February 4 has come and gone without a budget proposal from President Obama. This is the fourth time and the third straight year that the president has missed this legal deadline.

What’s the hold up? When asked, Press Secretary Jay Carney just shrugged his shoulders and said that the administration favors “substance over deadlines.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Emily Goff says there’s more to it:

Translation: There’s nothing to see here.

However, Obama’s budget request is something worth seeing, because it shows his priorities—namely how he proposes to solve our twin crises of spending and debt. Now Americans may have to wait until March to see the President’s plan.

The Senate hasn’t passed a budget since 2009. The American people need a balanced budget, and it’s up to the President to push them in the right direction.

“Obama should seize the opportunity to correct this problem,” Goff says, “and propose meaningful entitlement program reforms and concrete ways to reduce federal spending.”

Do you believe the President did the wrong thing by missing his deadline? Tell us in the comments.

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Robert Mock - February 6, 2013

It seem to me Obama assigns no value to fiscal responsibility. In fact, fiscal constraint would hinder his polical agenda.

Jan-Michel ter Kuile - February 6, 2013

Yes, he is wrong. He had plenty of time to meet the
deadline, but instead he is focusing on other issues, like gun
control. Our number one priority in this country is spending
control, and that should be the only real focus right now. If we
continue on the road we are, then gun control and other issues will
not matter, since people will be in such bad economical shape that
we all probably would want a weapon to either start a revolution or
perhaps some people will be desperate enough to rob stores and
banks…so, if we cannot control our spending, we cannot control
anything else. A deadline is there so that we can focus on a
particular issue so to get it presented by the deadline. Companies
have deadlines and they need to be met, otherwise a business might
lose clients etc.

Angelo Campanella - February 6, 2013

Obama wishes no good for the US. Unless he is impeached and
removed from ofice tout suite, we are in the doldrums, if not,t
chains. He does not are a rat’s rear end about prosperity or
progress. His purpose is to wer down the ecomoy, the value of the
dollar and the psyche of the population, especially the proud
conservatives, andf then remold them all as a soviet state. Prepare
your estate for siege; hide assets, honker down until he

Gaylon - February 6, 2013

Of course he did the wrong thing, but then what has he done
right or according to law or the U.S. Constitution? He allows and
encourages his Democratic colleagues in the Congress and Senate to
willfully disregard the Constitution in their drafting and passing
of laws, so why should we expect any more from him? He is a
disgrace to this country. Woe to the people that voted him back
into office and now will be paying the price along with the rest of
us for the travesty that ObamaCare will bring on our

Adam Smith - February 6, 2013

And yet we claim we are a government of laws and not of
men. … But try missing the deadline for filing your tax returns
and see what happens!

Lee - February 6, 2013

I believe the president deliberately defied Congress and
the law in failing to produce a budget on time and has absolutely
no intention of providing one in March or any other time. I
continue to be stunned that the Congress refuses to rein in this

Denny Converse - February 6, 2013

Of course he did the wrong thing, but what do you expect
from an incompetent derelict? Expect more of the same hypercritical
and ineffective policies from this administration.

Mary Gross - February 6, 2013

Gee, maybe the next time my boss asks me what is the status
of a particular project I should just shrug my shoulders and say
that I favor “substance over deadlines”. This is the greatest
problem with the Federal government. No accountability. Obama has
lived his entire life with zero accountability so why should he
start now?

Robert Ely - February 6, 2013

The president just doesn’t care about this country to do
anything, out of control gas prices, out of control food prices, no
jobs, over regulations, spending out of control, selling arms to
terrorist countries, catering to unions, keystone pipeline, green
company failures, do you want me to say anything else.

bill kendall - February 6, 2013

The president’s actions are criminal and warant

Ted Parker - February 6, 2013

Failure to execute the duties of the President is an
impeachable, high crime offense, and the Congress ought to call him
on it.

Mike S - February 6, 2013

It is totally irresponsible for the President to not submit
a budget and the only reason not for him to do so is so that his
administration can continue to hide their reckless spending habits
and seek to appease us with rhetoric on their “Balanced Approach”
which to me means more taxes and more spending!!

Martha Stanford - February 6, 2013

obama’s ‘budgets’ are useless, since even Dems will Not
vote for such radical spending measures. The Senate acts criminally
by Not passing Any budget for 4 straight years. Thus the entire
situation is Very UnAmerican!

Kenneth E. Burbank - February 6, 2013

I will be 80 years old in June and have clear memories of
every president going back to FDR. None of them have failed their
country to the degree that President Obama has. It is as if he has
a desire to bring this nation down. He is a “veneer” Christian.
Beneath that veneer I truly believe his allegiance is to Islam,
despite the killing of Osama and the drone strikes. He is a master
of deception. Obamacare has to go. We may all have to sacrifice and
they can trim what they will, but we can never willingly become #2

Ross - February 6, 2013

It must be understood that this president was elected by a
population sheltered from an understanding of of competence or
accountability and so likely voted on other criteria – some call it
charisma (LOL).. Recently much ado about nothing was made about a
remark of the president being lazy. Well here we are again a day
late and a dollar short. So it’s no wonder we continue on without
the appropriate process being upheld.

Karen Llewellyn - February 7, 2013

The arrogance of this president is astounding. He shows up
at press conferences 50 minutes late, and he snubs Congress at
every opportunity. THe fact that he has missed the budget deadline
is just one more of those moves to show everybody that HE’S the
man, and that he doesn’t have to cooperate with any other branch of
government. As long as Congress lets him get away with it he’ll
keep pushing the boundaries until the executive branch is the ONLY
branch with power. WE need to elect representatives that will hold
onto the powers designated to the legislative branch, and call the
president on his unconstitutional behavior.

