Heritage President-Elect Jim DeMint speaks to hundreds of Heritage members in New York Tuesday. Photo: Shealah CraigheadHeritage President-Elect Jim DeMint speaks to hundreds of Heritage members in New York Tuesday. Photo: Shealah Craighead

Conservatives need to better articulate their message if they are to prevail in the war of ideas, Heritage President-Elect Jim DeMint told hundreds of Heritage Foundation members and supporters Tuesday in New York.

Speaking without notes, DeMint elaborated on a point he made earlier this month in the Washington Post. “Conservative policies have proved their worth time and time again,” he wrote in the post. “If we’re not communicating in a way that makes that clear, we are doing a disservice to our fellow citizens.”

The audience was very receptive to his message. “What this country needs is leadership, a real leader like George Washington,” a member of the audience said near the end of the event. Pointing at DeMint, he added: “And I think we have found him.”

DeMint joined Heritage President Ed Feulner in New York for the first stop of a nationwide tour. The Presidents’ Tour aims to introduce DeMint to Heritage members and outline a conservative agenda for 2013 and beyond.

Feulner and DeMint will also visit Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles this week to appear at sold-out events. Next month, they will visit Dallas, Atlanta, Palm Beach and Naples, Fla., before returning to Washington for a final event.

At the end of each event, DeMint will take questions from Heritage members. What would you like to ask him? Tell us in the comments.

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Mark Ursino - January 23, 2013

All well and good, but how are you going to get the information out to the so-called “low information voter” who decided this past election? How do you get your message carried in popular and mainstream media who have all been actively promoting the liberal agenda?

Dwight Bawcom - January 23, 2013

I read the comment a few days ago that the GOP needs to have a “spokesperson” with the skill of a Carney..ie, someone that can articulate the message and stay on point. I worry about a GOP “spokesperson” since he/she would not likely be “conservative”…., but I fully agree that we need to focus the GOP message in some manner to offset the Dems trying to divide and conquer us. What do you think…??

Mark E Roberts - January 23, 2013

Senator DeMint: Do you agree that fundamental beliefs lie at the heart of our problems and our solutions? That without true beliefs about our dependence on God, about true freedom being ordered toward genuine flourishing, and about transcendent morality (real virtues that really exist independent of our conforming to or rebelling from them and that are not up to us to create, any more than we create new primary colors in the spectrum), we will not flourish as a nation nor fulfill the promise of our Founders? If so, will the Heritage Foundation seek to persuade Americans of such truths, along with continuing to provide the superb research and recommendations on policy?

Tom Seliquini - January 23, 2013

i would like to see all conservatives, those in elected office as well as others that have America’s eyes and ears constantly articulate the following message.

“We must inject into the American culture including all governing bodies a value system and a life philosophy that promotes and sustains honesty, ethics and morality.”

Mark - January 23, 2013

Why did Republican “Representatives” join the effort to clean up and set up Mrs. Clinton for her future Pres. run, during the Benghazi hearings? Who are they, so they can be replaced?

patty phillips - January 23, 2013

I believe the religious right has hurt the conservative party. We will never win on the abortion issue by taking away women’s right. How do we get the republican party to move past this? I feel religion should not be a part of politics.

Rob - January 23, 2013

When is the Heritage Foundation going to support the Fair Tax? I don’t see a better solution to our tax problem then the Fair Tax. What is the issue(s) with the Foundation not supporting the Fair Tax?

William McCauley - January 23, 2013

Morality is the most basic need, which is missing within all of the political attitudes, both sides dem. and rep.
What can we or what can be done to change this basic need? Before anything else……

Alden Mann - January 23, 2013

It has been shown that Republican candidates who try to be Mr.Nice Guy do not win against Democrats who use personal dirty,negative ads etc. Republicans should use weapons similar to those used against them.
Trying to win on jobs, etc did not work.What worked was Obama making Romney look like a murderer,a selfish rich guy etc. I am through with moderate Republicans.To me they are little more than Democrat lite.We used to call them “Me too Republicans”

Jim Ledsome - January 23, 2013

With the obvious lies by this administration and their lack of constitutional integrity…is there a coarse toward Impeachment?

Cheryl Keithl - January 23, 2013

How can we begin NOW to educate the public about the value of conservative principles? We can’t wait until elections to do this–it will be too late by then. It needs to be done NOW–and continuously–using every means at our disposal–TV, social media, radio spot ads, etc.

Bernard Greer - January 23, 2013

In the 90’s we had Newt’s contract which spelled out some conservative items that we could work on and did. Since then, national Republicans have become less conservative (witness candidates McCain and Romney). Sarah Palin got trashed and Paul Ryan got muzzled. What will it take to advance the conservative cause at the national level again?

Conrad Masterson - January 23, 2013

I have written to several Republicans leaders telling them that they should develop a public relations plan to educate the public on issues and reach out to Democrats, Independents, and non-voters with a different approach. Make their communications issue/solution based with an educational focus.

Further I suggested that they use material from the The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, and that they should pay for public relations ads; not relying on the media to take the message to voters.

Eric Schaller - January 23, 2013

Will you embrace and promote the Unified Fixed Pie Budget, which you promised to do in earning the iCaucus endorsement for your Senatorial campaign?

Doug Stetson - January 23, 2013

1. All people in Government must have suggestion boxes, No auto responders and monitored to create discussions
2. I can show you how to get all the money you need basically forever if Jim will contact me.
3. End the immigration advantage but it takes to much room. It is a win win no mater what Dems do ASK
4. Show how the 1947 Dems are poisoning us daily and stop these points they make
5. Looser pays for lawsuits like England
6. Health Care sucks and our bad water and oil based pesticides are the cause Ask
7. EPA stopped 8 of 83,000 chemicals in 30 years, FDA since 1938 has stopped 8 out of 1200. California has article 65 stating the known causes of cancer and birth defects since 1987 and still nothing see http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65/prop65_list/files/P65single062212.pdf WHY???

De Ette Moon - January 23, 2013

What would you tell the American people to let them know how effective conservative values are?

