On Tuesday, Kay Coles James was announced as the next president of Heritage.

We are thrilled to have president-elect Kay Coles James to lead Heritage into 2018.

Watch Kay James first message to Heritage members below:

You can also listen to her first address to Heritage staff after the announcement was made.

The media quickly picked up on this announcement and here’s what they had to say:

James takes the helm at Heritage as the bastion of conservative thought reaches new heights in influence in Washington, DC. Many of Heritage’s best and brightest have gone on to key positions in the Trump administration, covering the gamut from diplomacy and the military, to health care and taxes, to homeland security. The rare combination of unified Republican government creates an opening for pursuing conservative solutions to problems that have lingered for decades. –Breitbart 

We spoke this week with Ms. James about her plans, and asked how Heritage would fit into a volatile conservative political environment defined today by keywords as broad as Trump, the Establishment, Bannonites, the Freedom Caucus, and, yes, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page. That volatility includes some run-ins between these pages and the foundation’s political arm, Heritage Action.

“Heritage will always be true north.” Ms. James told us. “Some individuals may be political, but the good news is what we do is research issues with scholars. We provide the data. We will be the intellectual grist for the entire conservative community, no matter where they are in the conservative spectrum.” –Wall Street Journal

The conservative Heritage Foundation announced Tuesday that board member Kay Coles James will serve as its sixth president starting next year. Her goal, she said Tuesday, will be to expand the base of the conservative movement and “take it to places it may not have been before.” … The Heritage Foundation is the country’s largest conservative think tank and has played an integral role in policy formation during Republican administrations. James, however, said she will approach her job not as “some policy wonk,” but as a problem solver who is interested in how policy “can affect and empower people in their lives.” –Politico

The Heritage Foundation selected Kay Coles James as its next president, the conservative think tank announced Tuesday. James, a member of Heritage’s board of trustees since 2005, has worked in government, academia, and the conservative movement during her career, the Heritage Foundation said. James worked as a member of the National Commission on Children under former President Ronald Reagan, as well as roles in the administrations of former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. –The Blaze

Kay also joined Fox News to discuss her new role as president of Heritage.

Please join me in welcoming Kay to this new role at Heritage.

What questions or comments do you have for Kay as she begins her role as Heritage’s president?


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Chris Curran - December 22, 2017

What a blessing to have Kay as President of Heritage! I know that this organization will continue to flourish under her leadership and by God’s good grace. She has been a faithful servant to the conservative cause for the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Welcome and blessings to you Kay.

Krys E. - December 22, 2017

Dear Ms. Kay,

Please warn I think women that if they truly love the truth as God is truth and nothing else therefore the world such woman might not have or count on one true friend as the world’s friends are not lovers of God/truth and what is good for all but selfish which is bot of God nor Heritage I hope. One day with God could have been the most amazing thing for all yet lovers of self and money continuing trouble for over a decade now. This is very sick to be cause by American born all families in power who know how God less, money maker selfish, trouble works.

Harold Kelley - December 22, 2017

the former President of Heritage said if we signed up for a regular monthly giving we would not be “hounded” with endless appeals for money. I signed up and yet still got all the appeals. So I cancel my auto-giving but still gave when appeals came. If I sign up for the new auto-giving will I indeed get less such mail. Being a history major in college (55 years ago) I relish the maps etc. and try to give as much as I can

Charlotte Kolzow - December 22, 2017

Thank the Lord that He has given us HERITAGE!! May He continue to guide and give us His direction ALWAYS!! Thank
you for serving Heritage!!

John Wagner - December 22, 2017

I like your Daily Signal publication, but in the same token, I find that a citizen ignorant of our country’s foundational principles is not educated sufficiently to make important decisions. This is why I hold and support Hillsdale College above Heritage. In short, you tell, but you not educate. When one is educated, one does not need to be told.

Steve Dickerson - December 22, 2017

There are clever, innovative ways to cut the federal debt and direct expenses that still give a big favorable impact to society in general. Here is one:

Quantitative Easing, QE, or the electronic creation and destruction of money by the Fed, can be used much more effectively to enhance the economy. In total, QE has been used to create four trillion dollars since 2008 entirely by bookkeeping mechanisms. Much of that has been to buy Federal Debt. An alternative understanding of QE is that; first, the amounts created by QE are not Federal debt, it never needs to be repaid and there is no interest cost. Second, there are ways of using QE that are better at promoting the general welfare than “buying” bonds of the government or other financial institutions. Third, if properly done, QE is not inflationary and, in fact, less inflationary than is the current practice of simply giving the government more money to spend. Increased QE should be used to increase the net output of the economy when there is excess capacity of the economy, almost always in the last decade or two. Using this method properly should eliminate periodic recessions and cause economic growth to be consistent over time, probably close the traditional 4% increase in GDP per year. Proper use is a good intellectual exercise.

