Earlier this month, NBC’s “Meet the Press” launched #MakeTheCase, a new web series featuring debates on key policy issues. So where do they turn to get the series off to a strong start? The Heritage Foundation.

The first video in the series features Heritage’s Nick Loris going head-to-head against the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Watch the video above and then tell us in the comments, do you think we should build the Keystone XL pipeline?

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Margaret Jenkins - May 29, 2014

Despite a very small risk to the environment, if properly operated, the Keystone Pipeline would mean many jobs, more energy independence, and a net loss to those countries, largely enemies, from whom we purchase oil. It should be built.

Nancy Husch - May 29, 2014

Yes, build Keystone Pipeline. Enough already!

Col. James M. Mitchell, USMC ret. - May 29, 2014

Sierra Club’s reasoning is weak and without specific numbers. The Environment questions have been answered. Now to replace our President.

Mrs Barbara M Sayre - May 29, 2014

The video would not load in a reasonable period of time.
I do not need to watch the video– and I strongly support the Keystone Pipeline..it is the only commonsense answer to our energy problems.
I support Keystone Pipeline.

Mike Mazaika - May 29, 2014

The pipeline has been found to be environmentally safe and should be built to remove the USA;s need for any mideast oil. At the same time we should be encouraging the development of other environmentally friendlier sources of power when it can be demonstrated that on a total system basis they are indeed environmentally better.

John E. Hoole - May 29, 2014

Stop the delay and get the pipeline built.

Kathryn Smith - May 29, 2014

The Pipline would be much safer than trucking the Oil. Enough, build the Pipeline, put people to work.


Joe Spivey - May 29, 2014

It’s a no brainer. Build it!

Melanie Burns - May 29, 2014

We need to be energy independant! Period! This would make it possible to cut off importing oil from countries that hate the US and would do grave harm to the US anytime they could. Why pay US $$$ to the Saudi royal families when we can pay our hard working families in need of good jobs here in the United States of America!

Mike Haines - May 29, 2014

If this oil is going to be used whether or not we help, we may as well see some benefit,IE jobs. Plus. it is much safer than how it is being handled now. How many tanker, truck and rail, spills do we need to prove this? Also, the Alaska pipeline seems to have been working just fine in a very harsh environment for how long? I don’t even remember when it was put in service.

Pat - May 29, 2014

Yes we need the pipeline. We need to look world wide and it will be much more eco=friendly for China to use gas rather than coal..

John J Sweetland - May 29, 2014

XP pipeline should have been done years ago. It had already been approved by all federal agencies. Need obama to quit holding up and let all proceed with its construction. Also need W. Buffett to get out of the way.

John Romero - May 29, 2014

The Keystone pipeline could help America become oil independent. The Obama administration is beholden to Saudi Arabia and is glad to keep us and the rest of the world as importers of countries that aid and abet the turmoil in the world. Oil independence is one way to fight turmoil we can get by without middle east oil!

Charles Liles - May 29, 2014

Absolutely YES. The arguments we heard form Sierra Club are baseless and solely dependent on environmental untruths.

dunham - May 29, 2014

Montana needs what North Dakota has proven – safe job producing economical viable industrys. (not to mention coal – nature gas and mineral production) We should build a new refinery in Montana to handle the Key Stone oil if it goes no further. The Sierra Club point of “leaky” is just another scare tacit with no validation. They said the same things about the Alaska pipe line and even the carabue like it. If anything is LEAKY it is the Sierra Club.

bobzee911 - May 29, 2014

I don’t have to watch it…….but I will.

Pete Youngman - May 29, 2014

YES, we should build the pipeline. Government reports says as proposed it is safe and meets all procedures and yet this administration will not approve it as they are afraid of their far left constituents who start their argument by saying “leaking pipeline” ad then sight a reduction in barrels used but don’t go into reasons for the decline like a stumbling economy! This ought to be an issue Conservatives debate this fall and Heritage has a important role in getting them/us ready with facts and figures!!

Edward Flicker - May 29, 2014

There is no realistic reason for not building the pipeline.
Corruption in our Government is the only reason this pipeline has not been approved. Plain and simple.

Robert Kimball - May 29, 2014

Yes, the XL Pipeline should be approved, and quickly. It would provide thousands of well paying jobs, and ween the U.S. off of our dependency of oil from Saudi Arabia.

Clifford McCrary, Jr. - May 29, 2014

The construction and use of the Keystone Pipeline should be done as soon as possible, and this “shilly-sallying around” should stop immediately!
In my youth, our home was within view of “The Big Inch” pipeline, which ran from the oil fields in Texas to ports along the Eastern Coiast of the US for use during WWII. It is sttill in use today, and has NEVER given any problems to any area along its route. These people who want to stop us from taking advantage of the petroleum that our country has are trying to shut down the US Economy!

Shirley Jones - May 29, 2014

We should definitely build the pipeline as well as new oil

FRANKLIN WEAVER - May 29, 2014

This pipeline should have been approved years ago,and construction should have been mostly completed by now,When our own state dept says it is safe and will not cause environmental damage,the only thing holding up Obama from approving it is political agenda.The EPA and their minions are holding hostage our Government from going forward with this and creating thousands of good paying quality jobs. Wake up America.do the Keystone pip[eline without further delay.

Wiley E Ring III - May 29, 2014

Pipe Line should be built as soon as possible, the delay
is asinine.

Howard Vaum - May 29, 2014

Build the pipe line NOW!

Karen - May 29, 2014

There are already thousands of miles of pipeline running through this country, another pipeline is not a huge environmental threat. It’s all politics at this point. Block the pipeline and more people will need government assistance as the economy shrinks once again ( the progressive agenda ), build it and the entire country prospers-especially those states that the pipeline runs through ( the conservative agenda ). The continuing stall, even after all the positive studies, shows where this administration stands.

Bob - May 29, 2014

Start the Keystone pipeline ASAP. We have been over six years now dragging our feet on this great opportunity and needed capability. We are also dragging the economy down further by refusing to take on excellent building operations such as this. Give those denying our need to proceed on the pipeline a quick kick in the butt, which will, I’m sure, cause severe brain injury as that area is where all their thinking is done.

Virginia Kesler - May 29, 2014

Build the pipeline to keep us independent!

Dosia Casey - May 29, 2014

I did not watch the video but have already made up my mind that we should build the pipeline.

Elizabeth DeSilva - May 29, 2014

Altho not conventional crude it was stated that the oil will disperse eventually anyway. I believe it would be best to control its mode of transportation through the mostly safe pipeline.

