Patrick KnudsenTo avoid indiscriminately slashing defense spending through the sequestration process, Congress should make deliberate spending reductions in other areas, Heritage Foundation scholar Patrick Knudsen writes in a new report.

Outlining $150 billion in savings, Knudsen explains that it’s high time Congress makes targeted spending cuts:

Instead of letting this crude mechanism substitute for Congress as a governing institution, lawmakers should do what they should have done months ago: replace these mindless across-the-board cuts with specific, targeted terminations and reductions. . .

Many of the proposed reforms and reductions are long overdue; others were developed in the House reconciliation bill that aimed at replacing the sequester. The point is: Savings are available if Congress has the will to act.

Read the appendix of Knudsen’s report for details on his $150 billion in proposed cuts, including reductions in energy and transportation subsidies, repealing portions of Obamacare, and reducing food stamp eligibility.

What would you cut from the federal budget?

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