The Farm Bill that just went through the Senate is a legislative disaster, but Heritage experts have recommendations as to how to make it better.

Last week, Heritage’s Agricultural Policy Expert Darren Bakst argued that “in its current form, the Senate farm bill is many things, but conservative is not one of them.” He upheld Heritage’s stance on the matter, which is to reform the work requirements that allow the poor food stamp benefits.

Bakst maintained that the farm bill does nothing to decrease wasteful spending, reduce our dependence on the federal government, or help both the taxpayers and food stamp beneficiaries.

In another review, Bakst pointed out that the bill funnels “more taxpayer money to special interests,” which produces wasteful subsidy programs. If the bill does pass, he warned, then Congress is squandering billions of dollars on agricultural businesses that have no need for government assistance.

Americans are also unhappy that their voices are not being heard in Congress. Bakst notes that despite the fact that most Americans feel that work requirements are very reasonable for able-bodied adults who apply for welfare, the bill does not strengthen work requirements at all to qualify for food stamps.

Despite it all, the experts at Heritage continue their efforts to help reform the bad policies that are put forth by leaders in Washington. Thank you for your consistent support. You’re the one bringing the conservative message to the decisionmakers who need to hear it most as the Farm Bill goes into committee.

What do you think are the best ways to manage welfare in America?

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Mike Kayes - July 6, 2018

The best way to manage welfare is to get people off welfare. Defeating generational dependency and poverty can not be fixed quickly or easily, nor can it be fixed by the government alone. It takes a long commitment by the local community to change generational dependency, through education, job skills, and character development. Most of our country either doesn’t understand this or isn’t willing to make the necessary long-term commitment to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Robert Luther - July 6, 2018

Require work if ablebodied

George Dowdey - July 6, 2018

Adults must work to the extent possible to be eligible for welfare.
All recipients prove that they are actively seeking a job.

Cheryl Ricotta - July 6, 2018

Being able to learn responsibility and how to make a living on their own. Not encouraged to live on welfare unless an emergency and temporarily. When
I was on it years ago the system discouraged marriage and preferred you to divorce. This was in California.
Making your own way helps to feel good about your self. And the children learn respect and responsibility, they don’t have it now

Edwin - July 6, 2018

States should have people who check on recipients to see if more people stay with them than they have indicated; liars should be cut off. Convicted drug users should give up their right to welfare for a number of years. People who never pay any taxes should not be able to vote in any governmental elections.

Pamela Widman - July 6, 2018

They should drug test ALL welfare recipients, just like it is done by many employers. If they don’t pass, they should be denied benefits. Of course, with marijuana becoming legal, that shouldn’t be on the list of substances.

Dr. Linda Rosene - July 6, 2018

Change the name of the bill from “Farm Bill” to: “wasting tax payers’ dollars, again”

Ask your Heritage Action volunteers to spread this information to their social media contacts.

Don W Allison - July 6, 2018

Make it temporary, associate it with work, or education. The investment will yield a huge return in the end.

Neville Robeson - July 6, 2018

As a professional fishing guide in SW Florida for the last 37 years I can say that of all the subsidies (and in my opinion, all subsidies are wrong and should be curtailed) the most evil of all of them is the subsidy being handed out to big sugar. Our waters and estuaries are being destroyed. US Sugar has been pounding Lake Okeechobee with high phosphate fertilizers for many years and the verdict is in. Our waters, fish, and wildlife are being murdered.
Ugly masses of blue green algae are pouring out of the river into Pine Island Sound. This is the poison from the release rate of 4,000 cubic feet per second from the floodgates that has been ongoing 27/7 for weeks on end.
Just tonight another dead manatee in the local news. One of thee few stories they ran that isn’t fake “news”. Wake up people. The swamp absolutely must be drained. People should be going to Prison!

Tobilyn Hornick - July 6, 2018

I believe a prudent start would be to require an approved food/ beverage list. Americans that are receiving food stamps should be encouraged and counseled with regard to choosing wisely what they ingest as to abate the obesity crisis in our nation. The obesity rate among young people is alarming, contributing largely to a variance of diseases which in turn places a burden on taxpayers with the prodigious health care costs related to these illnesses.
These diseases and disorders, such as depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are rare to non existent in third world countries where processed and enormous amounts of food are not available. Ironically, these folks seem grateful and willing to work for food, and they appear stunningly content with the little they have.
I view welfare as a parental, nanny system, and when I was growing up, my food was provided to me for free by my folks, but I had to eat what was provided or go hungry. The choice was mine at the end of the day. All this circles back to personal ownership and responsibility. As my daddy used to comment, I’d uour feet are under my table, you abide by my rules. Fair enough. If you are blessed to receive sustenance gratis, it will cost something…. how about decent stewardship and a little skin in the game?!