Doug Nicholson - February 7, 2013

The comments section is malfunctioning. It refuses to post
my reply (have only tried one in addition to this one) saying, “You
are posting too quickly. Slow down.”

James Heider - February 7, 2013

This statist is NOT a president but rather a dictator
wannabe. I would like to know when the Republican Party is going to
MAN up to this clown and put a stop to the destruction to our
country It seems that Rand Paul is about the only guy fighting this

Steve Beiser - February 7, 2013

It depends upon what the purpose of this This President’s
goals are. One could argue that it is going according to plan.
Spend without accountabilty, make rules/ laws without
accountibilty, Do you see a pattern yet?

John Smith - February 7, 2013

It is intentional since the Democrats would not want the
public to know what they have planned as far as spending. Think
about it; the Obama admin has spent far more than any others in
history. The ‘substance’ that Carney is talking about is billions
(if not trillions) of dollars worth of pork projects and for their
pockets. And let’s not forget that the budget presentation is the
law. A ‘substance over deadlines’ comment is not a legit excuse.
Some people need to be jailed for this nonsense. When was the last
time that the Dems did the right thing since Obama was first
elected? The Republicans need to use more than just spiteful words
if they are to force the Democratic Party to be accountable; they
need to enforce the law for once.

Judith caldwell - February 7, 2013

This president is an angry man with an agenda to weaken
America. His Anti-American upbringing is playing out in his subtle
decisions that mostly go under the radar unnoticed by his followers
due to the din of the liberal press. He is weakening our security
in every way, choking us financially, strapping us with regulations
We need to be more vocal and above all DO NOT BACK DOWN.

Patty Vogel - February 7, 2013

The President is “playing cards” with America’s economy.
He’s a good bluffer. Just holding out until we fold. Missing a
deadline means nothing to him because he doesn’t play by the rules.
He acts like he is above the rules.

Karen - February 7, 2013

ABSOLUTELY! I don’t know of a single American household
that can operate without a budget. Every American should be
demanding that the President and the Senate produce a budget or NO
pay. It’s part of their JOB!

Anthony Curcio - February 7, 2013

This President has demonstrated that he always does the
wrong thing. His credibility is zero. That being said, his
selection of Sally Jewel for Interior Secretary is the first thing
Obama has proposed in 4+ years that I have agreed with. Of course
her predecessor, Ken Salizar, set the bar so low that an ant would
be an improvement.

Margaret Winkle - February 7, 2013

Obama has not to my knowledge submitted a budget ever. I
thought if he missed a date when it first should be submitted, that
there was a law that says a budget needs to be submitted by
February 4th(?). If this is true Obama is breaking the law, again.
This man needs to be thrown out of office for so many things he has
done, ie: He is and will not up hold his oath to defend “The
Constitution of The United States”

chris - February 7, 2013

He’s been missing in action for anything &
everything, UNLESS it’s party time!!

Patricia - February 7, 2013

Forsure. He’s done “4 wrong things” in this area already, and it is in his job discription.

Phil Williams - February 7, 2013

Our President has a total lack of regard for the laws of this land and that is evidenced by the continual missing of legal requirements to pass a budget.
Our congress should be doing something about this not just sitting around and complaining about the President. They should impeach him now.

Carl Kent May - February 7, 2013

Clearly Obama is not doing his job in getting a budget ready for approval but that is so he can’t be blamed for anything.
As a fiscal conservative he is one of the poorest president’s in getting this country’s financial affairs in order.
The other citizens might have elected Obama but that doesn’t mean we lie down.
I told the NRC that I am not giving them a penny. The spokesman stated then your doing nothing. I said no, I intend on supporting anyone who will defeat those who fail to do their job and secure this nations financial stability.
Thank Ted Cruz, Jim Demint, Rand Paul, and other for representing us.

Armando Lopez - February 8, 2013

Obama is definitely the worst president ever when he defies
the law that requires he provide the nation with a budget. Why the
delay? Carney claims it’s substance over deadlines. Well, no
excuses for his poor leadership qualities! He is supposed to be the
leader of a country founded on rights and laws to defend those
rights. No wonder this president has been labeled “King Obama”.
This is a terrible attitude from the leader of this great nation.
If this continues, how long before we will no longer be considered
a “great nation”.

Virginia mckay - February 9, 2013

Yes,! We need leadership from our “leader” … And we are
receiving none.

phyllis talmadge - February 9, 2013

There’s right and there’s wrong. and this president sees no
difference between keeping the rule of our law and not keeping our
rule of law: the Constitution! The President is required to submit
a butget at the start of the year and he has not done that. The
President’s media repeats untruths so often that those non-truths
are taken and accepted to be the truth.We need to reinstate the
worth of teaching the difference between right and wrong in every
school in America by putting the Bible back in those schools

William H, Schmidt - February 10, 2013

The Republic party needs a dominant leader now! The often made comparisons to Preident Reagan and what he did; who and where is our next President Regan coming from? The Republic Party needs a united front on conservative issues. The RNC is not even consistent on conversative issues.

Terry T - February 10, 2013

The American citizens do not elect a ruler, we hire a manager. We get to interview candidates, whittle the list down, and ultimately select an executive through a lengthy primary process and a democratic vote. Obama was selected without any experience or qualifications to perform the functions for which the Constitution lays out. His subsequence performance has confirmed his incompetence.

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