Any day now, Congress is expected to unleash a massive, trillion-dollar spending bill upon the American taxpayer.

This “omnibus” spending legislation will collapse the usual 12 spending bills that fund the federal government into a single rushed and bloated bill that Congress will vote on all at once.

This approach will create a bill so large that it’s unlikely any member of Congress will read it. This allows for backdoor spending increases, waste, and higher national debt. Watch the video above to learn more about this gigantic bill.

Do you expect your elected officials to read these sorts of bills before they vote?

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Miss VNT - January 10, 2014

I certainly do expect ALL congressional members to READ and UNDERSTAND any bill that comes before them, no less the OMNIBUS bill. No more, “You’ll just have to approve it to learn what’s in it!! I call upon all politicians- Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc. to read, analyze, rethink the bill’s proposals. Eliminate the bad, rewrite the good to make it better, give your fellow Americans the leadership they so desperately need to see.

Billy W Johnson - January 10, 2014

Yes, They Should .

Var St. Jeor - January 10, 2014

Yes, emphatically yes! Isn’t that what we, the people, are paying them to do?

Dan - January 10, 2014

Stop spending our money. And cut our taxes You are all a bunch of crooks.

Dan Edgar - January 10, 2014

I expect my elected representative to read and understand every bill he votes on. If a bill is so large and/or complex that it can’t be analyzed effectively it should not be brought to a vote. The issues dealt with in a massive bill should be partitioned into manageable parcels. This business of “you have to pass it in order to know what’s in it” is blatant irrresponsibility and an open invitation for governmental abuse of the people.

Tom Shaffrey - January 10, 2014

No. I do not believe any of my elected representatives will read it. They are all too busy figuring out how to make even more money for themselves.

Jeanne Leonard - January 10, 2014

As our elected representatives you need to consider cut any unnecessary spending, or adding anything additional in our current climate. Please instead, consider revising, and updating welfare programs to include “update job skills & job-finding 101”, to reduce welfare—or just reduce $$, so that they look for a job.
Many thanks for your considerations.

Rachel Verdon - January 10, 2014

Yes, Congress has a spending problem – big time.
Yes, we have a national debt of $17 trillion.
Yes, INFLATION is the enemy as the FEDs print funny money devaluing the dollar to a dime.
Yes, Social Security is $100 trillion in debt of unfunded liabilities according to economist John C. Goodman’s article in IMPRIMIS.

Why don’t we privatize SS first and reinvest that FICA money back into the economy? That’s how Chile worked its way out of bankruptcy.

Ellen Elmore - January 10, 2014

Congress should pass a law that says all bills must be read in full before any member of Congress can vote on them. Keep the bills short so everyone has time to read them.

Enoch B. Thweatt Jr - January 11, 2014

When will we wake up to the fact that those in power write such bills in a way that no one has the time to read them or understand the long-term consequences of the bill? And, why does any President sign such a bill that he himself has not read? Who is behind all these shenanigans? Is it the lawyers who reap millions from all the lawsuits that these bills precipitate?

And another thing: Why not pass one law that states in just a few words that all federal laws that infringe on the Constitutional rights given to the States be declared immediately as null and void. Then the bureaucratic house of cards will fall, or does anyone care anything about the Constitution any more, including the nine members of the Supreme Court? Nuff said!

[email protected] - January 11, 2014

Yes we expect elected officials to read the bill before they vote.Your script is correct,clearer and to the point. Your video lacks getting the message over and could have been a little better.

Mary - January 11, 2014

Congress should make certain they read everything they are voting on and put a block on last minute deals. It’s unacceptable and Congress should be held accountable for voting on wasteful spending.

lynn hillman - January 11, 2014

The omnibus budget is a bad idea–but to change it we would have to “reconstitute” Congress’ budgeting process.. How do we do that??

Penny Crochiere - January 11, 2014

The video was very easy to understand, but I feel congress and the rest of the gov. Will not understand it because it is simple

Phil Andros - January 11, 2014

Best analogy I have seen yet. Now if only the mainstream media would put this kind of message out, then even the low info voters might see the light.

Sherman Randel - January 11, 2014

The omnibus spending bill is just more government intervention in our lives and waste of taxpayer’s money. Politicians, and unfortunately that includes too many in congress, are looking out for their own interests. Will they read the bill – no!

Robert Augeri - January 11, 2014

So what else is new. I wonder if it was there individual money if they would take the time be spending. Its easy to spend someone else money with thinking about it unless there was some sort of ramifications.

