President Obama’s “historic” agreement  with China on climate change will cost you more money. Not only will it raise energy costs for all Americans, it will weaken our economy and decrease our nation’s competitive advantage.

Heritage Foundation expert Nick Loris explains the absurd logic of the deal:

China’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is akin to a pledge from a broke, addicted gambler to his bookie to pay later.  China is telling the United States to make the economic sacrifices and restrict its energy use now, and China will start reducing its emissions beginning in 2030. 

Read more about why this is a raw deal.

What do you think of President Obama’s climate deal?

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Paul Ingraham - November 13, 2014

This is a failure of this President to act in America’s interests in dealing with an oppressive regime. He’s too soft to be negotiating anything for us.

mark lynch - November 13, 2014

Don’t you think it is about time to demand the GOP to use the power of the purse to stop this type of action. Don’t you think that it is about time that they begin to debate the left about the validity of global warming. Why are we making economic sacrifice while the Chinese aren’t and why should we sacrifice in the name of a concept that is inherently flawed to begin with.

Robert R Heier(Bob) - November 13, 2014

I cannot understand why Obama thinks we should do ev erything and every other country does nothing. Why does he talk down to us and up to all others?

ANDREW ROWE - November 13, 2014

It is a bad idea to trust the reds. It is a bad idea to make our economy suffer.

Dick Keeler - November 13, 2014

It sucks like everything else he promotes.

Roger Jeffery - November 13, 2014

How stupid (political) can Obama be! He has a personal gain to agree with climate control deals at home and the world! I see every news break every day. The concept of climate control is Deceit all over again and I may stupid but not dumb!

Marie Mader - November 13, 2014

If China’s compliance can not be verified, it is useless.

Paul Sangster - November 13, 2014

Obama is using “global warming”, or “climate change” as a political tool. I don’t know whether he actually believes that it, if it has any man-made component, is of any concern other than for political purposes. He has verbally committed to the Chinese, who think he is a joke. I seriously doubt that the Chinese intend to actually do anything about CO2 emissions. Hopefully, we will be spared the trillions of dollars Obama plans to spend to essentially produce at most a miniscule drop in CO2 levels, when he is gone and a more sensible Congress takes over. I believe that “climate change” is poorly understood, goes on constantly, has for eons, and will long after there are no people. It is mostly due to effects of the sun. Maybe Obama should produce an Executive Order outlawing sunspots..

David S.Hodes, MD - November 13, 2014

Kindly provide a scientifically-sound, evidence-based analysis of the extent to which human activities control the world’s climate.

Fredrick Yerrick - November 13, 2014

Right out of “Rules for Radicals! “. They win and we lose with our President’s Fundamental transformation!

Mike Cordova - November 13, 2014

Exactly! Congress needs to stand up and say we will not ratify this agreement. Both parties must be equals.

Bryan Walden - November 13, 2014

Why is it America has to have the most naïve foreign policy in the world? Is it absolutely necessary that our representatives to the international community – from the president on down – make us look so stupid? Talk about the JV team….

Russ Douglass - November 13, 2014

Obama is purposely doing his best to bring down this country any way he can. We will get no relief from his traitorous acts until he is replaced in 2017.

Donald Cox - November 13, 2014

Obama’s climate deal is jus what we would expect from him. He stands for nothing and falls for everything. China, Putin, etc., know that he is no leader and a fall guy more interested in himself than his country and play him for what he is. He is a loser and when he makes deals our country is a loser.

Sherie M. Clark - November 13, 2014

President B.O.’s illogical reasoning is more than unbelievably naïve, it is truly ridiculous — coming from one who supposedly has earned a graduate degree from Harvard University … But then I must realize that there really are individuals who do not have the moral fiber to withstand the Leftist/Liberal brainwashing that occurs under the tutelage of certain professors in such schools.

Manfred Laidig - November 13, 2014

This is absolutely a sell out to China. It appears Obama’s agenda for whatever reason is to weaken the US on the world scene. He needs to be impeached or at the very least, stripped of power somehow. Think the new congress needs to assert itself to reverse some of Obama’s reckless actions. He is not acting on behalf of “We the People” in our best collective interests as an elected official, rather as a dictator.

Wayne Albright - November 13, 2014

The SOB has done very little to help this country. He is hell bent on making us pay for all the exploitation that he thinks this country has perpetrated on the rest of the world. The jerk needs to impeached and thrown in jail for all his criminal scandels.

David McCann - November 13, 2014

As with all “climate change” related plans concocted by Democrats and other liberal interests, Obama’s agreement with China will only hurt America. “Climate change” as defined by the envionmental socialist movement does not exist, so there is no benefit to the enviroment to be gained by this agreement. Like all other plans, such as the Kyoto Protocal and “Cap and Tax”, this plan only serves to diminish America’s economic strength and standard of living.

Mark Hancock - November 13, 2014

Please tell Obama to go ahead and spend the money… I’ll start remitting my taxes in 2030.
Oh, wait! He’s already spent the money! …and then some!
Good grief! Can’t somebody stop this clown?

Walter Schurmann - November 13, 2014

Saul Alynski 101! China has 16 years to laugh this off. Obama will be out of office and we’ll be stuck with the outcome. WS

Robert Kellock - November 13, 2014

RE: Obama’s Climate Deal

Here’s what I told the Sierra Club yesterday, when they trumpeted his triumph.

Sorry, Michael. His mouth was moving, so he was lying. ( e.g., Reference Affordable Care legislation.)

China snookered him (again?). They will start reducing their emissions AFTER THEY PEAK in about 2030. They would reduce then anyway, as the Chinese implement the efficiency measures that they have stolen/copied from our manufacturing processes. (Did you see how closely their latest fighter jet looks like the F-35?!)

In the meantime, our economy will continue to slide into the tax-burdened European model as our energy prices skyrocket from our “largesse” in succombing to the self-indulgent, climate-change (nee global-warming) scientists for no practical gains!

And, here’s what I said about climate change, nee global warming, to National Parks Conservation Association when they pushed carbon pollution.

Climate change must be measured over at least decades, and the last few decades don’t show a “climate change.” Humans have been making carbon dioxide since they started breathing, and have made more since they discovered fire. It’s not likely that the chemical analysts have been around long enough to qualify as climatologists.

