are cowards and should be voted out of office and replaced with real conservatives.

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - March 10, 2017

I think the house leadership proposed a bill like this because leadership is caving into progressive pressure to keep Big Government in the healthcare business. Secondly the house leadership is afraid to rock the entitlement boat and not get re-elected. We need government OUT of our healthcare. Period!

Dennis Dean - March 10, 2017

Maybe because they want to please their lobbyist and campaign contributors and don’t want the pressure from the left. So they hope “we the people” will just hope that they will do their best and not pay attention to the fact that they are serving themselves, instead of the ones who voted for them.

John Dargin - March 10, 2017

Why are we not seeing the earlier draft that was accepted by all or most Republicans? Congress should prepare a plan as if it was for themselves. I’m sure that they would do better. This requires state involvement. When will the governors be involved in crafting this legislation?

James - March 10, 2017

Everyone is missing the boat on this, get the government completely out of the health care business. Turn this back to the private insurance companies and let the people descide what they can afford. The government has no business in health care.

Louis Ray Starr - March 10, 2017

New physicians have to undergo internships. So, why not make this feasible towards cheaper rates as long as they are overseen by credible Doctors, and it will lower costs. As we’ll, pharmasutical companies took advantage of the public stating to Congress that the costs of manufacturing and expenditure’s were the real reasons for raising prices as it is found out that this was an elaborate scene to exact as much capital they could from this government, and helping to increase the national debt this way. This would indicate they lied to Congress under oath to their greed of these matters as they under did lobby for a bill to be passed for this matter alone.

Mark Gochnour - March 10, 2017

The government needs to stay out of replacing it. We still have about the same number of uninsured that we had before ObamaCare as we have now. Insurance companies need to be encouraged to create plans which benefit the insureds and promotes choices. It is insurance not birth to grave tax payers paid healthcare for everyone. The uninsured need support and assistance but no financial penalties for those who choose not to have it.

Jeff Kircher - March 10, 2017

House leadership proposed a bill like this simply because they are not true conservatives.

Beverly Bohrer - March 10, 2017

I heard that not only does it not lower costs, fails to let the market work, it also will aid illegals in accessing health care because it does NOT permit any one to be asked their legal status in the country. I would certainly like to know if that is true and if it is, that alone is reason enough to reject this bill.

Allan Dobzyniak - March 10, 2017

The AMA has less than 1 in 10 physicians as members. It in no way represents even slightly a physician consensus. The feeble 10% number should speak volumes about how physicians feel about this increasingly irrelevant organization. Physician are not a monolithic group. Competing in a market driven healthcare environment where the playing field is level would be liberating for innovations that could reduce the cost of care and creation of value driven by the wisdom of patients. To continue to oppress the profession through advantaging insurance companies and hospitals via political cronyism is crazy. Neither of these institutions deliver care. When ill nobody asks for a hospital administrator or the insurence company executive. I have yet to perceive anything to unburden physicians from their increasingly draconian administrative onslaught that is without question sapping morale. A less than enthusiastic medical profession will never result in best care for our citizens. If sacrificing the personal desires and freedom of physicians is perceived as acceptable, we will soon abandon any chance for healthcare excellence.

William Perkins - March 10, 2017

That is a $64,000 question! The US government has a dismal record of postal service, veterans healthcare, and passenger trains (Amtrak). Who in their right mind thinks government will succeed with healthcare?! Last I checked the US Constitution it does not indicate healthcare is a right. Many politicians have buttressed their lifelong careers with promises of free stuff. Healthcare is just another freebies dujour. Unfortunately the piggy bank is $20,000,000,000 in the red due to the government.

Patti Close - March 10, 2017

Thank you for covering this, and being our voice in the white house. I am praying they listen to you. We have to get this right! Please keep going so that this issue goes back to free market principles.!

Vito Giotta - March 10, 2017

I don’t trust the RINOs in the house and senate who wrote this bill in secret This draft stinks and is not what POTUS Trump promised over and over. When I saw Ryan use a black/whiteboard to sell this to the public I knew it was nothing but BS. Using terms and words saying if you don’t vote yes on this bill, there would not be a chance for repeal of Obamacare! POTUS needs to step back on this and remember this promise to REPEAL ON DAY ONE Obamacare

Shields Jett - March 10, 2017

It’s been the same ole BS for over 50 years. A lot of lip service and no action. We did not want this to begin with and now they’re sweet talking us. A bunch of gutless, pitiful———–

Bill Coates - March 10, 2017

1. They want to make it appear that Trump is powerless and Congress can trump his campaign issues. the incumbents of the Uni-party still rule.
2. They’re more interested in collecting the money and pleasing lobbyists than in solving problems.
3. They’re more interested in the votes of government dependents than in the votes of productive earners.
4. They want a second bite at the apple before the 2018 elections – that would be phase 2, an opportunity to pacify those damaged by Phase 1.

Albert P. Bushey - March 10, 2017

This proposed legislation is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to cover Ryan’s rear end. Why didn’t the RINO’s merely re-submit the proposed legislation that President Obama vetoed? Ryan needs to be GONE as Speaker, NOW!

Laurence Foster - March 10, 2017

I’m wasting my fixed income supporting this Foundation while “Mitch” and his Gang thrash what we American’s voted for. When you drain the swamp the only thing you see are alligators and the entrenched!

John F Brinson - March 10, 2017

Congressional egos are huge, and they cannot let true experts design anything. They will ruin anything they touch – always with more taxes, spending, and regulation.

Edward Tebo - March 10, 2017

It appears that the Health Insurance Companies are behind this proposal.

Robert Appleby - March 10, 2017

No Balls!

Cheryl RL Porcelli - March 10, 2017

Anyone of either party who holds an elected seat long enough sequentially to believe it is a permanent career is so worried about re-election they resist any proposal that might upset their constituents. Thus no real changes just a pendular back and forth movement depending on which party is in power. That is the attraction of Pres. TRUMP, he wants to return to his “real” life.
Unfortanately, term limits are the only way to counter the corruption of power and the accepted ignorance of the voting public.

Rebecca Mortensen - March 10, 2017

Why is government involved in healthcare at all? How successful is the Veterans Administration? Get government out of healthcare.

Tom Williams - March 10, 2017

Sure, I’m disappointed that Ryan can’t fix all the problems while working within the framework of reconciliation. I certainly don’t want him to blow up the rules of reconciliation, because if the Republicans screw this up, they will no longer have majorities and will need some rules to protect them from the backlash of failure. I hope the “hardliners” opposing the Ryan plan will find a way to get enough of their essentials in place with reconciliation so that the proposed “phases” will have a foundation upon which to build.

Linton Park - March 10, 2017

They probably still fear MSM.

Michael Inglis - March 10, 2017

Perhaps Heritage and Senator Paul should consider what you can do in budget reconciliation, unless you have 8 Democrats who will vote with you and “ideal now” legislation. Let’s deal with what you can do, not just what we would all like Now.

VerJean Schindeldecker - March 10, 2017


Robert Cooper - March 10, 2017

Another government solution for a government created problem. The government would be better focused on letting free enterprise take over. It may be a little painful at first, but it will fix it faster, better and cheaper. Then allow the states to manage at their level.

Anita49 - March 10, 2017

I think that Congress is too cowardly to repeal Obamacare because of the stink that the Democrats and especially the moochers of society will make. They promised to repeal Obamacare and we voted them in for that reason and they should do what they promised. Responsible, working citizens should come first. Paul Ryan is a RINO and anything he puts forward should be suspect.

Jerome Huyler - March 10, 2017

It’s been reported that the plan to allow health insurance companies to sell insurance plans across state lines cannot be included in “Bucket 1” of ObamaCare reform. That’s a real problem, since if it’s part of a regular ObamaCare reform package it will require 60 votes to be enacted. And, unless 2018 adds 8 Republicans to the Senate, that won’t happen. But, why wait? It’s a perfect fit for “Bucket #1”
Why can’t a provision creating a fully free market in medical insurance across all fifty states be added to the Reconciliation Bill? Let’s erase the lines, as the President might say. For starters, It will allow the 14 million able-bodied Americans who signed onto ObamaCare in the Medicaid expansion (and received expensive subsidies) to purchase affordable coverage in a highly competitive national market. That will save $billions in future Medicaid costs. Hence, it impacts future budgetary outlays and certainly is a fiscal component of the American Health Care Act. Jerome Huyler, PhD.

Jack Morin - March 10, 2017

Many of the Washington, DC Republicans are not Conservatives. They are Republicans only because they come from conservative districts. These politicians are part of the so-called ruling class and only know big government solutions. Free market solutions are largely unknown to them.

These politicians are primarily concerned with their re-election and continuance on public office. They fear the left-leaning media and will do practically anything to avoid the media”s criticism. They do not think or behave like winners.

Many of these establishment Republicans do not like or support President Trump.

I want Congress to use free market solutions that promote competition and personal responsibility.

Dick Cooper - March 10, 2017

No way Congress should shed Obamacare until Republicans agree on
replacement. Failure to keep ownership
in the hands of Democrats will skewer
the Administration’s base support.

T. C. Parkinson - March 10, 2017

When one hears Ryan is taking money from the like of George Soros it quickly
Explains everything about his lack of leadership (RINO) to the core. We should
All be sending money to Wisconsin to get him booted out. Can these people
Be I
Be impeeached?

Sam Waldon - March 10, 2017

The R leadership proposed it because they are spineless weasel liberals at heart, and won’t listen to the folks that won them the majority in Congress. If they would just let a panel of citizens – both conservative and liberal – tell them the top five issues they have with healthcare in the U.S., they would know what to focus on. Instead, they somehow think this atrocity of a bill will get them re-elected. Wrong!

Joe Kriemelmeyer - March 10, 2017

The run around doesn’t work with me. If there is not specific written language within current legislation, that further adjustments to the new health care system are to be proposed and voted on soon (within 6 months) than it has failed, just as those
elected to correct Obamacare have failed.

Ron Naujelis - March 10, 2017

So fix it, by now you knew the problems so why so many problems your having to repair and fix it.

Ralph - March 10, 2017

The Heritage “Think Tank” has had many years to brain storm a good Health Care Program and work with conservative members in Congress to present the program to “We The People”. Heritage has failed us; Congress has failed us, and I’m to the point that I will no longer contribute to either.,,it’s like throwing money into a deep black hole.