Charles - May 29, 2014

These obstructionists are always screaming we must look forward. The Alaskan pipeline has been a boon and there has been no damage, in fact wildlife has thrived around it. Of course these progressives have delivered Obamacare, The IRS scandal, the VA disaster and 18 Trillion in debt not to mention TARP and the GM fiasco. So lets listen to them, these debates are foolish with these people. What qualifications do they have to even be in this arena? Blogging from their parents basements? Like most of the media people we have today. Time for some adults somewhere anywhere.

dalyrymple - May 29, 2014

Of course we should build the pipeline, and it is safe unless it is sabotaged….Manmade Global Climate Change is a socialist HOAX….everybody knows it, even socialists……it’s the sheeple who believe it’s true and vote for socialists that are the problem…

Norman A. Dumais - May 29, 2014

Is rail safer than a pipeline? He said we don’t have to choose! The oil will come into the U.S. no matter what Mode we chose or don’t chose. So to say we don’t have to chose is not an option. We do not need any additional approval for rail. So what is the verdict??

Bill Grey - May 29, 2014

The Keystone Pipeline should be built. This nation and the rest of the world still runs on oil. We can revive our sagging economy while we continue the elusive search for alternate fuels. Not building the pipeline is like sticking our heads in the sand. Not to mention we need to become energy independent and stop buying oil from countries who don’t like us and don’t have our best interests at heart. Wake up America!

Wesley Wright - May 29, 2014

A well monitored and maintained pipe line is the cleanest and safest way to transport most anything

Christopher Van Doran - May 29, 2014

My conclusion from the debate is to build the pipeline! Over all it appears to be an upliftment for the economy and employment concerns. The deficits appear to be minimal! I believe the USA should become more oil independent!

Robert Inabinette - May 29, 2014

The XL pipeline should have been started months or years ago. The pipeline is the safest, cheapest and fastest method of moving petroleum products.We are constantly seeing news of tail tankers and highway tankers being overturned and polluting the land. We rarely hear of a pipeline leaking. Finish the XL NOW!

Samuel Clawser - May 29, 2014

By all means build it.

Dorothy Davis - May 29, 2014

There is no logical reason why the Keystone pipeline should not be built. It is a lot safer to move the oil through the pipeline than by truck or rail. Additionally, it is is is a shot in the arm for the economy is the number of jobs it would create. Those of us who subscribe to the idea of American prosperity, American security and American oil independence, know the new name for environmentalists is Communist and they are opposed to all of the above.

Larwrence - May 29, 2014

Lets get this pipe line built!!!

Clarence J. booth - May 29, 2014

Complete & use the pipeline now! What are we waiting for? This debate is a no-brainer. The E.P.A. and radical environmentalists have ruined our economy long enough! To them, “henny penny the sky is falling!” Enough of this nonsense, let the pipeline be completed and let’s start drilling on private & government lands now for it is time to use good old fashion common sense!

Susan Boyette - May 29, 2014

We need to build the pipeline as another way of becoming independent of Mideast oil. Support the pipeline!

JACK - May 29, 2014

We should have already built the pipe line! The comment that ‘Some of this oil would be sold to other countries” is another reason we should build it. We have developed such an imbalance in trade that I can not understand that anyone would be against us selling oil to others. Look at what it has done for Saudi Arabia.

Larry Sparks - May 29, 2014

Sierra Club only reasoning is that do not want it, no facts and data, the typical environmental extremist views.
Lets be energy free and create jobs and build the pipeline and more oil refineries.

Ian Hume - May 29, 2014

It’s simply not true that rail and pipeline are both equally “unsafe” as Sierra argues: rail is far less safe (has already killed dozens of people in recent months) and rail has a far bigger carbon footprint. Obama, stop prevaricating for political gain while the country loses. Build Keystone!

George Riley - May 29, 2014

Keystone XL would deliver over 800,000 bbls/day of crude from a friendly, secure source: Canada. It is pure politics and pandering to “environmentalists” that has delayed this pipeline. Since a majority of Americans want this pipeline built, let’s demand that Washington gets out of the way — NOW!

Barney Leone - May 29, 2014

Yes, by all means. I definitely support the Keystone Pipeline, We have the expertise to make it a safe means of transporting it underground. It will definitively boost our weak economy,

David & Mrs. David Keiper - May 29, 2014

I agree with the other comments, lets get it built and
over with.

Robert - May 29, 2014

Of course we should build it. As a matter of fact, we are building it at this moment. The problem, as I see it, is the crossing of the international border. The Sierra Club plays to emotions and provides no evidence of it’s claims. In the first sentence, “leaky pipelines” is mentioned, although I read yesterday that the welds on this line are the most, or among the most, strenuously inspected pipeline welds in history. Due to the intransigence of the administration, jobs are being denied to individuals seeking work. The pipeline would help reduce our dependence on oil from other countries who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Richard Coburn - May 29, 2014

We need to get our people back to work and stop listening to the “nay sayers.”

Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio - May 29, 2014

On the balance, I think it should be built.

Zoli Althea Browne - May 29, 2014

Animals can migrate under it, birds can fly over it and liberals will run into it. Build baby, build!

Dennis Skalka - May 29, 2014

The fact that we use less oil in this country does not necessarily reflect efficency. It reflects the six years of distruction of manufacturing in this country by this administration.

Bernard Jones - May 29, 2014

Further debate is pointless and most rational Americans know it. It’s just ANOTHER example of the government ignoring the people and making decisions that disregard the fact this great country is a REPUBLIC and not a parlimentary democracracy!


James Brokaw - May 29, 2014

For too long efforts have been underway to get the Keystone Pipeline under way.
For even longer, the left, environmentalists, and other special interest groups demonize their opponents by changing the meaning of key words to defeat their opponents.
Steal a page from their playbook and change the name of the Keystone Pipeline to “Allah’s Pipeline.” Construction will start next week.

Al Frech - May 29, 2014

Remember the Alaskan pipeline ? Same anti-energy BS hysteria and false predictions against XL. Fool me once libs, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Go XL.

Lawrence Nelson - May 29, 2014

Sierra Club reasoning is far from correct and the harm to environment is at best very small. Job creation would be a big boost that is needed

Norman - May 29, 2014

There are thousands of miles of pipelines that transvers this country without incident. But the reality is not the reality: Saudi has been transporting 3 Million BPD plus across 1100Km’s of Crude , NG and NGL cross country pipelines for 4 decades without one single release of consequence. This discussion re so called “leaky pipelines” is pure and total BS. F’ing amateurs who know SWFA off what they talk.

Gail Martin - May 29, 2014

Thousands of jobs will be created however, the most important fact is; USA needs to become more and more self sufficient . The oil from Canada, a close supporter of the USA, will support and benefit both countries. Get Obama out of our lives……..he is truly way over his head.

Ellen Elmore - May 29, 2014

Absolutely we should build the Keystone Pipeline. It would create jobs and give us energy independence – two things we desperately need to grow the economy.

Mrs. Cheryl M. Niece - May 29, 2014

I have been in favor of the Keystone pipeline for a long time and see no reason to change my vote now!!

Claude Gossett - May 29, 2014

Yes, please build the Keystone Pipeline!!!

Gilbert Martin - May 29, 2014

This is a no BRAINER, Energy Independence , many well paying jobs and Environmentally Safe.