Finally, we’ll know that it’s a REAL problem when we start talking about how to extinguish the Chinese coal seam fires and the British Isles peat bog fires.

Bob Kellock

Dan Happel – Commissioner - November 13, 2014

This make about as much sense as everything else this man has done. If his whole philosophy is to destroy the American dream and our constitutional republican form of government and to promote a Marxist/communist form of government, then this certainly makes sense. As another socialist, Franklin Roosevelt once said “nothing in government ever happens by accident.”

Frank Walker - November 13, 2014

I don’t believe any deal that is made by the president will be for the benefit of the USA. This president has, from the beginning, done everything to ruin this country and turn our once allies against us. The sooner he is gone the better for the nation. I am ashamed to even call him a president. Certainly , never a leader.

LTC Charles R. Elam, III - November 13, 2014

Obama continues to listen to a different drummer and being the ostrich that he is.

BETTY MUNSON - November 13, 2014

#1 Climate change will not be affected no matter what.
#2 President Obama wants the US to restrict our energy usage and shrink economically — unless it is to expend energy manufacturing and transporting huge wind turbines on newly blasted and bulldozed roads to remote desert locations requiring the construction of miles of transmission lines across the formerly beautiful landscape. On the taxpayer’s dime.
Or to bulldoze thousands of acres of desert vegetation which sequesters CO2 for free, in order to create solar fields, flying dust and more transmission lines. On the taxpayer’s dime.
Desert dwellers hate this. But everyone who pays an electric bill will hate it, too. The president loves it.

Neil Mahony - November 13, 2014

What the buffoon should have said was: When China reaches the current level of the USA, THEN we will start reducing further. He is too stupid to be alive.

Darlene Rake - November 13, 2014

I do not agree with Obama’s agreement with China. It is ludicrous, and it will harm our economy and weaken our private businesses.

Bob Langelius Sr. - November 13, 2014

President Obama is an “Empty Suit” intellectually! His skill set is is to “clarify” most sympathetically the PROBLEM, and then he goes about detailing all the reasons the problem effects folks, again sympathetically, but he disassociates himself from any culpability in the problem!
That issue is ALWAYS his political opponents fault!!
He NEVER accepts any responsibility for the correction of any problem, especially any that has any logical way of correcting the concern articulated!
He is the agent of the people and the selfless ombudsman for the downtrodden but has not corrected any major concerns, he has only made most worse, created new worse ones!

James A Sinclair - November 13, 2014

Stupid. Anyone with any knowledge of the earth and it’s workings knows it goes through cycles. These cycles are governed in part by the jet stream which is a ever changing pattern.
The earth has been going through these cycles for hundreds of thousands of years.

It’s all about the dollar. Look at what Al Gore made on it.

Jim Darnall - November 13, 2014

I just spent about 20 minutes filling this out a while ago when it came back and said I had an error and wiped out all I said. Bottom line is. We have a bad president and have lost the willingness and/or the ability to do much about it. We have allowed his corruption and disregard for our constitution to become common place. We have judges that should be remove fro the courts. Our moral values as a nation have fallen in the toilet. There seems to be no stopping this now as our willingness to stop it has taken a back burner. As a Christian this all has been fore told in God’s Word. I just thought we as a nation would have tried a lot harder to keep this country more focused on what is good. Sorry! Thank you for allowing my observations and opinions.

Allan DeCamp - November 13, 2014

This is completely insane. This is not a deal with China, it’s furthering Obama’s agenda. Can’t Congress cancel this out. Why are we allowing the EPA to make rules that Congress should. There doesn’t seem to be anyone controlling the EPA but themselves and doing Obama’s bidding.

Dan Sherwood - November 13, 2014

What an awful ‘deal’, it just becomes more apparent everyday that Obama is out to destroy America. He is attacking every single thing that the ‘old’ american dream was built upon. Life, liberty and the pursue of happiness, including for black people. Six years of this corrupt government is enough!!!!

Kent Stockton - November 13, 2014

This “deal” is akin to Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football. It is true idiocy; once again, our president looks calculating and anti-American rather than simply incompetent.

Debbie McMillan - November 13, 2014

Just like Gruber, Obama thinks we’re stupid. However, I have many Democratic friends who have allowed themselves to be dumbed down with reality TV.

John Johnson - November 13, 2014

The China deal goes along with everything this President has done over the last six years, always placing the U.S. in a secondary role and not being concerned with the impact on its citizens. He governs by fiat, by declaration, by skipping the “Constitutional mechanisms” written into the fabric of our government to guide laws and legislation. He demonstrates that he is “wiser and smarter” than all of us. This is dangerous and reckless! If he were a Republican or a conservative, he would be undegoing impeachment. This is a sad way for us to live.

Richard F. Pendleton - November 13, 2014

President Obama’s energy emissions reduction deal with China is an absolutely stupid sell out of the United States national defense and economic interests. It is nothing more or less than bootlicking of his Left environmental supporters for the 2016 Democratic Party Primary season and the 2016 Presidential Election run. And, it is clear evidence of his Socialist, if not Communist, national agenda. He is a traitor. He deserves to be impeached.

Ed Grauke - November 13, 2014

Just more evidence he has no intention or motivation to act on behalf of the American people, our economy or consistent with our Constitution.

Kevin - November 13, 2014

Another interested plan implemented because we are STUPID, huh?

Charles R. Perkins - November 13, 2014

Every thing Obama does is to destroy our nation and promote himself as the one world leader, every thing is done for himself only!!!!

Tommy Jordan - November 13, 2014

He Need to be impeech from office

John MacIlroy - November 13, 2014

A deal is beneficial to both parties, therefore, this is not a deal but a concession. This administration has no concept of negotiation.

Bart Whatley - November 13, 2014

Obama is either a gullible idiot, or has nefarious intentions to weaken America any way he can. Or maybe it is a little of both.

Jimmr - November 13, 2014

Stupid comes closest! Naive, childish, unrealistic, destructive, are other words that spring to mind.
If the Republicans and more thoughtful Democrats do not stop this lunacy we are another step closer to the third world status the president seems to cherish!

Bob Myers - November 13, 2014

Obama’s ploy with China is just another step toward attempting to legitimize climate change. We out here in “stupid” America know all about the scheme surrounding “global warming” and the global elitists long range conspiracy to convert the world to a global government and fund that government with this kind of garbage policy. This is just another one of his goose-steps in lock-step with the socialist/communist/fascists of the world.

james r hobbie - November 13, 2014

It stinks !!!!