Roy Parker - March 10, 2017

I think the Republican leadership should be ridden out of town on a rail. They have been talking about repealing and replacing this monstrosity for years. There is no excuse for them not having a ready to go plan with input from all sides. Failure to repeal ACA in it’s entirety will be an unforgivable betrayal. I have not missed and election since 1973, and I do not forget and I do not forgive.

J.R. Smith - March 10, 2017

I think most of the so called conservatives in congress are rhinos. They refuse to stand up against the Washington establishment.

Jim Aspden - March 10, 2017

I am concerned that ObamaCare will become Trump Care; but realize that this proposal way be a simple first step that is achievable in what would otherwise be another 2 year stalemate. An alternative may be to simply let the program collapse of it’s own weight. Either way, ObamaCare is doomed.

John Engelhart - March 10, 2017

It is on display! For decades the public govermnent schools And also the schools of supposedly higher education
have dumbed our children. Is it any wonder many in congress are unable think with clarity and with common sense. Your TAX dollars NOT at work

Hazel Cannon - March 10, 2017

Influence of the insurance companies…they have the upper hand and the politicians will do their bidding!

GIVEMEFREEDOM - March 10, 2017

The Republicans don’t trust We the People.
They just don’t get it.
Unless they give us back our country, they are going to get voted out!
I listened to the Ryan explanation, what a bunch of smoke and mirrors.
The senate Republicans better give We the People priority or else, they’ll be facing election failures.

Andi Welty - March 10, 2017

First, do no harm. What happened to that? This bill has ignored that simple mandate. Paul Ryan is so Hell-bent on HIS agenda that he has ignored the PRESIDENT’S! My family has been harmed more and more each year as a result of Obamacare – and we have Employer provided insurance and Medicare! Premiums and Deductibles have increased by the Thousands each year. Doctors have stopped accepting Medicare. Drug prices have sky-rocketed. No one is talking about this. This new bill will surely continue that trajectory. And the Insurance companies and Big Pharma will be the only ones “Winning.” I say, Do it RIGHT!

Lauretta - March 10, 2017



It’s not complex. They want you to think it is, but they ALWAYS insult American’s common sense – we’re catching up to ’em though.

Joan Jackson - March 10, 2017

You neglect to explain how a bill will pass the Senate with a 60 senator majority needed to pass it.
the only way to cut cost is to require charges for individuals paying cash to be charged the lowest rate authorized by Medicare.

Rick Smith - March 10, 2017

Cheryl Ulrich I am with you 100%. Spot on to remind everyone of the past when it comes to Ryan (and McConnell for that matter) on being weak and indecisive with the last administration. Ryan is just a puppet. Regurgitating Obamacare and expecting us to buy it! We the people need to speak up and help ” Drain the Swamp” as well

M Rick Timms, MD - March 10, 2017

Repeal the ACA while allowing existing insurance under ACA to continue for 6 months…Meet with all Insurers interested in a national open marketplace for insurance to set broad quidelines for insurance policies -ie non-cancellation for new illness,, pre-existing coverage for those already insured..Create tax legislation to encourage tax favored HSAs with balances up to 10k….Block grant medicaid back to States to run…That is all..Get the Feds out of Healthcare ,,they are no good at it…Restrict CMS control of healthcare to medicaid and Medicare.

James Matthews - March 10, 2017

The time for half measures is over. The senate must make the rule change which will enable them to pass a bill that will give healthcare back to the free market where it belongs. Only then will we truly unleash the creative innovation that will improve healthcare costs and systems.

Paul D’Aigle - March 10, 2017

I sincerely have no idea. They’re acting just like they complained the Dems were acting. Looks like neither the Left nor the Right can do what we sent them to do. They’re fighting like money crabbing children. Adults in the Room?

malcolm bailey - March 10, 2017

M. Bailey. March 10, 2017


Stephen - March 10, 2017

Check the swamp for reptiles bearing gifts!

Roger Wait - March 10, 2017

It falls short but there will be several more steps which will allow corrections to be made in the replacement final bill prior to becoming law.

Keith Dixon - March 10, 2017

Negotiate with them!! Find common ground! We need this win! I don’t like being in gridlock with my own party. Stand up and be big not just conservat

Kathy Baratelli - March 10, 2017

Speaker Paul Ryan, I feel, just doesn’t get it that the American people voted for Donald Trump because we want conservative and constitutional congressional legislation.
Obamacare needs to be fully repealed and replaced with a new healthcare plan that removes the federal government from determining what healthcare individual Americans need. Open up the availability of purchasing health insurance across state lines, and let the individual family decide what insurance they need and from where they will purchase it. One size fits all doesn’t work with health care, and the U.S. Government needs to get out of the lives of the American people and let them decided what they need and choose the best carrier that offers what they need at an affordable price. That’s called “Free Market”. The U.S. government needs to get out of the lives of American citizens.

David Werner - March 10, 2017

If this is step 1. We need to have steps 2 and 3 available for comment and ready to pass before fielding this crazy quilt approach of “fixing the problem”. If we don’t get something better… The Republicans will let the Democrats off the hook and end up taking full responsibility for a half baked plan. You know the Democrats and media aren’t going to give the Republicans any slack even if it does work. What in the hell have they been doing the last 8 years? I guess they thought they could just blame the Democrats forever without stepping up to plate to deliver themselves. It better work if the Republicans are going to put their name and reputation on any new legislation. They act like they are totally out of touch with working Americans. Maybe they are.

Trish Hewitt - March 10, 2017

I think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are just like the establishment Democrats. They are only concerned about the next election. They aren’t concerned with people like my husband and I who lost our local hospital and our health insurance because we could no longer afford to pay the premiums. They don’t mind another entitlement. WE , the taxpayers, do care about our country’s debt. How can you be willing to leave this debt to our children and grandchildren?????

Cathy - March 10, 2017

Healthcare reform can not be done in ‘phases’ of we will never get to the free-market phase. We MUST get the philosophy right the first time. The goal is to repeal Obamacare and with it this new, un/underfunded entitlement and create an open market. The role of govt in healthcare should be to insist upon transparency for pricing and quality measures, move the corporate tax deduction to individuals, facilitate health savings accounts and then get out of the way of the market for both insurance & provision of care.

Robert B. Morrow Jr. - March 10, 2017

I think it is the Esatablishment (Deocrats and RINOs) working behind th President’s back. What should be done is dust off the bill sent to Obama in 2015 passed by Congress to repeal Obamacare completely. Then we can probably get the Democrats to help with the new national health care plan. The current approach will not work and will take years of negotiations with poor results.

Buddy Jones - March 10, 2017

1)This bill retains 10 billion (?) of taxpayer money. This can and will be used to maintain power over insurers, insured and medical personal instead of the power going to the states. 2) I just saw Mr Keith Best comment and have to say most Americans do not trust MOST elected officials t do what they say they are going to do. This AHCA proposal reminds me of a used car salesman saying the used car you bought has A/C. But when you get it home there is not any cold air. Technically it has A/C but it does not work or works poorly.3)The provisions in the ACA that drove up the price for healthcare are still in large part there. How is the AHCA going to substantially lower p;remiums with these still in place? Either the insurers go broke with lower rates or the government raises taxes to pay for it (read higher taxes). 4)While I am for tax deductions on income for health insurance I am not for the tax credits of the AHCA. When has ANY other entitlement program been run well and not taken advantage of at the expense of taxpayers. None of the federal governments programs are policed and there is massive waste in every single one of them. Also when have the politicians not used entitlements for their own purposes ie. stealing from Social Security. Time and space prohibit from continuing.

Lloyd Benjamin - March 10, 2017

Do what was promised! Repeal Obamacare. Once that is done then undertake the process to fix the few things that were wrong with what we had prior to Obamacare. We had the best Healthcare in the world and most of it in the private marketplace. What the government needs to do is set a few guidelines to keep the Insurance companies from taking advantage of the people and step aside and let the marketplace and competition take care of price and quality with freedom of choice by the individual. Name one government program that has ever accomplished its intended pupose except where force is required.

Doreen Hutchins - March 10, 2017

Congress passed FULL REPEAL in 2015.
DO IT AGAIN. This “reconciliation” excuse is just that: another EXCUSE. The ACA was passed via reconciliation to begin with!! It doesn’t make any sense that Republicans can’t do a Repeal Bill , then a 2nd bill to establish free market guidelines; both via reconciliation.. This “Phase1, 2, and 3,” plan will NEVER HAPPEN.

Buddy Jones - March 10, 2017

Oh by the way I forgot to mention that I feel the 2015 repeal should be brought forward again and the law totally repealed and start with fresh and virgin ground to write a truly great healthcare bill. That is the REAL opportunity!

Robert McWain - March 10, 2017

They don’t simply know what to do,they’ve had a long time to figure it out.

Pamela S.Goff - March 10, 2017

One step at a time. It will take years to undo the progressive agenda. I’m willing to be patient while the congress chips away at it. Being too extreme might make the whole reform fail. We need unity in the conservative ranks.

Robert Ambrose - March 10, 2017

Regardless of the terms, the present plans and posturing are merely arguing about how to slice the pie. Until the public takes responsibility for their personal wellness we will have an expensive plan that does not improve our health. A foundation for improvement would be a reduction in obesity. A start on this would be elimination of the sugar price subsidy.

Congress needs to think in terms of systems not just individual piecemeal provisions.

Michael Tysor - March 10, 2017

Repeal it. Straightforward and simply. Then trust the free market.

Harold Trammell - March 10, 2017

Republicans have no back bone and do not listen to the voters. If they had to live or die with the same healthcare plan they are trying to sell they may create a better plan.They all need to be voted out of office.

Don Van Valkenburgh - March 10, 2017

Please, somebody point me to the Constitutional language that gives the Federal Government ANY permission, let alone mandate, to involve itself in healthcare?
All the Republicans have done is take a mess and make it a bigger mess.