Lynn Silan - May 29, 2014

The Keystone Pipeline should be a GO! We need oil. We need jobs. We need less energy independence on the Middle East. This is not a big threat to the environment! Stop making our welfare a political football and BUILD IT!

Pat Hartis - May 29, 2014

Of course we should!

Darryl Pauls - May 29, 2014

What has taken so long?
Build the darn thing.
The environmentalists were convinced that the Alaska pipeline was going to be the bane of the wildlife in the area and it turns out that they like it because it is a source of warmth. No need for the warmth in the lower 48, but it seems the Sierra Club will do and say anything to drive us back to loin cloths and bare feet. The modern world lives on energy and there is no reliable replacement for fossil fuels.

BETTY MUNSON - May 29, 2014

If Keystone crude is going to be shipped to China (and I somehow missed that announcement), how does it increase our use of oil in the US???

As far as I can tell, current administration policies cut use of fossil fuels and creation of greenhouse gases by crippling the US economy.

Are they going to cap volcanoes next? Drain the “wetlands” the environmentalists work so hard to save, major source of the swamp gas (methane) that is causing so much sky to fall?

Let’s have an outbreak of common sense here.

Ronald Brown - May 29, 2014

His reasoning that we dont really need the oil is asinine the reason for lower oil consumption is the down economy no job or less hours = no traveling, less buying less transportation of goods, duh.

Elizabeth Snyder - May 29, 2014

Yes, Keystone Pipeline Should be Built ! It would provide many jobs which we desperately need and give us the chance to finally be independent from foreign oil !

S. Stoner - May 29, 2014

Let’s use some good old common sense here! Think where we would be already if we had not been held up by “You Know Who”. Absolutely build it!

Delores Sandberg - May 29, 2014

The economy cannot improve if there are no jobs.The pipeline would create many jobs so build the pipe line. They have proved there is very little risk involved.

Henry Budding - May 29, 2014

The economic benifit far out weighs any potental problems. Build the pipeline. We need it. If the eco zealots are so worried, how about thy stop using gasoline . c And yes they should curtail there use if electricity too..

Nancy Carlson - May 29, 2014

One facet not covered is by either presenter is the reduction of US dependence on hostile countries for our oil. Fewer dollars leave this country to hostile nations in the Middle East. Islamic terrorists get a high percentage of their money from what? Middle East oil dollars. Stop sending US dollars for oil to hostile governments and cripple the financial lifeline to these terrorist groups.

Stephen Whitney - May 29, 2014

Yes , build the Keystone Pipeline.

Annette - May 29, 2014

I am sick and tired of politics being more important than the American people. Build the pipeline! While were at it, let’s get rid of engine-ruining ethanol and use corn for food. Will be glad to see our country-ruining president being replaced as well.

LaVerne Foster - May 29, 2014

Yes, build the Keystone Pipeline. It has passed a multitude of government regulations including environmental. It’s been proven that pipelines are a safer way to move the petroleum. Just look back at the ones already in use for a number of years. Someone will benefit from this, why not the US? Yes, we’ve cut back and need to continue development of other energy sources, but we are still dependent on oil from countries that hate us. They have no problem holding us hostage to their prices and supplies. Being independent removes that control and the surplus puts us in the world market to redeem our economy and help others vulnerable to this energy control.

Carol Fouse - May 29, 2014


Tony Hebert - May 29, 2014

This should have been done years ago now and the opposition that stands in the way has only weak argumentation. I hear nothing but reasoning that wants to keep America in high gas prices and other energy products. I don’t hear science only wild eyed theory spouted as though it were science, but is phony at best. How we could let such a minority of people have this kind of power over the rest of us, speaks a lot about what’s wrong with our country right now; it’s time for the majority to stand up to these people and say no more!

Dan Flood - May 29, 2014

As usual the environmentalists lie about the facts. Build it!!!

Ellen Taylor - May 29, 2014

Yes, please build the Keystone pipeline ASAP! I am sick & tired of the libs cutting off all our USA’s exploration & drilling for oil, natural gas & coal. Why import oil, when we have enough fuel products to last for centuries? Environmentalists are full of it & only want to enhance their already bloated standard of living. Arabs are not the only ones getting rich off of the environment!

R . T. Petty - May 29, 2014

Just build it

Gary Harper - May 29, 2014

Once again, we have politics driving what should be a simple economic issue. If businesses want to expend the money to build out a pipeline that has passed all state and federal requirements, it should be immediately approved. Businesses see the benefits of the pipeline exceeding the costs and therefore it is a sound business decision! It should not be political, the small number of special interest folks should sit down and shut up on this, and almost every other, political issue! What happened to the concept of majority rule? Political interference in the economy has NEVER benefited society as a whole and the Keystone Pipeline is no exception. Stop interfering and approve it!

James Leitten - May 29, 2014

Definitely in favor of the pipeline!!

David Scott - May 29, 2014

Build it!

Michael Callahan - May 29, 2014

Amen to Col. James M Mitchell’s remarks. This decision is being delayed politically by Obama to protect the liberals in Congress, the far left tree huggers and the
Middle East Muslim oil sheiks who dislike the U.S.A.
Let’s be energy independent; build the Keystone Pipeline NOW.

Valerie Wiesen - May 29, 2014

Sierra Club stated that we only use 14million barrels a day. If this is true, then perhaps we do not need to produce more. Also, I’m curious…how long will it take to build the pipeline?

Glenn Knight - May 29, 2014

If the media would tell the truth about this or any number of other issues the president is totally wrong on we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Patricia Detterich - May 29, 2014

The reason the Keystone XL Pipeline has not been approved? Warren Buffet will lose a lot of money. His company owns the railroad that ships oil from Canada down through the United States. Buffet has given a lot of money to President Obama for his elections. Note: the railroad has had numerous oil spills due to RR accidents. There are other political reasons but I rest my case. Follow the money and the ideologue, the President of the U.S.

william Peterson - May 29, 2014

Obamahas cleaRLY STATED HE WANTS TO reduce fossil fuel use as much as possible and is going to try to price them out of business with regulations Hence he will not approve the pipeline no matter what logic is applied to constructing the project. Rational thought does not move an irrational person. I want the pipeline constructed

Gerald Hoppe - May 29, 2014

Build the pipeline. It will be safer than train shipping.

Vince Dees - May 29, 2014

I am sick and tired of worrying about some “projected” environmental effect that may or may not come somewhere down the road…especially when we are so dependent on Middle East Oil and China. If we can get our own oil from a friendly nation and use it to offset our own usage/dependency and at the same time lessen our debt to China (by selling them our refined oil) then I am all for it…damn the consideration for the “North American spotted wippydick”…people first…so that our posterity will have a nation to inherit.