Margaret Reedy - January 23, 2013

Why didn’t the conservatives have a better outcome this last election? I can say for me the message was poorly articulated to the masses. I try to pay attention to what is gong on, do not rely on the local and national TV stations. As a result, I feel I am much more informed than many of our citizens. Even I was dissapointed that the conservative message was not easy to understand, did not resonate, and failed to move the base to get out and vote, alas four more years of Obama who will now most likely be on steroids.
We have a huge reservoir of conservatives just waiting to be tapped, especially in my state, CA. If we can convince the Hispanic community that their values align with ours, we will have a big voting block. Why haven’t the conservative groups made that effort? Why don’t we set up outside of the groups who are attending their “swearing in” ceremony and sign them up for our party? Where is the outreach?

Patricia Bradley - January 23, 2013

My question: How will you approach the great challenge–the sea change that is required–to defuse and disarm leftist/progressive anti-constitutional groups who succeed by distorting and attacking conservative, constitutional values? How to you reach the 20 to 40-age group caught up in secularism? the very poor? Hispanics? Blacks? govt employees? How do you ensure that Congressional Republicans WILL BEGIN TO COMPETE SUCCESSFULLY against the “slick” and very often distorted marketing/media messages that Obama and the left successfully uses?This monumental task MUST SUCCEED or we will lose America. In GOD we must trust. And thank God for the Heritage Organization and your decision to join its leadership. You have my prayers.

larry malone - January 23, 2013

Do you know why the leaders of the Republican Party are trying to oust conservatives out of the party? They are only salvation the party has. Thank You, Larry Malone

Kathy Hauser - January 23, 2013

I depend on Heritage Foundation for comment and analysis on our current political scene. But after these sham hearings by Congress of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, I don’t know how much we, as citizens, can still affect our governments’ direction.

Donald DaCosta - January 23, 2013

How are you going to educate the general public on conservatism vs statism?

PaulE - January 23, 2013

Given the President is fully determined to transform the United States into a copy of the fiscally bankrupt European socialist democracy model, what does Heritage plan to do to educate the broader American population to the ramifications such a transformation will entail on our standard of living? Specifically, virtually all the southern European countries share some common traits that the American people need to understand will be part of our “new normal”, once Obama’s transformation process is complete in a few years:
1) Long-term, double digit unemployment that is structural, not cyclical in nature, due to the socialistic government policies enforced on the economy.
2) Low single digit (1 to 1.75 percent) annual GDP growth in the “good years” and negative GDP contraction in the “bad years”. Again, this is largely the result of bad government policies, that have destroyed the motivation for the private sector in these countries to start new businesses or expend existing ones. Government becomes the employer of only resort in many cases.
3) Across the board higher tax rates and taxes on virtually every aspects of day-to-day living. This is of course needed in the European socialist democracy model to collect sufficient revenues from the general population, so the government can then re-distribute these monies to support the massive welfare state model they have created. The concept of real economic growth is an alien concept in these countries and most people instead count on the government increasing their payout to them by x percent each year to cover the ever-rising cost of everything.
4) A much higher rate of persistent inflation, that once again is structural in nature, due to the government policies that result in a slow by steady decline in value of their underlying currency. The governments need inflation to help cover the ever-mounting borrowing costs incurred to sustain the welfare state model. At the same time, this persistently elevated level of inflation is destroying the buying power of the population as a whole.

There are more items, but you get the idea. The American people need to fully understand the ramifications of the policies of Obama, that so many are willing to embrace without question. An organization like Heritage Foundation should be uniquely qualified to launch a broad-based national effort to educate the American people on what they really have to look forward to, if the President is successful in his transformation process.

William DeLoach - January 23, 2013

What can we do to enlarge the shrinking middle class?

R.J. Koon - January 23, 2013

The Republicans have lost their focus! The big win in 2010 revolved around Cut, Cap, and Balance. And it worked. But once elected those representatives ‘negotiated’ those values away to appear to be seen as non-partisan in the liberal media because they didn’t have enough hard facts to refute the backlash from the liberals when they said that our conservative plans would throw granny off the cliff.

What can the Heritage Foundation do to overcome this liberal biased reporting? Our future depends on finding a strong conservative message like cut, cap, and balance and contrasting our message with what the liberals have done. Then putting that message in the hands of credible, dynamic, conservative representatives.

Best wishes to you in your new position Senator, I know you will work hard to help save our great nation. God bless your efforts.

ROBIN MORTON - January 23, 2013

The biggest problem in USA is BUREAUCRACY IN THE GOV’T
No one is responsible for anything from the president down.
They just do studies and put off the problem.
Take the money away from a problem area and you will discover the problem roots that are covered up by bureaucracy findings.
List ALL the expenditures over one million dollars and explain which ones need to be eliminated,.
DON’T JUST SAY “CUT SPENDING” show what needs to be cut.
Send the list of cuts to the Senate and make them vote on the cuts individually by senator

J Tate - January 23, 2013

How can Heritage help get the conservative message out to the pop culture voters and articulate it in a way that they can understand and relate to?

Douglas Adee - January 23, 2013

The GOP in Washington seems to be widely split among those who are members of the good old boy club who favor their personal power over the health of our nation, those who are only concerned about maintaining low taxes on the wealthy, and those who are more concerned about the health of our economy and are more concerned about creating a business climate (tax and regulation) that will encourage economic growth and job creation. Values voters (pro-family, pro-life, pro-heterosexual marriage) have consistently voted for GOP candidates, but have curiously been abandoned by the GOP leadership, while Obama has pledged to continue to advance the gay/lesbian and pro-abortion agenda. Thus, the GOP is fractured and, with no one stepping up to unite the Party, is on the verge of becoming irrelevant in influencing Obama’s drive to shred our Constitution and push us into a European-style socialist disaster.

What can the Heritage Foundation do to help foster the leadership our country desperately needs to save our Republic? Would you as Heritage Club President help create or endorse the formation of a successor political party to the GOP that would be dedicated to preserving our Constitution, preserving our freedoms, protecting our nation, and strengthening our economy?

Rick Caston - January 23, 2013

To patty phillips: We must NEVER “move past” the slaughter of the unborn. We must continue to be the voice of those that are still being “knit together in the womb”.

