On Tuesday night, President Trump kept his promise to nominate a conservative jurist, Neil Gorsuch, as the next Supreme Court Justice.

“Neil Gorsuch will make an outstanding Supreme Court justice,” Heritage President Jim DeMint said, “because he has a clear record that shows he will follow the Constitution and uphold the rule of law.”

Politico credits Heritage’s John Malcolm with “put[ting] together an influential early list of potential replacements for Justice Antonin Scalia, which Trump credited for helping guide his thinking.”

Neil Gorsuch will need to be confirmed by the Senate to become the next Supreme Court Justice. Even though he was unanimously confirmed to the federal bench in 2006, liberals today are threatening to block him.

Jim DeMint explains:

Senate Democrats have already signaled they will mount a partisan filibuster against anyone nominated, but this issue was front and center in last year’s election, and the American people gave Donald Trump and a new Senate majority a mandate to choose Justice Scalia’s replacement.

Heritage experts have laid out a plan lawmakers can use to overcome the filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee — without having to resort to the “nuclear option” that eliminates the filibuster entirely. By enforcing the “two-speech rule,” Heritage’s James Wallner and Ed Corrigan explain, “the support of a simple majority of the members present and voting is sufficient for confirmation.”

Curious to know more about Neil Gorsuch and his judicial philosophy? Heritage expert John Malcolm takes a closer look at who Neil Gorsuch is and why his nomination is good for conservatives.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court? 

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Nancy Norton - February 3, 2017


Kate Adams - February 3, 2017

Neil Gorsuch is a superior choice to become a Justice of the Supreme Court. He should be approved by the U.S. Senate unanimously.

Lydia Williams - February 3, 2017

We need him!

Ralph and Sharlene Leebert - February 3, 2017

will be nice to have the constitution become the rule of law once again.

Jan Kreider - February 3, 2017

He was our first pick for supreme court justice so we are very happy. I do not care for some of William Pryor’s rulings in the past. We are so thankful for the great job President Trump is doing.

Jerry Metcalf - February 3, 2017

Great I hope he can do more,

Mrs. Loel Gervais - February 3, 2017

Excellent choice! It’s time to get America back on track with the conservative values it was founded on.
Thank you President Trump. We are praying for you and your family and Administration!

Jan Williams - February 3, 2017

He appears to be a good choice.

Louida Brown - February 3, 2017

Great choice, he will be a champion for righteousness.!

Jeffrey Mohr - February 3, 2017

Neil Gorsuch is a great choice for the U.S. Supreme Court and deserves to be overwhelmingly confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Floyd Tarpenning - February 3, 2017

Great Selection!!!

Walter Klaffenboeck - February 3, 2017

Gorsuch’s nomination is the final proof that Pres. Trump is not a liberal anymore. Great nomination.
However, I am quite confused/doubtful about his attitude towards Russia.

Joanne Wright - February 3, 2017


Fran Anderson - February 3, 2017

EXCELLENT!! Keep up the Great work!!

Bill Kirtley - February 3, 2017

Gorsuch is an excellent replacement for Scalia.

Steve Froslie - February 3, 2017

From all that I have read and heard…OUTSTANDING IN HIS FIELD!!

Nancy Moody - February 3, 2017

It is wonderful pick. I am glad President Trump is doing what he said he would do during the campaign. All of his picks have been good for conservatives.

James Sciullo - February 3, 2017

I feel placing Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court was a speedy decision by our President. After all its his vision of How to make America Great again.

curtis hicks - February 3, 2017

I’m prod because it’s a conservative believes in the Americans rights and freedom of the constitution. I’m prod of Mr Donald trump is are president and chief executive officer.

Chet Wanvig - February 3, 2017

One of the finest jurist in the nation. A man of God, family and patriotism. A rightful successor to Scalia. Good choice Mr. President!

Richard Vanderwoude - February 3, 2017

Gorsuch is a most excellent choice as a replacement for Justice Scalia. There should be no doubt about his qualifications for this high position. I am thankful for the good work done by the Heritage Foundation in influencing this nomination.

Barbara Ellison - February 3, 2017

An outstanding judge and a man of great character.He does not deserve the lies and shoddy treatment he will receive from democrats and press..

Jean Counts - February 3, 2017

It’s Wonderful!!

Osborne J. Dykes, III - February 3, 2017

Judge Gorsuch is an excellent nominee, and he will be very difficult to oppose for any reason except anti-Trump animus. He will be confirmed without a need for the nuclear option. One always worries that any nominee will have a metamorphosis after confirmation, and there can be no absolute certainty about the future. But Neil Gorsuch is a great nominee based on his considerable and impressive record to date.