Fran - May 29, 2014

Yes, we need to build it not just for the jobs it will create, but to get us independent of the Saudis.
Oh but I forgot, we have a president who doesn’t want to create any new jobs, He just wants more people on
wellfare, sitting at home collecting a check, that the workers
are paying with our hard earned taxes. That’s the
DEMACRAT way. why work when you can stay on the

RUBY NISSLEY - May 29, 2014

yes, build it!! just how many org. have to verify that the pipeline will be safe??? LET’S GO!!

ChuckL - May 29, 2014

It is most interesting that the Sierra Club’s spokesman uses emotional arguments whereas the Heritage spokesman uses test analysis results. That makes this an argument based on facts by one side and on undocumented opinion on the other side. The outright clincher for me was the Sierra Club spokesman’s claim that those who wanted to build wanted to “build a leaky pipeline”. He lost anyhow, but thin inclusion of “leaky” in his argument demonstrated that he really had no argument based on facts.


Teresa Wilkins - May 29, 2014

Yes, the pipeline should be built. It will make a tremendous difference to our economy, and perhaps cheaper oil.

william miller - May 29, 2014

YES by all means build the pipeline.

Shirley Anderson - May 29, 2014

Yes, the Keystone pipeline should be built for jobs, energy independence and as other people have stated-safer than trucking.

charles morse - May 29, 2014

Build the PIPELINE

ChuckL - May 29, 2014

I have now read the other posts. The one who reminded me that the EPA is the hold up also reminded me that At.1, Sect.1, of the Constitution limits all legislative powers to the Congress. There is no authorization in the Constitution for the Congress to delegate this power, but EPA rules are enforced as if they are laws. They are not.
Perhaps it is time for all of us to hammer our representatives and Senators with this fact. We will have a fight though because they have been delegating this power for so long.

Dave - May 29, 2014


Richard Watts - May 29, 2014

Yes, build the Keystone Pipeline.

John & Dorothy Vercoglio - May 29, 2014

Lets not be stupid. Lets not play politics. Build the pipeline.

andy wooten - May 29, 2014

it is stupid not to build pipe line. jobs needed / taxes gained / less middeleast oil needed / win-win

John Brooks - May 29, 2014

Why buy oil from our enemies?

Greg Roberts - May 29, 2014

The EPA has said the pipeline is safe – three separate times. The Sierra Club says the pipeline will increase oil use in the US – but one has nothing to do with the other. Continue to improve oil use efficiency (70% used in transportation), and build the pipeline to a) strengthen our economy, b) transport the oil in the safest manner possible, and c) help North America become more energy independent and economically secure.

Jill Kielhorn - May 29, 2014

Definitely build it. Enough debate already!

John Breeden - May 29, 2014

Of course it should be built asap. We must become energy independent ASAP…

Curt Murray - May 29, 2014

Build the pipeline. There are thousands of miles of pipeline already in existance in this country. There are little if any problems with any pipeline. The country needs the jobs. We need to be energy independent instead of paying countries that hate us for oil so they can back the terrorists who are trying to destroy our way of life. The Seria Club is bought and paid for by the rich One Worlders who seek to destroy our great country for their own benefit.
Build the pipeline !!!!!

Jo Strength - May 29, 2014

If we had a competent Administration, the pipeline would have already been built.

James Owens - May 29, 2014

Yes. Build the pipeline. The very terms used by the Sierra Club fellow: leaky pipeline is pejorative and speculative.Build it.

Julia A Ducote - May 29, 2014

I think the pipeline should, without doubt, be built. I think it will put America in a safer place than we are now. We would not have to depend on other countries for our oil; and it would bring a huge sigh of relief to most Americans. I also believe we will look so much better to other countries, because we will look more like the America we have somehow lost.

Julia Ducote

Julia Ducote

Dave Hughes - May 29, 2014

Not yes, but HELL YES, BUILD IT!! Sierra Club’s argument doesn’t make sense.

Rose Bogaert - May 29, 2014

How can it be a leaky pipeline when it has not been built? Noe it is being shipped by rail which is far more hazardous. Kets get this pipeline built.

Sharon Halstead - May 29, 2014

Agree with Col. Mitchell — Sierra Club’s reasoning is weak and has been for decades. Follow the money guys – as always. Who’s benefiting from the delay?

Mark Anderson - May 29, 2014

Yes build the pipeline. The Sierra Club is full of BS. We are using less oil because the economy is in the tank. If left up to the Sierra Club we would all be living in the 1800s and they would insist on being our Lords.

Neal R. Coyle - May 29, 2014

The Keystone Pipeline is necessary for the growth of America! Not only would it cause the creation of jobs it is completely safe. The only reason this is being held up is Political. There is NO justifiable reason to hold this project!

Andrew Konkoly - May 29, 2014

Common sense, build the pipeline now.

Jim Abbott - May 29, 2014

Build the pipeline! What is Obama waiting on? In study after study it had been proven environmentally safe and a great boost to the economy. Hopefully, it will help the cost of energy to decrease.

Barbara Knuckles - May 29, 2014

Yes, the Keystone Pipeline should be built. Its benefits to American citizens far outweighs any purported detriments; plus, it would save Americans millions of dollars on oil and gas prices. The only reason Obama and his cronies want it stopped is to keep America dependent on Middle East oil!

Sandra Fosselman - May 29, 2014

The Sierra Club rep sounded like Obama – all words, no facts, and no references, statistics and data to back up what he was saying. I strongly support the Keystone Pipeline because it makes sound sense that this country should utilize its own resource, especially at a time when the economy is wrecked and won’t recover for a long time. Any legitimate enterprise such as the pipeline which can create jobs and generate revenue and energy independence for this country is critically needed. Eject the politics and take action to build the pipeline.

Jerald Slomka - May 29, 2014

Go for it. The Liberals are interested in only closing this country down to 1800’s technology (although in the 1800’s we were still using State of the Art – Next Generation Technology), so enough is enough; use our oil ourselves and start to dig into some of Opec’s profits.

Jerald Slomka.

Ronalf L. Flury - May 29, 2014

Build the pipeline and vote out those who oppose it this November.

Janice Foxworth - May 29, 2014

We should definitely build the Keystone Pipeline. We should not be setting ourselves up to be in bondage to Saudi Arabia or any other country for products we have available to us right here at home. Saying the pipeline would be environmentally unsafe, is just a way for Obama to try to scare us from using common sense and doing what is best for America. He does not want us to prosper. He wants to keep us dependent others. We need the jobs, and we all know it would be a major boost for our economy, which we certainly need at this time.

DG Symmank - May 29, 2014

Couldn’t find the link to vote in favor of the Keystone Pipeline. Please add my vote for it!

Lew Backer - May 29, 2014

The environmental whackos like this head of the Sierra Club tells lies about the dangers of the pipeline and the use of fossil fuels. Our whole domestic and commercial transportation infrastructure are based upon the use of fossil fuels. The whaos are destroying our economy and with it our way of life. Time to get rid of them and bring on the Keystone pipeline.

C Small - May 29, 2014

Build the pipeline and get the economy moving. Stop killing jobs, especially jobs that pay good wages. Improve our export- import imbalance while also improving America’s economic outlook.

