After September 11, 2001, Heritage was the first think tank to create a homeland security research team. Sixteen years later, that team is still at it.

“There have have been many sunshine homeland security programs in think tanks since 9/11,” said James Carafano, Vice President of The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy and E. W. Richardson Fellow. “Most drifted away as the passion of 9/11 faded but not Heritage.”

Heritage is also the first and only organization to track and compile all Islamist terror plots and attacks against the U.S. homeland since 9/11.

“We have the most robust and respected program in town,” said Carafano. “Much of the credit goes to David Inserra and his consistent work with the House Homeland Security Committee over the years.”

Inserra has been leading the charge behind conservative homeland security issues. He joined Heritage in 2012 and focuses on how to improve the refugee programprivatize the TSA, and improve cybersecurity by instating a system of active cyber defense.

In the next five years, Inserra sees home grown terrorism as one of the biggest threats to homeland security. He is also very concerned with the growing severity of cyber attacks and has published several reports on this threat.

Inserra recently testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee as part of a hearing on the radicalization and rise of terrorism in the United States.

“Heritage is well positioned to continue to advance cost-effective, risk-based solutions to the Trump Administration and Congress,” said Inserra.

Read more of Heritage’s homeland security research and commentary here.

What do you see as the greatest threat for America’s Homeland security?  Do you have any questions for Heritage’s Homeland Security team?

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Stephen Metz - August 18, 2017

I think the biggest threat to our nation’s well-being is the failure of Republicans to hold to their own principles: restoration of a small federal government, with minimal regulations, focussed on the nation’s common defense; and leading the fight to achieve maximum respect for the rights of the individual.

Richard Wittauer - August 18, 2017

I have seen many emails that state that General McMasters sends reports to George Soros daily about the White House .

Hope you can check into this maybe trader.

George Ruff - August 18, 2017

Our biggest threat is the never-ending over-spending of our governments at all levels, but especially federal, which can just get the fed to create funds out of thin air with a few keystrokes. When this house of cards comes down, we’ll see average citizens rebel, along with every form of terrorist group. I fear the only way out then is a dictatorship. Unfortunately, I think that dictatorship may well be Muslim. If that happens, heads will literally roll, heads of the innocent as well as the politicians who took us there.

Bill Coates - August 18, 2017

Greatest future threat: the disinformation being spread about American history by the public schools (Howard Zinn texts, etc.) and leftist staff in the universities. This makes radicalization easy.
Greatest current threat: multi-term incumbents in Congress who will do anything to stay in office and keep enjoying the perks and spending the taxes. We need a Congress made up of people directly out of small-to-medium-size businesses, who know how difficult Congress has made it to operate a business, and intend to change that. The big companies/corporations who keep lobbyists in D.C. are part of the problem, and cronyism must be ended.

Liz Giguere - August 18, 2017

There are many. Political correctness, put back into the training manuals who the threats are. The police profile suspects. I agree the indoctrination of students is a big threat to our country. Stop giving rights to non-citizens that Americans aren’t given. Don’t let them intimidate you by always using the racist card when they disagree and have no good ideas. Stop allowing violence in the name of free speech.

Sean LaBar - August 18, 2017

Here’s my question for the Homeland Security team at Heritage (as a former intern within the ASC, I was wondering if I could get a timely response to this question):
What books would you recommend to a graduate student who’s just beginning his studies in Homeland Security? I really liked The Future of Violence by Benjamin Wittes, but can’t seem to find other books in that particular vein of thought.

Sean L. LaBar

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - August 18, 2017


Cheryl Grosser - August 18, 2017

There are too many crazy organizations that shouldn’t be in existence and should be vetted before giving the go ahead to a negative factor in America and the world. They should be self accountable (ex. Soro)

Daniel Green - August 18, 2017

Greatest threats: radical islam and ISIS.

Dr Jessie Hummel - August 19, 2017

I remember, before Homeland Security was even a dream in anybody’s eye. When my youngest was graduating from her hard earned degree from college. I told her not to be to disappointed when she didn’t see Old Glory anywhere in the auditorium, which it wasn’t. That was back in the 90’s and I knew then that educators would take government dollars to exist and then spit in their faces by taking down Old Glory.