Jim Crownover - November 13, 2014

Obama is doing things to our country that is not supported by the populace. The fact that 2/3 of the eligible Democratic voters not voting backs up this notion. China cutting back its carbon emissions is not likely to happen as long as they continue to develop.

Charles Pardue - November 13, 2014

I don’t know who this president thinks he is representing
but he is surely not representing me or most of the citizens of the USA. It looks as if he is being paid by a foreign gov. to destory the US from the inside . A school child could have made a better climate deal with China.

Jim Campbell - November 13, 2014

Obma’s “deal” stinks!

Terry - November 13, 2014

What do I think??? I think Cloward-Piven is working just fine. A brilliant plan to destroy a country… and a brilliant student of it (Obama and company) to carry it out.

Have you noticed how happy he is. re: his smile, when he is fiddling with our future demise? My heart is breaking America…….. where are you all? It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion……………………………………………….

Ann Kyle - November 13, 2014

I do not believe anything that Obama initites will be good for our country, even if there is some good within his ideas. His lies and manipulations during his presidential term are enormous. He needs to be stopped.

Var St. Jeor - November 13, 2014

Simple, Obama is letting China “dictate” U.S. policy. That is akin to having the fox tell the farmer how to protect his chickens from foxes.

Robert Haag - November 13, 2014

Obama is such a self absorbed enemy of the state that he has to go do things to show us who’s in charge and leave the legislative branch with his mess to clean up. The next two years are going to be very frustrating. He cannot possibly have the interests of the US at heart.

James Morgan - November 13, 2014

Obama doesn’t really care if or when China does anything about emissions. All he wants is another excuse to impose draconian, economy killing, job killing, impoverishing controls on our industries and our people, all in the name of the socialist invented global warming proved to be a hoax! This is all part of his grand socialist plan to destroy capitalism and bring America down by bringing the economy down.

Dan - November 13, 2014

You ask what I think of this “deal” or capitulation….
If I truly tell you, I might have to be banned for inappropriate language, but I know I can say this is quite characteristic of Mr. Obama, Mr. Chamberlin, and others of that ilk. This should not have been agreed to, and it is clear that Mr Xi got the upper hand in this one.

Retta - November 13, 2014

I believe Mr. Obama’s deal with China on emissions to help the supposed “climate change” as man-made is a big mistake. It will raise our costs and hurt our economy. China cannot be depended on to make any changes. Mr. Obama did something that will definitely harm America.

JOHN SHERFEY - November 13, 2014

it’s time to move on from anything Obama , a traitor does
repeal his actions and give him two years to get out of
our lives………..he was a mistake and many fools elect-ed him.

Kay VZ - November 13, 2014

This is typical of everything he does. A disgrace and gross over reach of his Constitutional powers. Doesn’t the Congress have to review and ratify this before it can be implemented?

David Millikan - November 13, 2014


William Gillham - November 13, 2014

His typical, mindless, “citizen of the World” sham/stupidity.

Norval Walter - November 13, 2014

I do not believe Obama has had a good idea that is positive for our country yet

W Scarlett - November 13, 2014

There seems to be no end to incompetency

Dick Lee - November 13, 2014

Anyone that sees the “deal” with China as genuine progress is seriously out of touch with reality. To present it as a substantive agreement one must assume the American electorate to be “stupid”.

John Higley - November 13, 2014

Someone who would strike such a ludicrous, one sided deal such as this on carbon emissions would probably trade 5 terrorists for a single suspected traitor. Oh wait, he already did that.

bruce sanford - November 13, 2014

Climate change agenda is cover for massive income redistribution globally. I hope we recover from this kind of anti-American policy.

Richard Rose - November 13, 2014

It is a stupid agreement. What was he thinking.

Robert Cahoon - November 13, 2014

I believe Obama is interested ONLY in trying to make himself APPEAR to be concerned about all the things he purports to support, like the “so-called ‘climate change’ ” hogwash. His actual agenda is to bring America “to it’s knees” and then become it’s “leader” (read despot)!!!

Floy - November 13, 2014

It makes me sad.

Joseph Picone - November 13, 2014

Barack Obama is apparently taking his cues from “reputed” MIT economist Johnathan Gruber if he thinks Americans are stupid enough to believe that China would comply with any agreement reducing “greenhouse” (or any other) emissions. The only reason he’s in China is to report directly to his handlers and to get his marching orders after last weeks ass kicking.

Jim Brackett - November 13, 2014

Obama is crazy!

George - November 13, 2014

He is using it to further his destroy America agenda by forcing the closure of coal mines, not approving the Keystone Pipeline and will increase taxes under the guise of the false climate change which is totally bogus. Even his own scientist has discounted it.

Jack Henderson - November 13, 2014

I think that all of the plans to impact the weather are strictly political and bogus. Cap and trade is asinine.
Taxing carbon dioxide emission is equally asinine. How much will they tax each person for breathing out carbon dioxide? It makes as much sense.

William Verville - November 13, 2014

Traitorous the the U.S

Steve Widmeyer - November 13, 2014

Once again, Obama is short-selling America to give our enemy the edge. If I had done this, I’d likely be arrested for an act of domestic terrorism.

Jan Williams - November 13, 2014

This is a bad deal since it will cost us much now and China nothing until 2030, and will probably not be done since they will determine it does not cause climate change.

Mark - November 13, 2014

Nobody expects China to comply with this agreement. Climate Change/Global Warming is a hoax foisted on us by leftists who want to control and regulate every aspect of our lives. It is all about control and forcible redistribution of wealth.

phyllis Gates - November 13, 2014

Obama is taking the USA to such a disadvantage that we may not be able to return. Congress must act they control the purse.

tom shupe - November 13, 2014

this is very disgusting it is just another way to defeat our country.renewable energy is clean but very expensive we need to use more natural gas and do the keystone pipeline Obama needs to do the will of the citizens of the U.S. not way of king Obama.

Rachel Verdon - November 13, 2014

So, Mr. Nick Loris, are you buying into this global warming scam? China will do as it pleases. Recall Obama and Al Gore’s nonsense when we face the next Ice Age. We are long overdue.