PMR - February 3, 2017

Now Republicans need to Stand together united on REPEALING Obama care and supporting all other Trump nominees & plans and issues, and adding to them, instead of backsliding at the first signs of criticism.

Richard Howlett - February 3, 2017

From: Richard Howlett [mailto:[email protected]]
Originally Sent: 01 February 2017 18:12
To: ‘[email protected]
Subject: A Closer Look at Neil Gorsuch / Response from a Heritage Member

Dear Morning Bell / Heritage,

(Please feel free just to post what you regard as relevant to this exercise.)

Many thanks for your cogent coverage of this wonderful appointment. May I contribute to your ongoing think-tankery!? Your commentary today included something which is both heartening, and (less obviously) problematic:

“Gorsuch also joined 11 other judges in dissent when the full 10th Circuit refused to rehear Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell, a similar case involving religious nonprofits. The Supreme Court heard the case last term and in an unusual opinion, agreed that the government could not force employers, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, to violate their faith.”

Using a Gorsuch distinction, this outcome was good, but the means, though faithful to the Constitution, raise a problem, (a problem that originalists should tackle). Using this same precept, another faith group, one with very un-Christian values, could also claim they should not be called upon to “violate [a moral tenet of] their faith”, e.g. that gender abortion was pleasing to the “god” they worshipped. The way out of this problem is for the originalist school of thought to “grasp the nettle” and say that the Constitution’s creators had only one God in mind when they framed it: the God of The Bible whom Christians worship. If this were made clear, in law, it would effectively make the Constitution a Christian document, and problems such as saying Christian prayers in state schools, (hinging on the supposed need to keep religion and the state separate), would be dissolved. (“In God We Trust” itself fails this often overly-extended separation rule.)

Every nation’s political values derive, ultimately, from that nation’s religious values. Multi-culturalism has implicitly broken the First Commandment, and has thus fatally undermined the USA’s pre-1960 political consensus. Trump can put this to rights, I believe, provided he is well-advised – advice that Heritage is well-positioned to supply.

I hope this is useful food for thought! It would be great to receive a brief reply from the relevant Heritage staffer.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Howlett, (Heritage member)

Bruce Miller - February 3, 2017

Gorsuch is a defender of the constitution, he is the right guy for th esupreme court and will influence decisions for a long time.
A great nominee, I hope the political agenda by the Dems will not deny him the nomination.

Drew D. Crawford - February 3, 2017

The Honorable Neil Gorsuch is a excellent choice for America’s Supreme Court.Thank You! President Donald J. Trump

Michael Tears - February 3, 2017

An excellent choice. A judge who will follow the constitution.

Jeannette Raypholtz - February 3, 2017

Excellent choice. Trump is really helping to push the conservative agenda and stop the liberal agenda that has been eating away at our freedoms.

jeremy freimund - February 3, 2017

He sounds like a reasonable judge- something badly needed!

Marie G. Von Behren - February 3, 2017

A great choice.

N P Beutel - February 3, 2017

I am absolutely elated to contemplate the whole process and the ramifications of Judge Neil Gorsuch taking his place on the Supreme Court. Perhaps mourning the loss of our beloved and much admired Antonin Scalia over the past year has galvanized resolve to work hard together to see this through. Perhaps, looking Higher, we can see wise strong leaders being nominated only by the undeserved grace of God, as no one but God could have made Judge Gorsuch what he is or take credit for bringing us to this hour. He is clearly a principled, stellar choice balancing wide experience, knowledge and understanding with a focused, diligent, faithful sense of duty, his labor grounded in humility, in his acceptance, presenting himself as privileged to serve us, the people of this nation under God. Let’s pray him through this ordeal to the finish line and never stop praying for him and his beautiful wife, for their protection, wisdom, and strength for all that he and the other Justices must do to fulfill the commitment they have made. God save us from the deceit, treachery and divisive destructive agenda of our enemies–whether in the media, in our universities, at home or abroad. Let freedom ring!

Raymond Munson - February 3, 2017

Judge Gorsuch appears to be a man of humility and self sacrifice who is willing to serve the American people in the way that the founders envisioned. We need someone like him to stand in the breech, defend the constitution, and seek justice for all. May God bless and protect him. Thank you President Trump for an outstanding choice.

Donald W. Collins - February 3, 2017

Not to many years back all the Democrats and all the Republicans voted to put Neil Gorsuch in a major Federal Court position. Now the Democrats show their true color by disclaiming him. They want to continue their immoral slide and take our country with them!

