Tim and Rebecca Kachuriak

Tim and Rebecca Kachuriak

When asked why he’s a conservative, Heritage Young President’s Club member Tim Kachuriak responds, “I suppose the default answer is because I was raised that way. But it’s definitely not the same answer for my bride.” 

Rebecca, Tim’s wife and a fellow Heritage Young President’s Club member, did not share the same conservative upbringing as her husband. 

“Funny back-story, I was raised liberal,” Rebecca says. She admits she voted for Al Gore in 2000. 

But despite differences in their ideological rearing, Tim and Rebecca have long held one fundamental belief in common: The sanctity of all human life. It is the pro-life cause that forms the core of their now shared conservative beliefs. After all, “without life,” Kachuriak explains, “all other issues are meaningless.” 

Today, Tim and Rebecca – and their adorable brood of three children – devote their many talents to advance the pro-life cause and to promote the conservative mission worldwide. 

Tim and Rebecca Kachuriak with their three children.

Tim and Rebecca Kachuriak with their three children.

For example, Tim, whose mother started the first crisis pregnancy center in his hometown, and whose father is an entrepreneur, successfully combined the lessons learned from his parents to start an innovative new internet program dedicated to saving unborn babies from abortion. The program Online for Life, now a year old, has verifiably saved 90 babies so far. 

Tim also works to advance the broader conservative movement. For example, he collaborated on the website What the Heck Have Conservatives Done?, a tongue and cheek online quiz that cites Heritage research extensively. And in his day job, Tim advises The Heritage Foundation and other organizations about their online strategies.  

Rebecca maintains a very busy schedule. On top of caring for three young children and remaining active with Online for Life, she involves herself in a women’s Bible study and various community groups. In addition, she runs the blog pottytrainingandpolitics.com, where she shares her experiences as a young, conservative mom-on-the-go. Rebecca’s thoughtful work has caught the attention of fellow bloggers, awarding her a frequent spot on the popular Conservative 21 website. 

You may be asking how Tim and Rebecca do it all. They would tell you that it’s through a strong faith, hard work and sacrifice. Their professional and personal successes perfectly illustrate their shared belief that “government’s role is not to provide for the people. Rather, government should exist to protect people so that they can freely pursue opportunity.” This is the American way. 

The Kachuriaks, true conservative crusaders that they are, have a passion for sharing their patriotic convictions with others – especially young Americans. 

“In a way, with the runaway liberal cultural party wagon, conservatism is actually the counter-cultural alternative, thus making it cool,” Tim explains. “We just need to communicate it in today’s digital language.”

Tim and Rebecca Kachuriak are leading the way in doing exactly that. And The Heritage Foundation is very proud to have them both on our team as YPC members.

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Mike Saling - August 19, 2011

Great Story!!! If I didn’t know better I would say that the picture of Tim and Rebecca was taken in Pittsburgh, high a top of the South Side…

Rebecca Kachuriak - August 20, 2011

That’s exactly where the picture was taken…a few years back…pregnant belly and all! 🙂 Go Steelers!

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