Mike Kayes - July 6, 2018

Yes! Teach a man to fish principle.

arthur j muzer - July 6, 2018

A work program to earn your food no free bees. We make it to easy for people crossing the border no work no free bees, maybe they will leave when the gravy train stops.

Daniel McMahon - July 6, 2018

Handle it efficiently!!!
What does it take to qualify cor benefits?
Obviously, the requirements are either too liberal or they are being abused.
So, we must have common sense requirements that are vetted then followed up on to be sure recipients are not abusing the benefits.
Fraud must be eliminated. What food stamps can be exchanged for .just be updated.
Lobster, Liquor, etc is rediculous when average wage earners can not afford such items.
There are many ways people have developed to fraudulently use food stamps. These things must be eliminated.
I saw a story that suggested food stamps may be better controlled if they only able to be used at government operated online stores. May well be a great idea.
Work requirements ought to be something that keeps people busy and moves the toward employment without creating another “Protected Class”
The requirements should not be some silly busy work,easy to get by standard.
It should relevant training that will move people to the labor force.

Grace C. Chang - July 6, 2018

Fake “poor” people put their assets under their family members’ names in order to be qualified for welfare. Social workers encourage and help rich pregnant foreigners to apply for our welfare… We never have enough human power to check them out. the Best way is teaching civil education in 4th to 9th grade of public schools, so ALL welfare systems go to those who really in need and not to be abused. Let students know the consequence of the tragedy of American False Compassion.

TIM CRUME - July 6, 2018

Multi step program.
1. Determine who is able to work.
2. Assist them in finding a job based on what is available.
3. After work is made available, then their welfare payout is based on what they make per month. The government matches what they make. If they make a dollar then their check is a dollar. If they make 1500.00 dollars, then their check is 1500.00. A max amount could be put in place for the motivated.

Herbert Asbury - July 6, 2018

Provide support for those that really need help along with a program to help them move up on the income scale. Incorporate incentives that will lead them off of welfare.

Kathy Toms - July 6, 2018

Limit the time on any government program, drug test and take away the children in households where the parent clearly can not or will not take care of the children. Mandatory work requirement and have one recipient be the child care provider for at least three families so they can go to work. Cap the amount of benefits for families. Have investigators find the fathers and make them pay. Also the investigators can see if the recipients are working under the table.

Dr. Melville - July 6, 2018

Everyone works also. Brooms and dustpans never go out of style. If they are able and not on disability, injured…everyone works — manual labour or whatever needs to be done in the city. Trash pick-up, clean city parks, etc.

Susan Sperou Allen - July 6, 2018

I believe like the pathway to citizenship there should be a pathway to get back to work to qualify for food stamps. People who are disabled should have the right to food stamps if needed. If one is a student they should have some accountability.

Danny West - July 6, 2018

Drug testing

Cris Dosev - July 6, 2018

They should drug test ALL members of Congress and if they fail they should be shown the exit. And by the way, marijuana should be at the top of the list. There cannot be any other reason for their out of control spending other than they all have been smoking dope.

Sunny - July 6, 2018

I agree… Drug test. If they have a card for marijuana, cool! But they need to B a American!! Mostly because tax payers pay into it. Americans shouldn’t have to support everyone else problems! Once on assistance… No need work just free ride. Vets should B taken care of!

S kip Borgerson - July 6, 2018

No free lunch! Every able adult must have a job, participate in public projects, or be in training for a job to be eligible for public assistsnce.

Jere - July 6, 2018

Any able bodied person receiving welfare should be required to work for the money. There are many things that can be done like cleaning litter out of parks and city streets, doing paperwork for government agencies like motor vehicles, stocking shelves in libraries, and perhaps working for private companies doing whatever tasks they can. This could serve to provide training and experience for some so they can get off of welfare.

William Shackelford - July 6, 2018

Why are welfare benefits included in the Farm Bill? A Farm Bill should be about farmers. Family farmers need a bill that makes it easier to sell their products not a bill which helps large corporate farms who do not need subsidies but only waste money. Make a separate bill covering welfare benefits where they can be addressed as the individual items they are.