Regina V. Ewing - February 3, 2017

I am happy with the choice of Neil Gorsuch and hope that the legislators will remember his fine qualities and the fact that he was unanimously supported in his last appointment.

Daniel W. Lewis - February 3, 2017

Great pick – Why not move to impeach the last two terrible judges. Where is Heritage in protecting us from the damage done by these anti-constitution skanks

Robert McWain - February 3, 2017

In a word “Great”

Jack Stewart - February 3, 2017

Judge Gorsuch is an excellent choice, both in character and the application of the U S Constitution demanded by the original Founders.

J Dorsey - February 3, 2017

Excellent. A constitutionalist.

Irene Bogue - February 3, 2017

Absolutely agree with Judge Gorsuch as nominee for SCOTUS. An outstanding choice and he will be a fair constitutionalist.

Rosemary Lojo - February 3, 2017

Best Man for the Job!! I am behind his appt 100%

Dinu C. Fotescu, P.E. - February 3, 2017

Of course Neil Gorsuch is the right professional person with a proven high integrity applying the Constitution in his remarkable career. The critics of the Democrats that he favored Big corporation, does not stand, since we are not a communist country and the justice is blind. Wary a little about consevative people having problems with Russia. That country is and was (before 1917) a Christian country, maybe more than U.S. and Putin is no more a KGB guy, his roots are roumanian (XVIII Century)

Robert Schwinn - February 3, 2017

I’m not an expert ! But the legal experts rate him as an excellent choice – “interpret the constitution as it is written”.

Dennis Weidus - February 3, 2017

I believe the addition of Judge Gorsuch will be a Win/Win for the United States‼️ I love that he will uphold his duty as a justice to apply the law of the land, and not legislate from the bench‼️?

Glenn E Brooks Sr - February 3, 2017

From the comments I have heard on TV and read on the Internet I am sure He will be a great choice for America.

Jack Dayley - February 3, 2017

The best judge he could find.
We should let nothing stop us from
getting him approved nothing.

chris geuy - February 3, 2017

Gorsuch is a great conservative pick that will judge by the laws of OUR country and CONSTITUTION!

Mr & Mrs John Battenburg - February 3, 2017

A much needed step forward in returning the US to the literal meaning of our constitution!

Brenda Deuel - February 3, 2017

Outstanding Choice

Robert Collins - February 3, 2017

Excellent, when is he going to work

Geminiano Bulos - February 3, 2017

Steady on COURSE charted for us by the Brilliant Founding Fathers. H’Bout them Electors huh! Brilliant! We have fairwinds and Following Seas. Full speed ahead, Damn the Torpedoes!

sam serra - February 3, 2017

great choice

Margie Porter - February 3, 2017

It is so good to finally have a president who gets things done and loves our country and is looking out for what is best for our country. He made a good choice in Gorsuch. Our country can prosper if he keeps on like he has been doing in following the constitution, and correct principals

Maco - February 3, 2017

I’m loving everything President Trump is doing now. Thank goodness for such a strong leader. Great Supreme Court pick.

Leslie - February 3, 2017

Bravo! Proud to be a Conservative and a member of Heritage!

Leslie Porter - February 3, 2017

Bravo! Proud to be a Conservative and a member of Heritage!

Ron Ferrell - February 3, 2017

Exactly the kind of judge the founding fathers would like to see on the highest court of the nation. A judge who truly tries to interpret constitution laws as they were originally defined. Very good choice!

Janice Starkey - February 3, 2017

Good Choice for America. God Bless America and those who lead us to be safe and law abiding and responsible for choices. President Trump will take a decaying America and restore it to it’s former greatness envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Shirlee Hollingsworth - February 3, 2017

His credentials & education and practical knowledge as a judge along with his distinguished character stand on there own as a superior choice. It is my hope that he will be accepted quickly as our new Supreme Court Justice.

Rebecca Nelson - February 3, 2017

I’m thrilled!
And sorry he will be questioned and confronted by the moronic dems.

Gene Helms - February 3, 2017

He is just the person we need!

Robert Gianino - February 3, 2017

The Hon. Neil Gorsuch is an excellent choice. His confirmation by the Senate will help to protect the political balance and independence of the Court. Constitutional originalism needs to be defended.

Dorothy Lipscomb - February 3, 2017

Gorsuch appears to be a wise choice. I pray It will be good for our nation .