Lou Herzog capt USN ret. - November 13, 2014

Another stupid decision by our community organizing in chief.
We give up lots and they say they will continue to pump junk into the air and maybe stop or maybe not.

How many more mistakes will hr make before we remove him from office.

Lou Herzog Capt USN retired.

Wolfgang Rapp - November 13, 2014

POTUS does not know how to negotiate, his arrogance is his biggest drawback; he should learn to play chess.

Donald Cobb - November 13, 2014

I hope this is something that Congress has to approve.
I think that it is a bad agreement which will hurt our economy, cost jobs and China does not pay any price.

robin johnson - November 13, 2014

more “rules for radicals”being employed. when are you going to see what his end game is and not just his tactics?

Dan Ellis - November 13, 2014

we would have been better off having a broke, alcoholic, junkie, gambler negotiating for us.
A kid in grade school could have figured out that it was not a good deal.
The only thing sadder is that the administration is proud of the deal.

Harold - November 13, 2014

This sounds like another typical Obama “deal”–we lose others win, we play the part of fools! O is intentionally trying to destroy freedom in America so he can become the “leader” of a Socialist, Muslim nation–the United Socialist States of Amerika!

Barrett Craner - November 13, 2014

It is at least disheartening that this president continues to give away our national treasure, assets, energy, by pledging a great deal and getting nothing back. Imagine promising our efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses now, while allowing China to wait 15 years and start at a horrendous level. Worse yet, in so many areas he is weakening the good impact this nation has on the world. He is not standing up to the Islamist threat (making a weak and unplanned show with no acceptable strategy), and he is strengthening the hands of the tyrants and oppressors like China (all ruling leaders), Venezuela (Hugo Chavez was horrible, and now President Nicolas Maduro is following in his footsteps), not standing up to Vladimir Putin (Mr. Obama’s efforts are puny). I think he wants to be known as a “good guy” by the international community, when in fact they are laughing at him and we are poorer by the day. He is purposefully weakening the middle class in order to create strife and division.

glenda philippe - November 13, 2014

It is the usual garbage. Only a few will know what all this means. The main stream media will spin it to look like this is a great big deal and we should be proud of our President.

Don - November 13, 2014

Consistent with most of his party’s deal making: Heads he and his party win. Tails he and his party win.

A Patriot - November 13, 2014

MR Obama don’t give a damn what we think. He is only setting us up for failure. His executive orders has got to stop. He hates the U.S. of A.

Bill Petree - November 13, 2014

Why do we give up our freedoms to become slaves to the rest of the world. I thought we were the shining example that others want to imitate! Where has our leadership gone? Where is the promise that the President took when he took office?

Jack Venables - November 13, 2014

Hopefully, the Senate has to evaluate the deal and will recognize our president has just given away the store and not validate the it. .

John Aiken - November 13, 2014

The President does not have the power to negotiate treaties with any foreign government only Congress has that power. Whatever promise Obama makes will be over in January 2017.

Cash Godbold - November 13, 2014

This deal with China is the worst thing for the USA and
lets China off the hook. We will have colapsed as an
economy by 2030 and China will be a power house. You don’t have to be a rocket scientest to see the
weakness in that deal. He gave away our strength and
invited their ruling of the USA.

Mike Clark - November 13, 2014

Typical! About the silliest piece of nothing I have ever seen. Legislators were able to pass Obamacare because, as the MIT professor said, Americans are stupid.

Obama had better not ask the mirror, “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the stupidest one of all?”

Obama’s owners should be embarrassed to make their pawn look so stupid.

Gaylen Reese - November 13, 2014

Probably the most absurd treaty in history. Even Obama can’t be that stupid. This is just more proof that his goal is and always has been to destroy the United States of America.

Michael J. Stare - November 13, 2014

When we have a president who has no regard for the Constitution every American citizen is at risk. Obama thinks he is a law unto himself. Congress, through the power of the purse, must exercise their constitutional responsibility to stop this megalomania as Obama lurches further to the left.

George - November 13, 2014


Mike Tauriainen - November 13, 2014

Good grief! I guess “stupid is as stupid does.”
What else can we expect from the boy emperor? He seems intent on reducing us to second rate status.

Donald Edwards - November 13, 2014

This is just another tactic to tear down and destroy America. China will do what China will do–they’re Communists.

James Anderson - November 13, 2014

I think it is ridiculous! I cannot see that it will do any good. It will likely be to the detriment of the citizens of our country. It seems unlikely that China will be motivated to take any action. Even if they do, it will likely do very little. I am not convinced that anything dobe will be of any consequence to the climate of the earth.

Roger - November 13, 2014

I am totally against any agreement with any foreign nation(s) with regard to greenhouse gases or so-called “Climate Change” measures. Both topics are bogus and without any merit.

Lizelot - November 13, 2014

China must wonder if we’ve lost our senses, but will agree to anything that lets them off the hook. How wonderful if a rival offers to play dead. The Gods must be smiling on them.
A grim joke, for it paints the USA as utterly foolish for at least the next two years, and this is very dangerous. Something htb done and soon to restore our prestige and the world’s respect.

Elroy Griffin - November 13, 2014

It shows a lack of understanding of what is good for his country and a lack of any business acumen as he placed the USA at a competitive disadvantage for the foreseeable future.

Sheila Wight - November 14, 2014

It stinks.

Janet B Heathman - November 14, 2014

It has been known all along that this climate change thig was dreamed up to get more control over the people globally. Legions of qualified scientists have decried it for years but mostly were ignored by the press and were not allowed to speak at climate change conferences. Our lawless and illegal chief executive has once again acted against the interests of out country.

W scott - November 14, 2014

Typical of this administration. How many ways can he put the country at a disadvantage. Despicable…

Harold Shiffrar - November 14, 2014

Think you mentioned a deal, advantage to the Chinese.
Not a deal, a give away, can’t he be stopped from turning
the United states into a Bangladesh. In the 6 years we have
been decimated and I am afraid for the next two years. His
immigration plans will finish us off. Do not see our new Republican leadership getting the job done, pray I am wrong. Impeachment should have taken place four years ago.

Susan Yelderman - November 14, 2014

This deal is harmful for the United States of America.
I don’t think there is global warming and do not care to participate in giving up freedoms or a transfer of assets for a made up political reason.

