Obamacare’s consequences go well beyond all the website malfunctions.

For example, Obamacare will tax marriage — another blow to the institution that lies at the heart of our society.

A tax on married couples will effectively fund couples who cohabitate, divorce, or never marry, The Heritage Foundation’s Collette Caprara explains. This strain will put a burden on married couples at all income brackets. Under Obamacare, couples would be better off financially to separate or never commit to marriage.

Keeping traditional marriages and families intact was already an uphill battle as both government policies like welfare and social changes have reduced marriage and increased cohabitation. Not only does marriage provide positive effects for the husband and wife, their children reap benefits as well because they are less likely to experience issues with health, education, and poverty.

Caprara elaborates:

Without the benefits of an intact family, children are 82 percent more likely to live in poverty and tend to fare worse on a wide range of economic measures. In their teens, they are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors such as sexual activity, substance abuse, and anti-social behavior. They also tend to fare worse on emotional and psychological outcomes and have lower levels of academic achievement and educational attainment.

Do you think married couples should be taxed to provide Obamacare benefits to cohabiting and unmarried couples?

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Jerry Fuller - October 25, 2013

This goes against all that I have known for 74 years to be the norm and is totally un-American. This administration seems to be doing everything in its power to ruin this great nation. Obama has thrown the constitution out the window and congress does nothing to stop him. It’s time to put an end to this tyrannical government.

Dorothy Molnar - October 25, 2013

Absolutely NOT!!! People who choose cohabiting or are unmarried couples appear to want everything BUT no responsibilities to each other or anyone else.

June E. Knipper - October 25, 2013

we are sick and tired of this so called president punsching the normal majority and favoring the the “gimme” minorities,
When will someone do something about his unjust and sometimes crminal decisions???

Shirley Krause - October 25, 2013

NO! Obama is promoting the break up of families and traditional marriage. Obama Care is the end of our freedoms.

De Ette Moon - October 25, 2013


Janet Carson - October 25, 2013

Absolutely no. My husband and I have been married 45 years and do not appreciate Obama punishing us.

Robert Matzka - October 25, 2013

It isn’t Obama Care that is the problem. Obama Care is just one casualty of the larger problem of progressive thinking and overall expansion of our welfare state. By focusing on Obama Care you are not addressing the larger issue.

Gary Moore - October 25, 2013

NO! Families should remain intact and not be penalized by the feds, through taxes, to change their status.

Carol - October 25, 2013

For one whose favorite word is “fair,” BHO has put an unfair burden on marriages.

Barb - October 25, 2013

No, I don’t want to be tax any more than I am and it isn’t right. (But Obamacare isn’t right-needs to be repealed).

Could this be a double edge sword?

If the liberals who are pushing for legalize or re-classifying marriage between any two persons, not just man and woman, will they still push to have a legalize marriage and pay the extra tax and be thrilled about the added tax? Or will they be allowed to have a marriage and also claim as co-habitable? Work the system.

Sharon - October 25, 2013


Ann Barnes - October 25, 2013

Marriage is Sacred in the sight of God for a man and woman in Holy Matrimony of True Love for a happy home life with children nourished in God’s Will.

James Glenn - October 25, 2013


Barbara Fredrickson - October 25, 2013

NO !!!!

Victress Jenkins - October 25, 2013

This whole thing is a sham but I’ll bet you that if that couple were gay, it would be a different story!! ObamaCare is so “evil” that one can’t say evil enough times to make a dent.

Wayne, La. - October 25, 2013

The answer is not in any one’s life time.

Michael Hoffman - October 25, 2013

I do not condone taking married couples to suplement coverage for non-marrieds. This encourages another lifestyle choice that it contrary to the good of the USA.

Norbert Fay - October 25, 2013

The redefining of the word “marriage” was the first outward sign of the war on traditional marriage. Obamacare’s “tax” I one more public sign that the war continues.

Bob Leavitt - October 25, 2013

Honest, non-political studies PROVE marriage is better for the offspring, ergo, for the country. I met a woman in the market today whose husband died a couple of years ago and she says ( as do I ) “I can live alone, but I don’t like it.” I understand some people wish to live alone, but part of that freedom is the responsibility to go with it. Marriage should not bring a fiscal penalty. IDEA: those who work in politics should pay a special tax to support those who choose not to work in politics. OH ????