ED - May 29, 2014

Definitely be built, the environmentalists don’t have a case here at all. We have thousands of miles of pipeline in this country and an extremely low accident rate.

Wayne Swetnam - May 29, 2014

Let the pipeline workers go to work!

Dennis Hazeltine - May 29, 2014

This thing ( Keystone Pipeline ) has been studied to death and all are in favor of it. From good jobs to energy independence we need this built. Stop playing politics and build the dam thing.

Douglas Perle - May 29, 2014

It’s hard to believe that an educated person would believe that this pipeline will “leak” anymore than the Alaska pipe line. That said, transport of the oil by rail will raise carbon emissions levels as will trucking. The trucking option is what will happen if the O’bumer administration does nothing and lets carbon emissions skyrocket. Only a fool in the White House would believe doing nothing is helping America.

Jean Fries - May 29, 2014

The Keystone XL pipeline would benefit not only Canada and the US but other nations as well. In spite of the lesser use of oil the price of gas at the pump is increasingly more expensive. This makes all the goods that are transported by truck (just about everything) more costly as well. BUILD THE PIPELINE ALREADY.

Terry Schnee - May 29, 2014

We need to be independent of Middle East Oil, we need to shut OFF, buying oil from our enemies. The Keystone Pipeline is little risk and oil from a friendly source, which will provide thousands of jobs. The price of gas at the pump and other products that derive from oil products would be a great boost to our economy. Getting oil from the Middle East is doing nothing but taking great sums of money from the American people’s pocket book that could be used to help build a thriving economy. With this pipeline and the ability to expand and harvest our own resources off of our shores and within our great country needs to move ahead and rid ourselves of costly oil products elsewhere. Politics and people who lobby in DC, for Middle East Oil needs to come to a halt, we don’t need their oil, if big oil companies profits are big at least let them be from our own source, rather than Middle East and save every ones pocket book, the oil companies can still make their profits and be better for us.

Jerry Jernigan - May 29, 2014

Yes! Build the Keystone pipe line.

Marcia Gimness - May 29, 2014

Argument in favor of Keystone pipeline outweighs argument against. Build the pipeline!

frank papcin - May 29, 2014

people talk like this oil will not reach other countries if we prevent it, regardless of if it runs through our refineries or not–an outright lie–they would rather we import the oil from the Arab nations?–and we do. they act like we don’t have thousands of miles of oil lines already here in this country, we do–their fight is for green energy, regardless of costs to the taxpayers–give the jobs–no matter how few, to any other country but ours?–build the line–have some control of how it is refined and how much it effects the world
–the oil will be used–by us or them regardless of OBAMA and his liberal dominating friends.

Don - May 29, 2014

Build the pipeline! It can help give us the energy independence to get past this repressive marxist administration and get back to the on-shore and off-shore oil exploration that should never have been interfered with in the first place.

Donald Holzberg - May 30, 2014

Yes, we should build the Keystone XL Pipeline

jerald heinemann - May 30, 2014

Built it. What are we waiting for!

Victor Johnson - May 30, 2014

The pipeline should certainly be built. It will help the US in construction jobs and future petroleum shipments within our country for years in the future. The Sierra club has a very weak argument against this. As in:” Canada wants to build a leaky pipeline.” How absurd is that statement? The Sierra club has a long and rich (very rich) history of lobying against so many projects in our country. Yet with our wishy washy president and do nothing administration, I doubt we’ll see any progress.

Luis Howard for the Howard Family - May 30, 2014

It is obvious that Obama and his lapdogs already know that the Keystone pipeline is safe and are playing games in order not to offend the left wing enviromental wackos.

robert l chiarelli - May 30, 2014

I am in favor of the pipeline. It would directly add thousands of high paying jobs; plus tens of thousands support jobs, It would get the oil directly to the refineries along the gulf coast, It is a safer mwthod of transportation. than the railroads. Finally, it would cut down on the amount of business we do with foreign countries, that do not like us.

Thomas Fairbanks - May 30, 2014

I sure hope everyone that commented votes and gets as many out to vote in this election. I did not see one post that supports not building it.
I support routing the democrats that continue block this.

Chuck - May 30, 2014

I don’t have any problem with any pipeline. And if the facts were known, the southern leg is built from Cushing to the Gulf and transporting oil now. Who really knows how much of the pipeline has been built from Cushing, OK towards ND? I would bet that many miles are already built and buried and that the work goes on each day.
But to have the pipeline cross the Canadian Border to bring back bitumen is crazy. First of all bitumen is the “oil” that comes from the tar sands in Canada. Who can raise their hand and tell me what bitumen is refined into?

Who cares?
To answer the first question, bitumen is refined into asphalt and synthetic oil. In order to be pumped through the pipeline it has to be blended with thinner oil (it is TAR), in this case the fine oil coming from the Bakken fields in ND. Bitumen also sells for a steep discount to all other crude oils, everywhere. Currently it sells for around $70 per barrel, compared to $103 for WTI.
The main reason some want the pipeline to be built is, so the Gulf Coast refiners don’t have to change out some of their process equipment. They have been refining a heavy oil from the middle east for years and now they are awash in fine, light oil from the Bakken and the Eagle Ford and they would rather sell this fine, high-fuel bearing crude to the rest of the world than change their process equipment over. If the refiners could get the Canadian tar to mix with the domestic light oils, they’d be happy. They would rather save money in re-tooling their process lines than producing a product that has a higher motor fuel content to start with. Don’t forget, all these refiners are multi-nationalist companies and all are run by the globalists. They don’t give two sheets for what is good for America, only for what is good for their pocketbook.
If the pipeline is ever completed from ND to the Gulf, that would great, because it would take the crude oil off the trains and then Warren Buffet would be left playing model RR with BNSF railroad. Screw him.
To make my point one more time, Canadian biumen is not going to help America to become more free of imported oil for fuel. It only takes the the obligation off of the refiners to up-grade the process systems and adds more road oil to our inventories.
Let Canada sell it’s road tar to China, force the Gulf Coast refiners to upgrade their process lines, and maybe then WE will be awash in gasoline and diesel and the prices will come down. You readers DO know that we are exporting lots of refined fuels RIGHT NOW? Instead of allowing domestic retail prices to lower, the refiners are exporting OUR oil to other countries’ markets.
Part of my income stream is from oil production and I love $100 BBL oil, don’t get me wrong, the monthly checks are great, but everyone needs to see the bigger picture. Importing Canadian tar is not a wise thing. It will not make America independant of fuel grade crude imports. It only helps the globalist refiners. I say, open up ferderal lands and drill and frac every shale in the country. Before I’m worm dirt, it would be nice to again see 25 cent per gallon gasoline like I did when I was a kid. If the globalists will allow it.

