Ken Gardner

Ken Gardner

Like most organizations, Heritage relies on our members and supporters to get the message out about our research to their friends and family. Ken Gardner is one of The Heritage Foundation’s most effective supporters on social media, promoting our work to his friends and family on a daily basis.

Despite working full-time as a lawyer tackling issues unrelated to politics, Ken works hard spreading Heritage research to his fan base on Twitter and Facebook. When the Morning Bell is sent each day, for example, Ken posts snippets of the most relevant information to 4,000 Twitter followers.

Ken identifies himself as a small government conservative. He works with many self-identified liberals, though, and often uses Heritage research when discussing politics with them and others.

“Politics is all about good policy,” he says. “If you have good policy you’ll eventually have good politics.” And many of the policy arguments he makes come from Heritage.

Given the wide breadth of issues covered by our researchers, Ken knows he can turn to Heritage for facts on issues as wide-ranging as nuclear policy, taxes and foreign policy.

“I like going to Heritage more than anywhere else because it’s so fact-oriented,” he explains.

He continues:

The policies work and you can measure it. I love citing the articles. It’s not all symbolic conservativism Heritage provides the data whether it’s on economics or foreign policy.

I’m constantly posting information that people don’t know. You can go to a Heritage article and get six or seven points that are missing from the debate. The factoriented approach is missing in the political conversation and it’s badly needed. Symbols are important, but facts are even more important. If you have the facts, eventually the truth wins out, but it has to get out.

That’s what Heritage does they’re so good to getting at facts out. They put out facts that people can  use in arguing policy.

There are a lot of people that try to make things complicated and difficult, but Heritage makes it simple.

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