Heritage has continued to stay at the front of the fight against Obamacare. Repeal been a priority for Heritage members since the horrible law passed, and it’s remained a priority for us too.

Now conservatives in Congress are plotting how to execute repeal — and they’re drawing from Heritage ideas to do so. Read below as The Weekly Standard explains the GOP’s plan for repealing Obamacare and Heritage’s role:

House speaker Paul Ryan, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, and Vice President-elect Mike Pence (who is working closely with Ryan and McConnell on repeal) are already coalescing around a rough legislative framework. The plan might be summed up as: repeal, delay, replace. More precisely, Republicans plan to repeal most of the law, delay the implementation of most of that repeal for at least two years—and figure out what to replace it with in the interim.

It’s a legislative strategy adopted largely from the Heritage Foundation’s recommendations. The think tank’s health care experts Nina Owcharenko and Edmund F. Haislmaier authored a brief in November that advocated a four-step process that begins: “Maximize the reconciliation process for repeal.” According to Mitch McConnell, this will come in the form of an “Obamacare repeal resolution” on January 3, the first day of the new Congress.

Thank you for making this impact possible.

Do you feel like Heritage is doing enough to push for the full repeal of Obamacare?  What else should be done?

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Donald Warmus - December 30, 2016

This is a cruel hoax. The longer this economy-wrecking freedom-stealing monstrosity stays alive the longer the American health care system teeters on the brink of destruction and our freedom is jeopardized. What will two years accomplish but put us closer to institutionalizing this government-run welfare system.
Shame on you Heritage Foundation. Some conservatives you are. Cancel my membership!!! You’ll never get another dime out of me.

Liz - December 30, 2016

There needs to be a strong, firm, timely repeal plan. This was a very big Trump policy during the election and if it isn’t done, he will lose much support from The People.

Retta Blodgett - December 30, 2016

Like the repeal of Obamacare. But I feel we need to have a market plan not a government replacement.

mlsw kosicki - December 30, 2016


Douglas Weise - December 30, 2016

Only in The Swamp could repeal be equated with delay…

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - December 30, 2016

Actually no. I do not think the Heritage Foundation is doing enough to expedite the full repeal of the ACA. I feel Heritage should be formulating and pushing for a more rapid replacement of the ACA. The plan to wait 2 years to start the repeal makes no sense at all to the people who are dealing with the absorbent rise of their premiums and co pays coming in the next few weeks. “We” can not financially afford to wait 2 more years for the complete repeal and replacement of the ACA.

Sonie Thompson - December 30, 2016

There has remained millions not covered by health care, and what a surprise. REPEAL ACA soon, as it has not really mattered. Give us market solutions, not government run health care. Medicare is quite enough, doesn’t work very well, and I dare anyone to figure out the doctor pay schedule. Health care is completely out of sight in cost….ridiculous, really. Work on cost cutting to hospitals and doctors…how has this escalated out of the stratosphere? When I was young, I only had a major medical health policy, and a 3 day hospital stay cost $700!
We common folk cannot afford American health care! Please help bring costs down with NO government run system!! Stop allowing every illegal to go to our emergency rooms, and stop refugee health care. This would be a start!

Jerry Metcalf - December 30, 2016

I think you did a great job with your plan. Now you need to keep your eyes on the republicans and let us know when to jump on them.

Lois Damron - December 30, 2016

If the repeal is delayed, it isn’t really repealed. Where in the Constitution does the federal government have control over our healthcare? I still can’t find that section. Let’s always go back to our founding documents on any legislation. People will learn to take care of themselves, if they are allowed to do so.

D. Boyd - December 30, 2016

Mitch McConnell can’t be trusted. He has a history of being a weasel. Republicans in the senate need to elect a dependable Majority Leader.
Replacement in 1 year is better than 2.
If illegals are sick, send back to their country of origin.

Rog Camp - December 30, 2016

Too slow. Two years takes us into the midterm elections, where if Dems again control of either house, it could derail the plan.

Deanna L. Parker - December 30, 2016

Please, please, please….

WAIVE the $695 tax penalty!

It kills any savings I have!

I’m a healthy person who has too much pride to allow the IRS to be in charge of my HEALTHCARE!!

john palumbo - December 30, 2016

Some of these comments are way out of line. They’re not delaying the repeal they’re delaying the replacement. The plan will be repealed immediately. This is a monumental task to insure that no one is left out in the process. Have patience people i’m confident it get done.