Brad Browne - November 14, 2014

Typical Obama deal.
His modus operande seems to be How Can I Hurt the US Today?

Vivian Lee - November 14, 2014

Very bad idea. More of Mr. Obama’s power-hungry behavior while the people he is supposed to be representing and working to protect (financially as well as environmentally) will have to pay. (while China thumbs their noses at USA)

John Controne - November 14, 2014

There’s no signed agreement. It’s a con job by Obama so he can have control through the EPA to do to all fossil fuel producers, refiners, etc what he’s done to coal. He can then favor Solyndra type businesses. The media calls it “crony capitalism.” I call it what it is, “fascism.”

Michael - November 14, 2014

This lunatic has NO RIGHT to willingly cripple our country just so he can cater to the known LIE from the pit of HELL… idiotically called “Global Warming”!!!!

The entire LIE is nothing more than Political STEALING thinly disguised as FAKE science. The entire premise is a SCAM and anyone with half a brain knows it damn well.

WHY doesn’t someone STOP this ANTI-American socialist criminal before he single-handedly collapses our economy? OH WAIT… that’s EXACTLY what he claimed he would do before all the whackos voted for him in 2008!!!

Say Good bye to our ONCE proud Republic…

Katherine McLeister - November 14, 2014

President Obama just doesn’t have our country is the best interest in his mind. There are very few of his ideas and actions that are good for America….in my opinion.

Robert S. Block - November 14, 2014

The deal with China is CRAZY.

Linda Stewart - November 14, 2014

The Whitehouse nitwit is at it again!

Don Piro - November 14, 2014

Obama and other progressive politicians in both the Republican and Democrat parties constantly undermine our freedom, our nations autonomy and the foundation of our economy. They lie without shame, deceive as a way of life, support our enemies, undermine our allies, usurp power and authority and promote the agenda of the statists, the UN and other powerful globalists.

Tommy & Kathryn - November 14, 2014

The President’s climate control treaty stinks. The Chinese treat him like a fool. If they ever lower their green house gas emission, we’ll be very surprised. The senate should reject confirmation of this deal.

James Welborn - November 14, 2014

Impeach him for his lawless ways. There no other option. He doesn’t care about America, he is president of the communist left.

mike - November 14, 2014

If it hurts the U.S, and hleps other regimes, you know he will be for it.

Verlin Custer - November 14, 2014

Another bad idea, hopefully the congress will overturn
the deal. Does congress have any say?

David Umphres - November 14, 2014

Obama is trying to finish what he started. He wants to destroy the USA. Where are the patriots inside government to stop him?

David Umphres - November 14, 2014

Obama is trying to finish what he started in 2008. He’s trying to destroy the USA. Where are the patriots inside government to stop him?

Michael Hines - November 14, 2014

Did he not know China shut down plants and required workers to take time off – just so they could “look good” for this summit? This is 100% totally backwards.
Aren’t treaties with other countries subject to Congressional approval. How can he unilaterally make such a commitment. Clearly he has sold us down the river, once again, and made promises detrimental to the United States of America. Our EPA is already overly active in protecting our environment – we need less regulation and more freedom to stimulate the economy.

James Edwards - November 14, 2014

Absolutely ridiculous! However, given the mentality of our current President, it comes as no surprise. Hopefully, this “treaty” stands no chance of being supported by the Senate – now or in the future.

Donald Lehr - November 14, 2014

That was the stupidest of all the other stupid deals that this
imposter of a leader has made. He has never been a true
leader of our country. The first thing that he should do is unplug his advisors that he carries around in his ear. Do his
speakiing on his own if he is capable of it. I don’t think so.

Lloyd Vanduyn - November 14, 2014

Arrogant….condescending….petty….smarter than everyone else…..disconnected from reality….purposefully damaging our country….an elitist of the highest order…..needs to be removed asap

LEON GUNDERSON - November 14, 2014

This is another stupid action taken by someone who wants to destroy America. He has the brains of an ant.

(Mrs.) Tatum P. Young - November 14, 2014

We are not suffering from Climate Change. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. We emit very little compared to China and India. Our agreeing to continue to cause economic pain to our economy and have China begin to cause a change in 2030 is bad policy. We need a new president to go along with our new Congress. President Obama is a bad leader. We need him gone.

John G. Wells - November 14, 2014

This is just absolutely insane in my book. Why does this man think that we should destroy our economy in order to make his legacy? All of his Green Energy programs have been a farce and a drain on the American Taxpayer. China will not even attempt to abide by this agreement that is nefarious at best.

Brian Keith Stolley - November 14, 2014

The “Climate Change Deal” with the Chinese is a green light for China to continue to spew population choking emissions while promising to choke off America’s economy. The idea that America needs to strangle industry with more emission regulations is a hoax and the “global warming” movement, who has changed their moniker to “climate change” movement in the face of mountains of evidence contrary to their claims, needs to have their influence muzzled in the US and at the UN.

Charles Hager - November 14, 2014

Some deal! I am negotiating now with my electricity provider over the rate on my budget plan increase. They are saying I need a 60% increase per month to meet their forecast of my usage for the next 12 months. We are retired and live in a 1500 sq. ft. home in the mid-Atlantic area. I can”t stand much more of this climate change/renewable energy mandate stuff. The science behind it is totally unstable and outright false.

Stephen Wagner, Jr. - November 14, 2014

Obama has plated enough – its time for him to go

Keith Childress - November 14, 2014

This is exactly what he promised to do before he was elected in 2008. He said under his energy policy your electric bill will skyrocket. Nobody believed him. This man hates America. He has been told his entire life by everyone that had a part in raising him that America is evil. He is going to do every thing he can to punish and bring down America. He is an ideologue. He is completely committed to his plan. As the saying goes “damn the torpedoes (constitution and electorate) full speed ahead!”

GINNY WILSON - November 14, 2014


fred hodges - November 14, 2014

This President’s lawless intent is to bring America to its knees. The Congress should impeach the President.

gliverson - November 14, 2014

As per norm, our FeckLess and arrogant leader will sell out the American people every time he gets a chance to do so!
It matters not how much it may hurt our people, or how it siphons off the blood sweat and tears of the people by plunging them deeper into national debt and inflation, he will do it. He will institute Marxist ideology and socialistic ideals into our government and people producing so much damage that we may never recover our nation. Sad days ahead because of idiot voters.

