MoneyCongress’ debt-limit vote last week effectively handed the executive branch a blank check to increase spending, Heritage Foundation expert Romina Boccia explains:

Contrary to widespread reporting by the media, Congress did not actually increase the debt limit on February 12. Instead, Congress rendered the debt limit statute inoperative, thereby waiving the debt limit, through March 15, 2015. This means that there is no debt limit in place to control borrowing for more than an entire year. . .

When Congress suspended the debt limit through March 15, 2015, it did not limit the Treasury’s borrowing at all. The debt limit will not bind the Treasury until midnight on the day the suspension expires. This is like Congress handing the executive a blank check with an expiration date. The blank check authorizes the Treasury to borrow as much as needed to finance all government spending authorized by law to occur during the period of the suspension. With a debt limit suspension, Congress effectively abdicates its constitutional power to control the borrowing of the federal government.

Do you think Congress ought to exercise its powers under the Constitution to control the power of the purse?

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Jack Tirrell - February 20, 2014

Without question. Congress has abdicated its responsibilities for far too long. I would favor impeaching the entire Congress and elect ALL new congresspersons.

Leonard Perkins - February 20, 2014

The congress has short term itest. They are intent on re-election and the country can wait even when a President is breaking the law in my opinnion by choosing what to enforce and what not too. Congress should be making a lot of noise and turn off the dollars

Sharon R. Fors - February 20, 2014

This congress is complicit in the total destruction of this country!! How we are to stop it I know not.

Richard Kurtz - February 20, 2014

Yes, Do you trust the fox in the hen house? Crazy question!

Mike Lueken - February 20, 2014

This is exactly why we are so discouraged with Republican leadership. We expect this from the free spending Democrats but there is no reason the Republican leadership can justify this abdication of responsibility.

dan dube - February 20, 2014

give that guy and inch and he will take a yard
time to reign him in

David Poling - February 20, 2014

It would be a new world if Congress would begin exercising their powers ON ANYTHING.

glynnda - February 20, 2014

ummmm,, is the grass green? do birds fly? is the sky blue? yes, they should approrpriately use their powers to control the purse strings… to what the prez is going to do with the blank check……looks like he’s going to redouble efforts to shut people up who don’t agree with him.

Mike - February 20, 2014

How long will the American let this county die and turn it over to socialist/communist that are in power. I spent 5 years in the military and and so did many this more than a disgrace it is treason and should be treated as such.America wake up!

Dean Jenniges - February 20, 2014

I really get tired of the negative reporting from conservative pundits.
The simple facts are whatever action the House took it would go no where.
The Senate would block it or the President would veto it.
So you think it is best to act like Don Quixote and continue to jab and windmills. Thus giving the Democrat of taking the high crowd against those obstructionist Republicans.
Not only that the move to not fight the debt ceiling keeps ACA and scandals headline stories.
Taking on the debt ceiling and possibly shutting down the government would be a stupid move.
The Democrats have fallen on their sword. Now is time to take advantage of it.
Win the Senate in 2014 and then RP has an opportunity to change the spending trajectory.
To do anything else is spitting into the wind.

Larry E. Williams - February 20, 2014

Congress yet again has shown it’s lack of principle, courage and competence. I will do all in my limited power to see that anyone that doesn’t vote for a balanced budget and who ignores our Constitution is ousted from office. Show some backbone and stop being political, power hungry hacks. A completely disgusted American.

Michael Miller - February 20, 2014

Yes, Congress needs to use the power granted to it by the Constitution. Boehner and McConnell are allowing this dictator in training to run roughshod over the people and the law. They both need to go. What do they get they’re getting in this bad deal?

Thompson Dyke - February 20, 2014

Boner did it again, what is the matter with that man? Of Course the limit should be set and controlled. He keeps talking ab out Obama spending too much then has the opportunity to control him and doesn’t

Dean Watson - February 20, 2014

Absolutely, the Govt. MUST live within its means just like the rest of us.

Ann Barnes - February 20, 2014

With the reckless spending by the present administration, Congress has to call a halt to the reckless wasting of tax payer’s money and find out for what purpose this deliberate weakening of our Nation is taking place during wartime with the terrorist lusting for world control.

Charles Walker - February 20, 2014

For heaven’s sake ,even if extreme measures are not taken at least; congress should exercise the power of the purse.

henryknox - February 20, 2014

I can’t understand why the GOP supported this action? There is no way Obama could have gotten a blank check without GOP support. We have to be very careful now because so many GOP are Progressives.