Ed - March 10, 2017

Cheryl Ulrich has the solution I believe! Pass legislation which requires congress to live under the same terms under which the rest of Americans are bound…. no exceptions! Our entrenched politics have obligated themselves to the medical/insurance industry’s lobbyists and are now trying to find ways to get the insurance carriers off the hook while still keeping the middle class taxpaying American on the hook!
What makes anyone think that a politician has the knowledge necessary manage a free market medical enterprise? Their responsibility is to REGULATE the industry in a way which PROTECTS the American citizen! With the Affordable Care Act the medical insurance industry thought that they had found a way to hide their exorbitant profits behind a smokescreen of red tape while sluffing off their management costs to the American tax payer! With the ill planned features of Obamacare they got trapped into a losing situation forcing them to either pull out or declare bankruptcy! Congress is now in the process of eliminating the rat traps in which the insurance industry entrapped themselves and clear their way for clear sailing to greater profits!
Congress should stop trying to meddle with free market enterprises and stick to protecting their constituency from unfair profiteering in “life critical” markets! We want free enterprise to be profitable, but not to the extent that they are raping the American public at knife point when they have no alternative but to pay or die! It’s time to drain the Swamp!

Brenda - March 10, 2017

Scaredy Cats! They are buying all the negativity. In Jan. to June last year when the bill was written only a few people felt Trump would ever become President. They are ignoring the fact that repeal does not depend on reconciliation. The 2016 and 2017 budgets with reconciliation can address all the tax and spend issues. A bill that include a new entitlement, no tort reform, grandfathers in able-bodied adults in medicaid and leaves state lines as barriers to competition and consumption across is simply a sop to democrats. They are so beltway-bound in their thinking that they are afraid to trust the American people and their conservative members in Congress to have their backs with full immediate repeal and phased replacement. Once Obamacare is gone, they would have more options than they think they have. Instead of excoriating them, we need to pray that they understand they have the power and what they need is courage and wisdom.

Carole Campolo - March 10, 2017

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have no guts. They still don’t understand the results of November’s election. They are probably being heavily lobbied by the likes of John Boehner, who mocks and laughs at citizens who want ObamaCare repealed.
Trump needs to take command of this situation and ensure he keeps his promises to his supporters. We are the only ones to have his back. If he deserts us for Ryan and McConnell, he will be finished. Heritage must make sure this doesn’t happen.

Paul S - March 10, 2017

Lets work to put through something. There will be plenty of time to “fine tune” this bill in the future steps. The so-called die-hard conservatives are going to “cut off their nose” to spite their face. This is your first and last best chance to start the process.
Make constructive moves as this goes on. Work with Ryan & Trump. No matter, stop giving the liberal left and Obamacare defenders any more ammo. The Conservatives have suddenly become the left’s best ally. We got the votes, please get this through, revise it later. Where else are you perfectionists going to go in 2 years when this opportunity is gone?

Becky Cason - March 10, 2017

@ Keith Best: this may be only the 1st of 3 phases, but Americans need lower premiums ASAP. That should be the first priority. As for why this initial bill misses the mark, none of the House Representatives *want* to change anything. We have heard for nearly 8 years that they needed control of the House, then the Senate, and then the White House. We’ve given them all 3 and they still can’t find the courage to stand up to the democrats. Hey GOP… WE WON. ACT LIKE IT.

Deborah Clark - March 10, 2017

Ryan has no idea what he is doing and this bill is a joke. Tax credits? IRS is corrupt and riddled with fraud. Gave billions fraudulently to illegals last year. 90 % of people can afford insurance in a true free market. People have to buy car insurance (free market) and do because they want to drive-priorities? Make congress get rid of exemption of insurance companies from anti-trust laws, and concentrate on fraud prevention and how about not making hospitals treat anyone who come in for free? This would go a long way in creating a truly free market. Keep the government out of health care!

Carroll Springer - March 10, 2017

They proposed this flawed repeal to Obamacare with their eyes on the 2018 election. Pure and simple! When will we find representatives whose first priority is to make right the nation and not just get re-elected? Carroll Springer

Les Hansen - March 10, 2017

Emotion and political correctness are the basic tools for moving an issue. It is very rewarding to help people in trouble, especially with none of their own money. Most important of all, no political candidate wishes to disclose the costs preferring schemes to embellish the proposal. Unfortunately the real tax payers receive no help but are scorned for defending their views. This is also a basic battle between free market and government monopoly.

Bob Hall - March 10, 2017

REPEAL Obamacare. PERIOD. That’s what you said you would do.

Robert G – Irvine CA - March 10, 2017

Do what was promised…REPEAL OBAMACARE! Then separately begin with a clean sheet of paper to draft legislation that get the government out of healthcare. Only legislate there be no pre-existing condition clause and available across state lines. Let’s get back to using America’s free enterprise system…it can work out the healthcare challenges far better than BIG Government ever will.

Don Van Valkenburgh - March 10, 2017

All during 2016, candidate Trump promised “repeal & replace”.
President-elect Trump promised “repeal & replace”.
In his inaugural address, President Trump promised “repeal & replace”.
In his address to Congress (and We the People), President Trump promised “repeal & replace”.

William Wang - March 10, 2017

Enough people benefit from Omamacare that repealing it has become political poison. The media and the left will incessantly play up anecdotes of people hurt by repeal. The fact that they will ignore the people hurt by the law is unfair, but an established fact. With 2-year terms, the representatives are on a short leash.

dustin - March 10, 2017

Republicans are acting like they don’t want to lose power with their prososal on modifying Obamacare, i.e. They seem to be acting out of fear. They don’t want to upset people and things never seem to go well when people place popularity over principle.

James - March 10, 2017

The phased approach seems centered around reconciliation requiring only 51 votes vs. a new bill requiring 60 in the Senate which they don’t believe they can get (without Democrats votes). I would repeal it completely like the 2015 bill, then make the Democrats stand up and tell the people of the nation why they won’t help insure those that need it. Some constituents will likely not forget in the 2018 senatorial elections in vulnerable blue states.

Wallis O’Connor - March 10, 2017

I believe Obamacare should be repealed. Why was Congress exempted from being on it! They did not want it for themselves, but they passed it for us. I know someone who wanted it because it had that prior illness didn’t matter, but this year she is without insurance because she can’t afford it. Listen to Heritage’s advice, repeal it.

Don Hinckley - March 10, 2017

Ryan needs to get the power dust from his eyes and start believing in limited government. I guess he must be getting big insurance money to have sold out. He needs to repeal, repeal, repeal and then look at only the uninsured and previous condition issue only. Maybe VA access only for those who are not responsible.

Bill Brightman - March 10, 2017

If I were a football coach, I’d never hire Paul Ryan as an offensive coordinator. He’d be an excellent defensive coordinator. That’s exactly how he plays his speaker role. On defense. On his heels. Nothing bold, nothing trusting the greatest asset America has, the free market, and absolutely zero ability to take the fight to the opposition.
He’s the wrong guy for this job. And we are going to pay a huge price for that

Wallis O’Connor - March 10, 2017

i wonder if Congress was on Obamacare and not exempted like they are would they still make the changes they now propose and keep it? Maybe they should be put back on and then we could see how fast they get it repealed and come up with a good plan for all!

Jeff Elliott - March 10, 2017

Too many entrenched establishment republicans. I emailed both Senators Grassley & Ernst (my Senators). Expressed my disappointment & asked them to take guidance from Heritage!

Barbara Hermsmeyer - March 10, 2017

I hope that this is not just a quick way to shove this through (the easy way). Yes, it is going to take more thinking the get it right! Why not have a bill that will give good quality care through time?

Donnie Parr - March 10, 2017

Jim, Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell are NOT Conservatives. They never have been. They also lack the spine necessary to lead the charge on this fight. I pray that Senator Paul, Senator Lee, and others in The Freedom Caucus will tear the House Bill to pieces once it reaches the Senate.

Jerry Metcalf - March 10, 2017

I think the establishment Repubs are in bed with the Progressive Democrats. Just look at the last 8 years.

WILLIAM F. BELL - March 10, 2017

My gut tells me that this approach is the wrong way to do away with Obamacare. I agree with Heritage the whole thing should be scrapped first. But with president Trump getting behind it tonight on tv I have to feel there must be a path way to total repeal. I certainly hope so.!

Linda G. White - March 10, 2017

I think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell wanted to make points with Hillary C. and former P. Obama.
They are in the wrong camp. It’s President Trump now to make America Great Again! Not communist fascist slavery…

Charles Brown - March 10, 2017

Health Care must not become another Government Entitlement!! Get rid of Obamacare as was promised during the election.

Charles Brown - March 10, 2017

You can’t FIX Obamacare! Get rid of it.

Michael Lovell - March 10, 2017

Sixty votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster is causing this to be a three step process…PATIENCE. Don’t you think Trump is showing he knows what he’s doing?!

Paul D - March 10, 2017

Republicans are politicians. Politicians are cowards.

Frank McClellan - March 10, 2017

Put all our congressional representatives on the same health insurance as the rest of us. I believe that would speed the process on both sides of the aisle.

Keith Cain - March 10, 2017

Completely repeal Obama Care. Let the free market solve the problem. Get the government out of the way! Deal with the transition issues. Get a back bone GOP. It will take awhile but get rid of the unconstitutional cancer. Don’t let the Left and RINOs poison your minds. PUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST, NOT THE LOBBYISTS!

Russell Boggs - March 10, 2017

Just do what was promised, Repeal Obama care and get back to the free market of competition. Create safety net for catastrophic events. Also, get the politicians on the plan they devise for us. They will come up with better ideas to get the government out of the healthcare business.

George Eichenlaub - March 10, 2017

Maybe they don’t want to win any seats in 2018.Because if they don’t repeal the entire bill then they’ll most likely lose seats. I wish they would listen to the conservatives .

Pamela Weber - March 10, 2017

Paul Ryan needs to go. He is not a conservative. Ryancare isn’t also a disaster. This is NOT what we elected Repubs to do. Something smells here!

Thomas Crabtree - March 10, 2017

They should do all they can through reconciliation (budgetary) and then immediately propose all reforms in a separate bill which would include purchasing insurance from any state, and eliminate the board that was established to ration treatment. Let the Dems. kill the bill and watch Obamacare die an unnatural death.

Neil Greiling - March 10, 2017

I hope and pray that this is not the final change to the law but that if in steps it will be followed through on till the whole law is repealed and replaced.