Lori Konolige - May 30, 2014

If we foolishly refuse to build and benefit from this pipeline and the oil flowing through it, China will and other nations that are far bigger polluters than we are. In fact, advancements in technology have already made huge improvements in our carbon emissions. That will continue. In addition, lower energy prices produce all kinds of economic advantages. Best of all,
the good jobs and infrastructure improvements the profits can fund. Leaks can be fixed; fixing this economy should be a priority. The pipeline would be a good first step.

Pamela Nemeth - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline! We must not allow a lying. racially divisive, arrogant and ignorant president to have the power to stop production overwhelming appoved by a majority of the people and backed by positive environmental and fiscal studies showing its necessary worth. What has happened to real leadership that is supposed to help our country?

Mrs J Johnson - May 30, 2014

Build the XL Pipeline.

Heidi - May 30, 2014

Did this Sierra Club “talking head” ever stop to think that perhaps the reason our oil usage is down from 22 barrels a day to 19, might just be due to record high unemployment, the increased cost of fuel, leaving people with less money for things like travel, and fewer people are driving to work! Of course the pipeline is automatically “leaky” and the word “tar sands” instead of “oil sands” conjures up a dirtier image. Does he not realize that this very product is extremely valuable, and if anyone doesn’t want it leaking, it would be the oil company? Of course it is the policies of the Obama administration that are responsible for this! Why, what a wonderful idea! If we put more people out of work, we just might get that magic number down to that goal of 14 barrels per day! Of course the longer Barry is in charge, the more likely this will come to pass. Great progress King Obama, if you count destroying the country as progress. Heaven forbid we should go back to a booming economy, or create an economic environment where everyone who wants a job, is able to find a job.

Sheila - May 30, 2014

Build it! The only comment that was made that makes me think twice is that the oil will go to other countries. I hope that is not true. I would like to see the oil replace that of the Middle East oil. We need the jobs too.

Roger - May 30, 2014

The communists, posing as environmentalists, oppose anything that might create jobs or make us energy independent. The administration’s policies are all designed to bring the US down to third world status. The XL Pipe Line is contrary to Obama’s goals.

Richard Semans - May 30, 2014

We should have been building this pipeline 2 years ago !
It is the safest way of moving oil and we sure need the jobs.

Mike Todd - May 30, 2014

This administration is corrupt and destroying our economy.
They say they will approve something by a certain date then they move the date. Now with elections coming up they are pushing this decision until after the elections.
The present administration is destroying everything the United States has stood for and destroying relations with our allies in Europe.

Jacquelynn Murray - May 30, 2014

I want the pipeline. We need the jobs. We need to let the Saudis drown in their own oil.
Now, that’s out of the way.
I found the Sierra Club rep far smoother and secure in his message than our guy. He didn’t say much, only that we shouldn’t use much oil and everything else be damned.
We had tests and experts and numbers on our side, yet I did not find him compelling. I get the facial hair, the loose collar, the slightly askew tie – we want to appeal to a younger demographic. But, his delivery was halting and he looked uncomfortable. Not good. Get him some more coaching.

Lynn Hackerson - May 30, 2014

We need to build this pipeline now. The Sierra Club’s straw man argument about leaks is preposterous. How many studies will it take from this administration to get it done. Are they waiting for one that supports their position perhaps?

Roger Cable - May 30, 2014

This pipeline should have been approved years ago. Obama is catering to the environmental wackos by not doing so. As it will create thousands of jobs, the unions are all for it. It is safe and the best solution to transporting this oil.

Pete Ross - May 30, 2014

Absolutely! Build the pipeline. Could not get the vid to load.

William S.Seay - May 30, 2014

Do you thin God would keep plenty oil in the earth if he didn’t want us to use it? God also takes care of the climate also, man can’t control what God does. Man can’t even run the gov.right.

Shelly Hufford - May 30, 2014

This pipeline should be built. The Sierra Club is basing their argument on a speculative arguement that something might happen or that it might leak. Yes our consumption is down but that is because people are not working. They don’t have to drive to jobs anymore due to the policies of the current administration. The jobs created would benefit the families of the people employed by the pipeline and provide income taxes to the government. This is a no brainer. Build the pipline!

Barbara Sbrogna - May 30, 2014

The longer this is delayed, the more risk we face with oil being carried across our highways….a much more dangerous proposition. Enough with these environmental terrorists!

Thomas A Randall sr - May 30, 2014

Its a rather lame comment that the pipe will leak. we have hundreds of pipe lines crossing this country and to my knowledge none of them are leaking. Build the Keystone Pipline.

Mrs v Ritzer - May 30, 2014

Mrs. Velia Ritzer. May 30, 2014

Absolutely build Pipeline.

Ralph C Leisten - May 30, 2014

By all means, complete the pipeline. The EPA and others said the same thing about the fuel line in Alaska. They were wrong then and deeply wrong now. Build/complete Keystone Pipeline.

David - May 30, 2014

If the President was serious about alternative energy, he would be investing heavily in research and development of solar and wind power to make it affordable. We still have dependence on oil. That is not even a question. The question is where we will get that oil from, and the impact it will have on our economy and security. Without dependence on foreign oil, do you really think we would be as interested in the middle east?

Janet Blaich - May 30, 2014

Yes! Build the pipeline!

Ronald Childress - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline and remove the biggest obstacle (Obama), from office—-PERIOD!

Douglas Fiedler - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline and put thousands of people to work in high paying jobs. Were it necessary, at some point, to clean up a spill, it will be much easier than to clean up a deep water spill.

Ann Van Brunt - May 30, 2014

Hmmm Why is this administration so fond of foreign oil? Track the money and whose pocket is being lined. I say we should build and take care of North America for a change.

LORRAINE - May 30, 2014

YES, build the pipeline. Every election cycle we hear that we MUST reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Well, here is our chance to accomplish that election promise. Build it and get this country moving forward again. This project has economic prosperity written all over it.

Martha Wright - May 30, 2014

For the good of all American build, build, build the Keystone Pipeline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcos - May 30, 2014

The Alaskan pipeline certainly was built with lesser technology and far greater environmental issues to be dealt with. The whole point of the EPA and environmental wackos, for the most part, is to reduce the ability of the American capitalistic system to socialistic economics. The reduction of barrels of oil in the US is fine but not at the cost of Americans being maimed or killed in tiny cars that could be crushed by a bicycle.

Jill Cragg - May 30, 2014

It should be built, but I can’t help but wonder why refineries can’t be built up north to process the oil? If several new refineries were built in the northern states, then the long distance pipeline construction goes away. If our goal is to reduce dependance on foreign oil, then process it in the northern states and keep the gas here for US sales only. No need to put it on the world market.

debra - May 30, 2014

There are so many things that are good about doing the pipeline. Jobs would be created, we would gain greater oil independence through a friendly neighbor, and we would have our environment controls on the project. We can’t sit back and miss this opportunity!

