Last week Politico named former Heritage budget expert Paul Winfree “one of the most important people in the administration to watch.”

Winfree, who took the lead writing Heritage’s budget plan–which would slash spending and balance the federal budget in 10 years–will now, according to Politico, play a “significant role in writing President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal.”

Balancing the federal budget as soon as possible is critical to our nation’s future.

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What issues should Trump’s first budget proposal address?

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Bob - February 24, 2017

Obamacare must be a top priority.
We need a balanced budget.
Immigration needs to be addressed as in a closed boarder.
We need to strengthen our military.
We need those “conservatives” we elected to get with the program and stop dragging their feet.

John S Wren - February 24, 2017

American Management Association published Victor Phillips’ The Organizational Role of the Assistant-to-the-President, when I was in graduate business school it inspired me to look for such a job, found it with a trustee from university I was at then. AMA has stopped offering it now that Victor Phillips is gone, but still available used on Amazon. President Trump knows the value of an apprentice more than anyone. Fortune 500 and Inc 500 should be encouraged to install the position, give life changing opportunity to graduates every 6 months, could revolutionize the perception of business and help make 1000 CEOs much more productive. Stock of company I was at went from $7 or so a share to over $20. They later merged with the Brown Group.

John S Wren - February 24, 2017

SBA (Small Business Administration) needs complete overhaul. Should be put back under commerce department. Who wants to stay small? Vouchers to hire consultants would be better than bloated bureaucracy it has become. For more see my little book on Amazon or call me.

Dennis Kramer - February 24, 2017

Increase funds to build up a united dedense that protects the citizens of the U.S.
Reduce entitlement funds to fraudulent claims both to welfare recipients and to bogus medical claims payouts.
Term limits would reduce graft and crony capitalism. While we are interested in reducing expenses, reduce or eliminate lifetime pensions to Senators and U.S. Representatives. These positions were created by the Constitution to represent the interests of constituency, not a LIFETIME CAREER.

Bill Coates - February 24, 2017

There are plenty of federal programs that fall into the category of ‘useless’ like the National Endowments for the Arts & for the Humanities, NPR, etc.
There are plenty of others that are duplicative and/or have no demonstrable benefits, especially in the Dept. of Education.

Thomas Perusse - February 24, 2017

These issues have never been addressed. Supporting the arts is important but not funding by the federal government. NPR has an agenda and cannot help their bias after so many years of governmental funding. Term limits would rid us of many evils.

Steven A. Guzauskis - February 24, 2017

Aside from the fact that our hard earned tax money should be adjusted to focus emphasis on those mandates established in the Constitution i.e. Defense, National Security, Protections in the Bill of Rights, etc. The new budget plan needs to at least begin to address review and justification of the now overwhelming bureaucracy which over the 20th century and up to now has created another ‘branch” of Government. This branch is NOT Constitutionally based and accountable actually only to itself and many of its departments seek self-preservation despite its relevance to our common good at this time in history. Whilst the GOP has some preponderance in policy creation we must strive to reduce and / or eliminate the departments in Washington who are only interested in being a sinecure office with no relevance to the our nation’s future.

Doug Anderson - February 24, 2017

Immigration is a real problem. It is using billions of dollars and also ruining our schools. It is taking all the job on the ranches in the west. In Utah we are having about ten shootings each week. 7 of 10 of these shootings involve latinos.

Charles Hansen - February 24, 2017

Defund Planned Parenthood and prosecute them.

Defund NPR.

Border security.

Deport at least the criminal illegals.

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - February 24, 2017

Tax Reform

G. Allan Barnes - February 24, 2017

Numbers and size of ALL agencies and their bloated budgets. Cut number of spy agencies in half. Prosecute frivolous funding for things like why song birds sing et al. And for govt buying $400 hammers and $600 toilet seats etc. I worked for DOD/DLA and saw agregious waste of taxpayers money, that would stun most people.

Gary W. Peitzman - February 24, 2017

Maintenance budget for military, get the ship’s, airplanes, and tanks they have combat ready. Replace all the bombs, missiles, and shells that have been used without buying replacements.

SV Larson - February 24, 2017

Balance the budget! Audit the federal government. Where is all that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ going?

Mary Harrell - February 24, 2017

Defund in entirety Planned Parenthood, The UN and direct those funds in entirety to the Defense Budget and National Security

Hugh A. Merrill - February 25, 2017

This will be a bit long. My exposure to the US budget process was while working with USN Legislative Affairs to help coordinate Navy plans and programs with the House and Senate Budget Committees as well as the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. That was about 1979, a few years after passage of the Budget and Reconciliation Act. This act was a serious effort to structure the congressional process of determining how best to spend the people’s money to achieve policy and programmatic goals. Most importantly, the new act provided for a mid-cycle review and possible adjustment called reconciliation. Supposedly, amounts authorized and appropriated by the relevant committees were subject to adjustment by comparison to the “top lines” previously passed by the Budget Act. The process was not perfect, nor did it absolutely prevent deficit spending. But, it did force more thorough debate on authorizations and appropriations by the legislature. For the last eight years, the regular business of the House has been rendered moot by “hyjacking” the process of Reconciliation to pass the entire budget without any serious discussion or adjustment. In my view, the Trump Administration Budget should be presented through the House in such a fashion to support the Speaker’s goal of reestablishing regular order in the House. Incidentally, there can be a strong connection between reestablishing the order of the People’s House and bringing power back to the people through their representatives.

Shields Jett - February 25, 2017

Raise the voting age at least to 21, eliminate some departments in the federal govt., quit funding states and making them dependent on the federal govt.