Rick Caston - January 23, 2013

To Margaret Reedy & Patricia Bradley,
We must find a way to rid ourselves of weak kneed establishment Republican leaders like we have today. Their actions distort the conservative Republican message. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Eric Cantor must be removed and true conservative Republicans found to replace them. Would you support a party that continually fails to support true Republican (conservative) ideals? Who wants to be on the team with lousy coaches and players? THAT is why the Republican BASE stayed home and refused to play on election day. Until they are replaced we don’t stand a chance.

Margaret Sears - January 23, 2013

I would like you to contact Congressional Republicans, insisting that they design bona fide deficit reduction & budget plans, and vote against raising the debt limit without corresponding spending cuts. I’d email them, but don’t have addresses.

Joan Lange - January 23, 2013

All we ever hear about Congress is what the main stream media wants us to hear. Can Heritage help Repuplican leaders to have press conferences explaining details of how they plan to get America off the spending spree and back on track? It seems as though no one is opposing Obama’s effort to ruin our country with endless debt. You and Congress need to keep the people that DIDN’T vote for Obama informed. By doing so others who did vote for him could ultimately learn somethng too. I think Heritage is doing a good job keeping us informed; can you help Congress to do the same?

Michael Gorman - January 23, 2013

I sure would like to see a Heritage Foundation web page that contains “pain facts” by state and possibly by area within that state that are updated monthly. That is, how much $$$ is costing the average voter so that these “Pain Facts” could be sent to the voters in each different state.

I believe that the ONLY reason why Romney wasn’t elected (assuming he’s a conservative, of course) was that the pain wasn’t bad enough for voters to turn him out. Sort of voting for the devil you know vs the devil you don’t know.

If Heritage then had its member by state and by locality in each state sent a summary of these “Pain Facts” then these could be sent by the members to their friends and neighbors… Eventually there would be a wide enough circulation of these “Pain Facts” to make a difference to the “low information” voter.

Jim Kearney - January 23, 2013

Any way another week of talks could be scheduled to include more Midwest cities? (St Louis, Des Moines, Omaha…)

Jean-Francois Orsini - January 23, 2013


If Catholics congressmen had voted like non-Catholics Congressmen Obamacare would not have passed. True Catholics should not have voted to Obamacare. As referred in my book “Fight the Left – It’s Gauche-It’s Sinister” – copy given to Dr. Ed Fuelner (fellow Wharton graduate and fellow Kight of the Holy Sepulcher) – we have all the arguments to convince everyone that the vision of the Right is better… and to steer all Catholics (including misguided bishops) to the vision of the Right as it is the only one consistent with Catholic teaching. Is Heritage ready to target the Catholic (many of whom correspond to the “Reagan Democrat”) population? I can help.
Jean-Francois Orsini

April Blaine - January 23, 2013

I heard you speak in New York. It was mentioned that we as conservatives do not depend on a political party to define us or to get our message out. So where do we go to have our voice heard during elections if we don’t depend on the Republican Party? What can we do when the Republican establishment attacks conservative leaders along with the democrats? Will the Heritage Foundation do anything to defend conservative leaders from these attacks? It is clear from the Presidential election results that Mitt Romney won the independent vote, but lost the base, many of whom did not even vote. You also mentioned that tea party supporters were from all different parties. Do you think we can get enough support to start a Conservative party that could beat the democrats and marginalize the Republican establishment?

Jon Galt - January 23, 2013

When the political parties can’t resolve unsustainable debt realities, constitutional recurrence to new disciplines is required. http://goo.gl/JD6nL

Ulrika Miyashiro - January 23, 2013

I would like to know why Las Vegas is not included in this trip. One of the Republican party’s most generous donors, Sheldon Adelson, lives here, and I feel we are being snubbed.

Randal Brewer - January 23, 2013

It is my opinion that a visit to the Pittsburgh Area would be very beneficial to the cause, we have a core group of conservatives here, thanks to Quin and Rose (104.7)

J S MCELHINNEY III, DDS - January 23, 2013

Dear Mr. DeMint,
I sent an email to Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner suggesting that they “campaign” around the country a la Pres. Obama, articulating the conservative principles and the history of our Founding Fathers. Here is what I told them:

“Secondly, Pres. Obama is still on the campaign trail, and walking all over the Republicans. You and John Boehner, or perhaps more glib surrogates, need to go out and campaign across the nation making speeches that the left-wing media will be forced to report. Tell the American people what is wrong with Obama’s plans and what’s RIGHT about the Republicans plans. And be sure to talk at length about our Founding Fathers and the reasons the Constitution says what it does and why it limits the Federal gov’t for a reason, so that men/women can be FREE. Explain how COLLECTIVISM/socialism/communism has never worked anywhere in the world and has only brought misery and suffering. Explain how INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY allows human beings to achieve their true potential. You can’t sit behind your ivory tower in Washington, DC and let the media control what the public hears. You’re loosing the battle. Get out in front and speak directly to the American people so the media can only report what you say, not filter it to the majority of folks.”

Perhaps with your stature as a former senator you can persuade them or Marco Rubio or Rand Paul or Paul Ryan or Kelly Ayotte or Tim Scott or several of them together to hit the campaign trail and hold press conferences all over the nation to hammer home the benefits of the individual freedom and self-reliance. All of them are very articulate and knowledgeable, and can represent the conservative point of view well.

Gary Kelly - January 23, 2013

“Son of man, you dwell in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.” (Ezekiel 12:2)

Christian conservatives can no longer look to Republicans, the “conservative” media, commentators, and pundits who appear to be only “preaching to the choir.” Christian conservatives must begin to confront family, neighbors, friends, preachers, and “Christian progressives” to “reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine” in righteousness and justice as defined by the Word of God.