Lindley Deering - February 20, 2014

Obama does not act like a president, just a dictator who has tantrums if he can’t have his own way! I don’t know how the people of America has allowed him to stay in office. We have lost our guts as a people and our country.

Joan Jacobson - February 20, 2014

Yes, Congress should balance the budget.

Margaret - February 20, 2014

What difference would it make? They give themselves raises, they aren’t willing to cut spending, and they live like kings. They have no concept of what it means to live on a budget.

john b. morey - February 20, 2014

No question-Congress should exercise its rights under the Constitution to control spending. We all should know by now what the President is going to do. If we Conservatives can see it, why the hell can’t the Democrats see it.

Patricia - February 20, 2014

That’s what they are there to do. I think they are cowed by the President, and what the people think comes in at a distant second. There are many folks who are running to replace those who aren’t doing the work required. Please think about doing our job, by voting in someone who has respect for the position, our Constitution and the people of this nation.

Mary MacDonald - February 20, 2014

I’m disgusted w/ the Republicans for not reining in this unlawful president! Now they go and give him a blank check. Unbelievable!!!! The only ones in congress that resonate w/ the people are the Tea Party members and the established Republicans are denigrating them. And they wonder why they aren’t raising a lot of money.

Tom Cowling - February 20, 2014

If congress has a gameplan behind the continual strategy of waving a white flag on our country’s economic issues, I would like to hear it. Perhaps they should consider early retirement…..

Patrick McGill - February 20, 2014

Dear Heritage Foundation:
I like the work that you are doing to fight against Obama’s tyrrany!
I believe that Congress should monitor and try to
control (if that’s at all possible with Obama being
a dictator) Obama’s spending habits. Obama
has certainly demonstrated to me anyway that
he cannot be trusted with a credit card with no
limit! I believe, very strongly, that Obama has
a Marxist Agenda to bring this country to its knees
with debt and “fundamentally change” (his words)
America into a Socialist/Marxist/Communist nation!

Patrick McGill

Christine - February 20, 2014

Congress is in bed with the White House

Dale Athanas - February 20, 2014

Absolute lunacy. We now have a new two party system Democrat and Democrat light. I no longer refer to myself as a Republican and refuse to donate to the Repub party. When asked, I say that I am a Constitutional Conservative.

If Heritage wants do do the country a favor, they will help start a third party and calling it the Constitutional Conservative party would certainly set the right tone.

Michael Georgas - February 20, 2014

YES!!! That’s what they are there for! This shouldn’t even be a question.

larry malone - February 20, 2014

Congress is part of the problem. They cannot stop spending much less stop the President from spending.

Mildred Wise - February 20, 2014

I think the house should have done everything it could to stop this nonsense

Michael Georgas - February 20, 2014

Congress doesn’t realize it if they let POTUS have free range they will all soon be out of a job.

Peter - February 20, 2014

Finally workers are waking up.

Gwen Tibbals - February 20, 2014


Michael Morris - February 20, 2014

Well, this just made voting in November a lot easier. If your Senator or Representative voted for this insanity, vote for their opponent !!! Thank goodness none of mine did !!!

Dick Pettingill - February 20, 2014

Just more indication that Government is out of control. Term Limits and Gerrymandering go hand in hand. Without Term Limits we get Districts that are lopsided in favor of Incumbency; hence, no real concern within either party about representing the people’s interest.
Bloat, Bloat and more Bloat moving to More and More Debt with which our Grandchildren will not be able to perpetuate our way of life. Sad, SAD and SADDER.

David Staples - February 20, 2014

NEVER NEVER NEVER will they, but it is a must that Congress, the president and the people balance the budget and stop wasteful spending!!!! We’re headed for a real crash and our President and Congress can’t even see the train coming down the track. They are standing right in the middle of the track, and those poor souls who think that life is a free ride for everyone!!!??? and they have lost there vision, can’t hear a thing, and feel like the American people are to give them a big salary, because they are doing such a good job, free health care (which they won’t need if the train hits them), and
to give to every person that won’t find a job a big pocket full of money. Oh how sad——and may the end for them soon!!!!

Gary Baran - February 20, 2014

Never heard it phrased this way – that Obama and his band of merry spenders are totally turned loose, considering his utter contempt for the U S Constitution and the limits on administrative powers that the Constitution requires.

