In response to President Trump’s executive order calling for each agency to put together a plan to increase efficiency within the federal government, Heritage experts just released the Blueprint for Reorganization. This comprehensive analysis of the federal agencies lays out a plan to reorganize their structure, eliminate wasteful spending, and increase efficiency.

In order to seize this opportunity, Heritage experts from all different disciplines came together and worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive reorganization plan based on fundamental conservative positions.

This plan provides a detailed analysis of just how to “drain the swamp.” It outlines what departments ought to be cut back, when they should be cut back, and how. In fact, the plan recommends the elimination of 53 programs within the different agencies.

Thanks to you, Heritage was able to seize this opportunity. Thanks to you, Heritage is equipped with the resources and dedicated staff able to turn out a comprehensive plan on short notice. And thanks to you, Heritage was able to maximize a truly unique opportunity to apply our core principles to make real impact on the federal government.

Read the full Blueprint for Reorganization plan >>

Do you believe the federal government needs to be reorganized? What federal agencies would you like to see cut?

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Jan - June 16, 2017

Yes, the Fed Gov’t needs reforming. It is spending way too much and creating too many regulations.

Richard Bultemeyer - June 16, 2017

Cut out the Dept. of Education

loretta - June 16, 2017

Cuts from Federal Budget:
Dept of Education
I would also like to see a complete audit of the Federal Govt. I’ sure we could find many more NGO’s that could be reduced or eliminated

Sharon l Young - June 16, 2017

Government has grown under Obama Administration to enormous size it is as a Bureaucratic Titanic and very corrupt as it can get as All such governments would be. As such it works for its own self interest not We The People’s. We must return it to working for the people, you & me as soon as possible. Power to The People thank you.

Janet Parrott - June 16, 2017

Get out of the UN.
Close the Dept. of Education
Close the Dept. of Energy
Abolish the IRS
Get out of the insurance business (healthcare, retirement, living quarters)

ROBERT MCWAIN - June 16, 2017

Drain all the swamps and reorganize everything that is possible.

Joe Mitcho - June 16, 2017

Cut the departments of Energy and Education. Energy was created, int the 70s to reduce our dependence on imported oil, which did not happen. Education is the responsibility of the states, not the Federal Government. EPA can be reduced because many states have their own EPA type function.

Richard Davis - June 16, 2017

We need to expose the corruption on both sides of the isle. We have too many in office that are nothing more than prostitutes. They take money from large corporations funneled to them through political action groups. We need to publish
the names of the corporations and the receiving congressman, and the goals of the corporation.

Bill Coates - June 16, 2017

To be eliminated or heavily cut: Education, Commerce, Transportation, Housing & Urban Development, We did all those things very well before their Departments were created.
To be repurposed and reduced:
1. Interior – the vast majority of BLM and USFS land, especially in the West, should be turned over to the ownership of the states. Federal management procedures are cumbersome and wasteful, with way too much judicial interference and lawsuits from parties who have no proper standing to meddle in local affairs. Resources, especially recreational, scenic, and agricultural, are best managed locally by people whose lives they affect.
2. EPA – must be taken out of the hands of agenda-driven ‘clean freaks’ and supervised by actual health professionals who will base their recommendations on demonstrated health effects on species that have some economic consequences.
3. All regulatory agencies: Article 1 of the Constitution states that all laws are to be passed by Congress, and gives no authority to delegate that power to executive-branch agencies. Article 4 Section 4 states that we are guaranteed a republican form of government (laws made by representatives accountable to the people (i.e. elected)). All regulations must be only recommendations, to be debated in Congress before passage as laws. All penalties are to be imposed only by jury trials, not by ‘administrative law judges’ outside the judicial branch.

Kathleen - June 16, 2017

Yes ! The Federal Government needs to be reorganized – as far as cuts go I really think you have to go back somewhat to Reagan – and even Judge Scalia we need the best Education – yet we need the best the future has to offer
the best HealthCare , Tax Reform , Definitely the Budget, We have the best President who wants nothing but the best for all, Republicans should Stand By Their Man , Steve Scalise does, get the bills passed you can always amend, by the way the mans name to stand by – President Donald John Trump !

Harley Hunter - June 16, 2017

The original Constitution permitted only 4. Get rid of the other 8 agencies & ALL their offshoots whose only purpose in life is to grow bigger & employ more incompetent blood sucking parasites who can’t be fired!

Robert Marshall - June 16, 2017

There is no Constitutional authority for Federal intrusion into education. All should be done away with and the federal department completely closed.