Christian conservatives must also keep in mind that progressives do not respect facts and history, but reject these truths using unjustified diversions that Stalin and Hitler would be proud of. Progressives, who have no valid definition of how boundaries are to be determined will lie, distort, omit facts, attack and falsely accuse conservatives by deflecting from specific issues and facts. This plan to be evasive and redirect blame in an attempt to discredit conservatives has been greatly successful, due in large part by the willing collaboration of the Marxist media. More here:
http://www.earstohear.net/Op-Eds/ReproveRebukeExhort.html“>Reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine

ROY SHOULTS SR - January 23, 2013

The Society whose members retain and follow the basic principles found in the Republican Principles will prosper as a Society, as will each of its members individually, irrespective of the differences among the divisions of the shares of each of its members.

How can Heritage and its new President, Jim DeMint, be able to help, especially Republican politicians, to learn, to believe in, and then to articulate this message to all Americans?

the Moneydoctor - January 23, 2013

Jim: When will our elected officials stop thinking only of themselves and start thinking about our Republic and start doing what they were sent to Washington to do by Loyal Taxpayers.–And stop worrying how this will effect their chances to be Re-Elected.?? Wishing you Sucess in Building Your Master Mind Group– From one of your many SC Supporters.

Craig Heisserer - January 23, 2013

I believe that our spending problems are caused by elected politicians spending today’s and tomorrow’s tax payer dollars to buy votes to get re-elected. Do you concur? If so, how do we check the powers of entrenched politicians? I have heard of ideas like term limits, a third party, or returning the Senate to state appointment as the original constitution created.

william samenko - January 23, 2013

what are doing are we going to address the abuse of welfare?
48million people on food stamps, and yet we have food banks and home less people on the streets. Just who and how many do we have that should that do not belong on these programs?

Kim Murray - January 23, 2013

1.I think minorities need to organize within the GOP. So minorities will understand they are being heard. Contact black, hispanic, etc.conservatives.2. Identify the true GOP base, who lives in the red states? 3.Gay rights: If we have freedom OF religion the people are free to be athiest too. That is a fact. GOP must stop legistationg faith. Law is law and faith is faith. The hypocritical left wants to use the biblical work marraige, so what, let them. 4. Gun rights support the 2nd amendment most Americans are for it. Identify true problems like why CO shooter had a legal gun? Fix actual problems but DO NOT take our guns. 5. Even leftys know the debt is way too high and they will listen to solutions. (the ones that can hear). 6.Abortion – see #3 Should be rare and PROMOTE adoption. 7. The left is selling dreams GOP needs to sell dreams too. The American Dream, constitution, freedom

Kent Collier - January 23, 2013

My wife and I have been hard working small business owners and have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for conservative candidates over the last 3 decades. We are completely demoralized. Since the last election cycle, we are disengaging from politics and we even avoid the news. It appears to us that the country has reached the “tipping point” where we have more “takers” than we have “makers”. Can the decline of our precious county be reversed and how? How could we fail to win the presidency and take back the senate?



Douglas Adee - January 23, 2013

A lot of people want the “fair tax” but isn’t that really a regressive tax? Wouldn’t it be better to fix what we have and promote a business-friendly tax climate, such as a maximum corporate tax rate of 15% and making dividends paid deductible? Wouldn’t this create a corporate tax structure to enable American industry to better compete in the world markets? Wouldn’t this enable American industry to create good paying jobs, bringing us to full employment?

Rose - January 23, 2013

This is a new era of government media. How can we possibly fight that and a citizenry who votes for someone that’s “cool” and a celebrity?

Also why are we sending money and military planes to Egypt, who are now enemies of Israel?

Janet Kerns - January 23, 2013

I live in fear daily for this Country. I do not understand what the GOP is doing wrong. The Democrats are not “smarter” than Republicans. What is the problem?
I would also like to know what is being done to hold Obama accountable for stepping out of the limits of the Constitution. I hear and read things that he does that are unconstitutional but I don’t hear if anything is ever done.
I think we need to remind people how our Founding Fathers came up with the idea of the Constitution. In my readings I have found that they were very educated people for their time. They studied types of governments that had failed. They wrote a document with safeguards against proven failures with checks and balances. Instead of just referencing the Constitution, maybe we need to educate people about what makes it so great. Hillsdale College has been trying to do that to some degree but I am afraid that the information doesn’t reach enough people to be effective. It doesn’t appear that our education system is teaching or supporting the Constitution.

Carl Sofranko - January 23, 2013

Can Heritage please figure out how to run “public service announcements” (PSAs) or something similar, which show how the welfare state/ hand-out (not a hand up) crushes the spirit of people to take pride in working, providing for themselves and their family, steals their pride and locks them into a kind of shameful servatude, all the while becoming a burden to those who work tirelessly at 2-3 jobs, raise children and try to better themselves, only to be taxes to death, so that others may sit idle and collect a check. Oh, and why is the Heritage tour totally missing the heartland in America!? The only “mid west” locale is Chi Town, and really? Chi-town..?. Where’s a Cleveland date, or Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indy, Louisville, Nashville?…. Seriously?! NY,NY, Naples, LA, Denver…? You guys missed Berkeley, Austin & Greenich Village. Ha ha. Seriously though, love the HF, & Jim Demint will carry the torch well I’m sure. God Bless.

Mike Pauls - January 24, 2013

What is the concise message that needs to be articulated?

Will it be treated like a talking point? That is to say, what lever do you possess to be sure that everyone from the bottom to the top is saying the same thing…24/7?

It has been stated the the GOP needs to be more inclusive in order to win elections, especially the Hispanics. The followup question is “what do the Hispanics desire from the GOP”? If it just involves “stuff” the Dems win. Hopefully they want inclusivity. Please explain.

Mike Pauls

Chuck Reite - January 24, 2013

We all agree that the Reagan type conservative policies have been proven to be what make the economy work for all and protect individual liberties, But, it does no good to keep preaching to the choir; how can we get the message to the “low information voters” and low interest voters? If we don’t get the voters to the polls, all our winning arguments are just so much hot, ineffective and futile air witness 2012’s elections. How do we mobilize a conservative voting base??

Mark B. - January 24, 2013

Alexis de Tocqueville said:

“A democracy … can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. “

The Progressives (today’s Liberals) and the public employee unions have helped a large group of the voters to figure that out. It did not happen overnight, and they were very patient taking full advantage of every opportunity they had (Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and now BHO). Their message is irresistible to a large portion of the population: they offer tangible benefits of various entitlements in exchange for a potential loss of something intangible – our individual freedoms (that part of the bargain is not mentioned, of course).