Harry Lerch - March 10, 2017

they proposed it, clearly, to meet the reconciliation requirements. This is the first step, which needs to pass before bringing forward the next steps

Diane Church - March 10, 2017

I think this is only Phase I, and they need to pass it in order to get it by the rules of the Senate. They can make changes in Phase II and Phase III. If Republicans cannot come together on this, I think they will lose all credibility with the public. I also think if they repeal without a replacement, there will be riots or worse.

Charles Rink - March 10, 2017

This proves once again how dems know how to wield pure, raw, partisan power when ever they get the chance. Yes they have the lapdog media, the courts, the entire education cabal, pop celebrities, all these and more to cover for them but you would think repubs would gather up some nads at some point and do likewise. But they always try not to piss off the people who will never approve of them anyway. Or they are really only fake republicans because we know they are not conservatives.

Crystal Quiring - March 10, 2017

Because they really aren’t conservatives! Government does not belong in the health care business. Total repeal is the only thing that will work.

Don Van Valkenburgh - March 10, 2017

I just read most of RINO-Care.
I suppose the lawyers in Congress can argue that it does ‘repeal’ parts of the PPACA, because it does.
And I suppose the lawyers in Congress can argue that it ‘replaces’ parts of the PPACA, because it does.
But it by no means completely ‘repeals’ the PPACA.
And it by no means completely ‘replaces’ the PPACA.
And it keeps the Federal Government firmly in the middle of the whole thing.
So, from my viewpoint, it is a TOTAL FAILURE, in that it just nibbles around the edges of the real problem – GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE in what should be free markets.

Thomas Locastro - March 10, 2017

After a campaign centering on repealing Obamacar, it is disconcerting. The only explaination I can come up with is that the old line Republicans gave in to the Dems so they can preserve Obama’s legacy as a quid-pro-quo for somethiing in return like, approving Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

Don Van Valkenburgh - March 10, 2017

Sorry, Speaker Ryan, I cannot believe you when you say “this is all we can do right now” and “there will be additional phases”. Phases are lawyerly placebo-speak for “we’ll never completely keep our promises”. I cannot buy your bull.
THE PPACA was completely passed under Budget Reconciliation rules, now completely REPEAL IT under those same rules.

Wayne R Rollis - March 10, 2017

Big Money for the Rich Politions

Robert Sims - March 10, 2017

It is not outright evident but it does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that there is something dishonest about this.
Someone is going to get a kickback that is for sure or else the ACA would outright be appealed with no fines or levees on we the people….The Insurance companies will make out like bandits, and a select few of our elected officials will profit in some way too.

Margaret Davis - March 10, 2017

House Republican leaders fail to address the huge problem of high insurance premiums facing millions of Americans who want to choose our own policies across state lines –generous health savings plans, chosen by WE THE PEOPLE to fit our families with the coverage we want. Members of Congress will not be part of this proposed plan as they have not been forced to be part of ObamaCare….we don’t want Government controlled health insurance!!

Ronald Bateman - March 10, 2017

Very upsetting. I want and expected a clear easy to understand bill to repeal all the rules, regulations, taxes and reporting requirements. One simple bill to say good bye forever.

Next I expect a clear easy to read and understand replacement Bill. No preexisting conditions, Insurance across state lines. Free enterprise and competition to lower premiums and costs.

Republicans UGH. They say one thing and do another. I need the House, I need the Senate. I need the President. Now this. Stupid. What a disappointment.

JOSEPH LAROCCA - March 10, 2017

The way it was explained on Hanatty…it would be the only way to get Obamacare repealed with the 51 votes because we would not get 60 votes on a repeal vote….Phase 2 and 3 appear to take care of many of the previous problems

Nate Frost - March 10, 2017

I believe that progressive lies still have our representatives convinced that we are outnumbered, so we need to surrender and “cooperate” with them. Either that, or they are simply attempting to preserve their own political skin regardless of ideology or morals.

Lennart Forsberg - March 10, 2017

Do the establishment Republicans want to create a faulty bill and stick Trump’s name to it, or do they just not like to explain things clearly? Or do some of them actually like Obama Care? Clearly there are egos involved, and after 8 years it is more than disappointing to hear all these excuses. RNC members should remember that many people voted for Trump, not the RNC.

Linda - March 11, 2017

I want government out of healthcare. Look at the veterans healthcare and you will see what government healthcare is like. If this is so great, why isn’t staffers, congress and all others in Washington going to be on it? I am so disappointed.

Don Mummert - March 11, 2017

What is the definition of insurance? It is RISK MANAGEMENT, no more, no less.
Health insurance in this country has morphed into something that
doesn’t even resemble risk management. Third party payments, tied to employment
can’t choose your coverage, ad infinitum. I want major medical with a deductible of my choosing based on what I can afford to pay a month. Market forces coming into play. You pay for your doctor visits, meds, etc until you reach your deductible. You pay for it, you consume less; someone else pays for you consume more. Human nature at work. Set up special programs for the poor and pre-existing conditions. Regulated by the STATES, not the federal government, just like every other type of insurance. Get Congress the heck out of it!!!!!

Deb Newman - March 11, 2017

People are saying, but it’s the 1st of 3 phases… Why does that sound like “We have to pass the bill in order to read it?”

Barry Matteson - March 11, 2017

All republicans voted for the 2015 replacement of obamacare knowing that Obama would veto it. Now the rino’s are showing their true colors and are afraid to do what they did in 2015! obamacare needs to be repealed entirely and then the free market insurance industry needs to provide a replacement with gov. suggestion, but without gov. intrusion. The middle class working Americans need to come first with affordable health insurance. There are many ways to afford care for the poor, needy and elderly!

Richard Davis - March 11, 2017

The congress is bought and paid for by big corporations and their lobbies. The corporations give money to PACS or the national chamber of commerce and then it is doled out to the Representatives and Senators. We need term limits to get rid of these prostitutes .

Marijane Vandivier - March 11, 2017

It is a huge disappointment in those we elected who ran on & promised “repeal” of Obamacare! Have we been sold out by those we elected? Republicans don’t fail us again! We have stood with you now stand for us.

Dennis Juncer - March 11, 2017

As reflected in another comment, I would agree that, as usual, the GOP leadership is afraid that leaving many people uninsured will come back and kick them later. One of the primary problems is required equal cost insurance for those with prior conditions.
Insurance is a risk sharing scheme, where the insured wants protection from POSSIBLE medical costs, and the insurer basically bets that the premiums will exceed future medical costs, leaving them a profit. This is not unreasonable.
It is unreasonable to ask insurers to cover those people it KNOWS- based on experience and statistics, will require substantial benefits- for the same premium healthy and/or younger people are charged. The government’s proper role is in providing affordable health care to those who are high risk customers. That is what Medicare and Medicaid is all about. Like the immigration problem and closing the border first, a bill repealing or replacing Obamacare MUST include a clear, definite and unavoidable commitment to remove all provisions piling additional risk on insurance companies which make doing business at a profit impossible.
Another aspect of the problem is screwing the tax system up even more by creating a myriad of credits, exclusions and exceptions to finance high risk health care. Health care cannot be equal for all citizens, and must be allocated to provide reasonable health protection for those with high risk conditions and those who cannot afford private insurance. i.e. Medicaid. That is a reasonable societal obligation of the government. For those who can afford more complete protection and are willing to pay for private insurance, that is a decision for them to make. Everybody does not need a Cadillac, and there is nothing wrong with a Chevy, as long as it runs.

Colleen Ryan - March 11, 2017

We are all young enough to remember the days before Obamacare. Medicine has become way to complicated. My husband is a family Dr. And spends the same amount of time seeing patients as he does filling out paperwork. This litigious society is wreaking havoc on malpractice costs as well as limiting their time spent with their patients. It’s Great if the government wants to watch insurance companies and doctors for fraud, but that’s about it. They should only have Doctors, Nurses, Administrators and business people working on this health care plan. And maybe 1 lawyer. The House and Senate can take a breather on this one. They’ve had plenty of time to get a good one started, they should be embarrassed. Call them and complain!

Donald Bowers - March 11, 2017

1) REPEAL every word of ObamaCare in one immediate bill.
AFTER #CleanRepeal:
2) Allow insurance sales across state lines to get competition.
3) Use a pool for pre-existing condition requirements.
4) Prohibit group policies to level the cost field, allowing cash benefits for employees if an institution wishes to provide a benefit.
5) Get the Fed Govt 100% out of health care decision making, cost setting, premium collection and benefit payments.
6) There should be Zero subsidies and/or tax credits.
7) Require all providers of health care services (doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs, etc) to post prices for products and to charge all clients the same whether the payment is cash or insurance.
8) Pass the #FAIRtax to deal with sustaining Social Security, Medicare and Medicade.

John Hugh - March 11, 2017

You can’t satisfy the people that don’t want change, and also make the changes that are required. Maintaining the status quo, is not commensurate to returning to Constitutional government. Republicans will either perform as promised, or be replaced. While projecting weakness, they see themselves as compassionate. I dread the results of their failure.

George - March 11, 2017

Unfortunately the bill offered falls short simply because too many in congress are more concern about their re-election than with the Nation .
Add to that comment the question of why there is no indication members of the congress , their staffs and others exempted from the current ObamaCare are to be exempted from participation in the proposed legislation? Or are we to continue to permit such an “elitist” slap in the face and “hit” on the wallet of the American Public! Is it any wonder the citizens of this great country are so fed up with the elitist mindset of those we elect?

Racerx - March 11, 2017

3 stages of action should start with a clean repeal bill before anything else. They have control of both houses of Congress and the executive branch, they can get it done if they follow through. They need to repeal first, fulfill that promise before mucking everything up with more fines and regulations. Health insurance is not health care; most of the newly covered are because of Medicaid expansion and free programs, but all could have gotten the actual care hey needed before our last president pushed the progressive plan to further hijack the health care system.

Alfred Grunwell - March 11, 2017

I think the House leadership looks at any Republican proposal, especially if it is from the conservative caucus, as to how it can be worded to lure in the Democrats with wording that will let them avoid giving the public back what they have previously stolen from us and thereby maybe not get re-elected. Isn’t that nice of them? Just saying…! If we are going to get our country back we need to get rid of RINO’s!

