The New York Times credits The Heritage Foundation with giving conservative lawmakers the intellectual ammunition to block amnesty legislation:

Still, the conservative groups, sensing an opening, clearly provided the arguments that prevailed. Heritage Foundation figures like Robert Rector provided intellectual heft for Republicans looking for arguments to oppose their leaders. As House members gathered in Cambridge, Md., to hash over the issue, Heritage posted on its Foundry blog the argument that would ultimately win the day.

Derrick Morgan, the think tank’s vice president for domestic and economic policy, was succinct and directive: “During their retreat, Republicans in Congress are considering what they should do. Congress should not trust the president as a partner to push an unpopular amnesty.”

For good measure, Heritage posted a video featuring Mr. Morgan making that case — and opening with a call for action on immigration from Mr. Obama, a messenger most conservatives reflexively resist.

Do you think lawmakers should consider an immigration reform that includes amnesty?

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Robert - February 8, 2014

No, we should only allow those who qualify and
play by the numbers to be considered for amnesty.
Our politicians have been too ready to court
the amnesty crowd in return for future votes.

Thomas Helms - February 9, 2014


Richard A. Smith - February 10, 2014

No. Like any good plumber, you stop the leak before you try and clean up the mess. The boarder must, I repeat must, be sealed before any further discussion or reform leading to amnesty or citizenship is considered. When this seal is complete then we can talk about what to do with the illegals. We have been fooled before.
I want to thank Heritage for their efforts to discourage the House from proceeding on this. The Wall Street Journal recent rant testifies to your success.

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