Has this debt limit increasing been done in this same manner all the times before this?

Terry Finnicum - February 20, 2014

I think Congress should use the power of the purse to block Obama”s abuse of the Constitution. For some reason the House of Representative is not adhering to their responsibilities. Gee Whiz it must be the Republican Establishment, surprise, surprise.

Jerry Davee - February 20, 2014

Without question they should be stopping this constant violation of the Constitution by the President. It is their responsibility to sue! No one else can. I have suggested this to my Congressman and to Congressman Issa. I hear that crying Speaker John Boehner will not allow the vote to come to the floor to authorize suit.

I hope Heritage keeps pursuing this issue as we are not a Dictatorship and the separation of powers is being violated daily by this Administration.

John Knoll - February 20, 2014

This is outrageous. I can’t believe they would do this.

R Moore - February 20, 2014

Cut Obama’s funds
Take back the power to declare war and define war
Repeal War Powers Act
Amend the Constitution back to the Senators representing the States and not elected by the people

Julie Wolf - February 20, 2014

Yes, Congress should exercise its powers to control the power of the purse. It is their duty to uphold the oath they took upon taking office. It is frightening that more and more power is being amassed in the executive branch. Is Congress becoming irrelevant?

R Moore - February 20, 2014

Troops are not sent anywhere for anything without the approval of Congress
Limit the terms of Congressional members

Margaret Jenkins - February 20, 2014

Our House of Represenatives is vested with the responsibility of initiating and finalizing spending. This power has been shamefully abdicated. Please restore your role as the proper guardian of the financial health of America. This may not be easy – it IS necessary.

Pamela Wiley - February 20, 2014

This is a travesty. What can be done about it? I personally am tired of all the talk.

Tom - February 20, 2014

Obama is driving the US over a cliff with a bus load of congressional leaders cheering him on! The Hope and Change we need is to throw out the lot of them this fall!

Kenneth Jackson - February 20, 2014

Congress MUST exercise this right of the president with spend us straight to hell. He is trying to destroy us and the only thing that can stand in his way is the congress and the people. We must stop him or we’re finished.

Ted Niederecker - February 20, 2014

Since Article 1 of the US Constitution dictates that the Congress is vested with all legislative Power and empowered to borrow Money, it seems to me that it would be unconstitutional for Congress to delegate either of those responsibilities to the Executive branch, or to ignore those duties.

Carol - February 20, 2014

Why wouldn’t Congress exercise its powers under the Constitution to control the power of the purse?? When things are so out-of-hand regarding the debt of the U.S., who else will step in? How can the public be protected from out of control spending and more of their hard-earned dollars (taxes) being wasted/spent without accountability?

A.G. Emerson - February 20, 2014

There is no choice any more people, move these elected representatives who are no longer representing the will of the people need to be replaced. They want us to believe that they know what they are doing but the state of our government is a vivid fact that they don’t have a clue. We have been misled by what Conservative is supposed to mean, but they have changed the meaning. What we have to add to the word conservative is small government, to make the term really mean Small Government Conservative.

Harry - February 20, 2014

Why do they keep giving in to this clown when over half of the country knows he is an egotistical bumbling fool who is attempting to transfer this country into the United Soviet States of America.

Joseph C.Beck - February 20, 2014

Absolutely. If he can cut loose without any approval from the House, they have given up the control of the purse that is supposed to be theirs. We have enough trouble with them in control. It will be that much worse if O is allowed to do as he wishes. I suspect that some reality will have to come back into the equation as the year advances.

Phil - February 20, 2014

Are you people nuts!!!! Why would you do such a stupid thing?????? Congress is not doing its job, they all need to be fired and replaced immediately.

steve kissel - February 20, 2014

This kind of crap is exactly why I have stopped giving any more money to the Rebublican Party, until the leadership starts listening to conservatives and does the job they were sent to Washington to do. Republicans are too worried about how they will be thought of, who they will make made at them, and how the media will report on them.

Robert Craig - February 20, 2014


Sanford Olnhausen - February 20, 2014

This Congress doesn’t have the guts to control the powers of the purse with the exception of the Tea Party members.

charles fsenne - February 20, 2014

A limitless debt structure authorized by Congress. It is hard for Americans to understand,; it guaranties inflation and shows the lack of wisdom of our representatives.