Lawrence Green - March 11, 2017

The Republicans in the House are gutless. Only explanation I can come up with is the leadership

Lorna McLaughlin - March 11, 2017

Why? They never wanted to repeal it…they just don’t want it to collapse….yet. Most Republicans are just “D-lites.” They are simply low-fat Democrats.

I used to think they were scared of losing their jobs but now I think they are actually voting what they believe …. and lying to get elected.

Timothy R. Buttner - March 11, 2017

I think House Republicans lack the courage to take back the new entitlement: there is no reason children should stay on a parent’s policy until they reach mid-twenties, e.g. Perhaps it would be best to simply repeal it and let the chips fall where they may…At least remove the stain on the Constitution that is the ACA.

Thomas Greer - March 11, 2017

Give and take is always essential in getting it right but Republicans​ seem to always shoot themselves in their collective feet by not unifiing as one voice, like the Dems do.
They had better get this one done, soon, or they may never get another chance. Voters will have the last say.

Cody Watson - March 11, 2017

I have no idea but glad you were to lay out Heritage’S plan to President Trump. Could it be lack of backbone?

Richard Parkinson - March 11, 2017

I believe that Paul Ryan and the main body of the House Representatives have been and are continuing to be lobbied by special interest groups (ie. insurance companies and pharmaceuticals) to retain as many parts of Obamscare that benefit those companies interests.
the 40 conservative members are doing their utmost to honor the repeated demands of the citizenry to first abolish Obamacare in its entirety and then enter into discussions and debates with the entire legislature (yes, including the
Democrats) to present a Health Act in 2017.

David Campbell - March 11, 2017

Republicans are trying to have it both ways buy repealing parts of the ACA and keeping the “popular” parts. In other words, they are trying to please everybody and will end up pleasing no one. Just because some parts of the ACA are popular does not mean they are not part of the problem. Ultimately, government involvement in health insurance and health care IS the problem.

Donna Bott - March 11, 2017

I honestly believe the house leadership is “progressive light” and not really conservative at all.

Randy Porterfield - March 11, 2017

Government OUT OF HEALTHCARE!!! Politicians what part of this do you not UNDERSTAND!!!! No more career, lobbyist backed hacks stopping this. President Trump do WHAT YOU PROMISED!! Dumocrats and liberals will never be satisfied or happy. Who CARES WHAT THESE COUNTRY DESTROYING IDIOTS THINK???

Mack Miller - March 11, 2017

Why are not ALL Governmental entities made part of this “new & better” coverage? Want it FIXED? GET EVERYONE IN THE POOL !! (Oh, that’s right, elitist don’t exist in the Republican Party…)

J. Caldwell 3rd - March 11, 2017

Weak power hungry rinos had 8 years to do something better. I pray they look in the mirror ( Ryan too ) .and become completely disgusted with who looks back at them .

Eleanor Cripps - March 11, 2017

Speaker Ryan should have the judgement as to what is possible to pass through both Chambers NOW. Does Heritage know what Phase 2 and 3 will provide? And when will Republicans discover what a unified front can accomplish? The first step was bound to include some form of “subsidies” – can they be modified later?

Sam Spradling - March 11, 2017

I believe that the bill was proposed in a way that keeps the door open for a one payer government health care system. As to premium increases, we have never found a way to control costs once third party money becomes involved.

Donald J McGovern - March 11, 2017

I think that we need the bill now. I hope there can be some adjustments. I think we need to work towards a compromise.

Robert Meyer - March 11, 2017

It is apparent the Republican leadership is invested in the status quo. Republicans have the majority in both houses, yet they have not come to a consensus on conservative principles. Did they not agree on a bill in 2015? Why not use it now?? They appear to be dragging their collective feet in an affort to avoid or defer any “blame”.
Never underestimate the Republican ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Gloria - March 11, 2017

I admit that I don’t know the process. …… Rushing and doing it badly is not a solution!
I really believe that the they are afraid they would lose votes in the next election. Rep. Ryan’s support/connection to Pres. Obama may also play a part.

Apparently, It isn’t about what is best for the country, or the promises they made!

Robert Cantelupe - March 11, 2017

This proposal is no different than the Democrats plan but is designed to fail sooner since the funding mechanisms will be removed. Nothing is done to reduce costs, premiums or deductibles. Great news for the insurance industry. High premiums with high deductible equals all profit. Phase 3 will not happen unless we give the RINO’s a super majority. I can hear it now. This caters to a small population percentage and the politicians and puts the screws to the remaining 300 million. Yes I am upset.

Gary Beatie - March 11, 2017

In answer to “why”; how about them duplicating a “Nancy”, meaning they had too pas it so they could read it!!!!!!!!!!
Both Houses on both sides of the aisle still need too be cleansed.

DavidMac - March 11, 2017

It is unmistakable that the GOP is unaware of how to “fix” health care. I am not convinced that healthcare is completely broken nor this group of individuals are even aware of what this true issues are. It would be my recommendation that it is the GOP be recalled — shameless performance

David Leipchack - March 11, 2017

Afraid of backlash from the left that Republicans do not care about people who are presently getting some kind of health insurance because of Obamacare.

Chan Bailey - March 11, 2017

They still refuse to accept that at least half the voters in the country want less, not more, government. They still believe they know better than the voters. They still think they can find that unicorn and make everyone happy. They haven’t realized that they are not champions of conservatism.

The only way to fix Obamacare is to repeal Obamacare – 100%.

Bob Hart - March 11, 2017

What the hell do you expect?

Our free nation does not need a fed health care plan. The insurance companies have done a great job. Our grabby government really ticks me off.

Chan Bailey - March 11, 2017

And they continue to leave their spines at home.

Alan M Stevenson - March 11, 2017

I don’t think the Congress has come to grips with whether they want a market or government health care system. Until they do, chaos will reign. You don’t have to be an Adam Smith or Friedrich Hayek to understand that market competition will always produce the best product.Remember the trash cars we bought in the ’80s? Guess what fixed it.

Is there a country on the earth that has a system to be emulated?

Andy Giertz - March 11, 2017

Lack of commitment/lack of understanding of the benefits of free market principles.
Unfortunately, many Republicans are progressives and don’t trust Americans who can afford to buy their own insurance or medical services to actually do so. How about if Government takes care of the truly needy and leaves the rest of us alone.

laurie harwood - March 11, 2017

Leadership is in the tank with the crony capitalists. I believe the three step plan is just another one of their tricks. It’s Trump I’m trying to figure out. I thought he wanted to drain the swamp. We should go back to the days when you would pay as you go. Maybe people wouldn’t go so often and would take better care of themselves. The free market has a way of taking care of problems. President Trump ought to read up on Calvin Coolidge.

Todd Givens - March 11, 2017

Because they believe it is the only thing they can pass quickly. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. If the Trump agenda gets bogged down in bureaucratic BS in the Congress, we are all DOOMED. Tell Congress to get it DONE.

Rose Johnson - March 11, 2017

After eight years of Obama, how is it the leadership was not drafting a better plan? What they are proposing tells me they don’t want to do the work! There was a time you went to a doctor for treatment of an illness or injury, went home to heal, received a bill, paid it but had insurance for major medical. Why is that such a bad idea

Robert Waunch - March 11, 2017

Someone (maybe a lot of them) are on a payroll – more crony capitalism. The bill is a total sham and barely different than Obamacare.
Allow insurance companies to offer any variety of plans in all states they want to but require them to offer all the plans in every county within a state, enact tort reform, return Medicaid to it’s original limitations and purpose, simplify Medicare coverage, require all insurance companies to use the same form – and then get government out of health care entirely!! Government screws up everything it touches. You want an example of government health care – look at the VA mess.

Maggie McMullan - March 11, 2017

Has anyone ever given thought to the possibility that BHO et al may have some congressmen blackmailed?

Shelton Johnson - March 11, 2017

I agree with a lot of the frustrations and anger.
I believe we are looking for someone to explain to us the limitations(spell them out)of having to employ the Reconciliation gimmick to pass THE plan in the Senate.
I have to suppose that those lead to the three step plan that is coming out of earlier feedback news.

Charles Fickling - March 11, 2017

I have stated this before. Contrary to what they say, many Republican Congressmen like the Democrats love big government and want to keep their fingers in the till and in our freedoms. Everyone should be able to choose their health coverage without the government interference. Entitlements is not the answer.

Sydney Wood - March 11, 2017

This is just the 1st step. Lets get this passed through reconciliation and then we can move on to tax reform. The Secretary of Health can then do his work (step 2) followed by a final bill needing full approval of 60 in the Senate. We can get this done in 1 year This is a huge undertaking to repeal and replace. Only fools think it can be fully completed in 100 days.

Kent Swanson - March 11, 2017

Politics! Ryan knows he needs some Democratic votes in the Senate and wants to reach out to those Democrats who are in danger of losing their seats in 2018 with something that they can sign. What we are also missing is that only so many changes can take place under the “reconciliation” process and that there will have to be follow-on bill(s) later to address the remaining major concerns. They can’t get it all in this one bill. But I believe that more could be addressed absent the political issue stated above.

Tom Sprague - March 11, 2017

Eite intrenched career Republicans may have missed the marked—but not Constitutional Conservative Republicans. I hear support coming for this version because of the claim that this is all that can be done with Recon Process—Heritage—help us understand whether this is true. If its not true than the Elites have done it again. lied to us. If it is true and the next 2 “phases” as Ryan speaks of it will get us back to the what “WE” the people want—help us know with confidence that the next 2 “phases” won’t get lost on down the road. That’s the real problem. We don’t trust that the Elites will get it done in the next 2 phases. And then we are in real trouble. So #1) is it true that this is all that can be done in Recon Process (simply majority in Senate) and #2) if so than what can be approved in tandum that will guarantee the next 2 Phases WILL actually complete the death of all of ObamaCare.

PMRjr - March 11, 2017

By not at least starting the initial repeal effort with a plan similar to the Ron Paul type non-entitlement plan, Republicans have the power, but failed us again after our voting for them to repeal it. They are just concerned with how they look and about re-election rather than the Country. Another entitlement program was never sustainable and we do not want one now!
We all voted to Repeal Obama care period!
NOT REPLACE with another government entitlement!
After we may discuss measures to help cover the poorest US CITIZENS if needed but never covering aliens! We can never afford that!