Tom Kilcoyne - December 30, 2016

It’s been six years since Republicans ran on repealing Obamacare !!! I’ve read of several market-based plans developed by various Congressmen over these 6 years. Why are we waiting two years to “work on” a replacement? Those plans have already been developed. Waiting two years is very dangerous in this environment and events could overtake replacement by then. Move much faster on replacement !!!

Sharon Pelletier - December 30, 2016

Timelines are tangled in the report. Got the repeal, delay, and replace; but wouldn’t it be more appropriate AFTER the Trump inauguration? The majority of people want Obamacare out, but in the same breath Congress had 8 years of coming up with an alternative to it. Our expectations are very high that our ‘fellow congressional’ people feel the same way … for all Americans.

Al Wunsch - December 30, 2016

I’m concerned about the delay and “part” of Obamacare repeal. There is too much legal “stuff” in the Obamacare bill and non Healthcare related items. Also the taxing items are antithetical to “reform” of the tax code. It MUST be entirely repealed. There has been enough time to generate a new health plan. Use HCA & catastrophic Health care insurance. Put the new plan in place and deal with whatever gaps, problems etc that exist in a separate, one year only bill.
The 2 year gap leaves 2 or less years before democrats can, theoretically, return to the W/H and it will be easy to reload the Obamacare mess. Delay is a typical, cowardly congressional excuse. Surely Pres Trump can put together an excellent health plan in several months using his leadership & business expertise. Sounds like the McConnell/Ryan contribution is the delay and “part” repeal part. Don’t let them.

Diane, RN - December 30, 2016

I see no reason not to repeal the Obama Unaffordable Uncare Act as soon as Trump is in office. The private insurance market will fill in the vacuum created and offer competitive options. We need government out of healthcare NOW, not in 2 or more years.

Marc Blackwell - December 30, 2016

The Repubs have had at least 6 years to get organized and have a bill waiting for the next Repub President. Have these guys and girls been twiddling their thumbs and never really thought about a replacement for day one of a new Repub administration? And now they want an additional two years to fiddle more? Apparently there is no change in the swamp and the Heritage Foundation is OK with that?

Reynold - December 30, 2016

“delay…most of that repeal… 2 years”? Is that what Heritage is trying to sell? Are you all nuts? YOU MUST REPLACE IMMEDIATELY, IN 2017!!! OR YOU WON’T PRODUCE A BIG DROP IN PREMIUMS FOR 2018, AND THAT WILL GIVE AWAY THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS AND THE SENATE!!!

Maurice Mcintosh - December 30, 2016

Repeal,but fail to pass a Bi-Partison replacement would be a serious mistake. Get the replacement passed before the 2018 elections or the Dems. will use the uncertainty against the Republicans. Please don’ t screw this up.

Linda Lemmons - December 30, 2016

I’m from KY and most of us see McConnel as “swamp drainage.” Ryan hasn’t been in as long, but the delay is nothing but trouble! People can overlook not locking “her” up, and maybe not building a solid physical wall, but Obamacare is too destructive in every facet. Do it now!

Jack Fellers - December 30, 2016

The Affordable Care Act did not come about through consent of the governed. Yes, the Democrats enacted the ACA into law, but not in the interests of all American citizens. “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it….Pelosi.
The law should be repealed on day one and simply go back to what America had previously as the start point. Congress should immediately enact policy on health care providers that provides care for citizens with pre-existing conditions and provides for the truly needy citizen that cannot afford care, like expansion of Medicaid at the state level. It shouldn’t take two years to do this. Let the market provide the health care plans and keep the federal government out with exception of Congressional over-site for waste, fraud and abuse.

Patricia overstreet - December 30, 2016

I don’t want the government having anything to do with health care. We do better with free market. Bless you..patti o

Bernice Julian - December 30, 2016

Do not delay…rescind every requirement of Obamacare that are causing grief. ie Fines for not having insurance, excessive burdens put on doctors, excessive paper work and more.

Ron Belcher - December 31, 2016

I hear a lot about repeal of obamcare, but I hear little about what to replace it with. I have always believed we can never move backwards but we can always move forward to s new state. And we will! What do we think it should be? I favor a market solution.

David Summit - December 31, 2016

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Abigail Nobel - December 31, 2016

“…delay the implementation of most of that repeal for at least two years…” Are you kidding me? The only delay should be in replacing. Roll back this law and the other federal chokeholds on insurance. Give the real market a chance to recover and provide care where people need it– locally. Repeal with immediate effect, allowing only current contracts to run their course.

