Today, Ivanka Trump came by Heritage for a surprise visit at the invitation of Heritage’s new president, Kay Coles James.

Ivanka received a full tour of Heritage and met many of our experts and staff as well as had a private briefing with our Heritage interns. Upon completion of the tour Ivanka suggested having a number of her policy team come by Heritage for regular briefings.

Afterwards, Heritage president Kay James visited the White House at the invitation of President Trump for a public proclamation signing honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Relationships like these, with leaders in Washington, demonstrate the impact your support of Heritage. As a Heritage member, your voice is being heard by the most powerful people in our country.

Thank you for making this possible.

If you could ask Ivanka Trump one question, what would it be?

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Barbara Sbrogna - January 12, 2018

Do you speak with the President about reigning in his off-the-cuff tweets…that seem to get him into trouble.

Bruce Hal Miner - January 12, 2018

Ms. Trump
To what extent would you say that your own political views/opinions and those of
our President are similar or different

Robert Deighton - January 12, 2018

Ivanka, the $20.6 trillion DEBT CRISIS will affect millennials more than other generations. Are you concerned, and do you have a solution? Your Dad says, “Think Big” and I have a Big Idea. Please have someone contact me. MAGA

Gerardo Beni - January 12, 2018

Question for Ivanka Trump:
in your opinion which country has currently the best policy facilitating motherhood for highly educated women ?

Andrea Bender - January 12, 2018

Oprah how do you see the Constitution? As a living document subject to personal subjective interpretation (similar to past President Obama’s viewpoint) Or as instructive foundation of Law based upon the original intent of the writers even if. Biblical?

Oprah will you engage in debate where opposing questions and comments from differing viewpoints are allowed? (We remember Hillary would not accept invitations often from tv networks such as FOX NEWS or radio such as the Sean Hannity show

Jon Sollars - January 12, 2018

How does it make you feel to be the Daughter of the Greatest American President ever?

Nancy Beutel - January 13, 2018

Dear Ivanka, I pray for your family often, for divine strength, wisdom, protection, and a solid grounding in the Eternal One that no power in earth or heaven can shake. The job your father has undertaken requires more than many lifetimes of business experience. And I believe more than anything that learning and really meditating on the Names and Attributes of God is key to his ongoing success. I believe that to be grounded in the fact of the Immutability of God along with his many other attributes solidifies the character of the seeking heart, working to shape the character of a good head of state. If one’s trust in God is singleminded and wholehearted, how can he fail? How can anything cause alarm or impulsiveness when the settled fact is: GOD is the owner of the whole enterprise? No tweets or angst or striving or stirring the pot. We know God stands behind all that we undertake — that is — insofar as it is good, God will back it up. So my question is, How can we out here, the unknown citizens, encourage you in that hostile place where so many irritants prod and poke and so much deception, divisiveness and destruction from hell is being hurled relentlessly at all who love God, and at all that emanates from heaven and heaven’s God, including this Administration in its core objectives. How do you keep going? How do we help to keep you going? Praying you find the weapons of your warfare to be not carnal but spiritual, so the battle may rage but not shake you? May the effort be not in the flesh but in the Spirit, with victory possible at times even without a word. I pray as though in a huddle with unknown others, I yearn to see a massive turning to God, for His own sake, for fellowship with Him, on behalf of yourselves in the White House, for a restoration of the spiritual integrity of this nation, for a powerful awakening of our people. May we be given to pursue not only what is temporal and easily lost, but eternal, enduring and ours forever! May we labor to retain the larger perspective and the enduring crown. If we can agree on these things there can be no cause for alarm. We are in the Hand that parted the Red Sea, that was pierced and died to save us, that will one day hold the scepter of righteousness wielding Dominion over all that He has made. What will we be good for then, if we have not made HIM our highest Good? How can we keep you, standing in the line of fire as you are, how can we keep you in the channel to feed on the truth of those infinite resources and to keep in view those unshakable invisible realities that will remain when all that is visible has been shaken, like a tree bereft of its fruit?? That’s where we’re headed, as foretold, to a massive shakedown. And we all from the top down had better be ready for something beyond our powers to control or manage! Because only God will be our refuge and strength at such a time as that! Only God is a very present help in trouble. Only God can bring us to know, “we will not fear though the mountains be cast into the depths of the sea.” if we do not fear, it is because The LORD of hosts is With Us. The God of Jacob is our Stronghold. What if a crisis precipitated a meltdown of the delicate balance among world currencies on the exchanges for some reason. Or we sustained a cyber attack that knocked out our grid from coast to coast. Or many such things together? We will not fear. The LORD of heaven’s armies is With Us, Emmanuel, God With Us. The God of Jacob is our Strong Hold. To know Him is to Love Him, to rest in Him. No tweets needed.

Theodore E Hartrich - January 13, 2018

God has turned his back to the world.After 12 years of less than zero leadership he has been sickened by Bush Obama. I was not a true fan of President Trump but after 1 year he has done more good for this country than anyone since Ronald Reagan.