Norma Young - October 25, 2013

I am horrified to learn that my husband and I will be taxed even more than we are already to fund Obamacare benefits for unmarried folk. This is all part of the administration’s plan to destroy the family and the principles of this fine nation.

Robert Baareman - October 25, 2013

Many in political positions are blind to truth they are deceptive and bent on destroying the nation as we know it which includes redefining marriage or punishing those who believe in the Biblical definition of marriage, but we have been assure that as Christians we are subject to persecution.

Shirley - October 25, 2013

The good USA is slowly going away.

Gordon Berry - October 25, 2013

The answer is NO! This Government serves its people from the Pit of Hell and it will reside in the Pit of Hell unless it repents of its wickedness. The people of this country who voted for Obama has chosen to reject God and God has given them their wish! We who serve Jesus who is GOD stand against this wickedness and serve to pull it down through prayer and our life style!

Robert Mounts - October 25, 2013

No. Married couples are already discriminated against in the tax code

Celia Picazo - October 25, 2013

Absolutely not.

Mary Crozier - October 25, 2013

Why are married couples responsible for others who make different choices? I am SO sick of being taxed for everything. I can’t believe this President keeps getting away with this. Where are the voices of the normal people who don’t want a handout?

Jim - October 25, 2013

My overall opinion of our country is that we allowed ourselves to be conquered from the inside. Slowly, ever so slowly, we gave up our decision making and authority over our lives to the Government. Near all of the rule making portion of government needs to be eliminated. No rules should be promulgated by Federal Agencies Unless they have been approved by Congress at least. Our President is a Communist but no one will say it, especially not the lapdogs in the mass media. Yes, the Emperor has no clothes people. He is all talk, and the WRONG type of talk as well, and no action for the Country’s betterment. EVERYTHING in this administration is done on a political basis. Don’t make the voters mad at Democrats at election time. Keep the freebies coming! I thought we had laws that prevent vote buying!

LaRene Rullman - October 25, 2013

NO! Obama is tearing apart our nation in order to promote his own political agenda. Traditional marriage is sacred and we must fight for it.

Gary Gilson - October 25, 2013

Absolutely NOT!!!!

Linda - October 25, 2013

Cohabiting couples want the benefits of marriage without the commitment of marriage. They play the system to get all of the breaks they can. For me to pay their obamacare taxes is a little like my having to pay for the abortion that might result of their living together. ABSOLUTELY NOT !

Ronald Zenone - October 25, 2013

Our government should encourage marriage between a man and a woman for the betterment of society.

Deborah Vail - October 25, 2013

It’s time for all citizens who are upset by this and so much more, to get to the ballot boxes and vote this ideology out of Washington D.C.. Really, I see no other way.

Alan Bartley - October 25, 2013

No, let them stand on their own two feet and pay their way like most responsible people. Why should other people pay for their sinful ways ? Another of the schemes of the perverts occupying our govt. They make me want to vomit! The decent people of this country needs to wake up and TAKE our country back.

Ron Tiedje - October 25, 2013

No way we should allow this to happen. Americans need to stand up for marriage.

Virginia Heyler - October 25, 2013

This is a most frightening trend and it’s even hard to think that they have come up with such a scheme in America!!!
It won’t be long before we won’t be able to recognize this country that has always been dear to us. Fight on….don’t give up. We cannot let Obama and his Gang get away with this and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

Richard G.. Salo - October 25, 2013

NO !! Obama has done more to destroy My Country and the US Constitution. Ignoring The Oath of Office and Pissing away My Great Grandkids Futures. He has not defended the Defense of Marriage Act, he seeks to control 1/6 of our economy, we are perfectly capable of making our own decisions. If you are unhappy the way our constitution was written you can move to a country you like better, we allow that. I am totally discussed with what our leaders are doing to our country. I am over them all. Every time the President speaks I wonder, What will he do Next. This has to stop.
He and his minions seek to take away our guns and Bibles, he wants to remove religion from our military and daily lives. We are not interested.

rob - October 25, 2013

Obamacare is a cancer, allowed to grow because of the failing morals in the country and the refusal of good folks to have courage to stand up for what they believe in their core. all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing (Edwin Burke)

Faith - October 25, 2013

Been married for 57 years.We don’t need taxed–we need congratulated for being in a long term commitment.
No, No and again No — no taxation.