William E Frost - July 6, 2018

Free means it costs the taxpayer. ME! Add up what all these deadbeats get and it’s more than a family making $50,000 a year. Why should they work? Why shouldn’t the illegals keep coming? Make them work for what they get. If they refuse, make it hurt. Start putting the squeeze on the takers instead of the taxpayer.

Joline Tate - July 6, 2018

Able bodied welfare recipients who are not the primary parent responsible for under age children should be required to work or be in training for a job (maximum training – 2 yrs; seeking a job – 6 months)

Garry Zatarain - July 6, 2018

The welfare state has grown exponentially since Johnson penned it into law. The safety net idea has become more of an entitlement program. There needs to be true accountability for those who utilize these services. As more “Free” programs are rolled out and not reigned in, they bloom into programs which take away from things like Medical for veterans, SSI, Medicare, senior housing for citizens. It is time to renovate the programs beyond these three. All of those three programs citizens contributed to these programs, and should receive their promised benefits.

Joline Tate - July 6, 2018

Under no circumstances should welfare benefits or food stamps be provided to illegal immigrants.

Donald Waggener - July 6, 2018

I believe that the administration recently proposed moving SNAP out of the Farm Bill. This would allow Congress to define what each is supposed to do and to measure performance to the stated goals. We need a safety net for citizens, but the goal should be full employment by all able bodied people that want to work.

Helen`Kaufman - July 6, 2018

I have read all the comments and agree with all of them. We need to take our country back. Our family and our ancestors worked very hard for what we have.

Jerry O Wilkins - July 6, 2018

As much as possible, let welfare issues be worked out on the state level. May the best, most successful states lead the way for other states to follow.

Tom Lanners - July 6, 2018

The Food Stamp program should be removed from any Farm Bill immediately. Giving taxpayer money away to people who do not work, has nothing at all to do with farming. The farming subsidies are another story.
Strict work requirements and a strict ending date for any food stamp recipient.
I would end it all immediately, except for the fact it’s been going on since L.B.J.’s Great Society in 1965. We have generations that are used to taking taxpayers money, and not working. But they do vote Democratic.

Carl P - July 6, 2018

Welfare and unemployment by the federal government should be eliminated and let the states deal with it.
There are more job openings than people to fill them for the first time in history so these lazy people should get off their ass and find a job.

Emma M Gifford - July 6, 2018

1. Followup on job applications to see why they weren’t hired.
2. Be sure the family has enough to live on and not just get by.
3. Put them to work doing general public service, i.e. cleaning roadsides, taking care of medians etc.
4. When they do get a job, do followup to make sure their doing well and not just getting by.

Leona Loveless - July 7, 2018

I worked at the State level so am aware of the fraud in the Welfare system. Work requirements should be stronger and should be enforced more vigorously. There are those who have residences outside the state, coming to the US for Snap and cash assistance. They even brag that they know
how to ‘work’ the system. I also agree with drug testing as part of the eligibility for receiving benefits.

Thomas Lewis - July 7, 2018

What do you think are the best ways to manage welfare in America?
In the long term, work towards getting the Federal Gov’t out of the welfare racket by relegating the tax support and funding of every welfare benefit to the States and to charities, and let them manage it. At the same time make charitable gifts directly deductible from income, or even a direct reduction of the income tax itself – leaves out the middleman , see?

Eric C Seidel - July 7, 2018

Government support from any level is intended to help those who cannot substantially help themselves. Payback, either partial or complete must be part of any entitlement program and the avenues for restitution can be as simple or creative as any American mind – – consider it like any other bill : no substance without reimbursement to the government.

James Rush - July 7, 2018

Drug test all welfare recipients….just like most employers do!! Strengthen work requirements….if they can’t find work—then mandatory job training. No welfare or food stamp benefits to illegal immigrants!!

Eric C Seidel - July 7, 2018

Job openings – serve both ends by listing employers for those who apply for support

Frank Broadrick - July 7, 2018

Efforts should be made to step up enforcement of criminal abuse of the system. There are significant criminal enterprises that work to convert food stamp subsidies to cash. DOJ should make public the prosecution of these cases to create a deterrent effect on a crime that appears to be low priority.

John Ell - July 7, 2018

“Workfare” not welfare!