This message resonated this time with a much more receptive audience: young people, Hispanics, Asian-Americans. The common factor among them – many have never experienced the individual freedoms which are being slowly taken away from all of us. In addition, many of those who voted Obama back in the office behave like the proverbial frog slowly being boiled alive. The Progressive changes have been spread out over such a long time period, the majority of the people got used to having less freedom. We have to start reclaiming that and the conservative message must be designed at a level higher than complaining about deficit spending.

John A. Quayle - January 24, 2013

How are we going to derail Obama’s aggressive destruction of the Constitution? It would seem he’s got us over a barrel and the media is complicit in his agenda.

Frank E. Vincent - January 24, 2013

Jim Demint knows this but he may not like to admit it to himself and that is; the Democrat machine is out front of the Republican’s. The fact most of the GOP is busy busting each others chops and as each member is going his own way and doing his own thing. There is no unity and worse than that, many of the Republican’s are Republicans in name only. (RINO’s). And Jim, you know that also. So I would like to make a suggestion that we ‘Conservatives’ unite together under a different title. Call us ‘Conservative Heritage Republican’s’. Do not allow us to be listed as Republican only again, and get us listed and registered with Heritage. Then set out to give us a separate agenda with the Constitution as our guiding document. Now, if this is not attended to, we will lose to the Democrat Social Party of Obama. And you can take it to the bank, he will get the changes made to re-elect him to a third term.. Comparison and education will be the only tool we have that will stand up to the Obama regime. We need leaders, not just polls and gossip type contentions. We need to pick our targets and our battles to reach each goal.
Now Jim, what are you going to do with this comment??
Frank E. Vincent
Conservative Republican
[email protected]

EMIL DEJAN - January 24, 2013

When will Heritage forward its large database supporting Obama’s impeachment to the “House” for their action?

Pauline Zazulak - January 24, 2013

1) Obama is setting up a new “community organizer” organization called Organizing for America. He will be traveling everywhere to promote his aims. What can the GOP do to counter this? 2) George Soros has given $32 million to progressive/leftist groups to 1) fight voter id laws, 2) change Senate rules to prevent filibusters, 3) get the “big money” out of politics. How does the GOP counter this. 3) George Soros has had a project to put a Democrat in every state’s Secretary of State office — this office controls a state’s voting. How does the GOP counter this? 4) Silicon Valley programmers have donated time to set up Obama internet networks. What does the GOP do?

Dianne Adams - January 24, 2013

This president is running a well-oiled, successful revolution and dictatorship that NO ONE is challenging, asking hard questions about and afraid to confront him in even the mildest way while he is dismantling the constitution, going around the Congressional process, ruling by executive order and showing his over-all disdain and contempt for the American culture. Half of Americans are tired of Republicans scurrying off with their tails between their legs and can only assume by their actions that they’ve bought into the Marxist revolution. If there is a plan to fight for our freedom we’d sure like to hear what that plan is because right now there is NO sign of one.

scott peterson - January 24, 2013

Jim was meeded in U S Senate to vote on supreme court moninees,and oppose Obama as FEW WILL-I do not know gov haley’s replacement

curtis nunley - January 24, 2013

I also believe that the Fair Tax should be the core message of the Heritage Foundation. Explaining the many benefits of this plan will start a new discussion about taxes.

Ron Hansen - January 24, 2013

I feel that one of the main problems we have of getting spending under control is.
1. Too much unnecessary spending.
2. Too many taxes and taxing bodies local, state and federal. (We simply have a hard time getting a handle on who to protest to and that we even have a voice in taxes.)

Question: Do you feel, a we could get a consensus across the nation to sunset all tax laws and taxing bodies and replace the complex system on business and individuals with a simple tax system on income that sent about 20% to Washington, 30% to the states and the remaining 50% to the Counties to be allocated by proportional population.

I’d like to see it start out at 25% and over 10-20 years be mandated down to 15%.

Jerry Frost - January 24, 2013

Robert Kinder


As we discussed during your last phone conversation, our Conservative-message-machine is badly fractured and speaks a largely unintelligible language. As a consequence we are always debating on ‘their agenda for us’ as opposed to our own message.

Recently I read a suggestion (I don’t remember where) that we employ a Republican Press Secretary. This individual would deliver a consistent message to reporters rather than snippets and sound bites from the halls of Congress. He would speak from a fixed venue and would be empowered to call Press Conferences.

The message should be a consistent drum beat of:

“Don’t Bankrupt our Children and Grandchildren!”.

“We borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend.”

Compare those messages to “balance the budget in ten years” or “sixteen trillion something”. We are trying to reach the hearts and minds of people with a language that is unfamiliar to them. Obama speaks – continually – of ‘millionaires and billionaires”. That language they understand.

Picture if you will our Press Secretary calling a Press Conference immediately following the inaugural address. He says:

The Republicans in the House and Senate support the aims the President has so eloquently set forth. You will hear once again that we are hard-hearted obstructionists when we question our ability to pay for his plans; when we attempt to bring some sense to the mess we are in. Yet when our government has to borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends you and I know in our heart of hearts that this can not go on forever.

Many of our nation’s citizens lost their homes because their incomes were not sufficient to pay for the debt they had incurred. Our nation is facing the same painful consequence. We must use common sense and reduce our spending to a level no greater than our income. That is the Republican message.

There is not a parent or grandparent in this nation that would not sacrifice personal comfort for the benefit of their children. Each 40 cent increase in our debt is another brick on the back of our children and grandchildren. Think of it:

Don’t Bankrupt our Children and Grandchildren!

Thank you.

You get the idea, Bob. I believe that we must go on the offensive and clarify our position. We have been fragmented by multiple non-core concerns. Can you help get this program started?

Jerry Frost

T D - January 24, 2013

Do you support the generation of a third party?
and the discontining support of the Republican Party?
The republican party has lost every skirmish with the democrats, why are they so impotent? These guys cannot even get voter ID passed and implemented.
What must we do to obtain term limits?