Patricia - January 11, 2014

That’s what their there for. We cant, so they must.

Holly Chapo - January 12, 2014

NO!! All they want to do is spend because that is one of their sources of power. The elected officials from the state of New York, particularly New York City, are liberal, entrenched and blind to the harm they are doing. And they are totally insensitive to the voters. However, I have said, and I will say repeatedly, that if the American people do not engage in the political process, do not know what is truly going on, they are ill-equipped to vote thoughtfully. And we have too many of those across the country. Frankly, every one of the Democrats ought to be thrown out.

Timothy J. Denham, SFC,FLARNG,USAR, Retired - January 12, 2014

Honorable Jim Demint, President,
The Heritage Foundation:
I’m about to renew my 2014 Benefactor Membership to Hillsdale College and to the Heritage Foundation. For reasons we’re all too familiar with since 2008, our “middle American” budget has been and is still “tight”. I’m a retired Veteran; My brother is a fallen sailor, former Navy Captain (Ordie), Veteran of Desert Storm and; My Dad is a USMC Captain, WWII Veteran of the Pacific campaign whom I will be visiting in Alabama next week with my Sister, a Nurse, at their home on the banks of the Tallapoosa River. This Christmas my wife gave me “The American Patriot’s Bible” (NKJV), The Word of God and the Shaping of America, Dr. Richard G. Lee, its General Editor. After Jesus and my Salvation, its the “best” Christmas Gift I’ve received. Our Constitution gives every “parent” THE RIGHT to Educate (Lead Forth) their children in ‘THE WAY” they should go. THIS RIGHT HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM US BY UNJUST SUPREME COURT DECISIONS…THERE LIES OUR CAUSE FOR BOTH OUR NATION’S DEBT AND THIS MOST RECENT OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL, ANOTHER UNJUST ACTIVITY. …. In the mid 1600’s Our nations most prestigious universities, including HARVARD, had “Rules and Precepts” which in various ways made clear that their education “insured every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life”…Harvard’s original seal has upon it these words, “Truth for Christ and the Church”.
Any Educational System supported by American Taxpayers must again, require both THE BIBLE AND CHRISTIAN TEACHERS be given preeminence again or Our Nation and its people will lose their freedom and their prosperity and this World will be a lesser place.

Tim Denham, SFC, FLARNG,USAR, Retired.

Philip Palmer - January 15, 2014

When a Bill is so long or complex that it cannot be read or understood, then Congress has failed to address only the essential elements, but has again grown a larger bureaucracy to implement a raft of unnecessary provisions, making it even more difficult for the public to understand what is happening. So we get ever more unnecessary constraints we have no control over, dictated by distant and uncaring bureaucrats. Congress has typically not solved the real problem, but once again deferred their responsibility to forthrightly and intelligently address the fundamental problem. Simply put, Congress is not doing its job when omnibus legislation is introduced.

Linda - January 19, 2014

Yes, I expect every bill to be read and understood before my representatives vote on it. Unfortunately, I know that is not going to happen. What to do? We can elect new representatives, but after a period of time, they won’t read them either. They are too busy furthering their own interests.

Donald E. Struthers - December 10, 2014

The rep. who added riders should be exposed and dealt with by the House and have the riders thrown out before being voted upon.

Bill R McNeese - December 10, 2014

I Fully expect that any congressman who votes on this bill who does not read it in its entirety is totally deficient in his job and certainly should be voted out of office at his/her next election cycle.!

Barbara McNamara - December 10, 2014

YES THEY SHOULD READ EVERY BILL BEFORE VOTING ON IT!! Shouldn’t we be remembering those long ago words from the American Revolution: “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”?! Dangerously, now it seems we have WAY TOO MUCH of the one and WAY TOO LITTLE of the other! How can we go on this way and retain our freedom?! Our Constitution is so very precious….It is hard for me to think this next thought, let alone state it: We may never know what we’ve lost until it’s too late to save it. Keep those phone calls coming to Congress….They don’t hear from enough of us and it’s so easy to do!

Nora Felton - December 11, 2014

Perhaps they shouldn’t go for “Omni—” anything. It only allows them to stuff the pig and pretend they didn’t know what they were doing. They should have a separate spending bill for each department. Given our enormous debt, perhaps they need to go through each department’s budget LINE BY LINE and take some responsibility for their office

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