Timothy Draelos - July 7, 2018

Encourage local care of people in need and discourage federal care through the following order. 1. Improving/supporting the family, 2. Encouraging local community organizations, then 3. limited local, state, and federal support with time, education, and/or work requirements/accountability.

J Jones - July 7, 2018

top all the freebies and the illegals will not come. duh

Roger - July 7, 2018

Work for welfare just like the tax payors do.

John Northcutt - July 7, 2018

It has been noted that now there are enough jobs for all able bodied Americans. There should be no welfare for any American that is qualified to work. If not qualified should be put in a training program to get qualified.

James Leither - July 7, 2018

I believe some people need/deserve a helping hand once in a while. IT SHOULD NOT BE PERMANENT. After having a child or two they should either be fixed or the amount received should not increase. Anyone receiving money from the govt should be required to take a drug test. There should be a lifetime dollar amount and when that amount has been reached the funds need to stop. People coming into our country to have anchor babies should not be allowed legal status! Our country has become way to lenient to outsiders and does not take care of the elderly people that have paid into SS and other programs.

Ron Lesley - July 7, 2018

put them to work. do something, pick up trash along roads or city streets. clean up parks and roadsides. lets make the country beautiful again.

Ron Otis - July 7, 2018

Facebook banned/censored the Video “I Stand For The Flag” from it’s Facebook site which should be illegal and against the First Amendment, how is social media working with Conservatives when they take this type of action on the 4th of July our countries Independence day? Facebook and other social media that is anti freedom should be exposed for who they really are.

See Below as reported from ICYMInews;

The patriotic country ensemble known as the Wes Cook Band was censored by Facebook earlier this week while trying to promote their new song: “I Stand for the Flag.” (TheBlaze)

After releasing a video for the ballad, Facebook initially approved the band’s application to use paid promotional tools. But then, the social media giant revoked the request citing “political content.”

As shown above, the censorship of the video has been confusing to many, given the song’s lyrics encouraging community amongst all Americans.

“Don’t care if you’re black or white, or who you love,” part of the chorus goes, “I stand for the flag, and the flag stands for all of us.”

In one verse, lead singer Wes Cook continues, “I stand for showing kindness, treating everyone with love. Be proud of who you are, don’t forget where you came from.”

Once again, Facebook is facing widespread ridicule.

Sandra Richard - July 7, 2018

I believe Americans first, not illegal immigrants first. I so wish we would get back to being Pro-Americans.

Scott SMITH - July 7, 2018

Make sure people who can work, work! Make sure food stamps can ONLY be spent on food! Education and on the job training is also required.
Give a year or so to recipients to get there act together and cut them off. Remember if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you give him a fishing pole you feed him for life.

Virginia Ross - July 7, 2018

Quit giving it away to people who do not deserve it. If they will not work, neither should they eat.

Kory Trebbin - July 7, 2018

I feel that welfare’s system of approvals needs to be reworked. People know the system as it stands and work the system for their benefit. Welfare should only be granted to those who have contributed to society in some form such as charities/public works/ministry/outreach. In other words you have to give to get not just get with no end in sight. Work is the answer.

David Lopez - July 7, 2018

Welfare-should be a supplement for people that work. Many times a person making $1K per month is not eligible, but should be allowed about $900.00 in welfare money to supplement their income. No more credit cards that can be re-charged, but given actual paper script money(as it used to be).
Make them have a drug test,except cannabis, and make them work.

George Knoll - July 7, 2018

Work for welfare. Once children are going to school or can be in day care, the parent must be working or looking for work or getting training. Just like those parent(s) trying to make ends meet in the working world.

Jerome Lorenz - July 7, 2018

Welfare needs to become workfare and reduced to absolute subsistence levels. Having observed too many overweight people checking out their loaded carts at Walmart, I’m sickened to see them using EBT Cards.

Laura Franco - July 7, 2018

Let free market govern sales of food produce. Stop government subsidies. Require work for welfare, the same as for unemployment.

Janet Elliott - July 7, 2018

Require welfare recipients to work if at all possible. Let states have more say in that.

Eric Raines - July 7, 2018

First, the Feds and States must develop a very strict anti-fraud system consisting of systems comprised of computer databases, connectivity to all available data, and reputable people who run the searches and reports. Afterwards, Welfare payments for able-bodied persons should be commensurate with proof of work or proof of training to acquire a skill. Non-working or training able-bodied persons should be terminated from Welfare.