John - January 24, 2013

When and how are we going to shine the light on the main stream media as well as the individuals responsible. It can’t be just through talk radio etc. There has to be other ways.

H. Dean McSpadden - January 24, 2013

I believe in fundamental conservative principles and I believe in Heritage’s message. Here’s the problem: For the last 100 years government, abortion and liberalism have grown exponentially. What is your plan to reverse this trend and get representatives who believe as we do?

Billy Harrington - January 24, 2013

Why has the Heritage Foundation failed to get behind HR25/S13 when its passage could do so much for this country?

Dennis Lombard - January 24, 2013

What did we do wrong to allow the Reagan era to become the Obama era? Without an honest answer, reversing the process is likely to be a futile effort.
Dennis. Lombard

David Baldovin - January 24, 2013

I am continually dismayed at the inability of GOP candidates to properly articulate Constitutional Conservatism, and also to be able to handle the Communist/Alinsky tactics used against them by Democrats/media. Who is training our folks? If, of course, true conservatives were being nominated, the first issue would be solved! We then could concentrate on the second!

Michelle - January 24, 2013

Our Strengths: founding ideas & principles work to promote freedom & prosperity for all, society improves best when individuals act locally to solve local problems, there majority of Americans agree with the founding principles.
Our Weaknesses: we have not been able to articulate the message of founding principles clearly & concisely enough to defeat the deception, we do not have a critical mass in newspapers/magazines/tv/popular radio, the loudest & most frequent voices demonize us and our ideas by feeding listeners’ emotions (fear, anger, “justice” (of the vengeful sort), hate, superiority (aka conservatives are just dumb), progress (go forward not back) and so on), we do not have education (public k-12 or public/private colleges) so we are losing the upcoming generations, money is taxed from all of us and is used to attack our position, principles, etc., control the discussion of “us” vs “them” and split America up so we are attacking each other…
Question: How do we use our strengths strategically and tactically to defend our current positions & make headway in other areas? How do we change the conversation from Rep & Dem to Right and Wrong? Before our foundation crumbles so much that ALL Americans are standing nothing but sand?

Ester Caldwell - January 24, 2013

I would like someone we trust (like Jim DeMint) to help select and vet candidates for the House of Representatives for 2014. We need qualified people who can articulate the conservative values – including the effects on our children and grandchildren if we do nothing to rein in spending – as well as the short term effects such as an ever-growing government , a shrinking private sector, and continued unemployment.

Kathleen Hall - January 24, 2013


How can the American People en mass, show disfavor with Left Agenda Media for their treason, in an effective way that does not go against Conservative Principles?

Carol - January 24, 2013

Here’s everything I am thinking right now. I am hoping Heritage comes up with some out of the box ideas because right now the GOP leadership and the conservative movement stinks on ice. I cannot believe how monotone, boring, and uninspiring the members of Congress are when they come on the news to be interviewed. It is stunning. There are too many dinosaurs like Boehner and McConnell. This is my quest? Can you help do this? I will give money and time if you do……
I wish we could get the best of the best conservative think tanks, bloggers, journalists, GOP leadership, and some young whiz kids and PR experts (NOT GOP ESTABLISHMENT CONSULTANTS-THEY SHOULD HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST THEM) hold up in meetings for about a week to figure out a strategy to communicate the conservative message. Who would you want to have in the meeting? Me? Victor Davis Hanson, Eric Metaxas, Bill Whittle, Doug Urbanski, Steve Forbes, David Horowitz, Jim DeMInt, Thomas Sowell, Rush Limbaugh, Shelby Steele, Amity Shales, the best from Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Dinesh D’Souza, American Thinker, Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, Steven Crowder, and many more.
Also among the invited should be the most bold business leaders like Steve Wynn who don’t fold under the governments heavy hand and who can speak articulately about free enterprise. The most important people to be in this meeting would be the most brainiac conservatives that are recent college grads, especially those who are into the algorithms of social media.

The Conservatives and the GOP combined or separate should be going to college campuses, and ethnic communities ( Asian, Black, Hispanic), and key voting precincts in swing states and be putting on FANTASTIC EVENTS: music, speeches, seminars. comedy concerts. These events should be really FUN and INFORMATIVE and should even give away FREE stuff, all the while in creative, out of the box ways, COMMUNICATING THE CONSERVATIVE MESSAGE. They should be doing ads on local radio, including Hispanic radio and TV. I am talking about ads not during a campaign.

That’s what I would do, but, nobody asks me. 🙂 I would guess that some meetings like this have happened in the past or maybe be happening now. At any rate, I am on a quest to find out who is really figuring out the best strategy to communicate the conservative message and that is where I am going to invest my time and money. I am discouraged but I am not giving up on this Republic.

Also, the Eagle published my letter today:


Genevieve Duncan - January 24, 2013

How can we address the problem of the majority of young people, brain-washed by liberal teachers/professors, buying the progressive lies? In our small town in a very conservative state, 80% of 18 year-olds registered Democrat last spring. At our Federated Republican Women’s meetings the average age has to be well above 60. At 78 I should not have to be the leader of the group. What will the country do when all of us who remember history die off?

Gary Knoblock - January 24, 2013

As long as the Republican establishment, and the GOP continue the assault on Conservative canidates and elected officials, the Democrates will keep winning.

JoVonne Fitzgerald - January 24, 2013

Why does the Heritage Foundation stubbornly oppose cuts to the military, rather than reasonably consider what expenditures are no longer needed. If overseas bases are safe enough for moving dependents there; we probably don’t need the facilities. Re. Mike Coffman, a veteran, prepared a thoughtful list of cuts that would not harm national defense.

Carlo Capista - January 24, 2013

Mark asks the correct question. How do you intend to reach the brain dead and zombies? The election shows we did not reach anyone. Do you think that Boehner or McConnel can articulate the conservative message? How about main media? As I see it, the message we get from the republicans is Choke, Cave, make a deal, and bend over.