Morgan Nields - June 16, 2017

1) Get rid of Dept of Education. All the things they do can be done more efficiently by the states. Send the states the $ and phase out any federal dollars.
2) Reorganize Dept of Energy to maintain only their historical control over nuclear labs and weapons. Any issues regarding energy can be better served by competition in the marketplace: wind, solar, gas, oil, geo thermal etc

Linda Perruso - June 16, 2017

I don’t know the requirements that allow Federal Government workers to work from home 2 days per week, but I know it’s being abused. Having lived in Northern VA for more than 30 years I personally know people who actually work 2nd jobs during their Federal work from home day! My suggestion would be to require anyone within a 20 mile radius of a government facility to work out of that office. Also, I’ve been told by Federal workers that they are subsidized for their transportation costs. That can’t be true!?

Don Pearce - June 16, 2017

We should eliminate the Dept of Education and the Dept of Energy and we need to dramatically reform the IRS, HHS, EPA, Social Security and Medicare.

Christa Ohlich - June 16, 2017

Complete audit of Fed Gov
Close Education Dep
Abolish IRS,
Cut the Dept of Energy,
Independent health insurance

Sergio Gregoretti - June 16, 2017

The VA shuld be shut down and replaced by a system that allows the veterans to have the needed care in the facility of their choice, possibly close to where they live. Drug benefits could be provided like in the private sector, with the government paying all or part or prrescribed medications, dispensed by regular pharmacies such as Walmart, Publix etc. with no need of VA pharmacies. VA hospitals should be closed and torn down and the real estate sold to help financing the plan. Laying off the thousand of worthless V A employees will abundantly cover the expense of the new system with huge savings.

Dennis Dorsheimer - June 16, 2017

Department of Education needs to be cut back and eventually eliminated.

Robert C. Biggio - June 16, 2017

IRS, Education, EPA and all regulatory agencies – Congress is suppose to pass all laws so they are Unconstitutional! And finally just get the hell out of the ANTI-US United other Nations !!!!

Dr. Bill Shade - June 16, 2017

Eliminate the Department of Education, EPA, and DER.
Create a flat tax and eliminate IRS

Don Hawkins - June 16, 2017

Department of Education. Presently they are a propaganda machine for the progressive liberals. Needs to be revamped or eliminated.
Internal Revenue Service. They have allowed themselves to be used for political purposes. Corrective measures are needed. Tax code needs revision.
Energy Department needs reduction

CaptTurbo - June 16, 2017

I’m an advocate of scorched earth policy here. Burn them down. They are infested with Obama’s deep state plants. Liquidate everything and then rebuild what is actually needed sans communists, and snowflakes.Staff them with people who love America, her Constitution, and her citizens.

David - June 16, 2017

I am really not knowledgeable enough to make decisions, but a 50% reduction of the energy department and the EPA would be a great start. I would also recommend a 30% reduction in the executive branch.
Everything should be looked at. As an industrial engineer, walk through a department three times in one week. If a desk is not occupied, investigate and eliminate if possible.

Charlotte J Kolzow - June 16, 2017

I just learned that WE are paying for
some committee to examine the affects of changing from the 1900’s to 2000’s!! That was 17 years ago!!
ANY archaic committees need to be
WEEDED OUT!!! ANY new financing of studies need to have ENDING dates!!
Weeding out needs to take place in every aspect of the Congress – Done is DONE – no more funding!!

Bob - June 16, 2017

I doubt cutting agencies will happen, I’m not sure that is even the answer. I would rather see a rule put in place that cut every department’s budget by 7%. The only exceptions would be departments that have already had their budget cut in the last administration or departments that that raise more than 7% of their budget on their own i.e. Social Security and Medicare. Any department that doesn’t stay within the 93% budget will have their budgets cut by another 7% the next year plus all those department heads and their closest advisors will be fired and made ineligible to hold any government position ever, no matter how menial. The new leaders will bring their departments into compliance or they will suffer the same fate until it is in compliance or the department has run itself out of a job. In three years the problem would be solved.

Barbara Poulson - June 16, 2017

Reorganization of the Federal Government will happen once we have term limits. Until then demolish the Dept of Education, we do not need government schools. Also take away the power the EPA holds.

Richard Singletary - June 16, 2017

I went to see mark levin in alex. Told the police arlington my concern of drug sales exactly in the spot where the republican party got Attacked by a nut case Leftest!!!
So sorry the republican were dumb enougn to play a ball game with no personal weapons to defend them selfs.THEY were blessed that day.