Delores Coourtright - November 14, 2014

It is going to cause lost jobs, higher taxes and decreased quality of life for Americans plus more government control in our lives. Its is an one sided agreement where China has no skin in the game and the American people are the losers. China will not do anything, 16 years before they have to start doing anything? Besides green gases is not a really thing, same as carbon dioxide which does not hurt the air we breath. This is such a joke.

Theresa Sullivan - November 14, 2014

I think President Obama is trying to destroy America by making us as weak as he can both militarily and economically. It makes me sad and I don’t know how our young will be able to recover from this. God save America

Larry Robertson - November 14, 2014

Are you kidding me? This man has made the US a doormat. Once our economy has been weakened, China will cash in the dollars she holds….we’ll be done in. It’s like the Reagan plan to drown the Soviets in debt.

Dwight - November 14, 2014

The Chinese have to be laughing their butts off! They’ve never had the pleasure of negotiating with a bigger fool!!!

Art Dehon - November 14, 2014

Obama has once again proved he owns the “Peter Principle”.

Robert Benner - November 14, 2014

Like everything he does, he hasn’t a clue what it means or what it will cost our country, Let’s get on with the important issues; like IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skip Derick - November 14, 2014

Unbelievable – someone needs to reign in the President, otherwise what we currently call the Republic of the United States will disintegrate before our eyes.

Gary Smith - November 14, 2014

the whole climate change idea is a farce…..just as BHO is an empty suit. BHO has once again sold the US down the drain to line his political pocket.

John Glendenning - November 14, 2014

Falsification after falsification continues. All he says is one thing, and does another. For those politicians who voter for Obama Care, and the news media, Gruber has named called them “stupid.” We all should know that the consumer pays for any tax. The employer/business tries to stay at the same level of profit. It is 19 Degrees above Zero at this pre-Thanksgiving time. Please, please send us some of “dat dar Global Warming” for the benefit of the farmers who’s crops are still not yet harvested.

tom smith - November 14, 2014

This Man needs to be stopped. We need to revoke all
EPA rulings that deal with the production of electric
power since 2008. We need to save your coal industry.

John Fontenot - November 14, 2014

It is very stupid and maybe a traitorous act. China’s aim is to weaken the USA and Obama is cooperating with them.

margaret kinney - November 14, 2014

If the U.S.A. is going to reduce its electricity now the they should also do the same thing NOW!

Richard Gaines - November 14, 2014

I think the President knows exactly what he is doing. He is systematicaly destroying our Country. What bothers me worse is, why isn’t Congress doing what it can to stop him?
Don’t we have anyone on our side??

Terry Beets - November 14, 2014

Ronald Reagan ended the cold war and brought down the Soviet Union using the bluff of his “Star Wars” program. Barack Obama has folded and given the Chinese the pot despite holding hundreds of years of coal, oil, and gas reserves in his hand.
Oh! If we only had a player and leader dedicated to the future and well being of the USA.

janice lewis - November 14, 2014

Maybe someone could sell this President????? the Brooklyn Bridge!! He is so naive it is almost laughable but not really funny, since it affects the whole country and makes us a laughing stock once again.

Rick Russell - November 14, 2014

This is exactly the type of thing he does as a neocolonialist. Dinesh D’Souza has described him perfectly and explains why his actions usually diminish the US at the expense of others.

Clare - November 14, 2014

It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will negatively impact (in a big way) the middle class. Is the next step to offer subsidies to the middle class because they can’t afford their energy bill??? What ever happened to “win win” negotiations. Doesn’t the Senate have to approvie this stupid deal???

Shirley Legus - November 14, 2014

Ridiculous! That is what I think.

Morgan Smith - November 14, 2014

I have attended some very good Tea Party/9-12 sponsored symposiums/conferences on Global Warming and have listened to John L. Casey and other experts on the subject of Global Warming and find it to be a farce at best. If the citizens of the US and our Congress allow the president to put this over on our nation it will be the biggest hoax ever put upon our nation.

Otis H. Smith - November 14, 2014

DUMB!!!! I can’t believe he’s that naive!

Robert - November 14, 2014

Our president is STUPID.

Lincoln Craighead - November 14, 2014

It looks like Obama has been snookered by China, that
has no obligation to do anything until 2030.

loretta jeglinski - November 14, 2014

Another foul up by Obama

John Yox - November 14, 2014

The Congress absolutely must find a way to block the agreement. It is decidedly disadvantageous to America, as is most of what has come out of the current administration.

Robert - November 14, 2014

CO2 is the most important gas on earth. Without it all life on earth would cease to exist. All plants must have it to grow and all animals require plants.

Grace Pierce - November 14, 2014

Can he actually enter such an agreement without congressional approval? Isn’t this akin to a treaty requiring legislative approval?

Linda Dryden - November 14, 2014

Very one sided. Not in the interest of the United States. Why does no one stand up to the President when he is wrong and breaks the laws he has sworn to uphold?

Ted Hart - November 14, 2014

Nick Loris’ referring to Obama as an addicted gambler to his bookie to pay later is the “Quote Of The Year.”

Teresa Reece - November 14, 2014

Respectfully, this man and his unlawful policies must be stopped now. Why is he not being tried for Treason? Why is he so above the law. We voted but they did not hear us. How can we be LOUDER?

Patricia - November 14, 2014

He would be the best person to play poker with. How ever he is not looking out for this nations best interest. Not now or ever it seems. Has anyone stepped out their door today?

David Barnard - November 14, 2014

It is insane. It is more of Obama’s plans to make the USA a third world country. He hates the USA as did his mother and father. It is time he was impeached.

Dean G. Newman - November 14, 2014

The president’s so-called deal with China is unbelievably ridiculous. It should be rejected by Congress and picked to pieces by anyone who can be heard. If we wanted such an agreement with China or anyone else, the U.S. should send someone who knows how to negotiate–not someone seeking to make a global name for himself.

Tom Sledge - November 14, 2014

S T U P I D !!!

Sylvia Terzich - November 14, 2014

This action confirms the President’s 3rd goal to transform
the USA. First two goals were to change health care
and education (Common Core). His target is energy
(closing down coal plants) and executive orders to
empower the EPA. He also wants to ruin our modes of transportation, communication, and commerce-and more!!!