Lenny - February 3, 2017

Yes! based on what I could research on him, he appears to be the best choice. Now of course, it really doesn’t matter, because the other useless oxygen stilling personnel in the government will block ANYBODY he appoints as proven so far. THIS “DESTROY THIS COUNTRY” position they have taken is insane!!!
“life is hard, it is harder when you are stupid”

Joe Ann Ryan - February 3, 2017

A good and qualified choice. He will excel.

Sharon L.Young - February 3, 2017

Together we make America Great again & move forward as the great nation God meant us to be. Leaders of the free world always moving again going forward not backward in history. Loving my chosen President-WE THE PEOPLE Choose him not congress or anyone Elise we and God.

D. Jeanne Muir - February 3, 2017

I am thrilled & excited about all I have read about Gorsuch.

Karen Foust - February 3, 2017

It seems like a wonderful answer to prayer! May he be confirmed and in place in God’s timing. I bless him with wisdom and discernment from the Lord.

sally Hasselbrack - February 3, 2017

Great selection. We need him immediately.

G Maynard - February 3, 2017

With my knowledge of this job description..looks like an outstanding choice and very well thought by Pres Trump and his short term staffers. Excellent..

Mark Klacking - February 3, 2017

What a great pick for Supreme Court. This President is doing everything we elected him to do.
What a fresh breath of freedom and all of the possibilities that come with it. Now we just need to get these senators to abide by their oath to uphold and defend our Constitution by allowing the process to work. This is the exact judge that we need on this court. God bless the United States of America.

Linda G. White - February 3, 2017

His clear view of the Constitution and the role of the Supreme Court Justices make him an excellent candidate!

John Noel - February 3, 2017

He was worth the wait

David R. Snyder - February 3, 2017

Great choice. All Trumps nominees should just breeze thru. We gave them Comgress and the WhiteHouse, NOW RUN WITH IT!

Ron Sathre CPP - February 4, 2017

He appears to be an excellent choice, and I am sure President Trump has done the proper BI on him to know for sure that he’d be the best person for the job.

We need a strong Conservative on the Supreme Court, and one who will be around for many years.

God Bless Judge Gorsuch, President Trump and God Bless America!

Delvin Paul Tingwall - February 4, 2017

He appears to be a good choice. I’m confident that if Heritage vetted him, he will serve us well.

w. June - February 4, 2017

Well I trust Heritage to recognize anyone
who is pretending to be conservative. We have delt with that in our past, rejoicing over John Roberts appointment to the SC.
As far as I can tell Neil Gorsuch’s wife
reveals the character of the man. Like her I am well pleased with Neil Gorsuch and trust him completely. I stand with President Trump’s choice. Often times wives are the measure of a man. That plumb line measures true weather you like it or not.

Les Bluhm - February 4, 2017

From what I here, a great choice- may the Constitution be respected in our country!

Marie Martin - February 4, 2017

Superb choice. This is why I voted for Donald Trump!

Sinclair Doggett - February 4, 2017

Excellent choice. Look forward to more in the days ahead.

George - February 4, 2017

An excellent choice. This is a critical nomination, a nomination destined to re-orient our Supreme Court and to assure our Constitution it’s rightful place in the decisions yet to come!

Diane, RN - February 4, 2017

Two thumbs up!!

Jimmy Standley - February 4, 2017

Superb choice.

PBS - February 4, 2017

A good first step toward a return to Constitutional Rule of Law.

Michael Hewitt - February 4, 2017

Pres. Trump “wears” the office comfortably, of course, given his native intelligence, nonstop drive, world level CEO experience, and a true desire to get our country back. A+ pick for Supreme Court.

R A Fisher - February 4, 2017

He is a perfect choice to fill the open slot. No one can “replace” Scalia but this is pretty close

Richard Monsen - February 4, 2017

Excellent candidate and should be approved ASAP

Larry Smith - February 4, 2017

Outstanding choice. And what about Judge Scalia? Why wasn’t an autopsy performed to determine the cause of death. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was murdered, Clinton style!

Edna Joss - February 4, 2017

As usual, President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise by choosing Neil
Gorsuch, a judge who will follow the
Constitution. What a refreshing 2 weeks.

John DeBella - February 4, 2017

Fantastic choice. Great credentials.

Steve savage - February 4, 2017

Awesome!!!!! Scalia will be almost impossible to replace, but President Trump made the best possible choice.

Theresa Lancaster - February 4, 2017

I read Judge Gorsuch’s dissent in A.M. v. Holmes (regarding a student who was arrested for burping in P.E. class) case. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Judge Gorsuch’s initial thoughts regarding the ridiculousness of this case. I think it’s about time we sent someone to Washington D.C. who has a sense of humor and can call out the ridiculousness of the “administrative state” for what it is. Judge Gorsuch’s brilliant dissent in this case tells me that he will stand for individual rights and individual dignity when the behemoth bureaucracy requests even more power to do whatever it wants. SML McConnell, do your job, build a coalition of reasonable minded PEOPLE and get Judge Gorsuch confirmed as soon as possible!