Bill Winters - June 16, 2017

First, pass The Fairtax and that will get rid of all the lobbyists looking for their special deals, and the IRS will no longer be needed. Then close the Department of Education, the EPA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Transportation. Privatize the TSA, all medical services of the VA, Amtrak, and the Air Traffic Control System. Audit the Fed and the Pentagon. When that is done there will be plenty left to cut.

Jim Demonbreun - June 16, 2017

Yes! Who, on the inside of these agencies will hold anyone accountable, to do their best for the citizens that actually pay their salaries? When people, individually, or whole agencies, never see a cut in pay, or termination for poor service, why should they care? Some bold leader on the outside must do this. ” We the People” have chosen Trump to lead!

Arthur Mason - June 17, 2017

I would like to see the Department of Education eliminated as the bigger it has gotten to worse education has gotten. States should be the controllers of education. I would also like to see the Department of Energy eliminated as it has never done the job it was created to do.

ken struttmann - June 17, 2017

Eliminate the Energy Dept, or ,at least ,do a “zero-based” budget. Have all Depts do “zero-based” budgets. I agree with Loretta, although I would specifically include an “An operational” audit. Most Internal Audit staffs often include operational audits with their financial audits. Use “non-political” audit firms. I’m sure their fee would be less than the money they save by recommending efficient and productive procedures. Any auditor “worth his/her soup” could find savings in our bloated Federal Bureaucracies. Suggestion for the Trump administration: Report monthly the “personnel” counts by Dept., including outside contracted personnel.

Philip Casey - June 17, 2017

All agencies not authorized by the US Constitution, but especially the IRS, EPA, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy and then privatize the Social Security fund. And, get the federal government completely out of the health insurance business, not authorized by the Constitution.

Sylvia Cole - June 17, 2017

Eliminate all departments and bureaus that Obama created to give his cronies high paying jobs that do nothing for the Citizens, people of the US.

Charles Dunbar - June 17, 2017

Every gov’t agency should have to go through a “zero budget” analysis and make them try to justify the money they want. Some we already know about – EPA, DOE, UN, Education, endowment for the arts, IRS, health care, special interests, and many others; all should be chopped outright and then analyze the remaining.

Debra Estridge - June 17, 2017

I think we should abolish the IRS and the Dept. Of Education, as well as the Dept. Of Energy. Thank you.

John Crews - June 17, 2017

Up until now, I have seen nothing except controversy come out of the Secretary of Education. Even though I like the present Secretary and her ideas, this is a bureaucracy that should not have been created.
Abolish the Secretary of Commerce. This bureaucracy does nothing that the Secretary of State couldn’t do or is already doing.

Chan Bailey - June 17, 2017

I believe the federal government should be reduced by at least half, moving the majority of programs and tax dollars to the states. While I am unable to provide a comprehensive, prioritized list of which agencies and programs to reduce or eliminate I firmly believe that a 75% reduction in the size of federal government and a minimum 50% reduction in the budget is possible and would be good for the country. Thanks to Heritage for recommending a great first step in the right direction.

Robert Bruce - June 17, 2017

BLM ended. Lands returned to the States. Save only “national parks” or extremely special sites; otherwise, if the State can handle the “park”, the State should.

EEOC by at least 50%, or eliminated, or run by a board of directors. The law has accomplished what was intended. Today it is nothing but “lets see how we can hang the next guy” mentality. Big business has learned its lesson.
Wal-Mart and the others do not want to suffer the pain of a 5MM fine and bad publicity. The Board of Governors can oversee and recommend whether further action is required; all the rest remains law and subject to case by case review, preferably by the States, which can recover costs from the guilty party, if there is one. All else is largesse and folly by an agency that should be shrinking every year, not growing.

EPA by 50% or more. Shrink every year. States monitor egregious actions. Punish if laws are broken, don’t make law at agency level, which is what they do. Declaring a dry creek bed a navigable waterway is insane, and is the perfect example of what is wrong with this agency being run by children of 60s hippie protestors.

John Zitkus - June 17, 2017

One thing you forgot to mention in this report is a need for the Energy Department to provide standards to protect our power grid and electronics from an EMP attack. This may be one of the few things the DOE should be doing.
Otherwise, we also need to eliminate/reign in the myriad Independent Government Agencies that create regulations with the power of law. Especially the ones with their own enforcement and court systems. How can this be Constitutional?

helen - June 17, 2017

Yes. Eliminate Dept. of Education, EPA. UN, Dept. of commerce. Grateful for President Trump.