Ken Goddard - December 31, 2016

Obamacare should be fully repealed and the government should do nothing else. Let the free markets work!

Timothy Troncone - December 31, 2016

First, lets talk about “INCOME” as a CRITERION for taxation, fees or judgment by a judge of court. “INCOME” as a criterion IS absolutely a SUPER CRIME SPREE by ALL public entities. It reeks of HATRED, DISCRIMINATION, EXTORTION AND ENSLAVEMENT of the BEST for endless CONVENIENCE, OPPORTUNITY and EMPOWERMENT of the endless super MAJORITY of WORST and most ignorant, mentally immature and lazy class of people. REDISTRIBUTION OF EVERYTHING. And so is Obamacare. Endless VICTIMIZATION of SOME for Convenience, Opportunity, and Entitlement of the consistent super majority of “””DO NOTS”””. If we approach this with the attitude that we MUST ONLY replace all the MAJOR parts of Obamacare there is NO!!! actual repeal of anything. Than we will ONLY be repealing the “NAME” – Obamacare. This IS NOT repealing the system that follows in the footsteps of the EMPOWERED SUPER CRIME systems based on “INCOME” as a criterion. NOT EVER should OUR Laws, Courts, Law Enforcement and all PUBLIC SYSTEMS have been to use these positions for the purpose of SPECIFICALLY VICTIMIZING SOME for endless CONVENIENCE, OPPORTUNITY, and EMPOWERMENT of OTHERS by way of ACTUAL Hatred, Discrimination, Extortion, Enslavement and absolute HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE. NOT actual EQUAL RIGHTS to Your Own Life. Social agenda “Chosen Ones” must have at least a Billion times MORE RIGHTS than the NOT Chosen Ones. Of course, when Obamacare was deceived onto the society they knew one absolute fact. Once they get it started and a HUGE disgusting class would be RECEIVING from it ON the backs of OTHERS NOBODY would EVER dare to actually CUT, REPEAL or STOP any of it. Everyone would just say all the right words and ONLY REPLACE WORDS, NOT any of the actual workings, expenditures or REDISTRIBUTION (ALWAYS by ACTUAL EMPOWERED VICTIMIZATION of some by public entities). This would mean someone would have to comprehend the ACTUAL WORST WRONG of Obamacare just like “Income” as a Criterion, and this is never going to happen. Not even Heritage Foundation or the Tea Party has any one that can comprehend the actual MASSIVE CRIME SPREE throughout Obamacare. We can NOT replace it. It would have to be the same massive crime spree. NO GOOD!!! It must be FLAT ABOLISHED. Back to the private sector. Then do something to clean up the many private sector dysfunctions and downright theft. HINT: Medical Fund Associations for premiums — NOT Insurance Co. premiums. Health care insurance needs to be totally abolished. Thank you.

Sara Lavelle - December 31, 2016

Repeal….or get rid of such odious portions as the mandate, requirements that offend individual religious/moral/ethical standards–& implement health savings accounts, free insurance competition. A bugaboo that will remain is dealing with “pre-existing” medical conditions such as those with life long, but predictable needs.

Barry Rava - December 31, 2016

Repealing and then delaying it for 2 years does not give me one bit of relief from costs that have tripled and coverage that is 84% less than what I had pre Obamacare.

Chuck - December 31, 2016

Someone needs to tell the republicans that there is no need to replace Obamacare. We don’t want the federal government involved. Send the responsibility back to the states. And let them know they will have to pay for whatever they set up.

Bud Thayer - December 31, 2016

Just make sure you have a well reviewed market plan in place to immediately pick up any slack when ACA goes down for the count. We don’t need any egg on our faces as a result of overlooking any areas in question.

Michael Brown - December 31, 2016

I like the plan as you have explained it. I would rather Obamacare be replaced quicker if possible but I understand the need for the steps of the plan.
When you are looking at replacing it with market-based solutions be sure to include the world-based market that includes all solutions in the prescriptions and health-care that is already available world-wide. If I am not clear here let me restate that I would like to see direct involvement of all ways of treatment that is being done worldwide, not just those approved by the FDA.

Alfred Grover Fletcher - December 31, 2016

Those who resist the repeal should be announced……A RESOLUTION to repeal and
the REPEAL should not be confused…Fear
not to do the right thing…..I prefer nothing
to forced health care…….

Paul M. Allen - December 31, 2016

I believe, with out seeing it, that the Heritage Plan will be too complex/academic. The vast number of people will not understand it. This opinion is based on previous personal experience an membership in Heritage.