Jacqueline Little - March 11, 2017

Aren’t some of your concerns added in phases? I read that if the Congress suspended the filibuster rule, that repeal and replace could get all the votes necessary to pass without the phases. Why hasn’t that been discussed? Has Heritage engaged Congress on this issue?

Sharon Widell - March 11, 2017

Makes me wonder how much influence the insurance industry/lobbyists had in this? The insurance industry appeared to be the only winners in Obamacare so they have a lot to lose. I am still confused as to why the government needs to be into healthcare for everyone. We should be addressing healthcare for the poor and those unable to afford healthcare with a sufficient plan with subsidy. The govt. tends to be more dollars invested in bureaucracy than actual programs.

Julia Williams - March 11, 2017

I think the hospitals, pharmaceuticals and medicaid profiteers are hand in hand with the RINO faction which could arguably be said to be quietly aligned with the Progressive agenda. Congress needs to be strong enough to make a clean repeal of ACA regardless of the vocal backlash. In two years the benefits will prove the vote.

Richard Nibbe - March 11, 2017

When the legislature exempted themselves from Obamacare I think that says it all. We had better Healthcare prior to Obamacare and we could easily go back to that while all the details of what the Federal Government involvement are discussed.

Richard Claghorn - March 11, 2017

This is really a two step process. #1 Repeal the ACA, #2 Legislate the new solutions.

Patricia Mannel - March 11, 2017

My concern is that they are rushing this plan. If it is true that in three steps it will be what we believed was going to happen, then please spell it out. Perhaps getting all republicans in a meeting together would be beneficial.

We voted for President Trump and want to see the results he ran on.

Andy Kjos - March 11, 2017

As I understand it, the bill contains those changes that can be done by reconciliation.
Then further changes will be made by new regulations. Finally, those changes that would finally repeal the remaining parts of Obama care would be introduced in Congress and passed in the Senate by the required 60 votes needed to end a filibuster.

Angie Akins - March 11, 2017

Is it “the Establishment” raising its ugly head again and ignoring the will of the people? I don’t know who to believe anymore; Ryan (who I think is a RINO and not conservative) sounds reasonable and honest in his explanation. Rand Paul, who is a Libertarian, but I believe more conservative than “the Establishment” sounds totally believable. I know the Republicans have had 7 years to fully work out a plan that solves the problems and should have been ready and in total agreement. This HAS to be right; no second chances here, and Pres. Trump HAS to be on board with the plan. The Republicans (mostly RINO’s) didn’t think Trump would win so they thought they had 4 more years to grandstand on “totally repealing and replacing Obummercare”, without having to actually do anything. Shame on them. Govern as you campaign! If so many true conservatives are against this plan, it cannot be the right plan to do what they have promised. If it means scrapping what they have and starting over, then so be it.

Duston E Rose - March 11, 2017

Repeal means Repeal! Repeal means cancel the ACA. The 88% who had insurance when ACA went into effect go back to what they had. Focus on the 12% who were not covered and fix that. Put persons with existing conditions into that 12% and get them covered. Reject the notion that adult children should be covered by their parents. Adults, all of them, need to work and pay their own bills.There is NO FREE LUNCH!

Marjorie Taylor - March 11, 2017

It seems like they are afraid to take away an entitlement that some people are used to getting now. The government should not be in the healthcare business. They should totally repeal Obamacare like they have promised for years. They could use the 2015 bill that Obama vetoed.

Michael Baker - March 11, 2017

To the Republican Party : I am OK with a 3 step phase in but I am not OK with watered down Obamacare. The promise was Repeal and Replace. Where is the repeal. The promise was not Tweak and Replace. It looks like this ACA is doing what it was designed to do, fail to single payer. The voters have given the Republicans the control of the government and probably eventually a conservative leaning Supreme Court. You have the Power of the Purse and sometimes you won’t use it as the case was under Obama. We are now paying for that ! Now you have control. Insurance companies should not have the right to use a healthcare law as a right to just gouge pricing. It seems they may have taken advantage of the Obamacare features. Maybe they need some supervision. What about big Pharma? All ideas should be addressed and included. Debate all ideas and suggestions from knowledgeable and expert sources. Get doctor input. Insure coverage so no one is left without coverage until the bill is law. Ensure that insurance is competitive, a national market available to all. Get rid of the Obama taxes, mandates, and penalties. Be fair with Medicare / Medicaid but make sure neither is abused, or we will all end up on some form of single payer, government controlled healthcare and we do not want that! We voted against that. Voters have given the win to you. You could gain even more control if you deliver. I would like to see conservative values and laws supporting that from now on. We will never get that from the Democratic Party as it now stands with their current big government globalistic politically correct ideas.

Richard Arnold - March 11, 2017

They got “cold feet” when it came to dealing with the 22 million who received coverage under ACA, and are afraid Dems and the media will beat up on them so they will not get re-elected. I’m ashamed of them. They forget that we elected them to make these tough decisions.
I say completely repeal ACA now! Replacement will take a while, but initially provide coverage for those with pre-conditions, eliminate state lines, and set limits on malpractice suits. The 22 million who got coverage under the ACA will need to get their health insurance from the new and competitive private insurers.

Anthony Brawley - March 11, 2017

It’s only the first draft of a complex bill that will be guaranteed passage by the Senate!
Once that accomplished it will be on record and additional changes as well as the Presidents Tax Bill can be negotiated!
You try to stuff all that into the House Bill and it’s sure to fail in the Senate?

Reynold Nippe - March 11, 2017

There are some pretty impressive people opposed to the Ryan bill – Jim DeMint, Rand Paul.
Lloyd Benjamin (below) put it best,
“Do what was promised! Repeal Obamacare. Once that is done then undertake the process to fix the few things that were wrong with what we had prior to Obamacare.”

John Foley - March 11, 2017

The Republicans, and for that fact the Democrats also, have no idea what it takes to run a business or a health care system. All they need to do is follow the plan laid out by the Heritage Foundation which is the best plan for the American citizens. But they will never agree on anything as long as the “OLD GUARD REPUBLICANS” are still in office. They probably couldn’t even agree that the White House should be painted white. They’re a disgrace to this nation and what the founding fathers envisioned for this once great country. If they will just listen to President Trump and the Heritage foundation everything will turn out well for all of us.

Bill Wells - March 11, 2017

Cannot trust RINOs Ryan and McConnell.

Candy Hansard - March 11, 2017

Well, after looking at the wealth redistribution scheme’s phase one, it appears that Paul Ryan and Tom Price are protecting the swamp funding industry first. Yep, this bill is not designed to help consumers or relieve our tax burden, it is designed to pump hundreds of Millions directly to the insurance industry! The swamp creatures in Congress know that if they give us what we want first, they will never get this “insurance industry gravy train bill” to pass so, they are holding all the good stuff hostage until they keep their promises to the folks who line their pockets. Once they get this passed, don’t hold your breath for them to pass real reform, they will have cemented government control of our healthcare forever.
I wish someone would create a video montage of republicans on the campaign trail promising to REPEAL Obamacare and then Prompt viewers: Ask your legislators why they are voting to Amend Obamacare when they have the majorities in both houses, and the Presidency? They could easily repeal it today? Bait and Switch!
We desperately need term limits!

Frederick Nelson - March 11, 2017

My belief is focused on the current Approach to change is driven by timidity of those participating in presenting a Conservative answer. HSA is an approach worth using, allowing purchase over state lines. CO pay is required on behalf of users. Nothing else in the bill but health care requirements and no other last minute additions. Keep Lobbyists out of the process.

Jan Williams - March 11, 2017

To save their jobs ! That’s why. Appealing to everybody is like a juggling act with one hand tied to your foot. Grow a Pair. Stand up to the Establishment. It can be better !

Frank Schwartz - March 11, 2017

We are getting the glossed over version of Repeal and Replace. How about sharing some statistics. Does this proposal save the taxpayers any money over what Obamacare cost? How about a healthcare plan that covers all Americans (including Congress and all Federal employees). This cannot be rushed through. If Congress can’t pass a proposal then shelve it or let it fail. More important is TAX REFORM and JOBS. We need economic growth so we can start to get a handle on our DEBT.

Jan Williams - March 11, 2017

For those who mentioned that there are 3 steps/phases, They will never get out to second base. Take my word for it.

Gene Haberstock - March 11, 2017

They want the federal government involved in health care instead of turning it back to the private sector.

Karl Bush - March 11, 2017

Taking the “easy way out” led by weak kneed Paul Ryan.
They need to get down to business and do the “hard work” it takes to get this right,

Steven Vogelfanger - March 11, 2017

Because they have no intestinal fortitude.
All they care about is being reelected.
Why must they cow tow to the left and their political correctness doctrine?

Robert Hammons - March 11, 2017

I am a very loyal and concerned American,conservative, registered Republican, they have been hounding me unmercifully for money. I have told them I have no faith in them and feel they will screw things up again just like they have in the past when they have gained control of both houses. They can’t handle it. As Forest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does”

Roger Bergmeier - March 11, 2017

The new bill being pushed probably pleases the powers that be in D.C. and is just a start or a place to bargain from. I think congress should just junk the whole law and NOT replace Obama Care. Some private organizations are offering cooperatives with very low premiums ($50.00 per month for adults and $5.00 for children). Why not get those types of programs started across the nation. Its really time for people to take the responsibility for their own health care.

Roger B.

Nicholas Caruso - March 11, 2017

Maybe it’s because RINOs are still running the show despite having a new President. Trump made a promise to the American people. Ryan & McConnell did not. They need to go.

Nita E Hogan - March 11, 2017

One thing not addressed is a stopgap for
the thousands of immigrants who are draining our tax money by cheating to be included. We owe them nothing as they are not citizens and do not pay taxes. If we do not let them have all our benefits,
maybe they will stay home!

Bill Grau - March 11, 2017

Three words: Politics, politics and politics. It is disgusting how the establishment Republicans are playing politics with this. They had seven years to come up with a plan. Rand Paul has a good one, why not look at that? How about any of the plans that were sent to their deaths in the Senate over the last 7 years? For once in your miserable lives, listen to the people who elected you and stop thinking about your own wealth and power! Vote the bums out. Elect people who will do what we want. They work for US!