Robert Quesenbury - May 30, 2014

BUILD it! Mr. Brune’s use of buzz words such ad “. . . leaky pipeline” is designed to provoke our emotional response to an issue which should be decided on solid evidence. It is a typical tactic of the Left when stating their case, and it has grown old and trite through their constant overuse. There is always some risk to every important issue, but the risk of the pipeline is miniscule comparet to the risk of enormous spills from leaky tankers subject to all sorts of hazardous natural and manmade features.

Keith Childress - May 30, 2014

We most definitely need to build the pipeline.
Economic growth and national security are the two main reasons.

William Simback - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline!
If you look at a map of existing pipelines in the US you will see how many are in service safely. It is much safer to move oil in a pipeline than it is by rail. Rail costs $50/barrel vs $8/barrel in pipeline. Of course the major rail company benefiting from all the current shipping would lose business. (Warren Buffet).

Installing the pipeline through the farmland in the plains states will not ruin the farmland. Once the line is in, the land can still be used as it is now. The construction will be much easier than that of the Alaskan Pipeline!

We need the energy! Politics is the only reason it is not built yet!

L Marie Harris - May 30, 2014

Absolutely, BUILD the pipeline! Stop delaying, and put people to work.

Len Gomberg - May 30, 2014

The pipeline should definitely be built, for all the reasons stated in the video and by those who commented. The delay is political, and the longer it goes on, the greater the possibility Canada could renege on the deal and build their own pipeline to their own salt water port in BC.

Philis brown - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline

Joe - May 30, 2014

I live in Western North Dakota, and there are more and more jobs available each and every day. Tanker trucks and trains carry the oil out, and that is no where near as environmentally friendly as a pipeline would be. Housing is in short supply, and can’t be built fast enough. Keystone XL will provide many times more jobs than the state department estimates. Yes it should be built…

Ann Rave - May 30, 2014

Yes, build the pipeline. The environmentalists are like “chicken little” and losing credibility. What they do is put the earth before people and that is a religion called “pantheism”. Look it up.
They are forcing their religious views on the rest of us through all the environmental laws of which many are “beyond the pale”.

David Trader - May 30, 2014

IF the oil use numbers quoted are indeed accurate, the reason is probably that we are using much more natural gas, and Obama has not done a thing to help that. And, why shouldn’t we be using more oil from the U.S. and Canada and increase our independence on imported oil?

Bob Davis - May 30, 2014

Did they play the violin as the Sierra Club rep spoke?

Balderdash, let’s get on with the thing and start providing employment for Americans, and oil for our economy.

Norman Reindl - May 30, 2014

Concerning energy independence common sense dictates the need to go head with construction of the Keystone Pipeline.
Another very important factor in gaining energy independence and a healthier environment is energy conservation starting in the home. Castro was right at least one time when he said America owes the rest of the world an apology for the amount of energy it uses.

Barry - May 30, 2014

This project has been reviewed longer than it took for us to win WWII. It has been found safe. We need the jobs. We need to be energy independent. We need to not be obstructed by special interest groups who may believe that they have the best interests of America in mind—but there seems to be little evidence to support that belief!

Linda Stephenson - May 30, 2014

It absolutely should be approved and put into action immediately. It is safe! Why do we continue to support mideast oil at exhorbitant cost? Who is the govt trying to appease by denying this to the American People.

gary bloom - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline

Eileen Reid - May 30, 2014

Yes build the Keystone Pipeline. The many “plus’s” outweigh the few minus’s. We need to keep moving forward instead of “falling” back to the status of a third world country. The pipeline offers more to the economy and it does need help. AND it certainly will NOT lower the standard of living we enjoy in this USA.

Pat Baird - May 30, 2014

Have some experience with the Sierra Club in the past. I was an outdoor enthusiast and thought the group might have similar interest. As a contrary issue I worked at a power plant. The topic of discussion at my first Sierra Club meeting was the power plant and how dirty the emissions where. We burned natural gas, but they had no idea or concern for the type of fuel we burned. Found the Sierra Club to be mostly against things with no fact to back it up. They also turned their nose up at my 60 mpg motorcycle. Later came across a campsite where they had and outing and it was a trash dump, we cleaned it up. As a final note, if the power went out, these where some of the first people to call and usually not very nice about the fact that there power was out. So yes! For a number of reasons we need the XL pipeline and wouldn’t trust any Sierra Club “facts”.

Lola Staples - May 30, 2014

I am in favor of building he Keystone Pipeline! Let’s just do it!

Bob Pavy - May 30, 2014

Pipeline would bring more jobs, less energy independence. It is a no brainer. I support building it as soon as possible.

P. Kathy Kleiman - May 30, 2014

This is totally unacceptable. If we would have already built this pipeline, we could have sold the crude to Poland and the Ukraine and avoid letting Putin play a game with these country’s oil and gas. Simply preposterous. Environmentalists study for years, all the while using millions to do these “studies.” No wonder it takes so long, as long as the money keeps coming, these studies will go on for years. Studies will still be going on when my grandchildren would have forgotten the name “Keystone Pipeline’!

Wes Macnab - May 30, 2014

Build the XL Pipeline now. It will be much safer than hauling crude by truck or railroad tank cars. The Sierra Club arguments as always are week.

john p sullivan - May 30, 2014

build it and a modern refinery.

Jerry McDonough - May 30, 2014

I am so tired of the sierra people and their trumping up as much pollution controversy as possible to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. They disrupt only to maintain there own power structure and salaries plus perks.

Don Laackman - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline.

Thomas E Shipley Jr. - May 30, 2014

It is seldom that we know what business is ready to contribute to thousans of Jobs. Here, we know. The only reason it has not been appreoved is because Obama need money to win Novermer elections. A major source of money are those who disparage fossil fuels — such as the con debaters affiliates.
Tom Shipley

Teresa - May 30, 2014

Yes, the pipeline needs to be built. The jobs brought forth by this project are greatly needed. This administration has done nothing to create jobs or anything else for that matter.

Rob Levada - May 30, 2014

So, part of the argument is that we will go backwards by 10 years. I would rather have a that vibrant economy and far less regulation than we have now. These people believe that the only way humans can exist on this planet is if we don’t affect the environment at all. When will the environment be clean enough? It’s a simple question. The answer is that it’s not really about the environment, it’s about power and control of every aspect of our lives. Build it yesterday!

Tom Kelly - May 30, 2014

After Solyndra it’s hard to believe the enviros. When I see a 747 fly over my house powered by alternative fuels I will then believe. To deny the Keystone based on emotion is almost criminal.

Walter Slater - May 30, 2014

If the Federal Government has approved this I can’t see why we can’t move forward on this matter. It appears to more of a political problem rather than practical application.

John C. - May 30, 2014

With the desperate need for JOBS in the US, the delay in building the pipeline is just one of the MANY, MANY, examples of the incalculable DAMAGE the Obama Administration has done to our once great country. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Marti - May 30, 2014

Absolutely. We have a President who is ruled by people who tout about being concerned about the environment. They have a political agenda and I hope people are understanding that. The EPA has served it’s purpose; now it is overstepping it’s original purpose with a President who supports them totally. It’s time for the EPA to be done away with.