James Currier - October 25, 2013

Just like everything else obama stands for his obamacare fiasco and his plan to tax married couples to support fornicators living in sin and commiting welfare fraud is ANTI AMERICAN, ANTI CHRISTIAN and an abomination in the eyes of GOD. For the life of me, I can not understand WHY this man is STILL IN OFFICE. Therefore, taxing married couples for obamacare is not only wrong and unethical; it is CRIMINAL and I oppose it and will fight against it to my last breath.

ken kleine - October 25, 2013

The answer to the question is…hell no!

phil - October 25, 2013

I am sick and tired of the federal government believing it has the right to take my private property (wages) and give it to someone else. The 16th amendment flies in the face of the original taxing authority given to the feds. If you want to get back control, this amendment must be repealed

JOSEPH LAROCCA - October 25, 2013


Ann Campbell - October 25, 2013

No. Family takes care of family and those who’ve defined their family by cohabitating or other means should take of each other without punishing those who’ve chosen to marry.

John Szeker - October 25, 2013

NO – NO – No – and where are our conservative leaders who must know about this – why are they not fighting this tyrant obama on this and the rest of his USA destroying agenda – and Obamacare is only one part of his plan to destroy our great country .

Alfred Kneer - October 25, 2013

The Obama administration will lead this country down the abiss. It appears to me that the breakup of the American family is just another way to create a leftist society. That is Obama’s finale goal. He is the first open Cummonist President. How sad, that the american people could not see who this is.

Donald Randall - October 25, 2013

No. Obama is doing his best to destroy our country. He is against Christianity and normal marriage. He should be voted out of office.

Gerald Hewitt - October 25, 2013

As Christians we do not agree on this over reach of the
administration. We need to stand up for biblical principles, accepting responsibility, living Godly and let
the government know that we do not want the laws they have imposed. Keep getting the message to our citizens that we want government interference in our affairs to end.

Pat - October 25, 2013

Why not tax the non-married and use the proceeds to teach kids about responsibility, the benefits of marriage and raising responsible and well-mannered kids?

Mary Parker - October 25, 2013

No! Obama is destroying this country.
We need to stop his disrespect for the family.

Sandra Witt - October 25, 2013

I absolutely do not agree with Obamacare. This administration seems to be doing everything in its power to ruin this great nation. Obama has thrown the constitution out the window and congress does nothing to stop him. It’s time to put an end to this tyrannical government.

Grams Eleven - October 26, 2013

Absolutely not!

Antoinette Carver - October 26, 2013

No! We should not be taxed separately. If he’s going to tax married couples, then he must also (equally) tax cohabitating and unmarried couples.I am disgusted with a divisive president who favors ne’er-do-well parasites and the unprincipled.

Bill Hartman - October 26, 2013

Yes, but the tax would only be assessed on your marriage if you or your spouse is a registered liberal. If both spouses are registered liberals then each one of them would be taxed individually at 50% of their net income They owe us!.

Valerie Shive - October 26, 2013

No! Married couples should not be penalized for their commitment and dedication to each other and their families raised in the most secure environment possible, which is statistically proven to raise better independent, confident thriving citizens. (Which would be good for America.) This new wave of entitlements could be addressed, if the ivory tower of the “government” can’t be reached, by personally advising and encouraging those who are considering taking advantage of this new “benefit.” Married couples who have experienced the good times and challenging times of marriage, yet are committed despite that, should pray for mentor and encourage dating couples to save sex for marriage, to regard the union as precious and wait (as if for gold) instead of being enticed by a shabby brass token from the government for just living together for now. In a challenging economy, it might look like a savings to move in together, but the wait and extra financial investment of living apart, would prove a worthy cost should the relationship end free from the very worst kind of heartbreak or if it proves the test of time and patience and continues in marriage! God created sex to bind and solidify stabilize and seal the bond between a committed married man and woman and to bring up children in that security and protection. I’m not saying marriage is a perfect place by any means, but the studies have shown that children grow up better and adjust better and achieve more academically when raised by a mother and father committed to loving them unconditionally and committed to each other in good times and bad. I pray that married couples will persevere through the challenges (and taxes if they can’t be avoided) and be committed to each other, by God’s grace and provision.