Larnard Smith - February 20, 2014

What Washington even a republican controlled controlled house must be stopped. Every one seems to think they have to give in. We need to fight with and for the people. Too many organizations trying to do the same things.

Larnard Smith
Wichita Kansas.

Cameron B. Ashe - February 20, 2014

I have expressed to my Rep. and to House Speaker that they have authority & the power control the money and that it is my wish and desire that they exercise that authority to help stop this madness going on . However, it seems The Speaker and others have a deep desire to help Obama & Democrats destroy this country. Maybe some changes in the Senate & a new Speaker + .

Philip Allen - February 20, 2014

Every member of Congress who voted to waive the debt limit should donate all their assets to pay part of the government debt.

mary Dana Baird - February 20, 2014

I may have misunderstood, but do you mean the gov’t may spend whatever they want till March 15, 2015?
The House has no say so till March15, 2015?
If this is true, then it was a very stupid move.

Robert L. Spiers - February 20, 2014

John Boehner should be leading the opposition to Barack Obama’s out of control debt spending.
But, he’s the mild-spoken leader of a timid Republican
party that thinks its job is to avoid controversy at all costs. Republicans in Washington and around the nation are TERRIFIED of the one-sided mainstream media and are used to being also-rans since FDR days. They can’t formulate a winning strategy because they don’t know how to think differently than the Democrats about national issues and they can’t communicate a thing that can catch fire with the American people and which celebrates the founders’ vision. The Democrats and media, eager to build an EU style ruling class and top-down government and controlled society with Barack Obama’s Transformation, have boxed Republicans in with preposterous, phony national issues and English language manipulations that mislead and scare the populace and drive Republicans and others into corners. Obamacare and the debt are nothing but power tools for a big, permanent and socialist, Central Government and Citizen Control on the Potomac.

Donald Buechler - February 20, 2014

I thought that you guys were realistic. What could the House do? (With all the Democrats in ‘lock step’ with Obama and Harry Reid and the major media touting the Democrats position.) If they passed something with restrictions in spending in the House the Democrats and Harry Reid in the Senate would ignore it and let the Debt Ceiling pass and Obama would ‘shut down the government’. And their liberal friends in the major media would blame the ‘bad old Republicans’ and make the public mad at the Republicans.
Thus they passed something that would delay the next ceiling decision past when the new Congress would be seated in 2015 and, hopefully, Republicans controlling the Senate could pass something substantial that the media could not ignore and Obama would have to sign.

Yvonne Vance - February 20, 2014

Now you know what they are REALLY like. No Spine

Dale - February 20, 2014

Why did congress abdicate THIER responsibility? They are a bunch of cowards, thats why!

Dennis Hazeltine - February 20, 2014

I couldn’t believe Bohener just let it go, no discussion what so ever. What the hell kind of leadership is that. The idea is to cut spending, the people in Washington could give a shit…….TERM LIMITS !!

Olin Johnson - February 20, 2014

If Congress isn’t going to control the power of the purse then someone should. Obviously we can’t trust our elected to rein in spending. Spending should not occur because that’s the way it has been previously. Any spending should be rationalized prior to the check being written. Personally, I don’t trust the government at any level any more, there are too many that push to have legislation pushed through prior to the reading and studying of it as in Pelosi and her statement about the AHA,”We’re going to have to pass it so we can read it and find out what’s in it.” I have a high school education and some college and I almost fell out of my chair when she said that. The elected seem to be operating in reverse in this country. I’m all for progress but you have to be conservative enough to retain what you have as you make the next leap forward. The way things are going reminds of a book my brother and son read about starting businesses. A passage asked,” If you lost everything you have now how long would it take you to get back to where you are right now?” It’s taken this country 238 years to get to where it is right now. If we lose our country completely, it goes kaput in the most absolute of ways, I’m thinking it might not take 238 years to come back BUT, we won’t resurrect what we’d have left in just a few years either. I’d bet a few generations would pass before the dust settled and we were an industrial ‘super’ power again. I’m thinking we need to keep our grip on what we have and one way to do that is to keep government spending under control and to NOT create more debt. Apparently the people we have in government can’t balance the spending , current debt, etc. with the amount of money coming in from taxation. Their foresight appears to be limited to hindsight after the fact. And this leads me to believe they need to be relieved of their jobs. We need responsible leadership right now. Not people flitting about to other countries on a sight seeing tour of the world or jetting about this country when a simple phone call would do. We need the elected to be capable in thought. We need them to show up for WORK, yes it is a job. We need their personal lives to exemplify them and their moral ethical direction. Not a bunch of cronies that are alcoholics or drug addicts, that are cheating on their spouses, that can’t control their personal finances, that are abusive towards others, that have some how bought their way into office and are doing battle for a party and showing absolutely no concern for the people that make up this country. WE THE PEOPLE make up this country and we need to take it back.