George - December 31, 2016

ANT legislation , drafted behind c.osed doors in the middle of the night without even one member of the opposition present , demonstrates clearly the intent of those pushing the legislation That legislation deserves no better consideration and should be REPEALED as quickly as possible!

Reginald Dickson - December 31, 2016

Be sure the process is very open. There can be no Pelosi statements like “We have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it.”
States must be involved. When the best parts from a number of states are combined, you have a chance to have the best plan. Then allow someone in Arizona to buy from a company in Vermont if that plan is the best for the individuals situation.

Susan Moser - December 31, 2016

Fully support full repeal of Obamacare.
Next market forces should take over without any delays. No federal government involvement after repeal.

Doug Shearer - December 31, 2016

I am very disappointed that the Republicans have not figured out, after 8 years, what to replace Obamacare with. And that goes for the Heritage Foundation as well. What have you been doing all this time? This is why we need to replace most of the Congress with courageous, constitutionally and free market minded people, besides eliminating a large portion of the government jobs in Washington DC. Wow, I can’t believe someone has not come up with a good market based solution to the government controlled health care system. We surely don’t want a health care system like they have in Canada or Great Britain. We might have to start replacing Republicans and Democrats in the next election.

Dale Ewersen - December 31, 2016

Two years seems like a long time to delay implementing the repeal. I also hope tort reform will somehow be part of the repeal package.

Mike Reinert - December 31, 2016

There has been six years to come up with a new plan and we now need two more? Please! The Democrats have been right this entire time when they say the Republicans do not have a plan. Replace with market based alternatives, individuals buy their own policies and are not tied to employment and are tax deductible, all insurance is good across state lines, health savings accounts that can continue to grow and can be transferred to someone else, and on and on. Repeal and replace as fast as possible, two years is a joke.

Gayle Eaton - December 31, 2016

Deliberation and careful consideration of the ACA’s principal features including their strengths and weaknesses one would hope have already been weighed and thoughtfully considered. After all, ACA has been roughly six years in operation. Thorough evaluation of ACA’s key features should have already taken placeI Hence, I prefer a faster replacement/alteration timeline than two years. And do promote a competitive, inter-state insurance marketplace as well as patient freedom to choose healthcare providers. And do not forget to retain some ACA features which have been beneficial, e.g., broad-based required coverage, inclusion of youths on parents’ policies say until age 25, guaranteed coverage for people with pre-existing health conditions, etc. But, let us not fall prey to extended inaction!

Henry C. Holder - December 31, 2016

The public expects Trump to follow through on eliminating Obamacare. This must be done. Make sure the President is in total agreement with the approved approach. Keep the public informed. Hang tough!

Randy Johnson - December 31, 2016

Basically what it sounds like to me is that there is NO plan to repeal this law. Delay does not mean repeal. In government terms delay means ‘we’re doing nothing’. And they don’t need to they aren’t affected by the ACA, congress was exempt. No longer equal under the law … So my answer is no you’re not doing enough, it needs to be GONE!!!

Jim Hollingsworth - December 31, 2016

No matter what you do it is a losing proposition. People given something will not easily give it up.

I agree with what you are trying to do but would want it all done in the first year. We may not have a receptive congress for long and we need to make hay while the sun shines.

E.T. - December 31, 2016

Free market is essential! I hope your plan will restrict then remove all the government’s tentacles from this aspect of our lives!

Kathy Hansen, MD - December 31, 2016

No, if you don’t repeal it AND implement the replacemet for 2 yrs, the next election cycle will be a mess and the repeal won’t take place!! Don’t compromise. It is going to take strong leaders (unlike Ryan and McConnell) to lead the charge and Trump has a mandate–if he fails on this one and the border, the Trump supporters will stay home. REPEAL and IMPLEMENT a new plan in 2017. Then work on dismantling the exchanges–and their huge structures. Every dollar spent on the exchanges is one less dollar for true direct healthcare. Get rid of the mandates and create high risk pools right away–those are key to people not being mad about Obamacare being repealed. Don’t give in–don’t compromise. REPEAL and IMPLEMENT the REPEAL. Insurance companies can move quickly to get plans that don’t have all the mandates and all the costs associated with the mandates. They want to make money so take away their subsidies and they will come up with plans to insure people.