Bonnie Cruickshank - October 26, 2013

Married couples should not be taxed for being married while unmarried couples receive benefits. That is the stupidist idea I’ve ever heard. We’ve been married 39 years. Our children were raised to respect the law and we taught them how to get jobs and work hard. And now you want to punish us for this by taxing us? What exactly have unmarried couples done to deserve a benefit? They are the ones with messed up kids, doing dope and not working. Sounds like you have things turned around to me.

Barbara Boyer - October 26, 2013

Absolutely not!

Marlene Chilcote - October 26, 2013

This is a tragedy for young people as well as our nation! We have been married 57 years and counting. God bless America

Mike Mears - October 26, 2013

Making a MISLEADING statement about some mythical “marriage tax” then asking folks if they agree with your false premise is less than helpful. Why not stick with the facts?

Georgeann - October 26, 2013

NO! It’s just another way to “turn the knife” into people who have always done, and will always do, the right thing.
I often wonder where we would be if his mother had aborted him! I wonder if he has ever considered that.

Elaine Mattingly - October 26, 2013

This is typical of an administration that has no regard for what is right and good for the individuals who are married – whether they have children or not. Marriage is a sacred union, something this administration doesn’t understand. They are continually pressing the button on creating a new crisis every day so that they won’t “let it go to waste” (Alinsky method) and can thereby gain more control and power, causing us to lose ours!! If they can’t bankrupt us, they will take more freedoms away so that we will eventually be forced into feeding at the government’s pig trough that is foul and hazardous to everyone’s health. It is apparent that Obama and his minions have a very diabolical agenda for our once great nation and are moving HELL on earth to accomplish all they can before this evil president is out of office! Most of us can’t wait for that day!!

Harry White - October 26, 2013

This fits our Un-American President to a “T”. He is a poor example of a Citizen of this country if in “FACT”, he TRULY is a citizen. He is a pure Socialist and he first has to take from people who will work to pay people who will not work. Too many of our welfare recipients have been on welfare for multiple generations and that is what they do for a living is procreate and apply for Welfare. They represent a huge part of Obama’s voting support base. That is how he bought the 2012 election.

Arthur Emerson - October 26, 2013

This administration has an incredible (not meant in a complimentary manner) team, every time you turn around they come up with some other divisive bill or idea to disrupt the well being of the true American.

Cohabitation is a choice too many young people are making because too many in our society have grown up thinking there is nothing wrong with it. Numerous adults live that way, when there are children they assume that is the proper way to live and so the perpetuation goes on. In no circumstances should a so called Health care program have hidden within its authority the ability to tax legitimately married couples. As one of your respondents so clearly states “Cohabitant or unmarried couples appear to want everything BUT no responsibilities to each other or anyone else.” Our president seems to want to go along with that philosophy. It will be interesting to see if Barak and Michelle let their daughters follow in the liberal thought process they are expounding.

David Smiley - October 26, 2013

Surely you jest!!

Holly Chapo - October 26, 2013

This is one more example of Marxism – break up the family and redistribute the wealth. Thus, my answer is a resounding NO! We the people get it. The dimwits who comprise the establishment Republicans don’t and they are willing to sell us down the river rather than stand up and fight harder against this disaster of a law.

Pamela Arnold - October 26, 2013

Wished someone would do to the dictator~n~thief, what he’s done to the Constitution. Flush him down the toilet!

Joseph Lemay - October 26, 2013

No way! This is just a path to the destruction of marriage as an instituion. I believe this is being done deliberately to make it easier for those in power to keep control. This is disgusting and wrong. Its time to put an end to this madness and get rid of this rigime. This healthcare bill has nothing to do with our health. This is just a way for this oppressive government to totaly control our lives.

Cheryl Armstrong - October 26, 2013

No! Where are all the responsible people? Married couples should not be taxed more. Everything is backwards anymore. It all needs to change. Old values have always been the best.

George Mather - October 26, 2013

Absolutely not! Intact families are the backbone of our once great country!

