Mark Wettreich is a Heritage Foundation member.

I moved to America from England as a boy. Since then, I have consistently found myself on the conservative side of the debate on various issues.

My parents are entrepreneurs, so I grew up in a pro-capitalist and pro-individual freedom environment. I believe the government’s top priority is to proactively defend our country from those who threaten us. Other than that incredibly important job, government interference in our individual lives should be kept to a minimum.

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It is important to me that I have verifiable facts to support my opinions. That is where The Heritage Foundation comes in – it provides resources and detailed expert analysis of every major political issue our country faces today.

The information Heritage produces gets people talking, and given my generation’s propensity for political apathy, that is a truly wonderful thing. Heritage information both informs and galvanizes me. That’s why I became a member of Heritage’s Young President’s Club (YPC).

When I first joined, there was no outlet for YPC members in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to get to know each other. This was a shame to me, because I knew these people would be intelligent, articulate, dynamic, passionate about their country, and share my basic conservative ideals. Basically, these are people I wanted to know!

I met fellow Dallas/Fort Worth YPC member Ted Mitchell at a Heritage event, and over lunch one day we decided to work to bring all of the YPC members in our area together for a meet and greet. It started as a simple meeting at a burger bar, but the response was overwhelming! Despite being strangers, our shared conservative values meant that we got along great, and every person in attendance that day said this was something they had been waiting for. Since that time, we have held numerous well-attended functions, and membership in the Dallas/Fort Worth Young President’s Club tripled in only nine months.

There are so many issues that are important to me, especially national security. It is great to be a part of a group like the Heritage’s Young President’s Club, where I can meet other like-minded conservatives and discuss the issues of the day and the proper role of government.

What do you think the government’s top priority should be? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Tiffany Spence - December 8, 2015

We live in Mckinney, When and where does your YPC group meet?

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