Bob McBarron - February 25, 2017

Restore our military. “Trust and verify” now more than ever, and not with pre 1940, or worse assets.

Robert Gianino - February 25, 2017

I agree with Mr. Castro. Tax reform is probably the best way constrain spending. Reductions in rates for individuals and businesses, a flatter tax structure, overseas profit repatriation and elimination of the AMT and inheritance tax would put a serious ding in revenue. However, a modest consumption tax in the form of a national sales tax collected at point-of-sale could mitigate some of the revenue loss. The rest should come from spending cuts in areas the government doesn’t belong: education, health/human services, energy, transportation, commerce/communication. More reliance on private sector initiative encouraged by government-supported R&D might work better. Must be coordinated with de-regulation policy. Not haphazardly. Consumption tax along with reduced corp./business tax would redress some of the imbalances in trade and public expenditure Trump seems to want to address. Our propensity to consume versus invest and save causes the imbalances which exacerbate volatility in the business cycle.

James Mullins. Sr - February 25, 2017

Defund all Planned Parenthoood & NPR & PBS & any other organizations receiving Govt Funding that are pushing the progressive liberal agenda.

Henry C. Holder - February 25, 2017

Cut the budget and enforce the freeze on government civil servants. Do not fill vacant jobs unless the vacancy is emergency essential.

Brother Alphonsus-Maria MacGovern - February 25, 2017

Stop the Government from paying INTEREST MONEY to a PRIVATE CORPORATION called the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM !!!


Our Government (Congress) should “coin our money” as the Constitution states. Congress, about 101 years ago gave that authority to the FED. What a mistake !!! BACK IT WITH G O L D.

One of the big parts of our TRILLION DOLLAR debt is paying these 8 International Banks (plus GOLDMAN / SACHS ) What a travesty !!!!!

Also, by DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD, the Budget Committee will have more than $400,000,000 to play with.

If we would follow Dr. Ben Carson’s suggestion to TITHE, everyone pay the same percentage in taxes, AND ALSO, REMOVE THE CAP so that all millionaires pay tax on A L L of their taxable income, we would BOOST Social Security and Medicare, so that “our beneficiaries” would be able to receive an INCREASE in the benefits they are due, which they need and will need even more as they age. PLEASE !!!!!!!

Timothy R. Buttner - February 25, 2017

Make the bureaucracy prove they need the funding they have. Start with a 10% cut as a base figure.

Arthur Amsk - February 25, 2017

WE NEED to protect against EMP attacts. Force power companies to defend our grids, etc. Thanks.

James Hoyt - February 25, 2017

To truly advance the conservative agenda President Trump must strongly advocate the Repeal/Replace of Obamacare as it was the top of his list of promises, so that the continual strength of public support will be maintained through next year’s election process.

Jerry Metcalf - February 26, 2017

Reduce all gov. dept. by 30% except the DOD. Change the gov. pensions to 401K like the rest of us have. Reduce gov. salaries to civilian levels.

Lola Dossett - February 26, 2017

The many monies that are given to the many countries that are our enemies should be ended. We give away billions to foreigners who do not deserve and should not be receiving the money earned by U.S,
. citizens.

Ron W. Smith - February 26, 2017

Two priorities can be fused if infrastructure is taken on not only as needed renewal but as jobs creator. Long-term and short, these are winners for America and campaign promises quickly activated.

Yes, repeal Obamacare–but SLOWLY as parts of the replacement are package are put into law. Human suffering doesn’t have to be an outcome of good intentions.

Sandy Schulz - February 26, 2017

Only fund required federal programs! Remove the rest like the National Endowment for the Arts, Public Broadcasting, Planned Parenthood (you can get a list a mile long from the Citizens Against Government Waste and the National Taxpayers Union), decrease the size of the federal government including agencies and their bloated work force, scrap the IRS with a postcard income tax form, get rid of the Department of Education, Department of Commerce, and all the other additions we don’t need, and let the states run themselves without federal interference for starters. Lots of money is wasted in all of the above items listed. I continue to hope.

Joseph Pagnozzi - February 26, 2017

The lasting wisdom of the founding fathers, the formulators of the First Ammendment: the first and most important for a people to be free to conceive, create and accomplish the good thoughts, works and deeds for a civil society; freedom of the soul: congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (two clausses); then freedom of speech and then the press. In 1791 the “press”,
is the printed (printing press). Today the. Media is so many things. Are all these the same? Hollywood, TV, Radio, Internet? Freedom od Speech , yes, as
President Trump emphasized this. He did not call “fake press”, but “fake media, news? He is proclaiming to us that we have nothing to fear from an oppressive government because are
truly a right. Thank you

Clifford Ebel - February 27, 2017

Stop all federal payments not authorized by the Constitution. Cut everything else by 10%. Eliminate federal employee unions, or modify contracts, that make it almost impossible to fire workers who are non-productive. Any federal employee who won’t perform his/her duties in a non-partisan manner should be asked to resign. Anyone caught leaking classified information should be prosecuted to the maximum, with no plea deals.

Tim Beck - February 27, 2017

We need to drastically cut spending. Let’s address the 70% of federal spending that is called “mandatory”. Stop kicking the can down the road and onto future generations. Congress needs to address entitlement reform.

Robert Sims - March 4, 2017

The budget must eliminate wasteful spending that honors “earmarks” and on programs that are not really needed.
It needs to a balanced budget…don’t spend more than is taken in

Pat Morse - March 14, 2017

Ending subsidies for farms, corporations, stop using federal authority to force ethanol into fuel. If it doesn’t make market sense it doesn’t make sense!

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