Daryl Lipham - March 11, 2017

They lack the courage for a hard fight. The left is wrong, but they fight for what they believe, and play for keeps. We get a setback and go away. This is a fight of good vs. evil, and is joined until the end of days. It is not a “fair” fight.

Roger McDonald - March 11, 2017

In 1972 my wife was hospitalized for 3 days with surgery and labs and, oh my, I had no insurance!! My bill was less than $600.00. Since then, the federal government has been involved in medical care and we’ve had a 3,000% increase in admin cost. How about getting rid of all of the stuff that causes the admin cost so the option of paying for all but major medical care can be done without insurance. Let’s develop an incentive for healthy living and get rid of subsidies for food commodities that are making people sick like GMO and chemically produced commodities.

JoAnn Ison - March 11, 2017

They are trying to calm down the liberals.

Ruth Torrey - March 11, 2017

We still have spineless RINO’s in leadership positions in Congress.

Kenton Kunke - March 12, 2017

Guys like Mr. Ryan seem to be DEMOCRATS who don’t have the guts to put themselves to the task of running against properly affiliated Democrats and losing the chance to hoodwink us in the November elections.

Arlis J Simmons - March 12, 2017

Sending tax credits directly to insurance companies is a disastrous mistake. IT eliminates health, wellness, services
and drug competition by natural means.
Send it to individual Health Savings Accounts. Provide 10x penalty for misspent funds.

Manuel Lemos - March 12, 2017

I think the Republican leadership is afraid to take away an entitlement that was created by the Democrats.

Jack - March 12, 2017

As has been typical, and now very apparent once again, the GOP establishment never intended to “repeal and replace” only dick with the edges and tinker using smoke, mirrors, and fine wires to give the illusion of having done something!! SOS over again!!

J Sterbinasky - March 12, 2017

Heritage foolishly is missing the point that the bill has to pass the Senate. Ryan has made it clear if you’d jus t listen to him on Hugh Hewitt, that this bill gets all we can into this. Reconciliation bill and the rest comes later. This is the best way to.get it ch angled. Reconciliation won’t allow those other thing now.

J.B. Jones - March 12, 2017

Politicians have always catered to “Ninnies” (who,as children, were over protected by Momma and teachers – as “adults”, by nanny government – and demand that to continue). Politicians are scared to death that if they take away a gift given them by an earlier administration, the ninnies will vote them out of office in the next election.

I understand your institutional bias against actually reading e mails from an unknown mere “member”, but, at 82, I have insights that are more valuable than any $ donation I can make. If you can admit that, no, you don’t know it all, you could learn a lot from me. I have sent several e-mails – which were ignored. I will not try again – unless you provide an e-mail address that someone there will actually READ.

Yours truely,

J.B. (Brannon) Jones

Ray Turcotte - March 12, 2017

I as well am not happy with this current abortion by Speaker Ryan and the GOP. The time to take low life Lawyers out of the picture has come, 1st eliminate malpractice suits as how is it possible to hold Doctors accountable for the complexity of the Human body, 2nd put an end to nonsense trips to emergency rooms such as people with a case of the common cold. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit like any other business. Having insurance is not a right but a safeguard against unknown incidents when they happen.

Don Kothmann - March 12, 2017

Most of these people never had a real job but if they did, they failed. “I think I’ll just run for office”. Once they finely made it inside the beltway, they will do almost anything to stay there. Paul R. said the house would only work 8 days in a month. These people care nothing about anyone except themselves. Drain The Swamp on both sides of the isle!

Marcella Dellaposta - March 12, 2017

They are lackeys for the New World Order. They should be tried for treason!

James Grimes - March 12, 2017

Just can’t believe that the GOP is so inept! Maybe they should have another retreat and invite Nancy Pelosi to advise them about getting things done, (pass it and then read it). Three phases is the latest buzzword for not doing the job and or passing it on to the next congress.

Merwin Jones - March 12, 2017

Their fundamental problem is they are not in favor of less government! They like to be in control. A free market in health care is the only answer. Where have medical cost gone down? Only in procedures (laser eye surgery, plastic surgery) that are paid for by the consumers. Competition forces decisions to be made to lower costs and increase access. Auto insurance, home insurance and most other types of insurance do not depend on subsidies, so why health insurance?

Nancy - March 12, 2017

I believe Ryan is a progressive. He is dragging his feet when a proper repeal bill should have been on Pres. Trump’s desk 48 hours after his inauguration.

You all at Heritage HAD THE ANSWER already by that time. Ryan is not listening to you and is working AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Ron Wagner - March 12, 2017

I believe many GOP congressmen lied to us. Obamacare represents power to them and their contributors. They are more frightened of losing that power and their contributors than the conservative vote. They also continue to believe free money coming from our taxes dollars will buy votes. We need term limits really bad!

Mary Sutton - March 12, 2017

Does Heritage want the Republican Party to go into the 2018 mid-election as the party that promised to repeal Obamacare and did not do it? That is the plan that the Democrats would prefer. How does Heritage plan to pass a more conservative plan than Speaker Ryan’s in the Senate if 60 votes would be required? Get conservatives behind the Speaker’s plan, NOW!!

Ethan Skyler - March 12, 2017

Talk about history repeating itself. The Democrats, in control of all three branches, designed and voted in the ACA. Republicans objected and abstained.
Now the three branches are in Republican control. “Repeal” got them elected. But now they are talking “Repeal and Replace”. Huh? Replace? Everyone knows government healthcare doesn’t work in the long run. Why would Republicans think they can design one that does? This time Democrats will object and abstain. Square One. Lets not keep trying that which is proven to fail, while expecting a different outcome.
The solution? Repeal the ACA, 100%. Reinstall the bipartisan programs developed in our past. Add a tweak or two if needed but only with bipartisan support.

DAVID E. SISCA - March 12, 2017

Obama Care should be eliminated completely. Then install the plan proposed
by Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and
Mike Lee at he same time.

Dave Britt - March 12, 2017

Every negotiation/journey begins with a first step. Wringing hands does nothing for anyone; so don’t like the bill but work hard to make it what it needs to be. This is a marathon not a sprint. In a society where everyone expects instant gratification and where congress hasn’t done spit for more than 8 years, it may take time to get the wheels moving again

Don Tillema - March 12, 2017

I think it is very simple. Leadership is in the pocket of the insurance companies. 2 years ago the conservatives in the house were talking about some changes to make concerning the ins companies. Bainer comes in and tells them that he has the ins companies on his back, so back off. He did not want to hear another word about it. Leadership has only one thing on their mind, taking care of themselves. They are not interested in the American people. Only cure, term limits.

Carl Malberg - March 12, 2017

I think that Congress leaders believe they must do repeal and replace in a single bill because if they don’t the opportunity may pass them by. In my opinion they should pass a total repeal with a two year phase out period. Then they should deregulate the health insurance industry and let the free market work its magic. The public must be informed that health insurance is just like any other kind of insurance -‘ protection against catastrophic loss. The Federal government should stay out of the process or health care will become an entitlement and eventually bankrupt the Nation.

janice lewis - March 12, 2017

I believe Paul Ryan is looking out for Paul and doesn’t really care about President Trump or his plan for the American people, he is only concerned about his chances of trying to be president again. Isn’t going to happen if most conservatives have a say.

John Yox - March 12, 2017

Since the 2015 bill that was put on Obama’s desk fulfills the repeal and replace promise, the only reason that the current bill could have been proposed is because the electorate has not had time to help President Trump drain the swamp.

Bernandine Brown - March 12, 2017

I am not sure why the Republicans refuse to send a bill to Trump REPEALING OBAMACARE. They know he would sign it. I answered my poll questions with a repeal only choice. That what we asked for. I don’t think government can do much right to start with and certainly not healthcare – just look at Medicare and Medicaid. The only thing the government needs to do is make sure that the insurance companies don’t gouge the insured. Health care costs have skyrocket since this monstrosity was enacted. I can think of no reason for this deception except ego. We also don’t need three phases. If that was the case why didn’t he outline the approach to begin with. There is only one good thing to do with OBAMACARE and that is to repeal and the sooner the better.

john wesley - March 12, 2017

Those who receive the income from subsidies will lash out at those who would take it away. Politicians are afraid to take the income(sudsidies)away unless they can show that the new plan will be better and cheaper.

Mike Amdahl - March 12, 2017

I am extremely disappointed in the fact that they had six years to come up with another idea and they knew very well that the American people did not support the legislation at all. Quite frankly the government has no business being in the health care business anyway. They want to rule us not represent us. Ryan and McConnell are weak and are more interested in their career than doing the will of the people. That is why we voted for Trump, because we are tired of being ignored, and dictated to. Repeal and replace means repeal and replace, not trim it and rename it. Get the government out of our business and we will all be better off. And hurry up and get Trump’s staff approved so they can get something done! Sorry if I sound angry, but I am!

John Bauman - March 12, 2017

Why? Because reconciliation will prevent an all-out repeal of Obamakrud, you can’t get 60 votes to do anything like what we hoped, and you’ve got McCain and McConnell and the rest of the goddam establishment so-called republicans who won’t do anything but sit on their butts and their power and their greed and their don’t-give-a-darn about-destroying-our-country attitude that could possibly upset their empty-headed view of the United States and the world we live in.

AND, I’m just about fed up with you people at Heritage as well. You’ve gotten on the never-Trumper bus to eternity. And, yes, I’m just about to renege on my small monthly pledge. You don’t seem to understand the alternative to getting EXACTLY what YOU want. Talk about the spoiled brat who took home his softball because he wan’t good enough to pitch…

Hank Raehn - March 12, 2017

I believe the Republican House and Senate are fearful of governing because of three reasons: 1) they are intimidated by the media; 2) they are intimidated by the implacable hostility of the left and 3) the opposition of some in the bureaucracy and some Republicans in leadership that want to go along to get along with the establishment. The health care plan just released retains much of the dysfunctional elements of Obamacare. I recommended to my representative and senators that Congress immediately re-introduce HR 3762 via budget reconcilation to repeal Obamacare in its entiretyand to repeal the Obamacare mandates and to defund Planned Parenthood, then use the time between now and when the 2018 budget is developed to put together a solid replacement of Obamacare working with reasonable Democrats to lower costs, enact consumer choice and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. However, if the Democrats prevail in opposing it, blame them.