Ron Forster - November 14, 2014

For those who are asking for scientific proof of the impact of human activity on the global climate and what countries are doing and should be doing. Here is the latest:

Carlos M. Sera - November 14, 2014

It is his plan to do as much damage to our country as possible before he is out.

Hank Paulea - November 14, 2014

It stinks of his desire to reduce the USA to a weak country without any clout in the world. He has already broken our financial ability to be the country were only a few years ago.
We should do everything possible to fight him on this. We should not do anything that China is unwilling to do. Unless he changes his stripes and starts doing the RIGHT things for the country we should make his last 2 years in office the most miserable time he could ever imagine.

David Calhoun - November 14, 2014

This just another way to weaken the USA, while China gears up its already mighty economic status to send us realing. Anything to further weaken the USA!!!

Tom Giefer - November 14, 2014

The Global Warming game played by Obama and the Democrats is an utter FRAUD. It is done as part of his primary goal: To destroy America fiscally from the inside. Whatever costly requirements are mandated by Obama are completely negated by the nations which do nothing but add to the supposed problem by taking no action. Unilateral action by the USA to reduce a world problem is of zero value to a non-existent problem.

Loretta Thrine - November 14, 2014

As he has done since first elected, he once again wants to penalize the American People. Congress must stop this President and his radical agenda with every means at their disposal.

David Ruch - November 14, 2014

I have never experienced a President who continually sells out the future citizens (our present day children) by making
deals that play to his self-adulation.

Ken Romine - November 14, 2014

I am fine with his chewing gum and blathering at the same time in China, just as long as what he says does not legally commit the USA to ANYTHING! This “duck” is so lame he can only wallow in his own “political mud”. Can we refuse his re-entry into what’s left of our country?

Roy - November 14, 2014

Obama is an awful president, and he has provided proof of that in every political speech he has ever made (for anyone who actually paid attention) and by his action in every month he has held the office. This is just one more example.

Nathan - November 14, 2014

It is certainly a big joke if anyone thinks China does anything without purely selfish intent. China has major smog/air pollution problems in their big cities not unlike what America had in the 1960’s. I think they believe it is enough of a problem that they should do something about it for themselves. Climate change is probably a bigger non -issue to them than it is to me! And it certainly serves as no additional motivation for them to reduce carbon emissions, no matter how Obama and his media sidekicks spin it! I am sure the Chinese were pleased to hear that it is Obamas desire to put even more stringent CO2 controls on ourselves, while promising that their expansion of pollution will continue unabated for another 30 years until they finally have some clean nuclear power plants ready to enable retirement of some of their worst polluting coal power plants. Now there’s some real HOPE for CHANGE!

Larry Breyer - November 14, 2014

Man made global warming is a hoax.
All evidence indicates global warming is a good thing,
and increasing CO2 emissions is a good thing.
Higher CO2 levels will lead to larger crop yields.
Global warming will provide more land and fresh water.
Global warming will not lead to dryer weather.
It is coollng that locks up water in polar ice caps.

Sherman Sims - November 14, 2014

Obama is All Wet Behind the Ears!

giley1 - November 14, 2014

Let’s face it, Obama made a promise to China on our behalf to cut air pollution at home. Once again, he acted unilaterally without consenting our representatives as to how this is to be implemented and who is going to pay for it. In the meantime, China will ignore this and continue on it’s course to be the number one economic powerhouse in the world. We have become the world’s patsies

Max Beasley - November 14, 2014

Obama isn’t doing this because he thinks it’s good for the country or the world. He’s doing it to gain more control over the people of the USA by taking away our freedoms and driving the USA into bankruptcy. His intent is to become the world dictator. His next plan is to declare Marshall law so that he will not have to give up his office at all. by the way – global warming has always been a complete hoax. The only scientists who are proponents are those who are paid to be.

jeff allen - November 14, 2014

Mad made climate change is a hoax

Judy Goggins - November 14, 2014

What a crock of ………………, why do we have to sacrifice so they can prosper for the next umpteen years?

Michael Fromm - November 14, 2014

Rein in this excuse of a do-gooder NOW ! He will never know what is best for me. I expect Washington or any level of gov’t to manage well what I (we) give them, NOT what they think might be best for us, imposing upon us and charging for all this nonsense on the way out….A devine retribution will befall Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Holder and all the self-righteous demagogues.

Penny Bonadonna - November 14, 2014

It’s a sop to the left to make them feel better after the elections. It’s imbecilic. The Chinese will do nothing, Obama will try to make us do something and all for nothing because, outside of the fact that China has some of the worst pollution in the world, there is no scientific proof that this agreement even addresses a real problem. The emperor indeed has no clothes and I’m waiting, waiting, waiting, for someone to finally say so,.

Kathy Morris - November 14, 2014

Well, I have to say that Obama is consistent. It seems every decision he makes is against the good of the American citizens. He continues to make arbitrary commitments and policy without counsel, that will negatively affect the economy and the citizens quality of life. Seems the tail is wagging the dog, again! We need to do what we did in the 70’s, use public demonstration to be heard at how unhappy we are with this president and demand his resignation. He has completely lost focus and is now is dictator of Obamaland. To Hell with what the people want- they are too stupid to know what his vision is, as his arrogance shows and by actions taken. Hitler is reincarnated!

Wayne L Boldt Jr - November 14, 2014

He’s selling out the American People!!!

Margaret Riley - November 15, 2014

Someone should have vetted this left-wing socialist before he ever got on the ballot. He is no more American born than the Ayatollah. How he ever got on the ballot in the first place is a mystery to me.

FR Wiley - November 15, 2014

This is ludicrous. Give the Chinese what they want and expect you will get something back in 15 years? How stupid can one man be? The whole notion that we (people and nations) can control the climate (prevent “global warming”) has already been shown to be totally false science. We can’t control the volcanoes that erupt and spew out more CO2 every day than we can begin to overcome with all the regulations the EPA can dream up. This country does not deserve this kind of leadership.

Camilla Crawshaw - November 15, 2014

Is it not time that President Obama lives up to his oath and responsibility to put our country first? He gives away our sovereign rights every day and in this instance he is donating to a country which is at economic war with us by hacking into our government and commercial entities on a daily basis and manipulation of their currency? I guess he does not read our newspapers to learn of their human rights violations and courtship of North Korea another human rights violator. The Senate must stop this agreement now if not in the new Congress. I would call this treason as it intentionally hamstrings us economically. We must coral his activities for the next two years.