Roland Rondeau - February 4, 2017

Supreme choice

Ed Aiello - February 4, 2017

Very positive choice, he will provide fair and proper decisions.

Rev.Hal Wakefield - February 4, 2017


Jan F - February 4, 2017

Great choice! Politics should not stand in the way of his approval.

Sally Milavec - February 4, 2017

I am optimistic that our President has truly nominated someone who wants to uphold the constitution as it was meant to be by our founders and that he is a man who loves our country-not another SCOTUS or other leaders in Washington who have a disdain for our constitution, our values and our people.

RUSS LYONS - February 4, 2017

GREAT hope he live up to hope he live up to his reputation.

Jacqueline Caspari - February 4, 2017

Happy with (his) choice . Feeling hopeful of the future.

Janis Bandich - February 4, 2017

Sounds like a good choice!

ken struttmann - February 4, 2017

Excellent choice. Please confirm him so that we can go back to the Constitution for interpretation of our laws. Not, someone’s political preference.

Gary Veteto - February 4, 2017

Great! What are the odds we can get 2 more in the next 4 years?

RW - February 4, 2017

He’s a member of the CFR.

janice lewis - February 4, 2017

If the people could vote for him, he’d be in immediately.

Lola F Staples - February 4, 2017

Neil Gorsuch is a wonderful choice, who will make a great Supreme Court Justice. He is very qualified.

ARTHUR SALIBA - February 4, 2017

I think it is great. We need a supreme Court entirely made-up of conservative judges.

Sonie Thompson - February 4, 2017

Yes, this man is above board and a brilliant choice!
However, what are you doing to combat all the fake news about Trump? It is in all media and very troublesome. Leftists plan to use the Super Bowl for more rants and messages.
You all must get another message out to America to counteract this travesty.

Sterling Cooper - February 4, 2017

He seems very articulate, knowlegeable
and sound in his thinking. Good family man.Good choice,

VICTOR V THARP - February 4, 2017

We will all be better in the future with Neil Gorsuch sitting on the SCOTUS bench. We need another Justice that will not legislate from the court, just apply the laws of the Constitution of the U.S.A.

Sullivan - February 4, 2017

Super. Need someone that stands up for “traditional values”. God, Country, Families!

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - February 5, 2017

Gorsuch is a very good choice, if he follows the Constitution Literally. Remember Justice Roberts and the ACA “Tax”. He was also thought to be a good choice when he was nominated.

David L Kohler - February 5, 2017

Excellent choice!
I’m quite sure Justice Scalia would be pleased!
So am I!

Gary Burkle - February 5, 2017

It is an essential part of “Making America Great again”. President Trump fulfilled his most important promise to the American people with this appointment. God Bless him.

Eileen Rapp - February 5, 2017

I hope he gets approved. Unfortunately the Republicans have not risen to the occasion and realized they have been given the power by THE PEOPLE shut the Dems up!

John J Morton - February 5, 2017

Can’t wait to see who comes after him. Great pick.

Paul Ray - February 5, 2017

Great Nomination !!!!!!!!
HE can help in lots of other ways ”””
HE has the common sense & intelligence to NOT HESITATE and get the job DONE !!!!HE is NOT AFRAID and will do what is required of him —with our help !!!!!
Paul Ray

Craig Zindler - February 5, 2017

Great choice. Judge Gorsuch would be a worthy successor to Judge Scalia.

Diana Hill - February 5, 2017

From all reports, he is a true believer in the Constitution and the laws as provided by the legislative process. We so desperately need a Justice with his values, expertise, and convictions. I pray he is confirmed.

David Humphries - February 6, 2017

I think he is exactly what this country needs. we could use a couple of more like him to replace Ginsberg, etc.

Retta - February 6, 2017

From what I have heard from those I trust, I believe Neil Gorsuch is a great choice. The Democrats need to stop delaying his approval.

Mary Fowler - February 6, 2017

Neil Gorsuch is a brilliant lawyer and upholder of the Constitution. Justice Scalia must be smiling in Heaven at Gorsch’s nomination. Excellent choice by President Trump.

rick terrell - February 9, 2017

i will withhold judgement until I see how he acts/votes on mattes before him; remember GW Bush brought us Justice Roberts and look what he did on the affordable care act.

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