Sharon Louk - June 17, 2017

Do away with the corrupt BLM, the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Energy and all bureaucracies that are not needed.

Reynold Nippe - June 17, 2017

Get out of the UN.
Close the Dept. of Education
Close the Dept. of Energy
Abolish the IRS
Get out of the insurance business (healthcare, retirement, living quarters)

Ken Wicker - June 17, 2017

Cut – EPA, Dept of Education, PBS, NEA, Planned Parenthood

Reorganize “entitlement” departments into 4 departments with connected computer systems to eliminated duplicate or fraudulent payments. The departments are:Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, All other Social Services such as Snap, Ebt, cash payments, subsidized housing etc.

John Ross - June 17, 2017

A few months ago I did a little research on the total number of “bureaus” which have been created by our federal government and was absolutely astounded. The “swamp” is indeed gigantic and needs a very good draining! Begin with the EPA, IRS, BLM.

Donald Wampler - June 17, 2017

Education, Agriculture

Ruth Lawler - June 17, 2017

The Constitution allows very limited powers to the Feds Get rid of departments like EPA, Ed., Energy, BLM etc. as unauthorized. Western lands should be returned to their respective states, education managed by states, and energy left to free enterprise. States know their own environmental protection needs best.

Janelle Nowell - June 17, 2017

I have not decided that I would like any federal agencies cut. I would like the USCIS to stop all immigration immediately.

Barbara Leetun - June 18, 2017

Yes, many, but IRS is at the top!

Joel Coulter - June 18, 2017


Conservatives have advanced the idea of providing states with block grants to transfer current federal roles to states. This would advance innovations in most cost effective ways to provide services and bring accountability.

The Federal Government can provide the framework and catalysts for private public partnership innovations at the local level as it
did with the Internet and the rural ISPs advanced
many digital innovations we enjoy today. Joel

JOHN EMMI - June 18, 2017

Get out of the UN.
Restrict the Dept. of Education to recommendations, not dictatorial authority.
Focus the Dept. of Energy on research and development, not regulation.
Abolish the IRS
Get out of the insurance business (healthcare, retirement, living quarters)
Restrict the EPA to recommendations not regulations. Each state should be the final authority wthin their own boudries.
Curtail the authority of BLM to that granted by each state.

Nancy - June 18, 2017

Yes. I would like to see the epa have hardly any power. In fact, I believe it should be abolished.

David Caraballo Sr. - June 19, 2017

Drain all the swamps and reorganize everything that the obama Administration has done We also need to expose the corruption on both sides of the isle, Republican as the Democrats. We have to many hold over’s from the Obama Administration that need to be let go already so that the Leaks can truly be plugged already and Anyone found leaking information to the Media Must be Prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

Les Bluhm - June 19, 2017

Every President had to leave his “legacy”, so now we have one who wants to clean up the mess we’re in ( i.e. Nixon creating the EPA). Audit every dept with outside firms who have no political agenda, and eliminate those that are not necessary that the states can accomplish.

Janet Scaruffi - June 19, 2017

Abolish the IRA. Get government out of Health Care & Retirement. Put as many depts. of ??? back into the states where they belong. Require all Federal or Federal subsidized jails to require that inmates do a physical job that benefits the environment or society so they can become members of life when they get out and no become more brutal. Give them abilities to raise them up.

Fred Perdue - June 19, 2017

All of them, across the board! 100%

Karen Smith - June 19, 2017

I would like to see the EPA, Dept. of Edu., IRS, and NEA eliminated for starters.
Term limits for all levels of government.

Sinclair Doggett - June 20, 2017

Have a private audit of each branch.
Remove: IRS,EPA,Education,Energy,BLM, Cut UN, Have every dept. justify it’s existence.
That will be a start!

Henry C. Holder - June 20, 2017

Yes, return responsibility that should be the states be returned to the states.
Cut education, health care.

Michael Brown - July 15, 2017

Yes many programs need to be eliminated or given to the private sector to streamline and maintain the effectiveness of what the US government was designed to do, protect and ensure the rights of it people per the Constitutional principles.

Pat Anderson - July 22, 2017

Government has come so far from what the founding fathers envisioned. It has become a source of power hungry men and women who care more about being re-elected than actually representing those people they were sent to represent. I don’t think this will ever end until we have term limits. I don’t agree with the statement “We have term limits, the vote” . There are just too many people that don’t really look into what their representatives are doing. Government could be cut by half and still function well.

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