Carolyn - October 26, 2013


Zoli Althea Browne - October 26, 2013

Another disappointing and potentially tragic example of the destruction of the stable family unit. Ludicrous at the least to assume basic values which benefit our children should give way to selfish cultural experiments. Children require a man and a woman for role models. Why is this even an issue?! Let us pray that those laws never enact their destructive potential. Only correct alignment with God’ s laws can balance this mess.

Ayla - October 26, 2013

This is unfair and unjust on many levels, but-this article offers little in the way of supports for it’s claim. Where are the references, citations. I’m a college student and a third grader could have written this for all we know. In any case-no matter what the threats to the institution of marriage, I’m not giving up on it. This is based of morals, religious beliefs and my conscience as well as the way I was raised. America is becoming less and less to boast about as the decades pass and I’m sure that those in the elderly generations will agree with me that this is NOT our idea of the American dream. It’s becoming an American misery.

Fran Nelson - October 26, 2013

Absolutely not! Fighting God is pretty dumb. Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, and He will come again to deal with the devil’s followers once and for all. That’s what all this is about.
God instituted marriage between one man and one woman. He never changes.

David Simeoli - October 26, 2013

Absolutely NOT. Seriously, is there ANY doubt but that this man is powered by Satin? Who else would strike at the very core of our Society making it financially attractive to NOT BE MARRIED and break up the family because it is financially beneficial? In Obamacare we are already paying for millions of abortions! How is it they have managed to make us pay for things that are against our values and morals. We are not fighting to prevent social ills we are fighting to REVERSE programs already in place. Here is another nugget of truth. Most likely, you use Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint. Did you know that these 3 companies pay multiple millions to Obama’s cause? Get a plan with Straight talk though Walmart… you can do unlimited everything for 45.00 a month. Granted it does not compare to Verizon quality, but then I AM NOT GIVING MY MONEY TO STRENGTHEN THE ENEMY I AM FIGHTING. …and with pay as you go, YOU CANNOT BE Listened in on! Two BIG bangs for the buck!

James Low - October 26, 2013

No. Furthermore, what is referred to as Obamacare should be called Democrat Obamacare, since it was totally the products of Democrats in Congress as well as Democrat President Obama. Thank You.

Al Mari - October 27, 2013

Please include the basis for your assertion…what section of PPACA does marriage get taxed ?

pbaker - October 27, 2013

No, Obama is doing everything in his power to destroy our country.

Sabatino Nuzzi III - October 27, 2013

All I can say is WHAT NEXT! with this clown in our White House? How much of our lives are we going him and his administration control? How many of our freedoms are we going to allow him to take away before we throw him and his administration the hell out! I could go on and on but we all know (Conservatives) what and who exactly is. We have so many proved acts of Treason that if it were not for this ,ever so old excuse of a race card, he would have been ,at the very least impeached long ago. ENOUGH!!!!!

Joseph Howe - October 27, 2013

This is an Obamanation! This horrible law has potential to destroy most of what is good about America as we have known it.

john miller - October 27, 2013

I don’t like general comments like married are taxed more without a reference to the actual regulation

Regina - October 28, 2013

NO!!! Obama is trying so hard to destroy America & all this country stands for. The people who support him are so blind!

Barbara - October 28, 2013


annie loup - October 30, 2013

Ridiculous waste of the taxpayers’ money. If Christians are the majority and everyone is allowed to choose their prayer, then duh, of course the majority of prayers will be Christian. This is the height of stupidity!

Barbara Sutton - November 4, 2013

no, this is another example of the state trying to step into the church and church itself should stay out of goverment. Our children struggle with commitment issues as wel as priciples in every aspect of life this will just strengthen this. Your lucky if they commit TO A MEAL.

Annette - November 19, 2013

No, but sadly this may be the only way that couples may be able to afford health insurance and a mortgage. Why should a married couple pay more for health insurance than an unmarried couple? In our case, if we continue our 20 year plus marriage, opt for Obamacare, we will pay $1300 plus a month for insurance for a family of 4 (a $600 montly increase from what we paid before Obamacare). Divorce and keep one child (great, pick a child – that opens up a whole other can) and we are eligible for a subsidy that will pay 1/2 the bill – we are talking after tax dollars of over $6,000 a year . With Obamacare and no divorce, our standard of living will go down due to the outrageous premiums and much higher deductibles. One reasons couples divorce, financial woes…yeesh and I voted for this idiot…so embarrassing…

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