Women who give birth to children merely for welfare payments should be notified of a payment end-date. Nonable-bodied persons should be trained to do some productive activity.

Ray DeWitt - July 7, 2018

Congress has no authority under our constitution to take from people and give it to others.
Churches and civic organizations is the proper place for this compassionate program. Not subsidized by our government.

Diane Jones - July 7, 2018

No Welfare, SNAP benefits for illegals.
They must show proof of citizenship.
Able bodied folks should be required to work or get training for new jobs. Those with a medical condition; no. Those principals looking after a child no. One child is a mistake, 2 maybe, three NO.
If it is because of a divorce or death, then it is different. That cannot be helped. Snap requirements need to be leveled out thruout the country. NJ is very strict but the Carolinas are so lax it isn’t right. Liquor, cigs, of any kind should not be allowed. Expensive cuts of meat should not be allowed. I can’t afford them why should they get Filet Mingon? I do think rotisserie chickens should be allowed; no cooking, no gas, electric needed. Even homeless could eat them. It isn’t in NJ. You have to buy a chicken & cook it. We need more jobs for them to participate in. Part Time even. Then helping them further makes sense.. Just like a Senior on SS can’t make over a certain amount.
Seniors also qualify at times for SNAP. No pension, low SS, used up savings; drugs, sickness etc. Many farmers may need the help after years of farming, using up savings, no SS or very low SS, no pension. Big Business Farms are making it very hard to make it today.

Marthe Leeks - July 7, 2018

All welfare recipients providing they can function should be made to work in one way or another to gain the rights to be helped until they can find permanent work.

Ronald May DMD - July 7, 2018

Most importantly, we need to assure that ghetto children are given the highest level teachers (who receive special compensation for their exceptionally difficult yet promising job!) so that they can read and write at their grade level or higher. Numerous studies demonstrate that it takes two years for a student to “catch up” after a year with a bad teacher and four years with consecutive derelict instructors who expect nothing from the students. Get the students AND their parents involved in their education and the “victimization” mentality will start to dissolve. They will learn of the upward mobility opportunities available for increasing educational skills. They will get away from the “welfare slavery” dependancy built by the Democratic politicians.
Create meaningful and quality vocational based programs which provide a higher quality of service jobs and, in most cases, a very pleasant income. Not everyone needs a college education or can afford one. I am a Dentist AND a contractor, so I can speak from both sides of the issue.
The Democratically run alphabet soup of teachers unions and their preposterous regulations have made it a bureaucratic nightmare to fire inadequate or grossly underperforming slugs whose only interest is to get to the exceptional retirement benefits after robbing so many children for an adequate start towards adulthood.
Have you ever noticed how well most black immigrants
do in school and in the job market because they are not victims of Welfare Slavery????

Thomas F Stark - July 7, 2018

1) Drug-testing for all recipients.
2) Work requirment at least as stringent as was present in the 1996 Welfare Reform Law.
3) Subsidies are nothing more than the means to pay back donors to campaigns. ALL subsidies should be made illegal. It is not the place of the federal government to pick winners and losers through subsidies or tax loopholes.
4) Return to the constitutionally mandated federal responsibilities and leave everything else to the states to handle. The feds have used the commerce clause and the so-called “welfare clause” in the preamble (technically not part of the constitution) as excuses to expand its power.
5) Drop the income tax in favor of a consumption tax that replaces all other taxes other than tariffs and import duties. Apply the principles encompassed by


All welfare recipients should be tested for illegal drug use. If they are not responsible for child care, they should be required to be involved in some kind of job training.

Bruce Baumann - July 7, 2018

Not only should racipients be drug free, unless they are disabled, it should be a demand that they have some job to obtain their benefits. We surely need help on the fire lines here in the west.

Richard Lorenz - July 7, 2018

All great comments by my conservative friends but nothing seems to change. Our federal government continues to take us for fools and spend our hard earned money and give our tax dollars to people who continue to live off the government dole. We have a great opportunity to rid this country of the rhinos and the dummy crats by everyone exercising their right to vote in the vitally important mid terms coming up and continue to take our country back.

Pat Ellis - July 7, 2018

Require recipients of welfare to register each year with full new documents with birth certificates, social security, Gov’t ID of where they live etc. They should be investigated. There is too much fraud. There should be a NATIONAL database so there cannot be duplications.

Pat Ellis - July 7, 2018

Drug testing is a great idea and it should include marijuana. If they spend money getting high, that do not need public assistance.