Katherine Murray Leisure MD - December 31, 2016

Replace in 2 months, not 2 years. LIKE Mike Reinert – December 31, 2016 :
Six years to come up with a new plan and we now need two more? Please! The Democrats have been right this time …[if] the Republicans do not have a plan. [Contact Dr Ben Carson!] Replace with market-based alternatives, [let] individuals buy their own policies and [policies] are not tied to employment and are tax deductible. All insurance is good across state lines, health savings accounts that can continue to grow and can be transferred to someone else, and on and on. Repeal and replace as fast as possible. Two years is a joke.

Talmage Campbell - January 1, 2017

Can’t believe Heritage would support any delay in Obamacare by the Congress, adoption of a replacement
plan in the first 100 days of the Tump Administration, and implementation of the new plan by October 1, 2017.
The sooner this monstrosity is gone and it’s expensive
government overreach is stopped, the better for the nation.

Donna Johnson - January 1, 2017

We definitely should repeal Obamacare in its entirety and I support Heritage Foundation’s plan to do so.
However, I strongly disagree with replacing it. Health care and health insurance are not areas that the Federal Govt. is authorized to meddle with. The only part of the Constitution that might have given it authority is the Commerce Clause, but only if those activities were inter-state (as in between states). Health care and health insurance are only intra-state (as in within the state), so the Fed. Govt. has no authority.

It is extremely important to advocate and stick to the Constitution and not go along with the current idea that the Fed. Govt. can be involved with all areas of our lives. The Founders had the right idea to severely restrict the Fed. Govt. to only a short list of duties, powers and authority.

Libby Huyck - January 1, 2017

Use an Obama tactic by saying how much each family will save!! And what will you spend your savings on, blah, blah, blah.

$3500 for family of 4 or whatever.

Keeley Babkus - January 2, 2017

you can not do anything with health care until you reduce the cost of health care. Notice I did not say insurance!
Its the Hospitals that have jacked up healthcare beyond affordability. If the cost was lowered, insurance would not be such a problem.

Ted Doiron - January 2, 2017

I have been concerned about ObamaCare from the beginning and I’m now feeling relief, hopefully soon, to have it completely gone. That being said: We all know some form of insurance is needed for those who have not prepared for themselves and their families early on. Without affixing blame, their safety net has to be provided for partially by taxpayers and by themselves, out of pocket or through work-fare.
For this to succeed, jobs have to be available so people can have meaningful employment so to feel pride in providing for their families.T.D.

Rose Davis - January 3, 2017

Two years is entirely too long to wait to replace Obamacare! Repeal it immediately and lift regulations that restrict insurance companies so that they can operate across state lines. A free market solution needs to be in place in the first 100 days.

John Martin - January 4, 2017

Stop sending Obama Care stuff etc. to the white house.. Waite till January 21 st and then start the process and do it NOW, not 2 years from now. Balance the budget Now, not 10 years from now. Let the balanced federal budget force the elimination of the department of Federal “propaganda”of education ,planned parenthood, climate fraud, etc.

Hank Raehn - January 4, 2017

I trust Congress will introduce legislation to repeal Obamacare in the early days of the new administration. Good! However, I believe the Trump administration and the Republican Congress will suffer tremendous loss of credibility if there is no immediate and plausible explanation of why it will take so long to replace Obamacare after it is repealed. I’m confident that Tom Price will take the lead on this by working with Congress on this so perhaps replacement will occur sooner than 2 years.

Fred Henry - January 4, 2017

I believe repeal should be a complete repeal—lock stock and barrel. We need to have the government out of the control of health care completely. A transition period is necessary to phase in a replacement strategy—perhaps two years(max). A partial repeal should not be acceptable.

janice lewis - January 7, 2017

The people in government and President-elect Trump basically said that his first job was to repeal Obamacare, if it gets pushed back two or more years, they better have a good reason for doing that or a lot of people are going to be unhappy

Tim Craig - January 10, 2017

Repeal with no replacement! Before ACA, there were over forty companies in the health insurance business, but many states had only one, two or three actually operating within their borders. All that is needed is open and free market competition to drive down costs and improve coverages. How can any conservative NOT see the light. Government is NOT the solution, it is the problem!
I used to offer health insurance in my small business, but after four years of double digit increases, the last being 72%, I had to discontinue doing so. At the same time as rates were increasing dramatically, deductibles and total out of pocket costs more than quadrupled. Why? ACA and a lack of competition. We are down to one carrier only in my home state. Competition, not government is the one and only answer. Republicans, wake up and follow the principles of tru conservatism.

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