Carolyn Pfanner - January 13, 2018

Please continue to work with Heritage–they research the issues and get input from real people–not lobbyists. Please communicate to your Papa that we who are running the ground game for him out in California are having a terrible time due to his tweets–we just mollify some who are angered by pointing out what he has actually accomplished–and then he fires off another and for every step forward we are pushed at least a half a step back–Please–I posted signs for him (and took fence damage for that), hosted a booth at the county fair for him (and faced angry groups there)–even was a dancing sign for him on a freeway overcrossing–that’s when I knew he was going to win because the thumb’s up signs were greater than the one finger salutes!
He gives people a reason to dislike and disagree with him by rash tweets and remarks–reining that in would make it easier for him to accomplish his goals–then the opposition would have to create a plan to defeat him on the merits of his proposal rather than dismissing him out of hand by criticizing his verbiage.
What do you think is more important–raising your children yourself for the first four to five years or your career? Why?

Bob Merchent - January 13, 2018

The current administration lead by President Trump is doing great things for our Nation. I fully support the strategies and agenda.
My biggest concern is the continuous tweets from POTUS that severely undermine the outstanding achievements this administration has experienced to date. What can we do to convince POTUS that he must stop these harmful tweets?

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - January 13, 2018

Do you share your father’s values and agree with the agenda he has set for his administration?

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - January 13, 2018


Connie Sacco - January 13, 2018

What exactly is your job title in this administration and your qualifications for this position ?

Anne Zuehlke - January 13, 2018

After reading the above beautifully spoken words regarding prayers for your father, my question was to be:. “How can I pray for our president.
That has already been eloquently expressed.
So, I will add another voice to those words and pledge to continue my prayers for your father as our President. He has a job that few have ever undertaken. Remind him to trust the Holy Spirit for daily guidence. And thank for every effort made for the people if our country.

Theresa Lancaster - January 13, 2018

What are your thoughts and beliefs about school choice and the effects it may have on our nation’s children and the potential impacts on the next generation of Americans? What can we do right now, as a nation, to ensure that each and every child is safe, healthy, and loved and has the opportunity to obtain an appropriate and outstanding education?

Gerhard Kramm - January 13, 2018

Ms. Trump,
What are the reasons for your position regarding the Paris Climate Accord.

Michael Brown - January 13, 2018

What is your passion in life? Are you moving towards it or further from it?

Pat Ellis - January 13, 2018

Would you please consider encouraging your dad to tweet ONLY good positive messages. No more bashing national leaders or other countries.

Sylvia - January 13, 2018

Ivanka, how did you get your figure back so quickly and completely after a third baby?

Shirley Farmer - January 13, 2018

Do you know why the justice department is not going after Hillary Clinton for her many lawless acts?
I get information from Judical Watch there is much to charge her with. How do she and Obama get away with such acts? Perhaps the best defense is a good offense .
I pray for Godly wisdom for your dad and the whole family.
I would like President Trump will seek God before He tweets. God will defend him as he is obedient to Him.
I do appreciate what he has been able to accomplish so far. I pray for strength for you all because of unruthless people who attack you all daily .
I hope they will get some intelligent people to be on the committee to repeal and replace Obama care people who have knowledge of medical and insurance issues.

Dorothy Chappelear - January 13, 2018

Do you support the President’s agenda concerning religious freedom for Christians in America and why are illegal immigrants entitled to benefits of any kind except providing them with transportation back to their own countries?

Robert Duitz - January 14, 2018

Why have you not emphasized getting HB1 Visa’s issued specifically for the experienced workers we need most in the fields Health Care and Technology?

Eleanor P - January 14, 2018

Ivanka, I admire you as a woman and working mother, as well as your concern for other women in the workplace. I do wonder how you would advise your father with regard to his purported contempt for the less privileged, in particular the statements made about Haitians, Nigerians, etc.

WILLIAM Hume - January 14, 2018

Does the administration have a plan to balance the federal budget begin to pay down the federal debt

Barbara Kinemond - January 14, 2018

I could not more eloquently express the comment of January 13 so I will simple ask if you think DACA issue could be handled by counting their numbers to fill ongoing immigration quotas? This would also give us more time to develop an effective vetting program for new immigrants download.

lwalker - January 14, 2018

He may be a great business man but he’ll never be a statesman like Winston Churchill. Can you or anyone close to him persuade the President to keep his colorful language in his office or private bathroom???

Marie Watkins - January 14, 2018

Dear Ivanka,
I am very proud of your father’s accomplishments! But for many other of his plans and policies to succeed, we must protect our boarders and implement immigration reform! Do you agree and would you express this to him please? Thank you!

Huu Vo M.D. - January 15, 2018

I like Ivanka for her involvement and care. Would she help to stop children and women trafficking in VIETNAM ?
Dr Huu Vo
President Club member
Dederation of Vietnamese American Communities in USA

Marilyn M. Wick - January 15, 2018

Me Trump, I am on the list of people praying daily for the President and his family. I pray for health, safety and wisdom. I fear for his safety with all the hatred , political and other, or the kidnapping of family members, by foreign or domestic sources. What is your greatest concern for you or your family?

Elizabeth F. Nottrodt - January 15, 2018

Do you believe in the power of prayer and would you advocate prayer in public schools, as we had before the ’60’s?

Jim F - January 16, 2018

What is your main focus and what is the one main thing you want passed this term?

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