Ellen Elmore - February 20, 2014

Yes, Congress should exercise its powers to control the power of the purse. But establishment RINOs and the Democrats (almost one and the same) will never vote to curtail spending. They are too vested in special interest groups who give them money towards their political campaigns.

diane munkirs - February 20, 2014

The worst news of the day!!!!!

Rosalie Clapet - February 20, 2014

Stop the spending !! This is what O wants along with Soros. Look at history. We are heading for the end of our country as we have known it.

Gerald H - February 20, 2014

Yes. Congress should control spending limits.

Marti Wade - February 20, 2014

I don’t know what’s happened to the Republican Party. I’m tired of them trashing the Tea Party, who I think is their only hope of securing power. They have become Democrat-lite and they seem to be afraid of Obama. They hold the purse strings, but not only fearing Obama, they also fear the media and that they’ll get blamed for anything the Dems don’t like and be called the party of “no”. Someone needs to say “No” to these progressive nuts who want to bring this nation down and the Republicans are going along with it. Haven’t they learned that the Dems won’t like them even when they kiss their back sides? What’s their problem? Obama has done so many things that are unconstitutional and no one seems to have the “guts” to DO something about it. I think the people are getting tired of this tyrant and very concerned about the state of our republic. Someone has to stop this “madman” that we have for a president, but who will it be? Obama doesn’t have to personally “order” things like the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, the new FCC scandal and the list goes on and on; the people he has put in positions of authority are of like-mind with him and they know what he wants done. That’s how he plays dumb on everything and claims that he found out when the rest of the American people did. That’s hogwash and anyone who believes that is naïve or foolish. Congress could cut him off by cutting the purse strings and not worry about what people think. The people will find out that Congress is protecting them. Ted Cruz took a stand and tried to protect the people from this horrible Obamacare and he was ridiculed, but I imagine most people wish they would have supported him now. We need some serious intervention.

Birney adams - February 20, 2014

I think we ought tar and feather both the Republicrats and Democans and run them all out of town! Start all over

Mike - February 21, 2014

The House of Representatives has greatly let us down. Fortunately we the people have a vote in November.

Don Sebert - February 21, 2014

Not at all. I think congress should go home and stay there. There is no point in asking them to do anything for us in Washington. Maybe we can find something productive for the to at the local level (like wash windows in the statehouse).

Arlin R Johnson - February 21, 2014

Now that the congress has given away Tax payers money with no limits, they are to receive no pay checks and sent home to find a new job. Why not? They have proven themselves worthless to the folks they should represent!

Jacqueline Brellochs - February 21, 2014

It is shocking and unconscionable that the House did not at least set a debt limit, even if higher.
I really don’t feel the debt limit should be increased —
spending should be reduced (perhaps by “The Penny Plan” and some of Senator Coburn’s duplicate and wasteful federal funding examples should be eliminated.

Jerry Jernigan - February 21, 2014

Congress must control the debt limit…..
Our President has shown that he has absolutely no restraint when it comes to government spending.

Rod Kinkaid - February 21, 2014

Those elected to Congress have all taken an oath to uphold the Constitution. The Constitution is perfectly clear that the House has the responsibility of controlling the purse. Why they have not insisted on retaining that power is a mystery to me. The question should be “Does our Constitution mean anything at all anymore? Those who do not fulfill their oath of office should be sent packing! The election process will accomplish that if people will just come out of their stupor, study the actions of their elected officials and then vote in a manner which retains our Republic not just to continue their government handout!

Viola N. Byron - February 21, 2014

Responsible leadership with integrity is seriously missing in our country. No concern for its citizens welfare.

Viola N. Byron - February 21, 2014

I was taught that your expenses do not exceed your income.

