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The United States contributes a whopping 22 percent of the United Nations’ regular budget. As by far the largest contributor to the U.N., the United States can play a major role in reforming the organization.

In testimony this week before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Heritage expert Brett Schaefer offered four major ways Congress can do just that:

  1. More equitably distribute the costs of the regular budget;
  2. More equitably distribute the costs of the peacekeeping budget;
  3. Enforce the 25 percent cap on America’s peacekeeping assessment; and
  4. Give major contributors more influence on U.N. budgetary decisions.

Read Schaefer’s full testimony here.

Do you think Congress should use the power of the purse to reform the U.N.? 

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richard heard - May 8, 2015

i think it is only proper to use any tactic , fail or foul , to do to thos bastards what they did to us

Kathleen Morrow - May 8, 2015

Cap the funding for the United Nations. Why should we carry the burden for this ineffectual organization of mostly anti-American anti-Israel countries?

Carol Jones - May 8, 2015

Yes ! Congress, use the power of the purse and reform the United Nations !D!!!

Nancy Stringham - May 8, 2015

The power of the purse will not work with the UN, kick them out andwe quit funding them, PERIOD.

Lloyd Smith - May 8, 2015

Congress should not only use the power of the purse to reform the UN, but should seriously consider the value of the US in belonging to the UN and contributing to its operating expenses. Globabl government

Steve - May 8, 2015

The only expense I would authorize would be that they be moved to some other continent – preferably Somalia or something similar. One million should cover grass huts for all.

Barbara Sayre - May 8, 2015

I have for many years fekt that the only way tp “control the UN

Denny Converse - May 8, 2015

The Republicans are weak and indecisive. They need to show the country they are capable of leading the country for the next several years.

Denny Converse - May 8, 2015

The Republicans are timid and indecisive. They need to show the electorate they are capable of making decisions according to their platform and stop worrying about what the liberal press says about them. Use reconciliation to pass a bill to repeal Obama Care and get on with immigration legislation.

Doris Y Jones - May 8, 2015

Defining the UN

Doris Y Jones - May 8, 2015

Defining the United Nations is a good idea. Asking them to relocate their headquarters out of this country is a better idea. My impression is that the UN is not a friend of ours

Janusz Laski - May 8, 2015

Do NOT reform the UN – LEAVE it!

Apply that approach to most problems. Ror example

douglas babcook - May 8, 2015

The UN IS basically contolled

R. Ray Young - May 8, 2015

The US should get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.

Peter Messier - May 8, 2015


Ginger Lee-Navarro - May 8, 2015

I definitely want to change UN or cut them off and pay for things we need inside our own country. I worry Obama wants to be a global king and is using UN as a staging for that and against us esp with his executive orders – I have hear of several one like giving him too much power like Marshall law and many others I wonder if Congress folks know anything about all he is doing behind the scenes? YOU FOLKS GET THEIR ATTENTION. I DO NOT FEEL LIKE I DO EVEN THOUGH I TWEET THEM AND WRITE EMAILS ON THE WEBSITES.



john heil - May 8, 2015

heritage is a great organization. you do not have a program to receive and respond to conderned americans. you may say it will take too many responses. so he goes – I r s – congress needs to jump on this wasteful spending NOW – l.5 billion is not chickenfeed. get these people on the hot seat – who is responsible and fire them. checks sent out for tax credits claimed on tax returns – who are they kidding? – how are they able to figure out how much is lost and what is the game plan to recover. same game – no response – America needs accountability from these overpaid people in Washington. let me know what you intend to do.

Frederick Willis, Jr - May 8, 2015

Yes!!! I would have the US withdraw from the UN and have the UN Complex removed from New York and the United States. New York LOSS would be AMERICAN gain

Nelson Whipple - May 8, 2015

For years I have said that Congress should completely defund the UN and support only those agencies that can certify pro-American programs.

Renee - May 8, 2015


Jo Ann Ison - May 8, 2015


julious mckay - May 8, 2015

it is past time to stop funding the un and havethem leave the and

Richard Swan - May 8, 2015

I do not think we should reform the U.N. – I think we should get out of it! I have yet to see a reasoned argument as to how we get anything out of it except abuse at the hands of all the rogue states in the world.

Margaret Rosenthal - May 9, 2015

Get Rid of the UN They should be kecked out

John Paulson - May 9, 2015

Why doesn’t the US just withdraw completely and tell them to get the heck our of our country

Marilinda Torres - May 9, 2015

Yes, this is a thorn on the American people and it does not play the role for which it was intended, also have countries pay their share.

Betse Lanier - May 9, 2015

Yes, The US should use the power of the purse to stop the UN. I don’t know that they can be reformed but we are foolish to fund an organization that continually looks for ways to undermine this country!