K Stephens - May 30, 2014

We should definitely build the Keystone Pipeline. Also, instead of sending all that oil to China or other countries, we should keep it for the United States and thus reduce the cost of our gas. Everything is currently increasing in price. We need a price break on something!

rod smith - May 30, 2014

Build the pipeline already! Not only economic benefits, but also political leverage over China who needs the oil and will get the oil one way or the other. While with everything there are environmental concerns/risks, the risk of not doing this is much greater to us as Americans.

Mike Earley - May 30, 2014

Sounds like we should build the pipeline. It appears as if all the environmental questions have been addressed.

Robert Kappmeyer - May 30, 2014

Sierra Club has seldom been correct, as they work only on an emotional basis. The pipeline will provide jobs, independence, and support for our economy that has seldom been seen in modern times.

Nick Naiukow - May 30, 2014

Why shouldn’t we get a profit on oil rather than the Mideast. We can build up our reserves and use that as a token like the arabs do to us. Independency is the name of the game. We want to be the superpower irregardless of what this present administration says. Global & Green are communistic.

Ed Jonson - May 30, 2014

The Sierra Club amplifies the current Administration’s claim for credit to a new high. If rhetoric and little facts wins the day, we won’t be building the Keystone pipeline soon. Would that common sense prevail.

Paul A. Clements - May 30, 2014

Quit bickering about the pipeline and build it. We need more jobs for our Country for all America to survive. These Environmentalist are continuously throwing a scare into the general public and they are the ones that are setting our country back. Let common sense prevail and let us move forward for a bright future for all of us.
Paul Clements

Reynold Lackey - May 30, 2014

make the case!

gINGER Lee - May 30, 2014

I think we must build the pipeline, we need the energy, we need the jobs. I do not believe there is global warming. Building #Make the case.

Tony Yung - May 30, 2014


David L. Christensen - May 30, 2014

Yes – Just get with it, but after the election. If it is approved before the election I would be afraid that the
Democrat party would be an overwhelming favorite in November.

Alberta Kanya - May 30, 2014

The pipeline would do all the things the Heritage Foundation experts says and TC Pipelines and the US workers would make the line safe. TCP has been in the pipe business for many years and a lot of its major installations are in the US. If Gov. Cuomo of NY State would allow fracking, it would increase our eastern supply of oil and gas (he’s currently being sued). I can’t buy the greenhouse gas emergency and the pressure against coal and drilling in the US. We get a lot of airborne pollution from China and other developing countries. I support the Keystone Pipeline and deplore the effort to try to eliminate developing of resources in the US. It is costing jobs and wasting our taxpayer money.

William - May 31, 2014

I was an agricultural research scientist with Eli Lily & Co.
CO2 increases are benificial for food production. Build it !!!

CHARLES F GOTTER - May 31, 2014

I am not real sure of supporting the pipeline yet but I do know that a lot of supporters feel that it will make us an oil exporter and therefor will make the price of gas more stable and cheaper. Never gonna happen!

Carl Bakken - May 31, 2014

I think the Keystone Pipeline should be built. Look at the one in Alaska, no problems there, is there? A small group of conservationists has way too much clout!

Carroll George, Falls Church, Virginia - May 31, 2014

The positives far outnumber the negatives, and are monstrously greater in value. In fact the negatives, principly environmental, are well under control. Yes, Let us build that Keystone Pipeline bringing great rewards to both Americans and Canadiens,

Holly Chapo - June 1, 2014

Build it and the jobs will come. Unequivocally!

d k - June 1, 2014

Let us have the pipeline! All you who oppose it for your religion reasons like man is making the earth too hot, green house gas is polluting the planet’ cow gases are contributing to planet destruction and all the other religion stuff the population controller police spit out of their mouths. You may stop immediately the use of all petrolium and natural gas products. You may save our sanity by shutting your illogical mouths and ride your wood wheeled no plactic seat tricycles to and fro. You may wear soil shoes and do not use a plastic umbrella to keep the lies you spit out at us from landing on your head. In other words stop being hypocrites and liars shut your mouths and let’s drill baby drill and get that pipeline going now!

Richard Freeman - June 1, 2014

The pro side of the debate used many verifiable facts whereas the con side of the debate used vague references to possible problems with the pipeline; no verifying facts just emotional allusions. On the whole, there was not enough debate on the subject to make a definitive conclusion.

Dawn Latter - June 1, 2014

I vote for the pipeline, It will bring jobs for the people. It will be good for the economy. It will bring down the price of crude oil. It will take down the control of the government over the people. It is very little risk. I say yes to the pipeline.

John Lovasz - June 1, 2014

Yes, we should build the Keystone XL pipeline as the benefits in (1) reducing our dependence on foreign oil, (2) increasing the number of American jobs, and (3) reducing the price of energy products far out way any speculated harm from co2 emissions.

Arthur Geier - June 1, 2014

This is a no brainer. This administration is just dragging it’s feet because it is not “green” energy. We need to be energy independent as a nation. It will give needed jobs, freedom from mid-east oil dependence and liberty for our people to choose the energy they want to use.

Robert Shrader - June 2, 2014

Absolutely, the pipeline should be built! The American economy runs on oil and coal, and will for decades. To deny this fact is to deny much needed jobs in the pitiful economy the current administration has given us. Safety in transporting oil will be enhances, since rail transport is decidedly more hazardous. Get the Government out of the way and build the pipeline now!!!

frank and marilyn early - June 2, 2014

Thr president has held this environmentally safe oil pipeline for too long. We need to overturn his veto by electing enough conservatives in November to make the pipeline a reality.

Ben Modica - June 2, 2014

America has hundreds of pipe lines running across the nation…One more will not destroy the country….We also have been Blessed with More OIL and NATURAL GAS then the rest of the world……We can be ENERGY INDEPENDENT with our abundance of Energy….The XL pipe line will see us through until we put our full compliment of American Energy to use…WAKE UP AMERICAN…We can save Billions of dollars and put hundreds of thousands of people to work…Thank you

Gary Radford - June 3, 2014

The pipeline is a no brainer….Just get on with it.
But wait; maybe we should just circumvent Congress and illegally change EPA regs through presidential executive orders and get that ‘ol cap and trade law into place. Remember that one? The one that was legally VOTED on and turned down in the House because of the enormous price tag associated with it. Lets ring the bells off the phones of our Congress people.

Lyons Williams - June 4, 2014

By all means, let’s move forward with the Keystone pipeline.

JERRY L. PRUITT - June 4, 2014


Juanita Martin - June 17, 2014

Would the Environmentalists have stopped Columbus? Would they have stopped anyone attempting to better the human life on Earth?
I think so. I think we would still be in the Dark Ages if the Environmentalists have their way! If Keystone is completed, many people in many countries would have an improved life.

Barbara Cooper - June 22, 2014

Thumbs up for the pipeline. Let us get politics out of this, plus the lies.

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