Mary Goffos - March 12, 2017

From hearing reports from Hannity and other conservative talk show hosts, I side with Trump and his 3 phase plan and wish the career politicians would just support him and let him do his job….I voted for HIM, not them! They should listen! This stalling takes me back to the Obama years, and I don’t like it!

john heil - March 12, 2017


Daniel Murray - March 12, 2017

This is the work of lobbyists. Politicians are gullible enough to believe the lobby and stupid enough to forget campaign promises. Trump will not have a second term without backing away from this.

James Moore - March 12, 2017

Complete betrayal of Americans who put Republicans in the majority. Why can’t a bill that was passed with no reading or debate be just as easily repealed? The best health care plan will be when government at all levels is out of the health care business. I believe if a government agency can be corrupted it will always be corrupted. We need more direct accountability to the American voter. The time is long past for legal Americans to vote directly on bills and appointments, etc. By legal I mean wage earning American citizens, not people on the dole or any type of government employee, elected or hired.

Ralph and Sharlene Leebert - March 13, 2017

Those making the changes are not affected by it so why bother to make major changes that the people wanted. We need a system where those elected are under the same provisions as the public. If that was the case a lot of things would change: Obama care, Soc. Sec., retirement benefits, and of course education from K to university level learning.

Barry Rava - March 13, 2017

So the repeal bill that passed congress in the past is no good now. Obviously it only passed because they were certain Obama would veto! I don’t trust the current congressional leadership at all – they are power-hungry. Its easy, repeal the entire law. get out of the health-care business and my life. At the very least remove penalties for not having coverage that is approved by the government.

Joe Norwood - March 13, 2017

Because they are scared they will be blamed for taking something away from people who can’t afford to insure themselves. They should know that they will be blamed no matter what happens, and perhaps some will lose their precious titles. It is only real character that can see through the fog of fear and focus on simple free-market reforms. Trumpcare should be FULL repeal and one page of strict assurance that government will not mandate, dictate, require, penalize, or tax citizens in pursuit of their own insurance and or doctors. More people providing actual health care, less people filling out forms and punching keys on a computer. States should be allowed to experiment on what works best, and the cream will rise for others to follow. KISS, Keep it Simple, Stupid. One more page outlining a safety net for those that cannot provide for themselves, and should be block granted to the states to keep top down to a minimum.

dale potter - March 13, 2017

remove federal goverment from any health care involvement peroid. give it back to the states. congress has a budget problem to fix and tax reform they do not need this to deal with too.

Tom Brettschneider - March 13, 2017

The reason the bill was structured like it is relates to the fact Americans are used to free govt deals and the page in the book cannot be turned back. Medicare-Pres drug coverage-Socail Security, etc cannot be turned back. In 2020 when the Dems take back the country many more free things will be put in place.

Allen Powell - March 13, 2017

I always thought that the GOPs were kind of ‘shut-out’ in the negotiations re; healthcare solutions/issues, but now that they control both
the legislative and executive branches…where are they? I understand the “reconciliation” that must be dealt with in developing a new Healthcare Plan, which causes the so-called steps that must be taken, but where are these numerous GOP plans that were so good, yet theywere supposedly submitted and shot down by the Dems over the years…I think it boils down to…one side is scared, and the other is glad of it! They need to get to work and STOP the posturing!

John Sheridan - March 13, 2017

All the blather about having to do it in steps. Has no one in Congress heard of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) solution?
If you want to do it in steps, fine but pass all three steps and set firm dates for each step to take place st that full implementation occurs within 18 months. There is no constitutional authority for the Federal Government to do anything about health care. The States and the Individual have that responsibility.

V.Reese Munch - March 13, 2017

Why is it the responsibility of the Fed. or State Gov. to provide health care??? Health Care is a commodity just like bread,TV sets,cell phones, hamburgers,and other retail items. It is a choice by the individual to buy insurance or a TV,cell phone,expensive cars,hamburgers or steak. The Gov. needs to get out of the Insurance business an get on with protecting the USA.

Roger Newcomb - March 13, 2017


Roger Houer - March 13, 2017

Ryan didn’t consult with Conservative leaders and kept it secret so they couldn’t make any recommendations. Just another case of not listening to anyone other than establishment Republicans who have no interest in changing.

Robert Miller - March 13, 2017

They are trying to get a health care bill passed before their constiuants really can lable them as do-nothings and vote them out of office.

Louis Ray Starr - March 13, 2017

Here is what needs to be had.
Remember when Omaha Insurance insured the Armed Forces of the United States for minimum rates?
How do you think this was done?
Ans: through banks.More Companies need to ban together to make more insurance at lower costs available at cheaper rates to stop these conglomerate Corporations from taking advantages of the public in these mannerisms, and make insurance affordable for the public other than the one’s on medicaid.

Louis Ray Starr - March 13, 2017

* That would be Mutual of Omaha Bank,cand Insurance Company.

John Humiston - March 13, 2017

They proposed a bill like this because of timidity, the lack of which got President Trump elected.

Congressional apologetics do not recognize that bold action based on firmly-held and understood true beliefs is what Americans will always respect – and the only thing they will respect.

Repeal and then replace is the only path.

John Humiston, MD - March 13, 2017

Living in San Diego, I had a major medical insurance policy for my family of seven that cost $450 per month. Soon after enactment of ACA, the company fled the state of California, for understandable reasons.

I have had no health insurance since, as I can’t afford it. I can private pay a policy for $1700 or more monthly for a minimal policy (which is a ridiculous price), or I can probably qualify by income for subsidized premiums (which honor and self-respect do not allow me to do) which would be a fraction of that cost, voluntarily making myself a government dependent, and only because the government program drove up the costs in the first place!

I want my health care back! When I went to a Democrat anti-Issa rally, they clamored about keeping “their” healthcare. It’s not their healthcare, because they’re not paying for it! It’s my healthcare – I paying for theirs!

Joe Otto - March 14, 2017

There won’t be a step 2 or 3! The rep. are stalling AGAIN. I have reached the point with rep. where I only believe actions not talk.

Ronald E Feldman MD - March 14, 2017

Left out of the picture is how this bill or any other will affect those of us practicing medicine. The current regulatory environment, payment cuts, penalties for not reporting patient information to Washington has led to 51 percent burn-out rate in one of the most highly skilled cohorts in the population. Someone needs to pay attention.

Michael Cavanaugh - March 14, 2017

Republicans are being too cautious given the reconciliation process, and NOT being BOLD enough in delivering upon the promises to replace with something better. They need to fight for what they believe and not simply accept the OBAMACARE and its costly failures as the “NEW NORM”. FIX the costly errors NOW , and for GOOD, because they may not get another chance.

Allison Tripp - March 14, 2017

Phase 3 requires 60 votes and is supposed to allow buying insurance across state lines and caps on lawsuits.If we can’t get 60 now, who is going to promise us we will later? If we don’t get market forces in and government out completely it won’t work.

Al Hornung - March 14, 2017

I think it has to do with the procedural requirements that avoid the requirement for 60 votes in the Senate.
Rather than publicly complaining and blaming part of the party, all Republicans should work together to get a good law that can be passed and signed into law

Robert A. Sutton - March 15, 2017

The Health Care Bill proposed by Speaker Ryan is reasonable and pragmatic. It moves us toward market-based competition and will providing coverage for poor and low income Americans.The tax credits can be phased out over time as the cost of insurance comes down through competition. The tax credits need to be age dependent, limited to low income people and available only to those without employer based coverage. Opposition from the Heritage Foundation is counterproductive and only supports the Democratic agenda. Today’s Wall Street Journal (15 March) editorial “The Health Bill’s Fiscal Bonus” has the right reasoning. Let’s see Heritage proactively support the Speaker’s Bill.

Michael Orr - March 15, 2017

Apparently some Republicans don’t want to be re-elected! REPEAL Obamacare!!!

K. Gade - March 16, 2017

I realize this is coming out of left field, but shouldn’t health insurance companies and the AMA be involved in this process as well? Much of American health is based on what we eat. I am not talking about making better choices – that is our individual responsibility. I’m talking about what is affordably available for us to choose from. When companies like Monsanto decide they can do what ever they want to our food and they have the FDA in their hip pocket to simply look the other direction, we are in bigger trouble than just having or not having health insurance. We have a national threat to our overall health…period. So many more people are now suffering from harm done to their digestive systems, destruction of good bacteria in their stomachs, destruction of the cilia in the intestines, bone density problems, heart problems, etc….. much due to hybridized and genetically modified grains, high fructose corn syrup, GMO soy (that shows up in everything!) and antibodies given to animals from which we get our eggs or milk or meats. People who can’t eat wheat products or who are lactose intolerant here in America are fine when they eat such things in Europe! Consumers are getting smarter about such things, but can do only so much with their ban on bad food. Further more, the FDA keeps passing drugs with warning labels a mile long while doctors prescribe pills to combat harmful side effects, driving health care COSTS up and up. The only people benefiting from such practices are those making billions off our DECLINING health. The Department of Agriculture bears much responsibility as well for allowing the kind of practices that have lured farmers into this morass. Monsanto has incorporated practices that are evil from top to bottom and are paying some people to look the other direction, threatening some, and bamboozling others to get their bad seeds sown even in areas where they have not actually been purchased. Just because these seeds don’t kill you immediately doesn’t mean they are not highly dangerous over time and over generations. Well, this is just another perspective (most of you know this is only the tip of the ice berg) that I hope will add to the discussion in a positive way that our representatives can understand.

Stevan E Iungerich - April 5, 2017

I don’t believe that Speaker Ryan ever intended to replace the ACA. For the past 8 years everything that was supposedly going to be proposed by the House (or Senate for that matter) was always preceded by a whimpering, “…the President wont sign it…”, or, “…the Senate won’t pass it…”, or some other excuse for doing nothing. Now we get a 3-phase excuse for doing nothing. Rhinos LOVE the ACA. Probably just follow the money.

ZED MCGETTRICK - May 8, 2017

they did this to get something on the board as a victory for the rump. That’s it. Also, they are stalling to get through the election of 2018, while the American dumbos wait in hopes of a real bill on health. Will never happen, so long as reprobate republican party are in power. never did, and never will.

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