Margaret Barnes - May 9, 2015

Yes, the power of our “contribution” could be mighty, and SHOULD be

Robert Buzby - May 9, 2015

I would go further than reforming the UN. It is a failed institution that has become a “sounding board” for radical governments. We should withdraw from the UN and let them find a new location for their headquarters.

Bonita Musick - May 9, 2015


Angel L. Riguero Sr. - May 9, 2015

Not only to cover the 22% of UN budget,
but to pay nothing to this leftist controlled

Angel L/ Riguero Sr. - May 9, 2015

No money al all to this leftist controlled

Kenneth Paxton - May 9, 2015

I think we should get out on the UN intirely

David Lopez - May 9, 2015

Yes !!!!

Jim Montgomery - May 9, 2015

While the UN remains a cesspool of dictators and despots, I think we have much more urgent problems to solve.

R. Atkinson - May 9, 2015

It is past tinme for the U.S. Congress to pare down the money given to the U.N. and to stop giving th U.N Power that undermines our U.S. Constitution and oru country.

Thomas Dean - May 9, 2015

No more funding for the UN, period, it does us no good to be a member.

Chuck - May 9, 2015

The US should get out of the UN and close down the UN headquarters in NY. When the UN wants to investigate abuse in Baltimore with the abuses that are happening worldwide, they are useless.

Stanley N Varlas - May 9, 2015

Why not? Like a fire, the more ‘fuel’ the more it burns. It’s no different than our own government agencies that have ever-increasing monies added to budgets without review or audit.
How many people do we know in hte private sector that depend on these agencies at the end of their fiscal year to buy more unnecessary products to assure more money in the following year’s budget allotments.

Harold - May 9, 2015

Any thing that cuts budgets sounds good to me.

Brenda Bates - May 9, 2015

I think we should get out of the UN and get them out of the United States. They are using us just for the money and they want total control. We need to close our borders and go it on our own and relate only to countries who we really trust. (if there are any left.)

Sarah Wallick - May 9, 2015

I agree with this,and if the UN will not agree to this

Sarah Wallick - May 9, 2015

I would suggest that the UN find another location outside the United States to meet.

Pat Gilmore - May 9, 2015

Re: UN
The Golden Rule (He who has the gold makes the rules) should obtain in diplomacy as well as in commerce. For too long the US has been getting kicked arould like a rag doll

Dean G. Newman - May 9, 2015

The power of the purse should definitely be used–and it should be made known that the U.S. is no longer going to pay the lions share

Roger Bergmeier - May 10, 2015

I think the U.S. should resign from the U.N. and let it slowly die away from lack of funding. At the same time we should propose a new international organization that is proportionally fair to all nations. The one nation veto power of the Security Council

Roger Bergmeier - May 10, 2015

I think the U.S.

Roger Bergmeier - May 10, 2015

I think the U.S. Should resign from the U.N. and then propose a new international organization that is proportionally fair to all countries and without a security council that has had a one member veto power. The U.N. structure was created following WWII and is no longer appropriate for today’s reality. It’s time for a do over.

Richard L. Watson - May 10, 2015

I think the idea does not go far enough.
I want to defund the UN. It has ben foisted on the US too long.

James Pounders - May 10, 2015

Come on guys, these questions have obvious answers. What benefit do we get from the U.N.?

Larry - May 10, 2015

Move the UN to Europe – maybe Saudi Arabia if they (Europe) will not have it.

Charles - May 10, 2015

Totally agree ! Have asked Speaker Boehner verbally and in written for to totally defund the corrupt anti-American organization called the United Nations. When ever the chance occurs have professed the defunding of the U.N. and tossing the corrupt group out of our nation .

Henry C. Holder - May 11, 2015

Yes, reduce the amounts given to the U.N. by a percentage of total membership, i.e., 120 members, USA pays 1/12th.

J R Cole - May 11, 2015

Get rid of the UN and stop funding it!

Humbert Bergami - May 11, 2015

Yes, do it now! Don’t give them time to do more damage to our country!

Charles T. Black - May 11, 2015

Yes. Why should we carry the burdin

Charles T. Black - May 11, 2015

Yes.There is no way we can control
the U.N..We can either get out of the
U.N.,or drastically reduce funding.I would prefer the former.

Sue Davis - May 11, 2015

I think Congress should defund the UN. We have been paying for the show long enough. The building for the UN should be in some other Country. If the Republicans in congress had a back bone, it could change a lot of things in Washington. Let me control the purse strings and the budget would be balanced and funds spent only on items set forth in the Constitution.

george bisbano - May 11, 2015

the UN is sponsoring the lies about climate in order to enact their Agenda 21 for control over sovereignty of nations. That is a communist agenda.

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