To secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, our country needs a culture of life.

On Tuesday evening, Congress passed H.R. 36, a bill that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It includes exceptions for incest, rape, and life of the mother.

It passed by a vote of 237-189, mostly along party lines.

The White House released a statement saying:

“H.R. 36 would generally make it unlawful for any person to perform, or attempt to perform, an abortion of an unborn child after 20 weeks post-fertilization, with limited exceptions. The bill, if enacted into law, would help to facilitate the culture of life to which our nation aspires.”

Currently, The United States is one of only seven nations in the world to allow elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The President’s advisors have stated that if H.R. 36 were presented to him in its current form, they would recommend he sign it into law.

This past September, five-year-old Micah Pickering came to Capitol Hill to put a face to the proposed act. Micah was born prematurely at 20 weeks, and received intensive care. He is now happy and healthy, proving children as young as 20 weeks can live and thrive despite their early birth. Watch the Daily Signal video with Micah’s parents here >>

Monica Burke, a Research Assistant at the Center for Religion and Civil Society, said of the bill:

“Anyone who claims to be pro-science ought to pay heed to the Pain Capable Act. The bill highlights what science tells us about life in utero and affirms the unborn as unique and distinct human beings, capable of suffering.”

The next step is for the bill to pass in the Senate. This may be challenging, since the Republican margin as the majority is only 52-48 and the bill will need 60 votes to pass..

How would you like to see a culture of life promoted in today’s society?

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John Pugliano - October 8, 2017

While a step in the right direction I await legislation that will eliminate abortion in its entirety, from conception. Also await the legislation that will defund planned parenthood or any other organization like it forever – never use the public taxes for such atrocities.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - October 8, 2017

Stronger restrictions on elective abortions, in acknowledgement that the fetus is a human being, able to feel physical pain in the womb, and that abortion is, factually, murder. Undo Roe v. Wade

Phyllis C. Goodwin - October 8, 2017

Repeal Roe v.Wade. Abortion takes the life of a unique human being, a gift from God Abortion is MURDER! I pray daily for the unborn, that they will not be aborted and I pray for the misguided women who think that abortion will solve their problems. They will live to regret it.

Marjorie Taylor - October 8, 2017

Roe v Wade needs to be overturned. It was never constitutional. Then states could further restrict or ban abortion all together, which is what should be done. Abortion is killing a baby, and it is wrong. Schools should teach the truth about growing babies in the womb, so more people choose life.

Bill McFarland - October 8, 2017

This bill has passed the House. Now, it is time for the Senate to get off their collective duffs and pass it and get it to President Trump. I hope they will do better than they did for Obamacare repeal. It is time to vote out RINOs.

Brenda Strauch - October 8, 2017

Murder is wrong. Overturn Roe vs Wade.
Meanwhile require that the Mother receive prenatal counseling from a clinic that does not support abortion. Allow no abortion unless the Mother (even the abortionist call the pregnant woman the Mother) has been instructed on the science that proves a fetus no matter which week is a human being, has seen her ultrasound and viewed the video proving pain capability. Require the senators, each and everyone to watch that video and one of a pain capable infant being aborted – with their faces on camera as they watch. Sounds tough. It’s a lot tougher on the Baby and the Mother.

Ken Struttmann - October 8, 2017

At what stage does life begin? I firmly believe God creates us at the time of conception with a soul and individual DNA. The ProChoice people have been all over the map regarding “start of life” issues. Is it 20 weeks, pain acknowledgement, or right before the baby is born?

Ruth Gregg - October 8, 2017

I believe that Roe v Wade has, over time, devalued life at all stages so that many people do not think that other murders are so bad either, especially the very young or the very old.

Domingo - October 8, 2017

The passage of the Pain Capable Act would be a good start. Promotion of the family unit is important. No more penalizing a family that includes dad, mom, and children.
Also, euthanasia needs to be eliminated. The elderly should be allowed to live out their lives.

Joanne Kensinger - October 8, 2017

There is no one and nothing that can save our nation except the grace of God. I am praying that He will change the hearts of any and all senators who would vote against this bill (sacrificeing their own souls) to maintain loyalty to abortion on demand.

G. ALLAN BARNES - October 9, 2017

Roe/Wade never should have been adopted because peoples lack of planning or careless/reckless behavior.
Those people who can’t/won’t prepare for those possible consequences, should be sterilized.
Yes, I would like to see a culture of life celebrated in society, however, the country is more interested in celebrating the Murphy Browns of the world, so I’m afraid that ship has long since sailed.

Rudy Mannari - October 9, 2017

Has a human woman ever given birth to a goat, a dog, a cat? No, a human embryo can not be cosidered anything but a human being. Calling it nonhuman is ignorant and ludicrous.

Keith - October 9, 2017

I was in Law Enforcement for 27yrs and it seemed to me that the majority of abortions were done to kids, 20yoa and younger. When I had a chance to talk to them,I explained what would take place to the fetus and the manner used to abort them. Most of these kids had no idea what was done to the unborn child to abort it and I would tell them, being as specific as needed to make sure they understood. I also told them that yrs later thoughts of what may have been would come to them. Naturely, I couldn’t keep up with all cases, but every once in a while a man, or woman would come up and say,’ you don’t remember me, but you talked to me about a baby I was going to abort. I didn’t and have the most amazing son/daughter that means the world to me now. Different versions, but this is the gist of it. My point being, most teens have no idea of what an abortion is. If educators, Drs., or parents would talk to them and make sure they know what happens, I believe the rates would dramatically decrease! I’m probably preaching to the choir, but you never know.
Thanks for listening

John K. Morton - October 9, 2017

God, Country, follow our Constitution , Promote Christian Values, Prayer, stop disrespect of our Veterans, flag, and our America!! Freedom to chose school, public, private, or religious!! Voucher System needed now! Liberals now control education that makes more Liberals!! Liberal control must be stopped now!’ Obama & Geo. Soros are America’s number 1 enemies!!!!

Ricky Muniz October 9,2017 - October 9, 2017

I have never heard a single abortion supporter explain at what point a mass of cells and tissue becomes a separate human being. What is the process or event that takes place. How would the female (because a mother would never kill her baby for convenience), know that said cells and tissue had become a separate human being? Also, why do people get charged and prosecuted for killing an unborn child and not a mass of cells and tissue? A 6 year old child can look at an image of an unborn 20 week old and tell you it is a human baby they see. Its so sad that many adults can not do the same.

Colleen Waugh - October 10, 2017

Life begins at the moment of conception. If we value life and all lives matter, then those of the unborn still in their mother’s womb matter and should be protected. Roe vs. Wade MUST be overturned. We Must quite committing murder of unborn children. We, conservatives in Congress Must start full filling the Republican platform. It is time to get rid of the RINOs in the Congress and get a Bill reversing Wade vs, Roe to the President to sign and get made into law!

David Kennedy - October 10, 2017

A lot of people are unaware that God gives life to each new person, & He gives each of us an immortal soul shortly after conception. An aborted pre-born is not baptized, which is necessary to get to heaven, according to the Catholic Church.

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