John C. Adams, Jr. - February 21, 2014

I definitely believe Congress has an obligation to exercise it’s duty to control spending. My understanding is all spending billsstart in the House of Representatives and they should do their job on holding down spending. Giving this Administration access to $ is tantamount to letting the fox in the chicken coup

Brent Addis - February 21, 2014


C. Hoffman - February 21, 2014

Without question. That is their primary co-equal branch responsibility to curtail the power of a tyrannical executive. This government must be opposed on every front. They have abandoned the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law and the People.

Judith Syrett - February 21, 2014

YES! otherwise we will be in bankruptcy before BO (leaves/stays) office

Peter Gordon - February 21, 2014

Congress exercises the power of the purse when it passes budget resolutions and appropriations bills. As much as it pains me to say it, the debt limit is an artifice that has no effect in limiting spending because the money has already been spent. The question of the debt limit is how are we going to pay for the money we have spent. The choices are more taxes or more borrowing. The real issue in limiting the government is not how to pay for it but what we are spending the money for and whether that is a good use of this resource. When interest rates go back up and the cost of borrowing doubles and the interest cost on the debt becomes around a trillion dollars a year, then maybe we will figure out that borrowing money for unessential purposes is just plain stupid.

Gertrude Houchens - February 21, 2014

I think Congress’ brains have taken a leave of absence. They just keep giving President Obama more and more power and permission to destroy our country. Americans need to vote some sane men and women into Congress.

Mada - February 21, 2014

Our Pres. is leading us back to what caused this Country to be founded. FREEDOM! His whole goal is to be a dictator and make a name. Never put as a leader a person who never really did anything, no experiences, and put in charge of the largest business in the world. A communistic dictator! God help United States survive!

frank papcin - February 21, 2014

so long as the house, that are supposed to control the purse, keeps giving up any time they are told to by the president, this county is run like a dictatorship..
If the president is breaking the law—do as he told you SUE HIM.
–but the republican will not do anything except run their mouths.
if the house doesn’t do anything?–why do they oppose the democrats in anything?
talk is cheap.–being millionaires, I guess they don’t care about the working people that will have to repay all the debt they keep allowing to grow.

joseph fortino - February 21, 2014

Get rid of the RINOS and follow the Constitution. Our leadership is pathetic.

GEORGE A. WARREN - February 21, 2014

Years ago ( 1964 – 1968) there was a book titled “SILENT MAJORITY” I wonder now, 2014, if we have good American Citizens who sit on the side- lines and do nothing?
Note: Don’t let “Silent Majority” tie you to President Nixon’s 1968 “Silent Majority” speech, used during his successful campaign for Presidency. 1969 President Nixon resigned because of Watergate.

Silent Majority are a unspecified large majority of American citizens (not FOX NEWS) who do not express their opinions publicly, but I would HOPE and PRAY to wake them Up, with the help of Jim DeMint, before President Obama leads our country to Socialism?


sara shell - February 21, 2014

My husband and I are in our “Golden Years” and we are astonished every day at the lack of outrage by the Republican controlled House (esp.Behner) and their unwwillingness to stop this taking down of America. We cannot comprehend tis war on decent, taxpaying , (especially Christian) Americans and our beloved unprecedented, totally correct, Constitution. They must be stopped—-ALL of therm. Throw the whole bunch OUT

Robert Shrader - February 21, 2014

In my opinion, the federal debt is the most serious threat our facing our country’s economy and national security. If we can’t get federal spending under control, the economy will eventually fail, which, in turn, will precipitate a would-wide depression. The result will be extensive unrest, rioting and lawlessness throughout the country.

leslie tozzini - February 21, 2014

Absolutely, congress is out of control. Congress needs to review our constitution and remember their oath to uphold the constitution of the United States!

Dixie - February 21, 2014

I agree—Congress should exercise its powers under the Constitution to control the power of the purse. Obama had plans when he first took office to take down our country and he has been very successful in doing so.

Dean Newman - February 21, 2014

The House supposedly controls federal government spending, but in fact no one is making an effort control and cut unaffordable levels of spending. What is happening is blatant, irresponsible spending. Starting years ago the budget can has been “kicked down the road.” What should have happened then and should be happening now is: (1)identify and eliminate ineffective programs (follow the lead of the Citizens Against Government Waste–What have the Deptl of Energy and the Deptl of Education really accomplished over the years, as examples?) (2) institute honest to goodness cost reducttion programs in every department and branch of government every year with goals of reducing costs a minimum of 10% per year with the exception of the military where different measures would be used–national defense is the number one duty of the federal government (few or no elected officials or civil service employees know anything about ruunning a cost reduction program–isn’t that obvious?-so volunteers from the private sector would have to be recruited). Something has to be done right now or our economy and culture will collapse under their own weight and the U.S.A. becomes a third world, unexceptiuonal country. The day of reckoning is upon us–or actually past us.

