February 4 has come and gone without a budget proposal from President Obama. This is the fourth time and the third straight year that the president has missed this legal deadline.

What’s the hold up? When asked, Press Secretary Jay Carney just shrugged his shoulders and said that the administration favors “substance over deadlines.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Emily Goff says there’s more to it:

Translation: There’s nothing to see here.

However, Obama’s budget request is something worth seeing, because it shows his priorities—namely how he proposes to solve our twin crises of spending and debt. Now Americans may have to wait until March to see the President’s plan.

The Senate hasn’t passed a budget since 2009. The American people need a balanced budget, and it’s up to the President to push them in the right direction.

“Obama should seize the opportunity to correct this problem,” Goff says, “and propose meaningful entitlement program reforms and concrete ways to reduce federal spending.”

Do you believe the President did the wrong thing by missing his deadline? Tell us in the comments.

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