Christine Gerval - January 24, 2013

I’m listening to the reports on AM radio of the gun grab that is going on right now. I’ve read about the trickery Harry Reid is trying to pull in the Senate so that only he and 3 other senators will have the final say on passing bills w/o the other senators voice. Things are so out of control in so many areas. What is the Heritage Foundation going to do and DO FAST to stop these evil polititians before we lose everything this country stands for?

pete kelley - January 24, 2013

not just a powerful leader but a spokesman for our idears

Richard - January 24, 2013

Two questions:
The last election was lost to Obama’s powerful voting machine. Without countering it, there’s no hope in winning an election.
What is the message to the voters?
What vehicle(s) will be used to get it to the voters in competition with Obama’s machine?

William Hooper - January 24, 2013

Given conservative principles are always successful when actually applied, why is it that GOP messengers are so poor at explaining these principles. Example, gun control from the left relies on emotion and falsehoods while the facts clearly show that gun control as found in Chicago have the highest gun violence in the country. Sometimes it appears that the GOP is more afraid of standing up for conservative principles for fear of the inevitable criticism.

George Warren - January 24, 2013

How are you going to help us to communicate with all American Citizens who are trying to help make our Country a wonderful place to live in PEACE,in FREEDOM and in SAFTEY?
I love this comment used by President John Kennedy: It’s not what the Government can do for you, it’s what American Citizens can do help, in good ways, can do for the Government. Sincerely, GEORGE

James C. Scheuer - January 24, 2013

Can the Heritage Foundation begin to coordinate the efforts of the numerous Conservative organizations to concentrate their effectiveness so less-educated citizens will recognize that the Admini8stration’s policies are not in their best long-term interests.

ken struttmann - January 24, 2013

We keep hearing that the House has passed numerous bills and sent them to the Senate. However, they’re apparently lying on Harry Reid’s “desk”. I wasn’t aware that “passed” bills could be “stonewalled” by the other section of Congress. I’m surprised that the Founding Fathers” would have allowed this. Please explain. Also, why doesn’t the House promulgate these bills? The American public needs to know what is in these bills. The GOP is always accused of not having specifics!!! Thanks

Aran Spence - January 24, 2013

How about holding our elected officials to the same standards they hold the rest of us to? No more political cover for law breakers. Hold former office holders accountable for their actions & behavior while in office. Background checks and qualification standards for all federal government employees including Congress, Judges & the President.

Steve Gilbertson - January 24, 2013

We need to be running common sense educational adds every week between now and Nov 2014. Short 30 second spots- clear concise facts about all issues government. Educating everyone with the truth, not malicious or tearing down opponents, just the truth. In the first 200 years- free markets, hard work, personal responsability, generosity lead to the wealthest most powerfull nation the world has known. The US has rushed in and given more to the rest of the world in need than all the nations combined. Yet many Americans don’t understand that is slowly being undermined with an entitlement approach of government. Our task must be to educate.

Kathleen Slusher - January 25, 2013

I read your books “Saving Freedom” and “The Great American Awakening”. I think you have a lot of valuable and inspiring insight. However, I am concerned about the A+ Educ. Act. I agree with you that education needs to be decentralized. I agree that Americans need to have a choice in education. The problem is that charter schools are a form of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. In public education the school boards are supposed to be elected by the people. The charter schools are run by unelected school boards but with tax money. (TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.) Do charter schools have to administer the (NAEP) National Assessment of Educational Progress? I have heard that these tests are about 50% bases on attitudes and values. (These are NOT the traditional, conservative attitudes and values.)Also, if private schools except vouchers from federal money will they have to adhere to the regulations of the federal government. If this is true, they will no longer be “private schools” as we know them. Christian private schools who except federal money or vouchers would have to bow down to the centralized decisions of the federal government. It seems to me that we are just creating a circle of going back to the “centralized” federal government but with different names and programs.

Kathleen Slusher - January 25, 2013

Everyone knows that the media is dominated and controlled by the liberals. Isn’t there enough conservatives or conservatives with enough money to buy back some of the tv and radio programmimng? Why do we have to continue to allow the liberals to control the media?

Susan Sharpless - January 25, 2013

I would like to know if each state in the union will have representation from the Heritage foundation. We need to be able to have training on how to educated the public on conservative ideals. Teaching these ideals need to start at the local level, and go throughout each state. We need young people to invite the Heritage Foundation into liberal colleges. I believe that people want better but don’t know what is keeping them down. Also, most young people even old people look to the government to meet their needs, instead of God. The questions posed in these comments are good ones and I hope to see them address in coming newsletters.

Sandra Leone - January 25, 2013

My husband has a small business here in Rock Hill, SC. It is getting more and more difficult for his business to keep running and make a decent profit to live on, because of so many rules and regulations, and, of course, those dreaded tax increases. How do you plan to help the small business owners–very vital people to these United States of America?

Eddie Mae Owens - January 25, 2013

Obama and the Dem. tell the people what they want to hear and then do what they want to do. The Media is in love or enamored with Obama and puts everything they say with a positive spin. The Republicans must figure out how to communicate why their plans won’t work for the best of the American people and why we need to change and what our plans will do for them in a positive manner. The Republicans must figure out how to get this message to the people and let them know they need to vote. Hard working people believe they don’t have the time to keep up with politics. They need to learn why they should make the time; why it is so important. COMMUNICATION!!!

Al Wunsch - January 25, 2013

One problem for republicans is that it is easier to sell the democrat approach of give to the people and sometime we’ll have to fix the deficit/debt problem than it is to sell a solution to fixing the deficit/debt problem. It is also easier to use scare tactics for the entitlement programs than it is to say these programs need fixing. People understand not getting their check but what will continuing deficit spending do to them and what will printing more dollars do – specific to their paycheck or ability to pay bills. It’s too complicated? Well then the message won’t get through. Several strawman alternative changes to the entitlements and spending cuts needed to provide a balanced budget by “x” year would get the dialogue going in the right direction. This needs to be done by someone like heritage briefings across the nation so that politicians can respond without taking responsibility for the proposal(s) and the people can say to their reps “support this proposal” etc.