Linda Fisher - February 22, 2014

This is the worse thing the congress has done! I think every one should be replaced in the House that voted for this. I believe that in no time we all will be bankrupt.

Eugene Mechling - February 22, 2014

Absolutely! What were they elected for – their gratuities? What is the Constitution written for – running our Government – not gathering Progressive dust? So how to deal with it? Get tough! Get the concerned public beating relentlessly on Congress and in particular the HOUSE members!!! Who is the boss – THE PEOPLE!!

T. Hawkins - February 22, 2014

Bottom line for our country: nothing will get fixed until we have congressional term limits imposed.

Richard Ford - February 22, 2014

Absolutely. Most commentary I’ve seen expresses frustration that republican leadership will not confront Obama head on about this and myriad other issues that are all but gift-wrapped for them. I have been wondering for awhile if they are in bed with democrats. Only the Tea Party seems willing to take them on while enduring abuse within their own party all the while.

Marlene Rone - February 22, 2014

I think if the House tried to control the ‘purse’, Harry Reid and his group of fellow Democrats would stop it cold. I think they knew that and that a new fight that might result in another Gov’t closure would not bode well for the 2014 race.

Craig Y. - February 22, 2014

Oh,no–Our glorious dear leader knows all and sees all! All money belongs to chairman ovomit and he knows best how to spend it(throw it away) you peasants. Now get back to the fields and make your savior some more money.

Kenneth Sanguinetti - February 22, 2014

Yes. Congress should stop the spending that Obama
keeps incrreasing with no way to pay for his pet projects that are mostly if not all waste spending.

delvin tingwall - February 22, 2014

It is high time the elitists in congress be put out to pasture. Hopefully this next election will provide some conservative leaders who are more intent on regaining our individual freedoms, operating under the law and rebuilding our country, than on getting re-elected. If they do the people’s work, they will get re-elected!

Franz Neubfrecht - February 23, 2014

Absolutely, the Constitution was based on checks and balances. I naively assumed that was the job and focus of the Congress. My fear is that the only thought of Congress is to get re-elected.

Glenda Alley - February 23, 2014

Absolutely they should! The problem is that too many of these folks are more worried about their re-election than about what is best for America. Having said that, though, I don’t know for sure what happens in the halls of Congress–what are the mitigating issues that affect the decisions (other than elections). I really wish we had people in Congress who would truly stand on conservative principles!

Gayle McKinney - February 23, 2014

Someone needs to stop this spending. That is congress
s job. They are sadly not doing it. To leave that man with an open end credit card is lunacy.

Fred Wilson - February 24, 2014

Yes. My understanding of the Constitution is that the Congress/the House has to authorize all spending so any spending by the executive that is not in the budget (remember when we had one of those) is in violation of the Constitution and raising the debt limit is not what gives Obama a blank check. What gives him a blank check is failure to exercise their Constitutional directed role.

Michael Barbuck - February 27, 2014

The reason most members of congress exists because
they are on a power trip. They do not care about the american people, only themselves.

They have failed the people by not doing their constitutional

Tom Zgraggen - February 28, 2014

The typical Republican in Congress is similar to a Democrat. Both want a large pool of $$$ in DC to they can divide it up so they look good. If it were their own money, things would be much different.

Holly Chapo - February 28, 2014

First, the members of Congress need to read the Constitution, as in all of Article I. Then, they need to spend time making sure they understand their enumerated powers. Because as it stands, in the present day, they seem to be clueless about what they can actually do. Then, someone effective needs to give them a pep-talk to goose them into acting for the benefit of the American people. And that means, among other matters, TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE POWER OF THE PURSE.

Gerald Battle - March 13, 2014

Because of the spinelessness of the Republicans I’m ready to vote for someone in a third party, except that it would only dilute the conservative voice and power. I am very unhappy with our Federal government and would support moves for secession by the states.

arturo mauricio - March 10, 2017

It sucks when a president can donate, give away, spend money indiscriminately without congress consents.

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