Richard Dzina - November 15, 2014

Can President Obama commit to such an agreement with any foreign country at his discretion. Does this agreement not bear the characteristics of a treaty between the US and China and therefore require Senate approval? Can we citizens of the US stop this on those grounds?

Wayne Donie - November 15, 2014

Another instance of incompetence meets arrogance with a plan to undermine American capitalism. Communism anyone?

Mary Stuart - November 15, 2014

It is like most of the things this man does, ill considered with no thought of “America” just done to get his name on something. He isn’t soft – He does not care what is best for this country

Valerie J. Hare - November 15, 2014

It’s utterly absurd. Our fearless leader has definitely had a break with reality.

Linda G. White - November 15, 2014

I believe it is full of destruction (monetary) based on junk science (CO2 is the basis of life not a negative force) for Americans and nothing to hold China to reducing their emissions. He has brokered another bad deal.

Jerry Poston - November 15, 2014

I think the agreement was a show by Obama, we don’t need the elimination of the cause of global warning it’s all a farce. Do we want to go back to no electricity and outhouses?

William Kearney - November 15, 2014

This is a man who has it in for the United States and wants to bring it down. When, may I ask, has he made a right decision for our Nation? He seems to look at the alternatives and then picks the worse one. Gads!

Marti - November 15, 2014

Many conservative people told us in the beginning of his first “reign” of power that he was a student of Saul Alinsky and followed his ideas. Everything he does is with great intent – to level us with the rest of the world. First, control people with their healthcare, diminish our military, create great divisions among the people, open borders, and financially. He has done a great deal to diminish us economically and this new thing is just part of his plan. Does everyone remember “I want to fundamentally change America”?……and he also stated that electric rates would necessarily sky-rocket when he finished with the coal industry. Heard of Saul Alinsky?
Obama is following his “plan” to bring America to her knees…..and If you haven/t seen the documentary
“2016”, I highly recommend it. It gives one even more understanding about where he’s coming from.

Earl - November 15, 2014

I think comrade Obama is making great progress on his promise to “Transform America…” into what??? A third-world communist dictatorship. King obama is refining his skills with his “executive order” dictatorship. What happened to America’s tradition of hanging traitors!

Charles H. King Jr - November 15, 2014

I like the “inherently flawed” phrase used by Mr. Lynch. Any more there is just as much “science” that denies global warning as supports it. It would have always been there if the media had only wanted to publish it. Let’s get the point across that weather is cyclical. Did you notice the recent Artic Vortex that brot freezing wx to a major portion of the US? Also last winters colder that recent winter in most of the northern part of the US? Is this global warming? Emissions may have an effect on climate but more importantly should be cleaned up in China now rather than later (if you have seen the “cloud” over Beijing I think you would agree). That would certainly help the local health if not at that of the world it would seem. Since the powers that be in China haven’t seen fit to do that on that on there own what makes the “lawless jerk that lives in my White House” think they’ll do it in agreement with something that he proposes and they say they’ll 16 years from now. I say that is idiocy by and idiot.

cheryl labarre - November 16, 2014

Actions speak louder than words…It’s just more of the same “Americans are stupid”. Conservatives have known his game all along. So who are the “useful idiots”?

Gloria Kiechel - November 16, 2014

Obama is an idiot to agree to such ridiculous things as he did in China. He is trying his best to turn the USA into a 3RD world country..The EPA needs to GO right along with Obama.. I live in a 100% electric power house & he will be doubling my power costs with his EPA thoughts.

Jan Wenaas - November 16, 2014

I am totally against it and am frustrated in Congress’s inability to take control. President Obama is not a dictator but definitely acts like one and no one is stopping him.

Dick Germond - November 17, 2014

This POTUS is an incompetent fool and his policies, abuse of power, arrogance and disdain for the American way and values are undermining nearly everything our country has stood for, defended and bled for since the Revolutionary War. Personally, I’m disgusted with him and his entire administration.

Barb - November 17, 2014

This agreement does little to nothing for the American people or for the Chinese people. But let’s be honest, it isn’t supposed to. This is for the world power leader’s public relations a big show that we can all work together for the good of mankind. Other than looking good in the Media it is a farce. It is to promote a one world government control- and make the US powerless.- from a stupid American voter point of view…..:)

Patricia-Ann Le Tallec - November 17, 2014

As all of his major accomplishments (?), this is terrible!

Clarence J. booth - November 17, 2014

In my opinion, Obama is out to destroy our nation by restricting U.S. production while giving our adversaries a by-pass to any pollution they desire. This is not at all any restrictions on the country of China!

Frank - November 18, 2014

Its a joke ! Just like the shifting of interest from savers to non -interest payments for spendthrifts and the super rich !

Mary A Cole - November 21, 2014

President Obama is doing what he tells us he planned to do in his book: DREAM FROM MY FATHER. He is very successfully fulfilling his father’s dream–our nightmare. The trouble is, not many have read his book and they keep expecting him to act in our best interests. He is carrying out his father’s interests.

Judith Reed - November 21, 2014

Just one more failure in this president’s White House residency — I cannot think of a single thing that benefits Americans that this guy has done.

J>McNeil - November 24, 2014

Par (sic) for his course. When do we believe the air we breath remains static over our heads and its is only our pollutants which we take in. When is anyone going to tell us the truth about all the sources of pollution, ie man made and natural?

shiufan Lee - November 27, 2014

There is NO globe warming on this earth Prez.
It is created by the mind of mankind. Mother Nature is the most powerful force that mankind is nothing.

Linda Longo - December 4, 2014

This is a great deal if we want to be on an existence par with the third world countries, as Obama suggested before he was elected. Every move he makes undermines or destroys some segment of our society: the military, small business, the family, our debt, culture, laws – you name it and he is busy with his wrecking ball tactics. He is the worst thing ever to happen to my country and I fear for the next two years.

Bill Rachford - December 6, 2014

We get what we deserve when we send a “Community Organizer” to negotiate with a KGB Agent and a Communist Dictator…….the “Community Organizer” will come out on the short end of the stick every time!!!!

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