G. ALLAN BARNES - August 19, 2017

One of the biggest problems is the threat coming from unchecked, uninforced legal and illegal immigration. The burdens to the states and the Fed’s is enormous and getting worse by the day.
Another threat to America’s homeland security is the politically correct bilge water that is preventing profiling of bad people, lest we might hurt their feelings. Hurt feelings will heal, the damage unsecured borders have on our country will not heal easily.
As to questions for Heritages Homeland team or Homeland Security itself, we MUST secure ALL borders NOW ! If I was on Homeland Security in some capacity, I’d make sure nothing bad ever got across the borders that didn’t benefit America directly !

Christine m holley - August 19, 2017

I am deeply concerned about the Islamic influence that has infiltrated our government from the Obama administration and is continuing to influence even Republicans and people like McMasters wh sympathize with Fair. Fair is a terrorist group that should have No say in anything yet continues to influence our government, Google, Facebook, the media. I an concerned about Fair sympathizers in our national security administration, the FBI, CIA, etc.

John Collignon - August 19, 2017

Public school deformation of our children has been accelerating and expanding since the Department of Education was created. This affects Homeland Security as much as anything else mentioned in the lucid comments by others. We must eliminate or dramatically reduce the scope and size and reach of the Dept. of Ed, remembering that the proper function of education is not indoctrination in all things liberal and tolerance of all evil ideologies; but rather it should be a search for truth, goodness, and beauty, and the ability to think critically and rationally.

Sylvia - August 19, 2017

After the Korean nut job backed down following threats from Trump, Bannon contradicted Trump and told Korea there was no military possibility. Nobody should be encouraging little Kim.

Sandra Fleming - August 19, 2017

The mutual principals of confidence and security can be destroyed when human nature gives into fraud, cowardice, and revenge,,,and people are complicit to dangers when they forget their principals and watch them being destroyed due to their own apathy.

Adri Kalisvaart - August 19, 2017

A few days after 9/11 President George W. Bush gave a talk to the surviving fire fighter and rescue workers. He gave that talk while standing in the still smoldering ruins of the WTC. In that talk he proclaimed that Islam is a religion of peace. I immediately realized that we had lost the war already before it even started. Now, after 16 years of war and counting, we are still losing that war. A war that Bush the younger himself declared unwinnable.
Our commander in chief in his 2003 State of the Union Address proclaimed America is virtuous because we are willing to sacrifice our soldiers lives for the liberty of strangers. This, I consider a morally obscene statement. And what has been the result of our sacrifices? The strangers hate us with a passion. Yet, we keep sacrificing with no end in sight in Bush’s unwinnable war.
How come we are acting so unbelievably irrational and against our own interest?
In case you, and your team of “Experts on Homeland Security” are curious as to why we have lost the war, are still losing the war, and will keep on losing the war, I suggest that you read the book “Winning the Unwinnable War” by Elan Journo. I found that book an eye-opener and you would do well to invite the writer to give a talk at the Heritage Foundation.

Alan Claas - August 19, 2017

I think that one of the greatest threats to our nation is our electrical grid’s exposure to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) Our nation’s electrical grid is fully exposed to our enemies. They could inflict chaos and leave us even further exposed to our enemies. For the cost of about 10 billion dollars to enable protection of our nation’s grid, the fix needs to happen pronto. There is even a history of a solar flare sending an EMP strong enough to bring our nation to its knees.

Caroline Woodis - August 21, 2017

I think a huge threat to Homeland Security in general is the width and depth of corruption within our Federal and State governments. Few are Left who are truly looking out for the good of our country in every area: economy, education, defense, intelligence, healthcare, immigration. Instead they are looking out for #1 first and then their ideology-never for the good of the people and the country. Those who are working hard for the people get little to no support to make any headway. The other destroyer is radicalism from without and within the USA. AND NO ONE IS HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS ANYMORE. From the past president and many in his administration down to the radicals in our universities and in our city streets. The hostility and destruction increases and no one is held accountable. We have lost law and order throughout our country from top to bottom.

Ann Sharon Pelletier - August 21, 2017

The inability to recognize the threats that are coming from within our country. Law enforcement needs to have the full cooperation of every town, city and state law providers. Need massive refresher courses in what is the law and what the consequences of disobeying the law results! Seeing lots of “free passes” given to offenders. Question: what was Obama’s Unity of Effort program? How did it work? and what failed?

Tim Brady - August 22, 2017

Get rid of Obama holdovers that are still
calling the shots on many fronts dealing
with our Nation’s security, ie supporting
Soros’ subversion of foreign democracies with taxpayers money.

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