Al Wunsch - January 25, 2013

I have seen the terms liberal and progressive used as if they mean the same thing and then equated with some liberal “feel” stuff. People don’t know what the progressive really stands for.

Al Wunsch - January 25, 2013

If Espanic voters are family oriented as it is claimed they are (and of Catholic upbringing) the repub message would resonate more so than the dem party of death – get the message out and quit being concerned about what (so long as it is true) is said by critics about bashing the dem party.

Patte Winn - January 25, 2013

Republicans will tear each other to shreds in primaries, but seem to be mere pussy cats once the general election comes around. MItt Romney barely laid a hand on Barack. He had so much material to use, but punted on most of it.

And Republicans desparately need communication classes to learn how to deal with the hostile media. We spend a lot of money to get one elected, certainly a little money spent on media prep is well worth the investment. Otherwise we’re whitstling in the dark.

Cait - January 26, 2013

I would like to hear Heritage’s position on Agenda 21. I recall Newt Gingrich was the only candidate to mention it in the entire debates when he declared,”I’m against Agenda 21.” The American people deserve to know and understand your full position.

Thank you

Mary Elizabeth Kuck - January 26, 2013

DC school districts will not be teaching about the American government in HS, I understand. What can The Heritage do to reverse this and to also see to it that the foundations of our government are taught from original documents so as to negate the liberal bias in the classroom?

Douglas Adee - January 26, 2013

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal recently had an article about NY Senator Chuck Shumer (D) and SC Senator Lindsey Graham (R) working on a bi-partisan proposal to provide illegal aliens a path to citizenship. According to the article, Lindsey Graham lamented that Republicans received very little support from Latinos and it was time for the GOP to soften its stance regarding illegal immigrants. The path to citizenship, according to Senator Graham would be contingent upon first securing the borders. I personally agree that Republicans need to shie away from their antagonistic attitudes to Latinos and the poor, and demonstrate the appreciation for all citizens, regardless of race, national origin, gender, or economic status. I also believe that the number off illegals in the US is beyond the ability of our government to identify and prosecute, and that to accept the fact that the vast majority are here not to do us harm, but to pull themselves up from poverty. The best way to separate those people from those who are here to commit crime or acts of terror, I believe, is to provide for a means for the illegals to separate themselves, by providing for a means to citizenship for those who are here peacefully. What is your stance on this issue?

Fred Schwartz - January 26, 2013

More of a suggestion than a question. I’d like to see much more outreach to black and latino voters. I think both are a strong fit for conservatism, but have somehow been indoctrinated into voting Democrat. There are so many conservative policies and positions that should appeal to those demographics, like school choice, pro life, traditional marriage, SS personal savings accounts and more. My suggestion is creating a brochure that explains all this, and doing speaking events geared towards these communities. Don’t pander, just present conservatism in a persuasive manner.

Rosemary Klos - January 26, 2013

I get emails from many, many conservative groups all trying to spread the word and asking for donations. Would it not be more beneficial to unite these groups and have an even stronger unified and powerful voice?
Why do we have a constitution and balance of powers when they are constantly ignored?
Why do so many laws exclude members of Congress and other government officials?
How do we try and fight a morally bankrupt populace when schools are teaching ‘revisionist’ history, movies are spewing worthless themes, video games have taken over a generation’s mind set?
Why do we have ridiculous hearings like Hillary and Bengazi, where nothing is learned or accomplished? And four of our people are dead?
How do we continue to allow ourselves to be so divided by this imposter of a President?
We are definitely at a tipping point and I fear for the worst. America is becoming a truly third world country.
I could go on, but I will pose just one more question… How can I help my country survive and prosper and get our standing back as true world leader.

John Kaufmann - January 26, 2013

I would like to hear a discussion about immigration policy. It seems to me that the actual problem is never discussed. The issue is not what do we do with those currently in our country, it’s it knowledge that as soon as we do something, it is an invitation for the whole mess to start all over again with a new raft of illegal entries. The only way to truly be sympathetic to the plight of the undocumented, is to first make sure it doesn’t happen all over again. I am beginning to think that both parties want a whole new set illegal/undocumented people coming in that are not yet complaining about their “unfair” status, so they (the political parties) can exploit them either as a under-wage worker or a undocumented voter.

James Johnston - January 26, 2013

A quote I recently read was “Entrenched belief is never altered by the facts,” Many voters are blind to facts, or don’t know them. Indeed, some don’t want to know. How can Heritage overcome both apathy and intransigence?

Allen Spaulding - January 28, 2013

I would second Dwight Bawcom’s 1/23/13 comments and add that we need more conservative CANDIDATES who “…can articulate the message…”.
Heritage could be a significant force in publicizing these folks; encouraging them to throw their hats into the ring and us to support them.

Ed Stein - January 28, 2013

Senator DeMint and Mr. Feulner were interviewed on the Rush Limbaugh radio program and in response to Rush’s question, Senator DeMint stated that Harry Reid was not the problem in Washington. He further stated that Sen. Reid was a friend of his. If Senator DeMint does not believe Harry Reid and his philosophy, is part of the problem in Washington, then his leadership of the Heritage Foundation scares me.

Richard A. Pollock - February 2, 2013

Third-trimester abortion was controlled/abandoned by denying funding. So, can Obamacare be blocked by not funding it?

Mark Bartosik - February 7, 2013

Yes we need to reach as many people as possibul with the
consertive ideas that time and time ageain have proved they work.
We also need to presser congress to stop this madness of paying for
spending that is going to colasp the dollar. It will not make a
differance who hears our message once the dollar is not worth the
paper it is printed on!

John - February 25, 2013

I have found out the hard way that even those people and organizations that are conservative, and therefore those whose beliefs and values are mostly consistent with my own, are so invested in their own funding sources, stature, etc. that they will not listen. For instance, I believe that I have developed a plan and method of promoting the conservative message, messaging, and the media. Furthermore–as a bonus–it has the potential to embarrass and humiliate the Left. However, I can’t even inspire the local county GOP to return an email or phone call. (Some may say, go to the meetings–I used to do that–they talk at you, and are very concerned with being perceived as the smartest in the room) I guess we can just keep on losing, and losing this country. Good job!

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