Dennis Shannon - July 7, 2018

We should stop subsidizing corn, soybean and other commodities. There are corporate farms receiving more than a million dollars in subsidies that they don’t need. At the same time vegetable growers don’t receive subsidies, so the government is picking winners and losers.
Let USDA focus on what it was created for – improving agriculture. Welfare and other social programs should be the responsibility of other agencies.

Coreen Glen - July 8, 2018

No benefits for illegal immigrants.
Drug tests for ALL welfare recipients!
Able-bodied people who are not the parents of pre-school children must work in some capacity, even if it is for a non-profit as a volunteer.

Harold Knowles - July 8, 2018

“If a man is not willing to work, do not feed him.” (St Paul)

Diane Keller - July 8, 2018

Work is the best welfare – insist on it. Drug test all recipients. Take SNAP out of Farm Bill and make healthy food the only choice. Reduce fraud by consolidating existing programs and eliminating any overlap.
Tighten disability so it doesn’t cover self-induced disability.

George Blumel - July 8, 2018

The Sugar Program is one of the worst parts of the Farm Bill. With quotas and tariffs on imported sugar we pay double the world price when buying anything containing sugar. Candy and cookie companies have left for Canada and Mexico. Big Sugar makes million$ and they pay politicians to continue to protect them from competition. Trump would call that “unfair” IF other countries did that –but not when our career pols do it.

Jim Rowlett - July 8, 2018

1. Separate the “Farm Bill” into two parts, one dealing with infrequent critical assistance to primarily small commercial farming.
2. All the currently included individual social welfare programs. Give this job to the states.

Charles Ferguson - July 8, 2018

Reform. Budget. Stop just pouring money on problems. Use social media to let people know why a program is dropped, changed, or gets increased spending.

JOHN HUBER - July 8, 2018


Nancy Berg - July 8, 2018

reform work requirements for food stamp recipients and stop funneling billions of dollars to special interest groups such as agriculture businesses that have no need of government assistance

S Scoffield - July 8, 2018

It should not be called the “Farm Bill” unless it strictly is centered on agriculture.

Shirley Hane - July 8, 2018

Please keep your push going forward. Big farmers are big corporations! They should not catch a financial break. Small family farmer deserve relief from time to time. Why is the food stamp program in the farm bill? Seems to me it should be a separate welfare stand alone bill with work requirements for able bodied people.

John Wier - July 8, 2018

Cut food stamps in half if you do not work.

June Ann Humphrey - July 9, 2018

A work requirement for
Food stamps is a good policy
Then people will not say,”if I work my family does not get food stamps”

June Ann Humphrey - July 9, 2018

Heritage needs to put pressure on Republicans to put more pressure on Mueller,
The FBI, the DOJ, & pass a good immigration policy

Janice Goodell - July 9, 2018

Research each recipient o see what they can do. I am the mother of a welfare daughter due to health issues. Even a small job is a good idea, maybe.

Kathleen Wiley - July 9, 2018

I read all the comments and agree with what’s been said. I believe 100% all recipients of welfare AND food stamps should be drug tested AND should have an end date unless in a true disability state that prevents them from working.

Kathlyn Bonita Berger-Houde - July 9, 2018

I’ve communicated my concerns to Washington, but have no response to date. My understanding is that the farmers get paid whether or not, e. g., the cattle survive inclement weather. But, the bill provides a double payment to the farmers without mandating that they protect their cows, many of whom die as a consequence of not being protected during snow storms, etc… It’s criminal! And, Washington doesn’t hear my voice..I’ve called Congressman Steve King’s office to not repeal protections for animals as a bill he was supporting did.
I’ve written to Congressman Vern Buchanan as his voice is one protecting humane animal rights. I’ve written to legislators about the need for protecting the horses that the BLM is, I understand, and has sold with the consequence being that these poor beautiful horses are butchered by Mexican slaughterhouses. It’s horrible.

Please keep up registering dissatisfaction with the Farm Bill. And, please voice your concern for the unlawful sale of American horses to Mexico and Canada, or anywhere. This needs to stop.. . Under Pres. Reagan’s Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act, these precious animals. should be ensured our government’s protection, not a death sentence.. Washington is not listening.
Thank you.
Kathlyn Houde

Evette Calen Feagin - July 10, 2018

Incentives for college education so they can get a job and better jobs.

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