Details available

Steve Dickerson - December 22, 2017

There are clever, innovative ways to cut the federal debt and direct expenses that still give a big favorable impact to society in general. Here is one:
Europe and Asia have become home for high-speed rail systems. The Americas have been very slow to adopt. The reason is simple; the economics of high-speed rail are unfavorable in the relatively low population density of the Americas and thus can only be paid for with large subsidies. The author takes the point of view here that we should build a new version of tollways where the standard speed of travel is about 200 mph and all vehicles are highly automated in headway and lateral control, much as we expect for automobiles in about 2020. This could be thought of as the 2018 version of the Eisenhower expressways, 41,000 miles begun in 1956. Tires are readily available for well over 150 mph, economics can be favorable, fuel consumption can be low, and both freight and passengers can move fast. Georgia is a good place to undertake the innovations that will allow the U.S to become the world leader in high-speed ground transportation and reinforce America’s traditional role as the innovator. After all, we have Lockheed, Georgia Tech, the world’s second largest airline, Delta, and the shipping company, UPS, all based here. Let use HIGH System as an acronym, High-Speed Interstate Ground Highway System.
Details available.

Ralph & Pat McFillen - December 22, 2017

Congratulations-What a great selection for you to lead Heritage. We must continue to “preach” the Conservative message and you are an excellent choice to do so. Returning our nation to its Christian principles is a must for our country to prosper. Will keep you in our prayers.

Mary Sarty - December 22, 2017

Please allow me to congratulate you Kay, and wish you well in the coming year of 2018, and thereafter. I believe that Heritage is an outstanding group, and we are so lucky to have it. If there is in anyway, anything I can do to help you please do not hesitate to ask me.
I need to briefly discuss the Governor Race in New Mexico. Steve Pierce, is our candidate, and very well respected here. I am somewhat concerned for him as this State is Democratic. I am sure President Trump has put a big dent in this, but if you have any ideas that we may not have, they are very welcome!!
Thank you, and may GOD Bless.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂
Mary Sarty

Timothy R. Buttner - December 22, 2017

I saw her on Hannity last night: I believe she will do well… Merry Christmas to all…

Julia Jupin - December 22, 2017

You go girl!! We are very proud of you!!!!

CSM RETIRED Galloway - December 22, 2017

Well first off congratulations Miss James on your newly assign position. Just briefly browsing over your past positions makes me feel totally inadequate. You truly are an inspiration to all of us. Please just let me know how I can help you achieve your goals. In closing, I look forward to watching the Heritage Foundation grow and achieve with you at the helm.

BONNIE Ake - December 22, 2017

I am concerned about the plan to cut Medicare and Social Security. They are not Welfare programs. They were paid for by the workers – even those like my husband who could have invested much better than the gov’t does. You will loose a lot of senior citizens if you start cutting what is their right to have because of already paying dearly for it. And – there are many of us who paid in and cannot get it on our own or our husband’s because of rules established so teachers in Ca. and 14 other states cannot receive it. DON’T TOUCH THEM. THE GOVERNMENT STOLE THE MONEY AND THAT IS WHY THE MONEY IS GONE.

Arthur Brownlee - December 23, 2017

God speed. You come into this position not in a time of quiet. Rolling back should be your main emphasis. And as we all know that’s much harder than pushing ahead. Keep yourself ready for deception that after you have done your best you may be able to stand.

Robert Hammons - December 23, 2017

Congratulations and keep up the good fight keeping our Republic!!

Jim Griffin - December 26, 2017

Congratulations Kay! I would like to see if there is any effort at Heritage to get more younger Americans involved in Heritage and perhaps have a “collegiate student discount” for the annual fee. I would like to have some of my nephews involved and I have steered them towards the Heritage.org site. It would be a great gift for a young relative as well. Onward Upward Kay!

Karl S. - December 27, 2017

Welcome, welcome, and thank you, Ms Kay. Best wishes on your new adventure.

Wayne Brewer - December 27, 2017

Ms. Kay, I pray God’s blessing on you. You have quite a challenge ahead of you.

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